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06 Mar 2015
Butterfly Temple-Ostansya So Mnoy-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Butterfly Temple-Doroga Domoy-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
But A Thought-But A Thought-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Burning Saviours-Boken Om Forbannelsen-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Burning Nitrum-Molotov-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Burning Dominion-In the Wake of the Rising Sun-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Burning Black-Remission of Sin-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Buried in Verona-Faceless-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Burial Hordes-Incendium-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bulletbelt-Rise of the Banshee-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bulldozer-The Neurospirit Lives - Live at Rock Hard Festival-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bull Terrier-Be Like Water-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brutiful-Messiahnide-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brutally Deceased-Black Infernal Vortex-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brutal Cock-Lucifers Ejaculation-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brutal Cock-129-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brunt-Brunt-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bruma-Redescubriendo El Invierno-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brood of Hatred-Skinless Agony-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bron-Fogradh-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brocelian-Lifelines-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brian Larkin-Far Enough into the Void-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brewed and Canned-Execute the Innocent-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brainstorm-Firesoul-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brain Defloration-Cerebrophilia-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brain Dead-Indoctrinator-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Brain Damage-Born to Lose Live to Win-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bound for Glory-Death and Defiance-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bouncing the Ocean-Going Nowhere-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
BongCauldron-BongCauldron-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bong-Stoner Rock-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bokluk-Taphonomy-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bohemian Grove-Eternal Ruin-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blut Aus Nord-Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blut Aus Nord-Debemur Morti-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bloody Violence-Obliterate-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bloody Hammers-Under Satans Sun-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bloodtruth-Obedience-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bloodride-Bloodmachine-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bloodevil-Infection-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
BloodBomb-Vulgar Display of Goregrind-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
BloodBomb-Treat Her Gently-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blood Stain Child-Last Stardust-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blood Label-Skeletons-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blood is the Mortar-House-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blood Farmers-Headless Eyes-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blodsmak-Av Jord Er Me Komne-NO-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blitzgeistig-Worship the War Against Yourself-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bleak Revelation-Defied by Clouds-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blattaria-Spectrophobia-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blatant Disarray-The Harbinger-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blast Off-World of Lies-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blackwater-Blackwater-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blackfinger-Blackfinger-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
BlackDivision-BlackDivision-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Blackdeath-Satanas - Retro - Vade-7inch-Vinyl-DE-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Vul Destruktor-Ov Temple Ov Vul-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Shoals-Black Shoals-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Sabbath-Ledovy Dvoretz Saint Petersburg-BOOTLEG-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Magik-The Conjuring of Three-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Magic-Wizards Spell-LP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Lily-Black Lily-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Khox-AKAB-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Emerald-B.O.D-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Coma-Demo 2014-CD-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Book Lodge-Tundra-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Black Anvil-Hail Death-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bjarm-Imminence-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bizantia-More-RU-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bitter Tree-Promethean Cloud-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Birch Crown-Birch Crown-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bionic Origin-Bionic State-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Binary Creed-Restitution-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bicoloured Men-Hybrid-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bhleg-Draumr Ast-SE-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beyond the Structure-Nauseating Truth-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beyond Mortal Dreams-Lamia-7inch-Vinyl-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Between 11-The Epiphany-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Betoken-Beyond Redemption-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bethlehem-Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia-DE-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni-The End-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bestiality-Sadistic Soul-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Besta-John Carpenter-PT-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Besatt-Nine Sins-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Berlin Babylon-Villains These Days-2014-FWYH (Metal) NEW!!!
Bergrizen-Scherbengericht-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Benighted-Carnivore Sublime-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Benighted-Carnivore Sublime-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Benevolent-The Covenant-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beneath-Antidote-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beneath Dead Waves-Inertia-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Below-Across the Dark River-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Belligerent Intent-Eternity of Hell and Torment-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Belgarath-Wanderer-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Behemoth-The Satanist-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Behemoth-The Satanist-Australian Edition-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Behemoth-The Satanist-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beerkrieg-Pakao Nad Sinjom-HR-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Beautys Gone-Return to the Unconsciousness-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Baxaxa-Hard Attack 96-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Battleaxe-Heavy Metal Sanctuary-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bastard Sapling-Instinct is Forever-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bastard Feast-Osculum Infame-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bast-Spectres-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Basement Torture Killings-A Night of Brutal Torture-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Basarabian Hills-Groping in A Misty Spread-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barren Altar-A Monument to Endless Suffering-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barizon-Towards the Rising Sun-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barbie on Deathtrip-Will You Kill Me-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barbarous-Massacre in A-Minor-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barbarian-Faith Extinguisher-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barbarian Swords-Hunting Rats-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Barbarian Prophecies-XIII-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Bahal-Shahat-IT-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Backlash-Life in A Bigger Prison-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Azoria-Seasons Change-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II-3CD-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Axenstar-Where Dreams Are Forgotten-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Axel Rudi Pell-Into the Storm-2CD-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Axe Ripper-Hell is Real-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Avulsion Rupture-Blasphemous Resurrection-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Avenguard-Eternal Battle-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ave-Control-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Autumns Dawn-Gone-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Autres Paysages-Stellar Wind-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Austrian Death Machine-Triple Brutal-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Auriel-Demo-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aureole-Alunar-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aureae Crucis-The Inner Order-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Atrum Tempestas-Neant-FR-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Atra Hora-Metahom-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
At the Seams-In Shadows of Giants-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
At the Gates-At War with Reality-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asymmetric Road-Sinuous Minds-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Astral Domine-Arcanum Gloriae-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Astral DNA-Supergod-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Astraeus-Mirrors-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asterion-Constellations-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asper-Asper-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asmodey-Illusive Demonic Emanations-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Askrinn-Hjorleifsljod-IS-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asilo-Comunion-ES-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asgeir-Blood-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ascent - Nature Creations-2014-gEm (Metal) NEW!!!
