15 Dec 2012
VA - Trance 2013 The Vocal Session-2CD-2012-UME (Trance)
VA-Markus Schulz World Tour Best Of 2012-ARDI3295-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
VA-Best Trance Megamix Vol. 1 (Mixed By DJAnonimo)-CDR-2012-IMT (Trance)
VA-Best of Tunnel Trance Force-The Oldskool Edition-2CD-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
VA-AVA Recordings Best Of 2012-(ARVA197)-WEB-2012-eMF (Trance)
Special - Only Sky Above Us-(RESTATE001)-WEB-2012-YOU (Trance)
Ram-Grotesque-2012-(AVA067)-WEB-eMF INT (Trance)
Paul Van Simon - For You-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Marsbeing and Malyar - Walking to the Stars-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Lope and Kantola - They Have Nothing on Us-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Dutch House Works - After the Storm-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Beamshot - Party Vibes-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Allan Mcluhan - Evergreen-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Wuillermo Tuff - Analog Machines EP-(CRS001)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
VA-ADE Compilation 2012-(KR012343254859)-WEB-2012-CBR (Techno)
Timmo - Blackout EP-(FA014)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
The Peoples Republic of Europe - Time Bomb-WEB-2012-FMC (Techno)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Meteor-(BP9120042332066)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Rosie Romero and Junkdna and Ben Malone - Let the Party Start-(FG033)-... (Techno)
Reinfekt - Quiet Time-(BASSIX063)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Phase Difference - Monkey Island-(BU285)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Miss Kittin - Life is My Teacher EP-(41032)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Marco Resmann-Roots-(UY066)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Exploit - Anabolism-Fraction-(MUX007)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Erphun - OTO-(MFDIGI018)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
DJ Boris-New Generation EP-TEC079-WEB-2012-TraX (Techno)
Dema Paride Saraceni - Extreme-(TRAPEZ137)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Damir Pushkar - Nervous Mind-(HA177)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Atproject-Everywhere We Go-(BAR015)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Techno)
Arny Ace - Deja Vu EP-(DIVSPEC074)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Abnormal Boyz - Dirty Girl-(FRONTDIGI021)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Zibe - Night of Sin-(KP020)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Yamil - El Cholo-(AMR082)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Wilson and Mclelland - Rapture EP-(109SR)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Willy Monfret - Rise of Machines-(Z89004)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
VA - Tomorrowland 2012 The Book Of Wisdom-CD-2012-QMI (House)
VA-Toolroom Knights Mixed By Forza-(TOOL183-02Z)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
VA-Hed Kandi The Singles - Best Of 2012 - Part 2-(HKBOS2012EP2)-WEB-20... (House)
TUNZ CRSHRZ - No Fear EP-(TRXX050)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Todd Terry and D. Ramirez - Love is Alive-(INHR299)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
The Deepshakerz - Never Say-(INTACDIG011)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Stone And Van Linden-Summerbreeze Remixes-(SMP011BP2)-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Steve Forest and Nicola Fasano-In De Ghetto-(8290002807)-WEB-2012-DWM (House)
Steve Conelli - Question-(PORNO059)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Sot-K - Secrets-(AR003)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
SND And Tessa B.-Sugardaddy Incl Sean Finn Remix-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Simos Tagias - Voices EP-(LR0004)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Simon Doty - R U Ready EP-(DEFDIG1249)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Scooter-4 Am Incl Picco Remix-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Scaloni - Rave Inn-(S2R090)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Sammy W and Alex E and Dubfound - Devil in the Sky EP-(DEEPBEEP011)-WE... (House)
Sadowick-Horizon-(PCCD001)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (House)
Ruben Mandolini - Forget About it EP-(SNATCH034)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Rio Dela Duna - Live 4 2 Day-(HSR193)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Reen-Blackout-(FMB004)-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Patrick Manresa - Limelight Rush-(MM126)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Ohm Hourani - Insane-(MILE196)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Mykel Mars - Keep on Rockin-WEB-2012-FMC (House)
Little Fritter - Keep it Raw-(AFFIN130)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Konstantin Yoodza - Persian Soul-(ZLN019)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Koma and Mario - Pop the Bottles-WEB-DE-2012-FMC (House)
Jt Panda - Simple Feeling-(100491 85)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
John Made - Like this-(PSR038)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
John De Sohn Ft. Kristin Amparo - Dance Our Tears Away-REPACK-PROMO-CD... (House)
Javier Gonzalez and Afrobeat - Love the Music EP-(SRMR087)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Hardjack - The Beginning-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Giman Eko - Easy EP-(SNR067)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Garza - Mode - EP (the Remixes)-(BLV422600)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Frank Caro and Alemany - Rock in Hell-(JMD241)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Forekast - Fiction EP-(HIR006)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Fideldeejay - Just Feel it - Single-(PMC0013)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Fabrizzi - Among Dreams-(BRME168)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Evren Ulusoy - History of Love-(IRECEPIREC546CD4TR)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Domenic Dangelo-Anyway-(LICKIN076)-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
DJ Manzi and Paride Manzi - Spanders-(SS273)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
DJ Buran - After the Storm-(GSR046)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Deepdisco - Get Up-(TIGER641)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Davie Terry - Vibe-(PULSREC014)-WEB-2012-FMC (House)
Danny Technici - Nova Riddim-(FNKTNDL146)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Chrono - Cold Flame EP-(DCS002)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Charlie Spot Groove Salvation - Fashion Trends-(PG25)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Cash Cash - Michael Jackson-(529755 0909104)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Candy Sandy - X Side-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Brandnew-Wolf Meets Moon-(SUBTX002)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (House)
Baraso - Circens EP-(TZH033)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Attan - Bipolar-(DAME017)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Apollo Stripe - Got Shoes-(SEABURN084)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Amir Alexander - Everybodys Beautiful EP-(HYPELTDDIG07)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Al Bizzare - Ice Jump Remixes-(BFR158)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alvaro Gonzalez - If You Want Me-(RW045)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alex Roque and Marcelo Vak - Aiyana-(WH0094)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Adapter - Kanawene EP-(AMA019)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
777Club Equinox feat Steven Owner - Evolution-(SP 1834)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
2deadbeatz - Speaker Freak-(BA148)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
19 Hz-Another Skin-SILKRL044-WEB-2012-TraX (House)
Kodex and Star Driver and Rancor - The First Impact EP-(D3001)-WEB-201... (Hardstyle)
DJ Mystery - Freedom-WEB-2012-FMC (Hardstyle)
Brian NRG - Breathe Believe-(XBONE013)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Akyra - Anger EP-(NJ005)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
VA--Electric Ladyland-(MP 19)-CD-1995-CMC INT (Electronic)
Junksista-Youre My Favourite Thing-EP-Limited Edition-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
James Zabiela-The Healing-(BE001D)-WEB-2012-HFT (Electronic)
Fraktus--Affe Sucht Liebe - The Remixes-(HFNDISK06)-WEB-2012-SHELTER (Electronic)
AADF-A Life Less Ordinary-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
VA - Sony Music Promo Sampler December 02-REPACK-PROMO-CDR-2012-UME (Dance)
VA - 4 Ever Happy-(MXCD2391)-WEB-2012-NRG (Dance)
Topher Jones Feat. The Heroes of Old - Brohammer (Remixes)-(MX2398R)-W... (Dance)
The Presets - Promises-(MRTPPR001B)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
Shindu - Just Go (Remix EP)-(40781)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
Seamus Haji and Big Bang Theory - Hold it Now-(BL056)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
L A R 5 Feat Jai Matt - All the Girls (Incl Empyre One Remix)-WEB-2012... (Dance)
Kimura Feat. Dee Dee-The Chosen-WEB-2012-UKHx (Dance)
Hessencia - I Got You-(100489 11)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Fresh Boy - Buum Buum Buum-WEB-2012-NRG (Dance)
Alain Ducroix-Last Christmas (Feat. Regina Saraiva)-(3000077253)-WEB-2... (Dance)
14 Dec 2012
VA - Electronic Audio Volume One Mixed By Solis And Sean Truby-CD-201... (Trance)
Sunlight Project - Lonely World-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Skyflash - Dawn on the Horizon-(PULSREC012)-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Axio - Concordia Laser Shot-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Andy Raeside - Giants-(CR009)-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
Sergio Trillini - Ares-(IAMT022)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Pleasurekraft--Skeleton Key feat. Green Velvet (The Remixes)-(GSR171)-... (Techno)
Nick Olivetti-This Show Will Get You High-(KLING074)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Mihalis Safras - I Am-Second Coming-(SKINT261D)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Max Cooper And Braids-Conditions One-(887396917491)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Greg Notill - The Sound-(GNOT29)-WEB-2012-FMC (Techno)
Florist - Structure EP-(NRD05)-WEB-2012-NRG (Techno)
Fischer And Kleber-Air-(SOUVENIRPLUS018)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Brother G--Raw Box EP-(RAWAX006)-WEB-2012-dh (Techno)
Boris Dlugosch--Knalldrang-(PFR134D)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Alex Kvitta - Do You Like Bass EP-(CSDIGI009)-WEB-2012-FMC (Techno)
A. Mochi - Figure SPC N-(FIGURESPCN)-WEB-2012-NRG (Techno)
2 Mind - Train-(PU081)-WEB-2012-NRG (Techno)
Xu Wei-At The Moment-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Xavas-Wage Es Zu Glauben-(CDS)-DE-2012-MTD (Others)
Witness-Witness-2012-passed (Others)
VA - Hits 97-1997-ZzZz (Others)
VA-This Is 40-OST-2012-C4 (Others)
VA-Street Shots Vol.4 (Christmas Edition)-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
VA-No. Co Music Factory Presents-LAVA Compilation-Mixtape Vol 1-(Bootl... (Others)
VA-LateNightTales Four Tet-REMASTERED-(ALND12)-WEB-2012-OMA (Others)
VA-Evolution Of Dub Vol.7 Creationist Rebel-4CD-2012-YARD (Others)
VA-Dynamite Vol. 80-MAG-2012-SDR (Others)
VA-Die Groessten Huetten Kracher-2CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
VA-D-Crew Presents Massiv Flo-Ragga Dancehall-Bootleg-2012-WiS (Others)
VA-Baeaeaerenstark Hits 2013 Die Erste-3CD-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
VA-Apres Ski Hits 2013 XXL-3CD-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
VA--Skedule One-Summer Mix-LINE-07-04-2009-WUS (Others)
VA--Reverse The System (Mixed by DJ Merc)-LINE-05-09-2009-WUS (Others)
Tony Bonzi (Virus)-Blanc Bec De Corbeau-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
The Soul Surfers-Doin The Rasklad Bw Girl From Sao Paulo-7 Inch Vinyl-... (Others)
Thee Vicars-I Wanna Be Your Vicar-(Advance)-2012-404 (Others)
Talco-Gran Gala-IT-2012-uC (Others)
T-Dhurr and Almighty-Otantik French Pound-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Straight Arrows-First 2 7 Inches-(Vinyl EP)-2012-MTD (Others)
Sportswear-Sportswear-1999-iTS (Others)
Slayer - Dance of the Dead-Bootleg-1991-MCA int (Others)
Sido-Beste-2CD-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
Senor Kaos-Walk Softly and Carry A Big Brick-Mixtape-2009-FrB (Others)
Senor Kaos-Bad Bad Man-CDS-2010-FrB (Others)
Royal Republic-Save The Nation-2012-gF (Others)
Riistetyt-Valtion Vankina-FI-2012-KALEVALA (Others)
Revenge-Vendetta-2012-GRAVEWISH (Others)
Regression-Heartless-CDEP-1996-DeBT iNT (Others)
RA - Unearthly-2012-gEm (Others)
Raphael Marrioneau--Early Morning Breaks (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-09-201... (Others)
Pipes and Pints-Found and Lost-WEB-2012-SDR (Others)
PiCi--A Mistake-(INTSPE009)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Others)
Philipp Poisel-Projekt Seerosenteich Live-DE-2012-passed (Others)
Petra Frey-Tanz Mit Mir-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
Persona Non Grata - Trial Of Galactus-(NOISJ-27)-WEB-2012-HB (Others)
Peaking Lights-Lucifer In Dub-Web-2012-XXX (Others)
Optical Report - Progressive Future EP-(GEOEP099)-WEB-2012-NRG (Others)
Ola-Im In Love-(CDS)-2012-MTD (Others)
Nena-Das Ist Nicht Alles-(CDS)-DE-2012-MTD (Others)
Motorpsycho-Blissard-Reissue-4CD-2012-FiH (Others)
Monteverdichor Wuerzburg-Georg Friedrich Haendel Alexanderfest-2CD-201... (Others)
Mind Odyssey - Time to Change it (Jap.Ed.)-2009-MCA int (Others)
Mind Odyssey - Signs (Jap.Ed.)-1999-MCA int (Others)
Mind Odyssey - Schizophenia (Jap.Ed.)-1995-MCA int (Others)
Mind Odyssey - Nailed to the Shade-1999-MCA int (Others)
Mind Odyssey - Keep it All Turning (Jap.Ed.)-1993-MCA int (Others)
Mikko Alatalo-Yokynttila-FI-1997-KALEVALA (Others)
Mikko Alatalo-Suurimmat Hitit-FI-1994-KALEVALA (Others)
Mikko Alatalo-Juhlalevy - 50 Laulua-2CD-FI-2001-KALEVALA (Others)
Mikko Alatalo-20 Suosikkia - Ihmisen Ikava Toisen Luo-FI-1996-KALEVALA (Others)
Mikey General-African Story African Glory-WEB-2012-SSR (Others)
Mayday Dino-Killabizz Project-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Massimiliano Troiani-Soulcooking-SAT-12-11-2012-TBM (Others)
Mark--Early Morning Breaks (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-09-2012-OMA (Others)
Madlib-Beat Konducta Vol. 0 Earth Sounds-WEB-2012-hbZ (Others)
Liu Yi Xin-Be Myself-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Linkin Park-Castle Of Glass-(Promo CDM)-2012-MTD (Others)
Le Oud Selon Smadj--Live in Duesseldorf-FR-DVBS-10-03-2011-OMA (Others)
La Direction-La Gifle-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Laney Wu-Dont Know-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
L.A. Guns-Hollywood A Go Go-JP Import-1996-DeBT iNT (Others)
Klec-Klezmer Vseho Druhu-CZ-2009-CT (Others)
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard-12 Bar Bruise-(Vinyl)-2012-MTD (Others)
Khalil Fong-Back To Wonderland-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
KC-MD Mafia-Kauheimmat Joululaulut-CDEP-FI-2012-uC (Others)
Juan Antonio Ross-Durante El Fin Del Mundo-ES-2012-VPE (Others)
Joanne Shaw Taylor-Almost Always Never-2012-passed (Others)
Jason And Karene-Tian Sheng Bu Dui-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Hussar-White Devils-MCD-2012-BERC (Others)
Hope-Full Elmo Hope-Solo Piano And Duo Piano With Bertha Hope-1995-DGN (Others)
Guy Grams--Street Intellect (An Unscripted Introduction)-EP-2012-WUS (Others)
Guns N Roses-Live Era 87-93-Remastered-JP Import-2CD-2009-DeBT (Others)
Gregor Glanz-5 Nach 8-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
German TOP20 PSC 10 12 2012-MCG (Others)
Genitor Luminis-Virgae-2004-DGS (Others)
Eric Clapton-Slowhand-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2012-404 (Others)
Eric Burdon And The Greenhornes-Eric Burdon And The Greenhornes-(Vinyl... (Others)
Empatia-Nacer Crecer Y Morir Esclavos-SP-2012-iTS (Others)
Eklips-Skyzofrench Rap-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Ed Sheeran-Give Me Love-(B00A67YQBG)-WEB-2012-IMT (Others)
Dyst-Judges And Butchers-2012-FiH (Others)
Don Fif-Coutumes Et Rimes Vol.1-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
DJ Nova--Early Morning Breaks (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-09-2012-OMA (Others)
Die Stoabrecha-Fensterstock Hias-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
Die Jungen Zillertaler-LIVE Juzi Open Air-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Der 5. Advent 13.Dezember-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Der 5. Advent 12.Dezember-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
C-Kel-Ze White Tiger-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Bruno Mars-Unorthodox Jukebox-(Deluxe Edition)-2012-C4 (Others)
Bloodshot-A Pestilence Called Humanity-2002-DeBT iNT (Others)
Biodramina Mood-Arriba Excursionistas-ES-2012-VPE (Others)
Beyond the Bridge - The Old Man and the Spirit-2012-MCA int (Others)
Beata Przybytek-Im Gonna Rock You-2012-BFHMP3 (Others)
At Vance - VII (Jap.Ed.)-2007-MCA int (Others)
Anuhea Feat. Tarrus Riley-Only Man In The World-WEB-2012-YARD (Others)
Antikoerper-Raus-DE-1998-uC (Others)
Angerfist And Miss K8 - Divide And Conquer-(MOHDIGI057)-WEB-2012-SRG iNT (Others)
All About Maggie-Now Hear Me Out-2012-C4 (Others)
Alfred Hui-Grandit-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Abel Is Dying-Gazing From The Abyss-2006-DeBT iNT (Others)
4-Ize-Off the Top Rope (Hosted by Don Cannon)-Mixtape-2010-FrB (Others)
Zeque-Come Outside EP-(KMNTY005)-WEB-2012-HFT (House)
Vlada Asanin and D.F.K. - Houston-(CSR183)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Vicetone - Harmony-(MCS084)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
VA - Warner Music Sampler December 04-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Warner Music Sampler December 03-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Warner Music Sampler December 02-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Warner Music Sampler December 01-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Sony Music Promo Sampler December 02-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Sony Music Promo Sampler December 01-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - People Going Crazy Sampler Vol. II-(PGC010)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
VA - Disco Wax Promo Sampler December 03-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
VA - Disco Wax Promo Sampler December 02-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Vanilla Ace - Hide-(MAQ081)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
VA-Untitled-(AVA001)-WEB-2012-dh (House)
VA-Movida Records - La Compilacion Parte 1-WEB-2012-DGN (House)
VA-John Digweed Live In London-WEB-2012-WAV (House)
VA-Essential Clubhouse The Winter Collection 2012 13-(1020282ILT)-3CD... (House)
VA-El Lado Oscuro EP-(VIVALTD016)-WEB-2012-HFT (House)
Trent Cantrelle - I Want A Freak-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Sven Tasnadi--Motore Grande-(CARGO021)-WEB-2012-dh (House)
Steve Edwards and the Squatters - Back to the Stars-(NEW084BD)-WEB-201... (House)
Sidney Samson - Dutchland-(RDH015)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Sergio Mauri - Ready 2 Rock-(MOL 147)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Rasmus Faber And Syke N Sugarstarr - We Go Oh-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Quintin Christian And Vandermeer-Bred For Pleasure EP-(LOW027)-WEB-201... (House)
Numera - Varfor Gor Du Det Med Honom-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
No Doubt - Looking Hot-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Miguel Nacer - Got Drinks-(UDR004)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Michael Feiner And Caisa - I Do-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Maxime Torres - Show Me The Way-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Matt Myer - Cheeky-(10049198)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Martin Eriksson - Twins-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Lana Del Rey - Ride-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Kavinsky - Nightcall Feat Lovefoxxx-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
John Dahlback - The Trip EP-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Jochen Miller - Cheer Up-(BADR166D)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Jay Vegas - Dont Stop-(GMD148)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Hot Shit - Check this Out EP-(PRM095)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Hansel-Toate Cele Bune-(KNM029)-WEB-2012-DGN (House)
Grada - Drip Drop-(TBR0003)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Ft Kristin Amparo - Dance Our Tears Away Ft Kristin Amparo-Promo-CDR-2... (House)
Enur - Im That Chick Feat Nicki Minaj And Goonrock-Promo-CDR-2012-UME (House)
Doc Brown - Primer-(ED1350934124)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Dimitri Vangelis And Wyman - Pieces Of Light Ft Jonny Rose-Promo-CDR-2... (House)
Damiano Von Erckert--I Think We Agree The Past Is Over-(AVA002)-WEB-20... (House)
Conro-Axiom-(K004)-WEB-2012-PWT (House)
Andre Flux - Invisible-(BLV381298)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Andee and Rods - The Piano King (Remixes)-(CPTR007)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Alvaro Smart-Keep The Funk Alive EP-(SMM270)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Alex Agore And James Johnston--A2J2 EP-(NMW004)-WEB-2012-dh (House)
Alberto Sola Feat Pueblo Cafe - Brown Pueblo EP-(KRR059)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Klirrfaktor - Winter EP-(TTT002)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Dark Sector - Strings of Anger-(HSR016)-WEB-2012-FMC (Hardstyle)
Audionator - The Devil Inside-(BLU189)-WEB-2012-JiM INT (Hardstyle)
Tobias.--Remixes-(UNTERTON01)-WEB-2012-dh (Electronic)
Sofa Surfers--Superluminal-(MPDL01-2012)-WEB-2012-SHELTER (Electronic)
Ivan Craft - Make It Loud DJ-(DD675)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Electronic)
Tiger Cubes - Thinking About You-(NANG109)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
The Noise Ft. Adele Yeoman - The Game-(NDR001)-WEB-2012-NRG (Dance)
The Coverman DJ feat Martina - My Last Goodbye (Remixes 2012)-(ACDR018... (Dance)
Sunrise Inc - Nina (Remixes)-(B00ACG3CMA)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Stefano Carparelli - Amazing-Lovemotion (The Remixes)-(3000076571)-WEB... (Dance)
Rock Robots - Ted Bro (I Like The Rock N Roll)-(3000076570)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Rey B and D Claire - Today Is Day-(SP1806)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Rey B and D Claire - Love Bass-(SP1815)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Jerome Thevenot - Tu Es Si Jolie-(361015 1997332)-WEB-FR-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Infernal - Cant Go Back-WEB-2012-SCENARiO INT (Dance)
Hoxygen feat Linda and Shiva - Somebody To Love-(10048568)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
HELLOVENUS-What Are You Doing Today-KR-WEB-2012-FRAY (Dance)
German TOP50 ODC 10 12 2012-MCG (Dance)
Fihonmhan Denik feat Stevan P - Unbelievable Flight-(IRD 109)-WEB-2012... (Dance)
B1A4-Lets Fly-RETAIL-KR-2011-FRAY (Dance)
B1A4-It B1A4-RETAIL-KR-2011-FRAY (Dance)
Andry J feat Stefano Carparelli - Lose My Mind-(3000076573)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
13 Dec 2012
VA-Hyper Trance 2 10-2CD-2010-COS (Trance)
VA-Colors Ibiza 2012 Mixed By Alex Kunnari-Promo-2012-COS (Trance)
Ledo-Wonderful World-(B00AD7BCRU)-WEB-2012-MW3 (Trance)
BPM System - Hey DJ-(CON043CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Trance)
Spektre And Miniminds-Lashback-(RSPKT062)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Seb Gass - Sublimate EP-WEB-2012-MST (Techno)