Ascension-The Dead of the World-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ascension-Deathless Light-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Asa-Noir-Fall of the Idols-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arx-The Speed of Dark-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arson Under the Sea-Arson Under the Sea-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ars Moriendi-La Singuliere Noirceur Dun Astre-FR-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arreat Summit-Feast of the Wicked-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arkan-Sofia-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arkaik Excruciation-Among the Vortex of Chaos-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arioch-A Manifestation of Hatred-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Argos-Daylights Gone-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Argashi-First Stone-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arctur-Svart Blod-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arctic Sleep-Passage of Gaia-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Archaic Disease-Compulsive Lies Repulsive Truths-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arch Enemy-War Eternal-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arch Enemy-War Eternal-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Arachnigod-Forest of Stars-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aqua and Arctic-Mythic Rhythm-WEB-2014-POWDER (Metal) NEW!!!
Appalachian Winter-The Epochs that Built the Mountains-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Appalachian Winter-The Epochs that Built the Mountains-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Apostle of Solitude-Of Woe and Wounds-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aporias-Desolation-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ape X and the Neanderthal Death Squad-Grooves from the Grave-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anubis Gate-Horizons-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Antti Martikainen-The Last Chronicle-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
AntiCorpse-The Great Fall of Humanity-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
AntiCorpse-The Great Fall of Humanity-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anthem-Phosphorus-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Antecantamentum-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Annihilator-Welcome to Your Death-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Animus Complex-Animus Complex-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Animanick-Clue of Memory-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Animals as Leaders-The Joy of Motion-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anfel-One Last Touch-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anewabyss-Dreading My Thoughts-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anesmwythder-The End of All Things Perceived-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancillotti-The Chain Goes On-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancient VVisdom-Sacrificial-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancient Bards-A New Dawn Ending-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancient Bards-A New Dawn Ending-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancestral Legacy-Terminal-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ancestral Awakening-Immortality the Reign of Death-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anathema-Distant Satellites-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Anaal Nathrakh-Desideratum-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
An Autumn for Crippled Children-Try Not to Love Everything You Destroy... (Metal) NEW!!!
An Abstract Illusion-Atonement is Nigh-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amoral-Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amongst the Thorns-The Rebirthing-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Among the Rotting Trees-The Cold Misty Morning-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amon Sethis-The Final Struggle-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amidst the Psithurism-Winds Forshadowed-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
American Wrecking Company-Wreckage of the Past-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amederia-Unheard Prayers-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ambush-Firestorm-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Ambersmoke-Gloom Tapestries-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amaranthe-Trinity-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amaranthe-Massive Addictive-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Amaranthe-Drop Dead Cynical-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alwaid-Lacus Somniorum-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alunah-Awakening the Forest-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alterbeast-Immortal-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Altar of Betelgeuze-Darkness Sustains the Silence-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alogia-Elegia Balcanica-RS-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alluvion-Alluvion-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Allobrogia-Catugnatos Revolta-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Allen-Lande-The Great Divide-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
All Sorrows Beheld-In Dark Harmony-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alkonost-Rusalka-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alkoholizer-Free Beer Surfs Up-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alitor-Eternal Depression-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alien to the System-Kraftwerk-DE-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aleph Null-Nocturnal-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alekhines Gun-And Kings Will Fall-EP-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aldious-Other World-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Aldegar-Demo-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Alcest-Shelter-2CD-DELUXE EDITION-FR-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Albino Rhino-Albino Rhino-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
ACDC-Rock or Bust-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
ACDC-Play Ball-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
Accept-Blind Rage-Japanese Edition-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal) NEW!!!
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