Robin Smyth--LA Dream-(TPR013)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Mr Cloudy--Outskirts Redux-(EF.0092)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Loisan - Metamorphosis-WEB-2012-MST (Techno)
Dominik Eulberg--Ein Stueckchen Urstoff-(TRAUMV156)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Brickman--Structures And Textures-(EF.0087)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Atabey--Sonda Cassini-(GLR023)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
Andylon - Train 1940-WEB-2012-MST (Techno)
Alessandro Crimi--Opaque EP-(TWOBIRDS6X)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Techno)
VA - Pure Salinas Vol 4 Mixed By Bruno From Ibiza-(CLS0002772-2CD)-201... (House)
VA-Some Things (Fall)-(LAD007)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (House)
VA-More Music Compilation-(TIMORE016)-WEB-2012-OMA (House)
VA-Jack and I Usual Things Around Split Series Vol 3-(SPR011)-WEB-2012... (House)
Trickski--Past Sense EP-(SUOL033)-WEB-2012-OMA (House)
Tom Trago--Steppin Out-(RH1145)-WEB-2011-OMA (House)
Toben - My Life EP-(THUG034)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom (Benny Benassi Remix)-WEB-2012-FMC (House)
Silvio Carrano vs Emi Dee - Deeper Love 2k13-(MDD 492)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Shorty feat Valentine Ferrari - Ive Got A Dj In My Bag (Remixes)-WEB-2... (House)
Scuba-Hardbody-(HF037D)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (House)
Reuben Tobias--Portraits EP-(TENCI003)-WEB-2011-SiBERiA (House)
Reel 2 Real featuring The Mad Stuntman-Can You Feel It-CDTIV22-CDM-199... (House)
Reel 2 Real-Jazz It Up-CDTIV59-CDM-1996-XTC iNT (House)
Matthew Oh - Surete-WEB-2012-MST (House)
Louie Austen--What A Comeback-(MONCD099)-WEB-2012-OMA (House)
Khalil Touihri - How Could You Fall-WEB-2012-MST (House)
Jus Deelax - Papel Pa Pili-(CSDA0320)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Jus Deelax - Palitos-(CSDA0327)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Hanna Hais - Toumba (Remixes)-(ATA1841)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
German Brigante - Mapale-WEB-2012-MST (House)
Gabriel Carrillo - Shadow Dancer-WEB-2012-MST (House)
Fish Go Deep-Runaway-(MSM042)-WEB-2013-SOULFUL (House)
DJ Steaw-Everydayz EP-(TU003)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Dario Nunez-Musambita-(90)-WEB-2012-MW3 (House)
Croatia Squad-Talisman-ETR152-WEB-2012-TraX (House)
Ariane Blank - Declaration of Love-WEB-2012-MST (House)
Silverline - Reality-(BIR051)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Psyko Punkz - Stream Of Blood EP-(DWX118)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Dr Rude - Bounce The Roof Off EP-(DWX115)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Blackburn - Without Warning-(THER088)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
VA-Fabric 67 Mixed By Zip-CD-2012-WAV (Electronic)
The Present Moment And labXIV-European Tour 2012 Compilation-CDR-2012-... (Electronic)
Stubborn Heart--Starting Block EP-(1180TP7DL)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Sam KDC--Synesthesia EP-(VEIL001)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Relcad--Anonymous City-(PBR020)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Norris Da Boss Windross-Underground Garage-FC005-CD-1999-XTC (Electronic)
Fury Energy and Sharkey-Freeformers-CD3-1999-XTC (Electronic)
Fostercare-Altered Creature-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
Aaimon-Flatliner-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
Tosch - Hand in Hand-(10044850)-WEB-2012-NRG (Dance)
Syra Martin - Love You Tonight (The Remixes)-(CSDA0271)-WEB-2012-NRG (Dance)
Sheila D - Night Away-(SUND 41)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Sacha Freetz - 101 Problems EP-WEB-2012-MST (Dance)
Robin Soul - Bagpipes Moon-(399)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Nothing But the Beat - Our Love Will Survive-WEB-2012-FMC (Dance)
Julian The Angel Feat. Mclevit and Nuno Nbi - Celebrate-(MX2433)-WEB-2... (Dance)
Jordi MB Feat Jason Rene - Remix EP-(MX2434)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Jonas Hahn - 80s Sunglasses-(COK 007)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Discopolis - Comitted To Sparkle Motion (Remix)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
12 Dec 2012
VA-Nights of the Psychedelic Order Compiled by Panayota-(100439 85)-WE... (Trance)
Mechdoll-The Fall-(SSCD0227)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
Marc Lener-Spotlight-(TERMSL008)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
Marcus Schossow-Helvete-(GARUDA049D)-WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
Thomas Schumacher - Do Real-(EBM002)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Tektight - Equalator-(ATR191)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Phunk Investigation - Cue-(BLV407002)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Offaudio - Nomadize-(BLV425860)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Nihil Young - Keepinit Real-(FREQDGT084)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
John Stoongard - Turning Up-(8034034233181)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Florian Meindl-Waves Remixes Part 1-(FLASH062)-WEB-2012-CBR (Techno)
Dusky-Calling Me-(SCHOOL001D)-WEB-2012-CBR (Techno)
David Amo and Julio Navas and Robert Gaez-This Is True House-(GSR172)-... (Techno)
Zebda-Live Aux Vieilles Charrues-FR-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Y And T-Live At The Mystic-2CD-2012-passed (Others)
Young Black Teenagers-Plead The Fifth-Promo EP-1992-GCP INT (Others)
Willy Mason-Carry On-2012-404 (Others)
Wale-Panamera Lifestyle-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
Vybz Kartel-Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
VA - Magnate Compiled by Stratil-2012-PsyCZ (Others)
VA - Erotic Chill Vol 2 Hot And Spicy-(AYA82629-2-2CD)-2012-DRUM (Others)
VA-Supa Soca 18-Bootleg-2012-WiS (Others)
VA-Skyrock 2013-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
VA-Reset 2-We Own the Night (Mixed by ISC Nation)-Bootleg-2012-WiS (Others)
VA-OSW Mixtape-FI-2012-uC (Others)
VA-Metalspace Sorrow Suffer Pain RMX-(LBD002)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
VA-Mental Diagnosis Psychosis-(TLIDIG013)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Others)
VA-KBIS Presents OND Sound DJ Jay-Feeling Nice-Bootleg-2012-WiS (Others)
VA-Fuck Commerz-CDR-2011-hM (Others)
VA-Das Beste Aus Dem Musikantenstadl-2CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
VA-Cosmic Zoo-(8656)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Others)
VA-Boarisch Aufgspielt-2CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
VA-Bedlam Records Volume 3 Our Style-2CD-WEB-2011-XTC (Others)
VA-Barber Shop Emcees and Dilated Peoples-Music Money and Women Bw Bas... (Others)
VA-A Canadian Christmas 5-2012-C4 (Others)
VA-40 Merry Christmas Holy Clubtracks Best of Ultimate House-WEB-2012-... (Others)
Unborn-SF-Hakkaa Paalle Pohjan Poika-FI-2007-uC (Others)
Trombone Shorty-Live De La Semaine-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Trauma-Self-Titled-12inch-Vinyl-2012-FiH (Others)
Tiwony-Dife Lyrical-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
The Twilight Sad-No One Can Ever Know The Remixes-(Promo)-2012-C4 (Others)
The Staves-Dead And Born And Grown-2012-404 (Others)
The Service-Mans Ruin-1996-uC (Others)
The Prize Fighter Inferno-Half Measures-EP-WEB-2012-iTS (Others)
The New Standards-Sunday Morning Coming Down-2012-FATHEAD (Others)
The Groove Diggers-Whats Inside A Girl-VLS-2012-SDR (Others)
The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch-Dont Pay More Than 5s-2011-FiH (Others)
Teddy Killerz-Hunger-(CLBR023)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Technical Itch-The Failed Evolution EP-(TID009)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Others)
Suz-Distant Skies Dont Say A Word-(NMR029)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Others)
Subdue-Neurologic EP-(CLBR018)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Styrian Bootboys-Bottled With Pride-DE-2001-uC (Others)
Spwee-Colors EP-(CLBR029)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Sparrow-Rainbow Mountain-2012-CaHeSo (Others)
Soma UK-Whip This Out-(CLBR028)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Solar Powered People-Living Through The Low-(QRCP-74)-CD-2009-SHGZ (Others)
Slick - Coron Overdrive-EP-Vinyl-1993-CRUELTY (Others)
Skope-Scrapyard-(CLBR024)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Silent Killer-Orgy bw Sovereign-Web-2007-XXX (Others)
Shaman - Ritualive-Live-2003-MCA int (Others)
Sabaton - Primo Victoria-2005-MCA int (Others)
Sabaton - Carolus Rex-2CD-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus-2006-MCA int (Others)
Rytmus - Jediny Co Resi-(50999 7 39129 2 7)-CZ-2012-ZzZz (Others)
Rregula-Tuff Luv-(CLBR026)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Rodrigo Mercado-No Parare Es Mi Lugar-WEB-ES-2012-ASS (Others)
Roce-En Apnee-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Reverend Beat-Man and The Brown Balls-Its A Beat-Mans World-VLS-2012-SDR (Others)
Requake Feat. Beezy-Pessimism EP-(SUBWAY023)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
RDX-Shining Star-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
Quitara - Rise Of The Legion (Army Of Hardcore Anthem 2012)-(IMPHC014)... (Others)
Pulcino Pio - Merry X-Mas-WEB-2012-ZzZz INT (Others)
Projekt Kotelett-Matthias-DE-2011-uC (Others)
Popcaan-Road Haf Tek On-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-12-09-2012-PTC (Others)
Phil Gerus--Based On Misunderstandings 05-(SK252)-WEB-2012-OMA (Others)
Philthy Rich-Trap-A-Holics Presents N.E.R.N.L. (Not Enough Real Nggas ... (Others)
Paul Carrack-From Now On-WEB-2012-SSR (Others)
Owlle-Ticky Ticky-WEB-2012-SSR (Others)
Oresund Space Collective - Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix-2012... (Others)
Optiv - Krakpot Remixes-(C2D011)-WEB-2012-YOU (Others)
Oldelaf-Live Au Trianon-FR-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Nova-Shadow Puppets Remixes-(CLBR022)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Nova-Shadow Puppets EP-(CLBR014)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Norah Jones-Concert Prive (Canal Plus)-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Nonpoint-Nonpoint-(Bonus DVD)-2012-MTD (Others)
New Zion Trio-Fight Against Babylon-(VEAL0007)-WEB-2011-dL (Others)
Mystidious Misfitss-Upside Down (Digga Mix)-Promo VLS-1995-GCP INT (Others)
Myselor-Neurolife EP-(CLBR016)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Mr. Voodoo-Crhyme Life-VLS-2000-GCP INT (Others)
Motorhead - The World is Ours - Vol 2-Live-2CD-Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Motorhead - The World is Ours - Vol 1-Live-2CD-Digipak-2011-MCA int (Others)
Motorhead - Bastards-Remastered-2007-MCA int (Others)
Max Richter-Memoryhouse-Reissue-2009-NJS (Others)
Mark Lanegan Band-Live De La Semaine-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Mako-Germination EP-(CLBR017)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Lowroller and N3ar-Paper Zombie Moment Zero-(LBD003)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Lowroller and Homeboy-Endless Rotary Fireflies-(LBD000)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Link-Sensi EP-(LAYDIG005)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Leons Massacre-Turning Point-2012-FiH (Others)
Late Night Venture-Pioneers Of Spaceflight-2012-NJS (Others)
Kjott-Kjott-Remastered-NO-2012-FiH (Others)
J Stu-Rickshaws Revenge EP-(CLBR021)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
J Dilla-Donuts Bonus 45-WEB-2012-hbZ (Others)
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-30-11-2012-WUS (Others)
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-07-12-2012-WUS (Others)
Jazzanova--Kaleidoskop-DVBS-12-08-2012-OMA (Others)
Jason Zhang-The Love Songs We Once Encountered-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Jacob Stoy-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-12-09-2012-PTC (Others)
Io Band-The Mad Man Is Me In The End-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
Illoyal und Bassdeaph-Raeuberpistolen-TAPE-DE-2012-NOiR (Others)
Hyperactive-When The Night Comes-WEB-2012-FALCON (Others)
Howard Shore-The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey-2CD-2012-FRAY (Others)
Herder-Horror Vacui-Vinyl-2012-B2R (Others)
Haywyre-Infinite EP-(CLBR020)-WEB-2012-BPM INT (Others)
Haywyre-Encompassing EP-(CLBR013)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Hauschka-Foreign Landscapes-2010-NJS (Others)
Hancox-Vegas Lights-WEB-2012-SDR (Others)
Gus La Reflu-Desillusion-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Gifts From Enola-A Healthy Fear-2012-FNT (Others)
German Pascual - A New Beginning-2012-MCA int (Others)
Generation 69-Strength Thru Strength-(Reissue)-2005-uC (Others)
GeKo - The Prophecy EP-(FREP006)-WEB-2012-PsyCZ (Others)
Gamma Ray-Skeletons And Majesties Live-2CD-2012-passed (Others)
French Montana-Im A Motherfckin Coke Boy-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
Flatmate-Hot Ball EP-(CLBR025)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Fanu-For Those Who Dream bw Next To The Divine One I Wake-Web-2011-XXX (Others)
Etnica - Live in Athens 1996-2CD-2012-PsyCZ (Others)
Electric Children-Ride The Flow-2012-FATHEAD (Others)
Effect-Creatures Place You Never Been Before-(LBD001)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Dustin OHalloran-Vorleben-2011-NJS (Others)
Duesenjaeger-Leben Lieben Sterben-(grab05)-WEB-DE-2012-k4 (Others)
Downlow-Hear Me Out-2012-CR (Others)
Dj Fabio B feat Ensi-one two one two-DAB-11-30-2012-G4E (Others)
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Der 5. Advent 11.Dezember-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Der 5. Advent 10.Dezember-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
Dancefloor Kingz-Love EP-(426020 3780390)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Others)
D.O.M. vs The Destroyer-Amiga Terror EP-(AUK009)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
D.O.M.-Fuck The System Remixing Project Part 2-(AUK011)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
D.O.M.-Fuckkk The System EP 1-(AUK006)-WEB-2011-BPM (Others)
D.O.M-Fuck The System Remixing Project Part 1-(AUK010)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Counterstrike-Fire EP-(ALGO011)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Cliffsides - Singularity-Tape-2009-CRUELTY (Others)
Chuck Fender-Provider-VLS-1999-YARD (Others)
Celer-Without Retrospect The Morning-(GM015)-Digital-2012-BNP INT (Others)
Bradi-Nais Kengis-FI-2012-KALEVALA (Others)
Bobby Crystal-Reach The Moon-VLS-1999-YARD (Others)
Blur-Under The Westway - The Puritan-(R6873)-Limited Edition-CDS-2012-k4 (Others)
Blood of Abraham-Stabbed By The Steeple-VLS-1993-GCP INT (Others)
Bill Ortiz-Highest Wish-2012-SO (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-The Lover In You-VLS-1991-GCP INT (Others)
Bassirou-Je Prouve Vol.2-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
Barrington Levy-Reggae Anthology Sweet Reggae Music 1979-84-2CD-2012-YARD (Others)
Attilio Novellino - Lost Days-CDR-2012-CRUELTY (Others)
Asa-Foetida - Use Your Illusion III-FI-2012-KALEVALA (Others)
Arkist-Two Night Stand-(INHALE004D)-Digital-2012-BNP INT (Others)
Angel He-Brave To Love-CPOP-2012-TosK (Others)
AMC-Noise of Thunder EP-(TITAN007)-WEB-2012-BPM (Others)
Amadou and Mariam-Live Aux Eurockeennes De Belfort-DVBS-2012-JUST (Others)
Alley Cat-Why-VLS-2002-YARD (Others)
Alex Tiuniaev-Blurred-2012-NJS (Others)
Albrecht Wassersleben and Philipp Demankowski-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-12... (Others)
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-01-06-2012-WUS (Others)
Aggressive Combat-Survive-CDEP-2008-uC (Others)
Aes Dana - Pollen-2012-gEm (Others)
Yaya And Jun Akimoto-Just You EP-(MDE005)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (House)
Waze and Odyssey-I Want You You You EP-(TOB030)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Umek-Kuzla Prevarantska-(1605123)-WEB-2012-PWT (House)
Topher Jones and Amada Feat Ido Vs the World - Hello Chicago-WEB-2012-FMC (House)
Tomcraft - Loneliness 2K13-(4260066221863)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Tiger Stripes feat. Pete Fij - Silky and My Favorite Robot-Out Of Phas... (House)
Tevo Howard - What is Sound-(PERMVAC099)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Steffen Baumann Stefan Hollaender - Playground-(CIRCLEDIGITAL1058)-WEB... (House)
Stanfreak - Soda-(LATENIGH066)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Soulphiction - Drama Queen-(PHP064)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Solarbeam - Lost Memories EP-(BP9008798102044)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Simba - Jaywalking-(PLAYMORE087)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Senores Funkees - Faith-(RBTC007)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Scott Diaz Sheree Hicks - Youre Unforgettable-(CONNECTD021)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
S-Noise - Turn Up the Bass-(HER258)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Prince-Rock And Roll Love Affair (Incl. Jamie Lewis Remixes)-(PM145)-W... (House)
Polite - Jazzin She-(ICR030)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Playmode - Ultrasonic-(SWEATDS073)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Pavel Petrov - The Prayer-(DTT003)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Paul Jones-Love The Way-(FOMP00013)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Oscar Quagliano and Mandd - Blessed by Stars-(DIS008)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Nello Falcitano and Alessan Main - Brujeria-(TRR068)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Matt Akita--Playing EP-(TAM073X)-WEB-2012-dh (House)
Masterio - The Nocturne EP-(IMP060)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Luca M and JUST2 - Jesus Beat EP-(SPH066)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Loopers - Deal Breaker-(ITC2506)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
LADI6 - Like Water (Remixes)-(805326 4549251)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Kurd Maverick and Plastik Funk and Ashlee Williss - Say Hello (Part 1)... (House)
Kobe and Wise D - Check Out the Groove-(MJUZIEEKAL025)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Kini Rao - Chalk Farm EP-(TF040)-WEB-2012-NRG (House)
Kings of Groove Ft Andrea Love - Body and Soul (Remixes)-(SGRD050)-WEB... (House)
Jordy Dazz-Claymore-(REVR050)-WEB-2012-MonoPoly (House)
Javi Del Valle - Here is the Solution-(SNR008)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
James Creed - Top Pocket-(ODD003)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Hot Since 82-Forty Shorty-(GPM208)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Grooveloverz Pst Miss Jane - Its A Fine Day (Remixes)-(MVRD 0035)-WEB-... (House)
Gallo Alaia - Do it EP-(TR028)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Futureme - Folk Dream-(SUBT163)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Freimann Thurau - Mind Map-(KR001)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Forteba - Mirror-(014)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Forrest.-Bad Girls Go To Heaven EP-(MEXA007)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Florian Felsch and Dynanim-The Deepwithyou EP-(DWY001)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Feng Shui - Just in Time-(RISEDIG085)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Electronic Youth - Took My Love-(ITC2513)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Dualxess and Roberto Valentiano - Tonight-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
DJ Face Off - Zero A EP-(DMR046)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
DJ Baxx And Matteo Dritti-Again And Again-(R5R019)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Deep Future-Fixations EP-(GRU020)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Dana Ruh-Sula - Nebouxi-(BQD023)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Corvino Traxx Feat Noelle-Set You Free-(PRR018)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Copyright-Lifted EP-(DFTD378D1)-WEB-2012-SOULFUL (House)
Carlos Sanchez-Stability - Remixes-WEB-2012-DGN (House)
Atjazz Feat Clara Hill-Sense of Life (QB Smith Remixes)-(ARC049SD)-WEB... (House)
Stephan Strube - Definition Of The East Vol. 7-(LTAD016)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Second Chance - The Universe Listens Game Changers-(IMP067)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Reggster And Trackloaders - Ridiculous-(RR006)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Miss Faction - Forever Loved-(ZOO056)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
DJ Stephanie - Groovin To The Beat-(BLQ079)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Crisis Era Ft MC Rebel - Aint Backin Down-(HDN024)-WEB-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
Syrian-Alternate And Remixed 01-WEB-2012-AMOK (Electronic)
Joy Electric-Dwarf Mountain Alphabet-2012-AMOK (Electronic)
Four Tet--Jupiters Happa Remix - Lion Jamie xx Remix-(TEXT020)-WEB-201... (Electronic)
Douglas J. McCarthy-Kill Your Friends-Bonus Disc-Limited Edition-2012-... (Electronic)
Douglas J. McCarthy-Kill Your Friends-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
VA - Clubbing Sounds Megamix Vol.7-Bootleg-2012-CENSORED (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 7 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC008CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 6 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC006CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 5 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC005CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 4 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC004CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 3 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC003CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 2 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC002CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA - Anos 90s Vol. 1 (Lo Mejor De Los 90)-(DDC001CD)-WEB-2009-NRG (Dance)
VA-Danceclusive 4 U Vol 10-WEB-2012-CENSORED (Dance)
Red Touch feat Kay - Funky Monkey-WEB-2012-ZzZz INT (Dance)
Johnny Dama - Row Row Row-(361015 2094764)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Diego Ray Ft Daisy - Come Back To Me-(SDR 005)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
11 Dec 2012
Zaid Edghaim - Thoughtless Transmissions 047 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-... (Live)
Yousef-21st Century House Music 029-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
W and W - A State of Sundays-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Will Holland - Live at Emos East AUT 100 (Austin)-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Willis Haltom - Group Dynamics (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Wally Lopez-La Factoria 352 (Maxima FM)-SAT-07-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Wachterberg - Relentless 006 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Vlad Rusu-Club Motion 071-SBD-12-07-2012-MW3 (Live)
Victor Soler-Ganador Concurso 43 Music (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTh... (Live)
Tune Brothers - Housesession-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Tritonal - Live at Emos East AUT 100 (Austin)-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Tom Fall - Silk Royal Showcase 166 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiO... (Live)
Toddla T - BBC Radio1-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Tocadisco - Tocacabana 049-2012-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Tocadisco-In the Mix-SAT-12-08-2012-PTC (Live)
Time Warp Holland 2012 - Tom Ruijg and William Kouam Djoko Live-CABLE-... (Live)
Time Warp Holland 2012 - Darko Esser and Remy Live-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Tiesto-Club Life 296-SAT-09-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Three Loco - Diplo and Friends-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Thomas Gold - Fanfare 025-SAT-12-06-2012-TALiON (Live)
The Tonica-Satory 065 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-08-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
The Reef - Diplo and Friends-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
The Cube Guys-Delicious Housetunes-CABLE-12-06-2012-TWCLIVE (Live)
The Crystal Method-Community Service-SAT-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
The combers-Less conversation-DAB-12-09-2012-G4E (Live)
Ted Lane - Serendipity (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-04-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Swedish Egil - Groove Radio International Incl Sied van Riel Guestmix... (Live)
Swanky Tunes - Showland-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Swanky Tunes-In The Mix-SAT-09-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Supernova-Supernova Radio Show-FM-07-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Super8 and Tab - Live at Emos East AUT 100 (Austin)-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Sun and Set-HeavensGate 332-(SSL)-09-12-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Sunil Sharpe - The Late Night Sessions-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Sultan Shepard - Live at Josephine (Washington DC)-SAT-11-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Suffused - Suffused Diary (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Submission DJ-Discofever (Loca FM)-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Stoneface and Terminal-Euphonic Sessions December-CABLE-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Stonebridge - Club BPM-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Steve Rachmad - Dance Department Live (Radio538)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Stephan Hinz - Plattenleger-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Steffen Baumann - Sixty Sessions-SAT-12-02-2012-TALiON (Live)
Sound Process - Still Deeper (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Soundexile - Particles (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Soliquid - Audio Terrarium 036 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Slam - Slam Radio 009 Live at Womb Tokyo (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-20... (Live)
Sickindividuals - Clubbin (SlamFM)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Show-B and Thomas Herb - Compost Black Label Sessions 181 (Proton Radi... (Live)
Sharon Schael - Der Schall (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Seven24 - Ecliptic 023 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Sergio Gomez--Live At Orange Cafe Madrid-LINE-28-11-2012-WUS (Live)
Sebastien Benett-House from Ibiza-06-12-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Sebastian Serrano - In the Mix at Nightwax-12-07-SAT-2012-XDS (Live)
Scope - Decks Records Vinyl Session 006 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-... (Live)
Sautufau - Sautufau Radio Show-SAT-12-05-2012-iTL (Live)
Saul B - Kickroach (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Sander Van Doorn - Identity 159-PROPER-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Sander Van Doorn-Identity 159-SAT-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Sander Kleinenberg-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Sander Kleinenberg-Clubbin (SlamFM)-CABLE-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Samuli Kemppi-Pole Group Radio Show-FM-07-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Ruben de Ronde - A State of Sundays-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
RPO - RPO Records (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Ronski Speed - Promo Mix December-SBD-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Rob Dowell - Warm Art (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Roberto Molinaro-Real trust-(Quentin Tarantino)-DAB-12-09-2012-G4E (Live)
Robbie Rivera - The Juicy Show-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Ricky Inch-Cabrio Radio Show Week 49 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-08-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Re-Up-Viva La Electronica-FM-06-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Ray Okpara - Dance Under the Blue Moon-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Rafael-Lucid Dreams 061 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-08-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Psychonavigation - The Late Night Sessions-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Prok and Fitch - In the Mix at Nightwax-12-07-SAT-2012-XDS (Live)
Pretty Lights - Tha Hot Shit-SAT-12-06-2012-TALiON (Live)
Pig and Dan-Vicious Radio-FM-06-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Pete Tong - The Essential Selection-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Peter Latino-Live at Schlachthof Wiesbaden-SAT-12-01-2012-PTC (Live)
Peter Gelderblom - Housesession-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Peter Gelderblom-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Pepe Acebal - Adults Only (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Paul Van Dyk-Vonyc Sessions 328-SAT-07-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Pat Fosheen - Darker Shades (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Patrick M-Xima Records Radio 03-FM-07-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Paskal and Urban Absolutes - Etoka Sessions (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2... (Live)
Paolo Bolognesi - Stardust-SAT-12-07-2012-iTL (Live)
Paolo Bolognesi - Stardust-SAT-12-06-2012-iTL (Live)
Paolo Bolognesi - Stardust-SAT-12-05-2012-iTL (Live)
Paco Maroto-This Sound is-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Olivier Weiter - Dance Department Live (Radio538)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
NTFO - Diynamic (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Ntfo-Diynamic Radioshow-FM-04-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Noir and Nick Curly-Defected in the House Incl Sandy Rivera Guestmix-... (Live)
Nic Fanciulli - World Wide Sounds Incl Technasia Guestmix-SBD-12-07-2... (Live)
Nicky Romero - Protocol Radio 018-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Nicholas van Orton - Balkanians (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Nervo - In the Mix at Nightwax-12-08-SAT-2012-XDS (Live)
Nathan Fake - 6 Mix-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Nathan C - Global Dance Session-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Nastia - Systematic Session 190 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Nastia-Systematic Session 190-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Nacho Marco-Loudeast-FM-04-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Mustnotsleep-Music of the Future-02-12-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Mr. Spring-Spring Sessions-SAT-07-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Molella-M2o Club chart-DAB-12-09-2012-G4E (Live)
Moguai - 1LIVE Rocker-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Mixin Marc-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Mitrinique - Balance Senses (Frisky Radio)-SBD-05-12-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Miss Nine - UMF Radio-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Miss Melera - Colourizon 003 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Mike Candys-Guest DJ (Loca Fun)-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Miguel Angel Roca-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Mickey-Pure Trax (Pure FM)-DVBC-24-11-2012-1KING (Live)
Michael Canitrot-So Happy in Paris-06-12-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Mehmet Akar - 2nd Resurrection (Frisky Radio)-SBD-05-12-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Meave de Tria-Delicious Housetunes-CABLE-12-06-2012-TWCLIVE (Live)
Matt Darey - Nocturnal 382 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Matthew Hoag - Lovable Fairy Tale (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON... (Live)
Matteo Monero-Loose 021 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-09-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Matisse and Sadko-In the Mix-SAT-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Mathias Kaden - Dance Department Live (Radio538)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Martin Harmony-In Deep Sessions-02-12-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Martin Eyerer-Kling Klong Radio Show-FM-05-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Martin Buttrich and Guti-Artis Alife Transmission 013-FM-09-12-2012-Ei... (Live)
Mark Knight - Toolroom Knights (Guest Maximilian)-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Mark Brown - Cr2 Live and Direct 089 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TAL... (Live)
Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast World Tour Frankfurt-SBD-12-06-20... (Live)
Markus Schulz - A State of Sundays-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Markus Schulz-Global DJ Broadcast World Tour (Frankfurt)-CABLE-16-11-2... (Live)
Marc Maya - 1605 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Marcus Schossow - Tone Diary 245-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Marcos Cruz-Factomanica Radio Show-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Manuel De La Mare (303Lovers) - Love is in the Air 085 (Proton Radio)-... (Live)
Mafia Mike-House at Night-08-12-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Lydia Sanz-Matinee World (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Lukas Greenberg - Plastic City (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Louie Loop-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Lemon8 - 8 Track Mind (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Laurent Wery-Extravadance (NRJ)-DVBC-01-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Kyua and Albert - Live at Emos East AUT 100 (Austin)-SAT-12-09-2012-TA... (Live)
Kyau and Albert - Euphonic Sessions December-SBD-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Kobana - Compiled and Mixed (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Khen - VS (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Kev O Brien - Stranjj Selections (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Kev Obrien-Stranjj Selections-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Kay Mikado - Lohit Progressions 028 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALi... (Live)
Karotte b2b Nic Fanciulli - Dance Department Live (Radio538)-SAT-12-08... (Live)
Justin Wilkes-Horizontal-02-12-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Judge Jules-Global Warmup 459-CABLE-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
JP Candela-You Will Never Dance Alone (Loca Fun)-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Josh Wink - Live at TV Bar (Detroit)-SAT-11-24-2012-TALiON (Live)
Josh R-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Jose Tabarez-Aviator Session Guestmix On December (Pure FM)-SBD-2012-B... (Live)
John O Callaghan-Subculture-SAT-07-12-2012-1KING (Live)
John Kasahn - Timeless (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
John Digweed - Transitions (Guest Stefan Goldmann)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALi... (Live)
John Digweed-Transitions 432 (Incl Stefan Golmann Guestmix)-FM-10-12-2... (Live)
Joe T Vannelli - Supalova-SAT-12-08-2012-iTL (Live)
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-08-12-2012-WUS (Live)
Jesse Garcia-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
JEB - Pitchware Radio (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Jean Claude Ades-Global Mix-FM-07-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Jazzanova - Radio Show-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Jason Short - Thoughtless Transmissions 047 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2... (Live)
Ibailo-Paulatine Radio 038-FM-06-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Hernan Cattaneo - Resident 083-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Herc Kass - Etoka Sessions (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Heidi - BBC Radio1 Residency-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Hardwell - On Air 092-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Gregor Tresher - Plattenleger-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Green Noise And Pillman-Twisted Elements 93-SBD-12-05-2012-MW3 (Live)
German Brigante-In Stereo-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
George Acosta - The Lost World 426-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Gabriel - Meet Gabriel 003 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Frank Caro-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Franksen and Daddy Bahmani-Live at Schlachthof Wiesbaden-SAT-12-02-201... (Live)
Francis-Solid Sound 011 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-10-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Florian Casper-the Flow 010 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-06-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Ferry Corsten - Corstens Countdown 284-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Felix Cartal - Weekend Workdout 041-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Feed Me - 1LIVE Rocker-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Fedde le Grand - Dark Light Sessions-PROPER-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Fedde Le Grand-Dark Light Sessions-SAT-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Ezequiel Marotte - Balance Senses (Frisky Radio)-SBD-05-12-2012-TALiON... (Live)
Evren Ulusoy - Kommunity (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Ellen Allien - Noice (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Elis - Behaviors (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Electric and One-In Love with Deepology-FM-06-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Eddie Halliwell-Fire It Up 180-SAT-06-12-2012-1KING (Live)
E.F.G. - VS (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Dres - Perceptions (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
DJ Spin-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Pedroh - Live at the Oh-(Topradio)-READ NFO-DAB-08-12-2012-SOB (Live)
DJ Metro-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Larse-1LIVE Klubbing-SAT-12-08-2012-PTC (Live)
DJ Jean-At Work (SlamFM)-CABLE-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Flipside-Flipside At Five (96.3FM)-DAB-07-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Flipside-Flipside At Five (96.3FM)-DAB-06-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Flipside-Flipside At Five (96.3FM)-DAB-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
DJ Dyna - Dance DJ (FunX)-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
DJ Devious - Powermix-(538)-READ NFO-DAB-08-12-2012-SOB INT (Live)
DJ Devious-Powermix (538)-SAT-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
D O D-Black Hole Radio-SAT-09-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Dyro - Provenzano DJ Show-SAT-12-07-2012-iTL (Live)
DJ Flipside-B96 Street Mix (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Dio S - Per-Vurt Sessions (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Dinka-Helvetic Nerds Radioshow 051 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-07-2012-B2RLiVE INT (Live)
Diego Donati-Kunique-DAB-12-09-2012-G4E (Live)
Desyn Masiello and Friends - Faciendo 033-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Denny Kem - Tech Your Time 008 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Deniz Koyu - Bongbastic-SAT-12-05-2012-TALiON (Live)
Demian Moreno - Suffused Diary (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Deg-Live at Fuse (Brussel)-DVBC-17-11-2012-1KING (Live)
Deepsense - The Voyager (Frisky Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Deaf Pillow - Stabilizer 029 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
David Penn-Urbana (Loca Fun)-FM-07-08-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
David Guetta - DJ Mix-(538)-DAB-08-12-2012-SOB INT (Live)
David Guetta-Dj Mix (538)-SAT-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Darko Esser - Dance Department (Radio538)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Dan Van--Nightwax (Planet Radio)-DVBS-12-07-2012-OMA (Live)
Dan Marciano-ManimalZ Radio Show-07-12-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Danny Avila - Ready To Jump-SAT-12-05-2012-TALiON (Live)
Cuthead-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-12-09-2012-PTC (Live)
Cosmic Cowboys - Noice (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Copyright - Live at Ministry of Sound (London)-SAT-11-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Copyright - Defected in the House Incl H.O.S.H. Guestmix-SBD-12-08-20... (Live)
Cle - Poker Flat Recordings 025 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Christian Smith - Tronic 019 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Christian Smith-Tronic Radio 019-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Carl Cox-Global Episode 507 (Incl Photek Guestmix)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiTh... (Live)
Can Inmez - 2nd Resurrection (Frisky Radio)-SBD-05-12-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
BT-Laptop Symphony-SAT-05-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Brian Cheetham - Global Dance Session-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Brian Busto - Group Dynamics (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-05-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Break SL-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-12-09-2012-PTC (Live)
Boris Dlugosch - Sputnik Club-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Bob Sinclar - The Bob Sinclar Show-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Bobina-Russia Goes Clubbing-FM-09-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Bingo Players - Clubbin (SlamFM)-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Ben Gold - Presents 023-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Benji B - Exploring Future Beats-SAT-12-06-2012-TALiON (Live)
Bambook - Bambook Project 017 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Bad Boy Bill-B96 Street Mix On The Decks Episode 13 (96.3FM)-DAB-08-12... (Live)
B.Traits - In New DJs We Trust-SAT-12-06-2012-TALiON (Live)
B.Traits - BBC Radio1 (Guests Shadow Child and Horx)-SAT-12-03-2012-TA... (Live)
Aural Imbalance (Simon Huxtable) - Darker Shades (Proton Radio)-SBD-12... (Live)
Arty - Together We Are 024-SAT-12-01-2012-TALiON (Live)
Arty - Together We Are 023-SAT-11-24-2012-TALiON (Live)
Arne-Live at Fuse (Brussel)-DVBC-15-09-2012-1KING (Live)
Armin van Buuren - A State of Sundays-SAT-12-09-2012-TALiON (Live)
Armin Van Buuren-A State of Trance 589 29-11-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Annie Nightingale - BBC Radio1 (Guest Steve Aoki)-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Annie Mac - BBC Radio1-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Live)
Anja Zaube - Der Schall (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-08-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Andy Moor - Silk Royal Showcase 166 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALi... (Live)
Andrey Seaman - Underground Division 022 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-10-2012... (Live)
Andrea Mazza - Trance Evolution Incl Guestmix Giuseppe Ottaviani-SAT-... (Live)
Andrea Mazza - Trance Evolution-SAT-12-06-2012-iTL (Live)
Andrea Cassino - Flux (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Amstrad Billionaire - Darkroom Dubs (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALi... (Live)
Aly and Fila-Future Sound of Egypt 265-SAT-09-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2b Woody Van Eyden-HeavensGate 332-(SSL)-09-12-SAT-20... (Live)
Alex Gaudino-My Destination-06-12-SAT-2012-TDMLiVE (Live)
Alex Flatner-Live at Schlachthof Wiesbaden-SAT-12-02-2012-PTC (Live)
Alexei and Carlos Kinn-Especial La Roca (Maxima FM)-SAT-08-12-2012-EiT... (Live)
Aleksey Yakovlev-Thinking Out Loud 005 (Pure FM)-SBD-12-07-2012-B2RLiV... (Live)
Albertino-Dj Time-P2-DAB-12-08-2012-G4E (Live)
Albertino-Dj Time-P1-DAB-12-08-2012-G4E (Live)
Alakz - Der Club-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Live)
Afrojack - Jacked-(538)-DAB-08-12-2012-SOB INT (Live)
Afrojack-Jacked (538)-SAT-08-12-2012-1KING (Live)
Aeron Aether - Aeristhesia 002 (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-06-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Adriatique - Diynamic (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-07-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Adrian Lux - Lux Like-SAT-12-01-2012-TALiON (Live)
Addex - Behaviors (Proton Radio)-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Adam Port-Keinemusik Radio Show-FM-08-12-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Live)
Adam Beyer - Drumcode 123-SBD-12-09-2012-TALiON INT (Live)
Adam Beyer-Live At Stereosonic Festival Melbourne (DC 123)-SAT-07-12-2... (Live)
ACME - Clubding-SAT-12-10-2012-TALiON (Live)
Above and Beyond-Group Therapy 005 Incl Ferry Corsten Guestmix-CABLE-... (Live)
Wanting-Everything In The World-Commemorate Edition-CD-FLAC-2012-TSxD (Flac)
Vladislav Delay-Kuopio-CD-FLAC-2012-BCC (Flac)
Vinnie Moore-Time Odyssey-CD-FLAC-1988-SCORN (Flac)
VA-Wolfsnachte Tour EP-MCD-FLAC-2012-SCORN (Flac)
VA-Paradise Garage 2-(545 023-2)-2CD-FLAC-1999-dL (Flac)
VA-Mr Music Hits Volume 5-CD-FLAC-1997-SarahPalin (Flac)
VA-Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXXIV-The Torment Of Triton-(CLDM201214... (Flac)
VA-Frankie Knuckles Choice A Collection Of Classics-(AZCD08)-2CD-FLAC-... (Flac)
Tom Waits-The Heart Of Saturday Night-CD-FLAC-1989-SCORN (Flac)
Tom Waits-Mule Variations-CD-FLAC-1999-SCORN (Flac)
Tim Burgess-Oh No I Love You-2CD-FLAC-2012-WRE (Flac)
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Jack Austin - Heavyin-(RISEDIG086)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Husky and Meital De Razon - Make it Fly-(UM065)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Guardate - Love Advice-(LHR0002)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Firebeatz-Disque-(SP599)-WEB-2012-MonoPoly (House)
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Dani Deahl and the Dirty Tees - Paralyzed-WEB-2012-FMC (House)
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Carlos Manaca - Coming to Chicago-(MAGNA056D)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
C.R.E.C.C.A-Termikal-(BLZ033)-WEB-2012-BPM (House)
Avrito and Aitor AMS - Los Tocaitos-(ESS037)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
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Anton Neumark - My Way-(RZR077)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Andrew K-FDTD-(BALKAN0200)-WEB-2012-BPM (House)
Andres Galeano - Mr. Groove-(UR111)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Andrea Giuliani and Luca Rossetti - Hold Me-(SML134)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alvaro Martins - Something About-(BFR018)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Allen (Italy) - My Love is Better-(NFU027)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alex Metric - Ammunition Pt. 2-EP-WEB-2012-BiLDERBERG (House)
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Alex Berg - You-(TRRDS0020)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alesso-Clash-(REF034)-WEB-2012-MonoPoly (House)
Alberto Caput-Eternal Rest-(DSR202)-WEB-2012-BPM (House)
Addict Djs and Arone Clein - Trinity-(BANG033)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
2up and Johnson - Vip Freaks-(4250644834530)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Noisekillerzz - The End of Time-WEB-2012-FMC (Hardstyle)
Da Daze and Feith - Music In Our Lives-(LUS10)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Dark Pact - Abandoned-(SPOON028)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Arkaine - Aevus-(SCANTRAXX107)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Psychemagik - Lunar Escape EP-WEB-2012-TR (Electronic)
Oskar Offermann-Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying-(WHITE0183)-CD-2012-BF (Electronic)
Old Apparatus-Harem-(ST004)-Digital-2012-BNP INT (Electronic)
Naked Eyes-Burning Bridges-2012-JUST (Electronic)
LV-Sebenza-(HDBCD015)-2012-passed (Electronic)
VA-The Best of Disco Fox-(ZYX82622-2)-2CD-2012-MTC (Dance)
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Sunrise Inc and Liviu Hodor - Still The same-(B005XQLL2W)-WEB-2011-ZzZz (Dance)
Ryan and Radu - Rush Love-(B0062ZJLL6)-WEB-2011-ZzZz (Dance)
Nick Kamarera feat Phelipe - Reason For love-(B005XQN2WO)-WEB-2011-ZzZz (Dance)
MISTA - Show Me-(372 295-3)-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Lounge Loafers - Summers Ended-(MENADL240)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
Impact vs Moving Elements - Today-(B005XOT1XA)-WEB-2011-ZzZz (Dance)
Headman - It Rough 2012-(RR065)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
DJ Samuel Kimko - Because The Night (The Remix)-(HIT 042)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Diego Cadierno - Mallorca-(LR034)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
10 Dec 2012
Willy Mason-Carry On-WEB-2012-FRAY (Others)
Wilde Starr - A Tell Tale Heart-2012-MCA int (Others)
Wayne - Metal Church-2001-MCA int (Others)
VA - Start The Panic-20 Years Of Hardcore-2CD-2012-SRG (Others)
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VA - Party Pack-(BTRCD043)-WEB-2012-HQEM (Others)
VA - Nuclear Blast Allstars-Into the Light-2007-MCA int (Others)
VA-Yabby You And Brethren-Deeper Roots-Dub Plates And Rarities 1976-78... (Others)
VA-WDR Kabarettfest Paderborn-DE-DVBS-11-05-2012-OMA (Others)
VA-Verleihung Des Mindener Stichlings-DE-DVBS-11-17-2012-OMA (Others)
VA-Traps-N-Trunks-Strictly 4 The Traps-N-Trunks 46-2012-FaiLED INT (Others)
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VA-The Gospel Truth-2010-gF (Others)
VA-Spex Vol. 104-MAG-2012-gF (Others)
VA-Shattered Dreams-2011-gF (Others)
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VA-Promo Only Alternative Club January-2013-XXL (Others)
VA-MOJO Presents Pet Sounds Revisited-(Issue223)-MAG-2012-gF (Others)
VA-Lalin Riddim-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
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VA-In The Land Of Blood and Honey OST-2011-gF (Others)
VA-Heimatabend-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
VA-Great British TV Themes-2CD-2011-gF (Others)
VA-Die Volkstuemliche Huetten Gaudi-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
VA-Die Schoensten Jodler Der Berge Folge 1-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
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VA-Carnaval Tropical-(WEB)-FR-2012-K0K (Others)
VA-Brownswood Bubblers Nine-(BWOOD094DD)-WEB-2012-OMA (Others)
VA-Block Factor Riddim-(WEB)-2012-K0K (Others)
VA-Apres Ski Megamix 2013-2CD-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
VA-Alpine Grooves Vol. 4-(MPCD1236)-CD-2012-BF (Others)
Uncle Kracker-Midnight Special-2012-2NZ (Others)
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Trail of Murder - Shades of Art-2012-MCA int (Others)
Tom Beck-Nice Guys Finish Last-(CDS)-2012-MTD (Others)
Timo Hietala-Fenster Zum Sommer OST-DE-2011-gF (Others)
Thorax - Rebellion-WEB-2012-HB (Others)
Thorax - Rebellion-CD-2012-SRG (Others)
The Vaccines--Teenage Icon-WEB-2012-OMA (Others)
The Rattles-Maybe Tonight-(CDS)-2012-MTD (Others)
The OJays-Identify Yourself-LP-1979-GCP (Others)
The Offenders-Lucky Enough To Live-2012-uC (Others)
The Howl-Loose Ends-2012-gF (Others)
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The Hel-Gators-Monster Suite-2012-gF (Others)
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Switch Technique and Deathmachine - Dailybread Series Part 3-(UNION008... (Others)
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Spectrum - The Late Night Sessions-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Others)
Soul R-Phil Tangent-SOULR059-VINYL-2013-sour (Others)
Soul For Real-Never Felt This Way-Promo VLS-1996-GCP (Others)
Sorriso Maroto--15 Anos Ao Vivo-BR-2012-WUS (Others)
Son of Saturn and Apakalypse-Skillful Meanz-CDR-2012-FrB (Others)
Skream and Benga - BBC Radio1-SAT-12-07-2012-TALiON (Others)
Silent Killer and Breaker-Amongst Villains-Web-2010-XXX (Others)
Sierra Leonne s Refugee All Stars-Radio Salone-2012-gF (Others)
Sierant Kocinski Wisniewski Toklowicz-Melodie Wielkopolskie Na Kwartet... (Others)
Sieges Even - Playgrounds-Live-2008-MCA int (Others)
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Roland Tchakounte-Ndoni-2012-SNOOK (Others)
Reverend - World Wont Miss You-1990-MCA int (Others)
Reverend - Reverend-EP-1989-MCA int (Others)
Reverend - Play God-1991-MCA int (Others)
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Queensryche - Mindcrime at the Moore-2CD-Live-2007-MCA int (Others)
Pseirer Spatzen-Die Schoensten Lieder Aus Suedtirol-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
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Paul Kelly-Spring And Fall-2012-404 (Others)
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Outer Signal-Electrical Impulse-WEB-2012-FALCON (Others)
Othorized F.A.M.-We Othorized-VLS-1996-FrB (Others)
OST-Boardwalk Empire Vol 1-2011-gF (Others)
Osserwinkl Trio-Vergiss Nie Wo Du Her Bist-WEB-DE-2011-ALPMP3 (Others)
Original Gamsbart Trio-Die Alp Ruft-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
OOOD-You Think You Are-WEB-2012-FALCON (Others)
Oneman-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-12-08-2012-PTC (Others)
Oltak-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-12-08-2012-PTC (Others)
Nu Directions-BCee and Bladerunner feat Shaz Sparks-NU12053-VINYL-2013... (Others)
No Kluc-Photones Of Death-2011-iTS (Others)
Newton Faulkner--Live in Saarbruecken-DVBS-09-24-2012-OMA (Others)
Motorhead - Dirty Love-1989-MCA int (Others)
Mindscape-Martian Chronicles-SUICIDECD012-2012-sour (Others)
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Mindflow - Mind Over Body-2006-MCA int (Others)
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Mindflow - Destructive Device-Digipak-2008-MCA int (Others)
Mindflow - 365-2010-MCA int (Others)
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Michel Legrand-The Music of-2CD-2011-gF (Others)
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Lindigo-Maloya Power-2012-SNOOK (Others)
Lifehouse-Almeria-(Deluxe Edition)-2012-C4 (Others)
Large Professor Neek the Exotic and Black Attack-Rhyme Mania 99 Bw Ver... (Others)
Lalcko-Les Diamants Sont Eternels-(Promo CD)-FR-2012-K0K INT (Others)
L.A. Symphony-Heartfelt Rhymes Bw Incomplete Thoughts-VLS-1998-FrB (Others)
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Khan and Neek-Backchat-(HOTLINE001)-Vinyl-2012-BNP INT (Others)
Joy Orbison Boddika and Pearson Sound-Faint-(SUNKLOFREE)-Vinyl-2012-BN... (Others)
Josh Boots-Snake Charmer Bw Independent Hustle-Promo VLS-2002-FrB (Others)
Himanes-Rajanylitys-FI-2011-gF (Others)
Hans Zimmer-The Dark Knight Rises Score (Deluxe Bonus)-Web-2012-XXX (Others)
Hammerfall - Gates of Dalhalla-2CD-Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Greenchair-Geh Deinen Weg-(CDS)-DE-2012-MTD (Others)
Genetic Drugs-Cyberjam-SAT-12-08-2012-PTC (Others)
Flunk--Queen Of The Underground-(BS140)-WEB-2012-SHELTER (Others)
Florida Georgia Line-Heres To The Good Times-2012-2NZ (Others)
Faxi Nadu - Who We Are-(SKRDG014)-WEB-2012-MYCEL (Others)
Faxi Nadu - Late Haze-(HHDG046)-WEB-2012-MYCEL (Others)
Fanu-Siren Song-Web-2005-XXX (Others)
Faff-Bey-New Religion-1994-gF (Others)
Faff-Bey-Back From The Grave-Vinyl-1988-gF (Others)
Faff-Bey-Ace Of Spades-CDEP-1992-gF (Others)
Estacao Sambo--Ao Vivo-BR-2012-WUS (Others)
DJ Ray-D--Black Beats-DVBS-12-06-2012-OMA (Others)
DJ Pavo-Hardhouse Generation-FM-05-12-2012-1KING (Others)
DJ Khalil feat Shystie-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-12-07-2012-PTC (Others)
DJ Jellin--Black Beats-DVBS-12-06-2012-OMA (Others)
Die Pucher-Partywahnsinn-CD-DE-2012-ALPMP3 (Others)
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Der 5. Advent 08.Dezember-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE (Others)
Destruction - Spiritual Genocide-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Deeplomatic - New Life Form-(SADHUDIGI003)-WEB-2012-MYCEL (Others)
Death - Vivus-2CD-2001-MCA int (Others)
Cutty B. Spooky-Death Becomes All Of Em-2000-CR (Others)
Curse--1LiVE Fiehe-DVBS-12-02-2012-OMA (Others)
Cuff The Duke-Union-2012-404 (Others)
Cro-Einmal Um Die Welt-(EP)-DE-2012-MTD (Others)
Cox and the Riot-Death Disco-2012-gF (Others)
Claire Martin-Too Much in Love to Care-2012-SNOOK (Others)
Cauldron - Tomorrows Lost-2CD-Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Calyx and Teebee - Essential Mix-SAT-12-08-2012-TALiON (Others)
Brandford Marsalis Quartet-Four Mfs Playin Tune-2012-SNOOK (Others)
Boys Like Girls-Crazy World-2012-C4 (Others)
Blood God - No Brain But Balls-2CD-Digipak-2012-MCA int (Others)
Ben Zabo-Ben Zabo-2012-gF (Others)
Bahiano-Rey Mago De Las Nubes-WEB-SP-2011-ASS (Others)
Attacker Bloody Axe-Triumph Of The Demon Axe-Vinyl EP-2009-gF (Others)
Athena - A New Religion (Jap. Ed.)-1998-MCA int (Others)
Arsis - Starve for the Devil-2010-MCA int (Others)
Alex Ubago-Ella Vive En Mi EP-WEB-ES-2012-ASS (Others)
Aes Dana--Pollen-(INRE055)-WEB-2012-SHELTER (Others)
Admiral Fallow--Live at Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg-DVBS-09-20-2012-OMA (Others)
Aborted Fetus-Goresoaked Clinical Accident-Reissue-2012-DiTCH (Others)
5 Royales-Right Around The Corner-2011-gF (Others)
57 State-Comn Thru-1999-CR (Others)
TH Moy - Nature Vol 1-(AZR 016)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Trance)
Delta3-Parkour Incl Johann Stone Remix-(HCNB161D)-WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
Alex Larichev And Rusty Spica - Extraordinary-(LEVARE 043)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Trance)
Zzzzra-Le Futur Vaincra-(TEA D001)-WEB-2012-dL (Techno)
Waveback Luke - Need Sleep-(DSQ031)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
VA - La Maison Minimal Vol 2 Finest Minimal Tunes-(MOMENTUMCOMP038)-WE... (Techno)
VA - La Maison Minimal Vol 1 Finest Minimal Tunes-(MOMENTUMCOMP030)-WE... (Techno)
Sven Dohse - A Simple Place-Feelin Good-(KATER025)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Suburban Knight Vs. Locutus-Oblivion-VLS-2001-FrB (Techno)
Siberian Voice - Unscarred-(AD080)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Shockwave - 060 EP-(PISO215)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Sam Greycious - Amped-Digital Rainbow-(RLM027)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Rodrigo Diaz and Volt and Vintage - Technoporn EP-(BEQ046)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Pruden Izquierdo - Cosmic Shark-(10049532)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Pablo Caballero and Rodri Estevez - T Virus-(WM053)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Nikola Gala - Rock Steady-(OCT45)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Mike Laz - Eye of the Mind-(BTR070)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
J Gonzalez - Techno Voice EP-(STD089)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Hector Bastida - T Bullet-(BPR012)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Fhazee - Save Me-(DSR196)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Federico Gava - Freshside-(AR004)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Dollface Devereaux - Battle - Single-(9GDVX025)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
DJ Jay G-Jump-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (Techno)
Dema and Axel (IT) - Boxer-(BFDIG040)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Days Off - Heroes-(EP12)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
David Hofmann - Stephans Glasses-(SYS2296)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
D.Mway Mway - Arabian Soul-Lost-(HA176)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Cristian Guerra - Revolution-(DIAR031)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Chris Larsen (CA) - Regular People-(MTR027)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Batz Beat-Valley Of Dreams-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (Techno)
Alex Mine - Lakuna EP-(LOKO018)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Alex Mine - Blue Ridge EP-(ANT013)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Zulumafia - Beautiful Sunset-(ZMD004)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Zoo Brazil - Give it to Me EP-(KITT0406)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
WATI-Gyration-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (House)
Vancouver Klub - Verve-(VK016)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Valerio Reali - Dreaming EP-(SEABURN083)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
VA-Kingshouse Vol 19-Mixed By The Kingshouse Crew-(TBA-8032-2)-2CD-201... (House)
VA-Grand Slam 2012 Vol 4-2CD-2012-wAx (House)
VA--Trauriger Sonntag-(SUPDUB29)-WEB-2012-CMC (House)
Uf0 - Magne-(RR022)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Tony Verdu - Sr. Naranja-(COR150)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Tom Sawyer - Mindfears-(MXP344)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Tinozz and Poetic - Intoxicated - Remixes-(ARM059)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Tee-Ex - Chgi-(CON018)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Swaab - My Friend Joseph EP-(WS001)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Spirit Tag - Boom Bang-(MZ155S)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Roy Rosenfeld - Madafunka-(MIS044)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Richarte - Rock Play-(KST006)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Paul Strive - Century Fails-(DEFDIG1248)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
No Doubt - Looking Hot (the Remixes)-(00602537249169)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Nosta - Sand-(DEXTR041)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Nacho Riveros - Rainy Days-(MYR036)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
My Digital Enemy - Bring it Down-(MARDIGI80)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Mylan - Lose Control-(PIR031)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Mizar B - Columbia EP-(WRR071)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Miguel Bastida - Interference-(MM006)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Michal Poliak - Sucker Bunker (Original Mix)-(4250644821226)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Menson - U-(GARTEN11)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Luciano Esse - Decide-(DDR008)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Lorenzo Loto and Silvie Loto - Night Train EP-(CWHS008)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Leigh D. Oliver-Full Of Sugar EP-(FRECHE010)-WEB-2012-CBR (House)
Lee Webster - Spit on it-(OPR028)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Kwerk - Twisted EP-(KIR292)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Kevin Andrews and Jason Chance - Cubism-(HSR192)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Kairo Kingdom - One Two Remixes-(SIMP127)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Jordi Castillo - Koh Samui-(HTM002)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Grass is Greener - Start Again-(NE22705)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Get Far and Ivana Lola - Survive (Remixes)-(MELAD199)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Flybug - Flytown-(DUBTRXX001)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Flavourables and Latelier - Gewoon Gaan-Dodo EP-(KR027)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Fedor Smirnoff - Time to Say Goodbye-(XMR002)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Electrosila and B-Style and Rymit - From Dusk Till Dawn-(HUKL051)-WEB-... (House)
Dzhou Feat Ecstacy-By The Masses-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (House)
DJ Zombi - Follow Up-(VR119)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
DJ Spen Damond Ramsey - Back and Forth Moonshine-(NE22742)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Discojack - What U Gonna Do-(10049196)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Digital Project Feat Katy Blue-Sleep-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (House)
Debonair - Rhodes to Nowhere EP-(KLR024)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Dax J-Spinning Of House-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (House)
Darkrow and Gianni Ruocco - Cirqlo EP-(NIGHTLIGHTDIG055)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
D-Rashid and Praia Del Sol and Sindy - Quero Te Beijar-(EXKL10230)-WEB... (House)
Cubic State - Deep Me-(RKR125)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Costin Rp - 26 Mai Lp Part. 2-(8034034233136)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Claudio Giordano - Takiuma-(0044)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Claudio Giordano - Je Pense-(0043)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Chagi - Rock this Club-(SSM0011)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Blacktron - On Line-(BTM062)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Berny B and Denis Goldin - All for Love-(LR2004)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Benny Royal - Cigansko-(TMR026)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Benji and Thodoris Triantafillou - Missionary-Dybbuk-(RHYTHMETIC028)-W... (House)
B.Original and Damir Pushkar - Chased-Indian Snakes-(NE22746)-WEB-2012... (House)
Alex Garcia - Its Me Bitches-(BEAR094)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Ground Force - Apologize EP-(XCS005)-WEB-2012-HB (Hardstyle)
Wynardtage-Sleepless In Heaven-Limited Edition-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
Rob Clouth--Cloud Complex-(TRAUMV157)-WEB-2012-SiBERiA (Electronic)
Hocico-El Ultimo Minuto-2CD-Limited Edition-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
VA - Fun Radio Dancefloor Winter 2013-2CD-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
Rotarydisco76 - Moonbus-(BAFDIGI019)-WEB-2012-YOU (Dance)
David Del Olmo Feat Fronteras - Traicionera (Radio Edit)-(100494 77)-W... (Dance)
Alina - Till The Morning-(425011 7626693)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)
09 Dec 2012
Zac Brown Band-Goodbye In Her Eyes (Late Night 2012-11-19)-720p-x264-2... (Music Videos)
Youngblood Hawke-We Come Running (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-13)-720p-x... (Music Videos)
Yothu Yindi-Treaty (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Xzibit Ft E-40-Up Out The Way-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Wiz Khalifa feat Camron-The Bluff-DDC-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Will.I.Am feat Britney Spears-Scream And Shout-DDC-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Will.I.Am feat Britney Spears-Scream And Shout-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Wiley Ft Skepta Jme And Ms D-Can You Hear Me-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc-Time To Go-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Victoria Justice-Medley (80th Annual Christmas In Rockefeller Center)-... (Music Videos)
Usher-Dive-PROPER-CONVERT-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Usher-Dive-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Udo Lindenberg-Das Leben (Schlag den Raab 2012-11-17)-DE-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Tulisa-young (bbc radio 1xtra live 2012-11-12)-x264-2012-JESTERS (Music Videos)
Tulisa-sight of you (x factor uk 2012-12-02)-720p-x264-2012-JESTERS (Music Videos)
Trinidad James-All Gold Everything-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Tombs-Passageways-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Toby Keith-Hope On The Rocks (The Late Late Show 2012-11-13)-720p-x264... (Music Videos)
Timomatic-Set It Off (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
The xx-Chained-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
The Temper Trap-Trembling Hands (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
The Mowglis-San Francisco (The Tonight Show 2012-11-16)-720p-x264-2012... (Music Videos)
The Jezabels-Endless Summer (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
The Go Set-Drums Of Chelsea-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
The Darkness-Nothings Going To Stop Us-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
The Bloody Beetroots And Greta Svabo Bech-Chronicles Of A Fallen Love-... (Music Videos)
The 80 Aces-I Am Trying To Read Your Mind-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
These Kids Wear Crowns-Break It Up-CONVERT-x264-2010-SRP (Music Videos)
Testament-Native Blood-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Taylor Swift-I Knew You Were Trouble (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Taylor Swift-Begin Again (The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012-11-30)-720p-x2... (Music Videos)
Tarot-Wings Of Darkness-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Takida-Swallow (Until Youre Gone)-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Takida-Swallow (Until Youre Gone)-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Takida-Swallow (Until Youre Gone)-DDC-1080p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Taio Cruz-Troublemaker-PROPER-x264-2011-SRPx (Music Videos)
Taio Cruz-Fast Car-720p-CONVERT-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Sylosis-Empyreal-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Switchfoot-The Original (The Tonight Show 2012-11-15)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Subjektive-R.D.M-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Stephan Rizon-Looking For Love-720p-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Stefan Raab Und Die Hoehner-Aevver Et Haetz Bliev He In Koelle-DE-x264... (Music Videos)
Soundgarden-By Crooked Steps (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-26)-720p-x264-... (Music Videos)
Son Dam Bi-Tears Pouring Down-KO-DDC-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Son Dam Bi-Tears Pouring Down-KO-DDC-720p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Son Dam Bi-Tears Pouring Down-KO-DDC-1080p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Snoop Lion-La La La-WEB-(iPAD)-MP4-x264-720p-2012-iLUV (Music Videos)
SKARF-Oh Dance-KO-DDC-1080p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Sing Um Dein Leben-Aim High-x264-2012-GRMV (Music Videos)
Simple Minds-Main Square Festival (Live 2012-06-29)-x264-2012-iUF (Music Videos)
Shaka Ponk-Im Picky-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Sean Paul-Touch The Sky-WEB-(iPAD)-x264-720p-2012-iLUV (Music Videos)
Sam Sparro-I Wish I Never Met You-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Rumble Fish-Dont Be Like That-KO-DDC-1080p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Ruggedman Feat 2Face-Because Of You-WEB-(iPAD)-x264-720p-2012-iLUV (Music Videos)
RNDM-Modern Times (Late Night 2012-11-05)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Rihanna-Diamonds-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Regurgitator-All Fake Everything-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Reece Mastin-Sunrise (2012-11-02)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Powerwolf-We Drink Your Blood-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Playdeaf-Grow It Yourself-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Pitbull Ft Tjr-Dont Stop The Party-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Pitbull-Dont Stop the Party (The View 2012-11-21)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Pitbull-Dont Stop the Party (Late Night 2012-11-20)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Pink-try (x factor uk 2012-12-02)-720p-x264-2012-JESTERS (Music Videos)
Phoenix-Lisztomania (Taratata 2010-05-21)-x264-2010-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Phillip Phillips-Home (The View 2012-11-19)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Papa Roach-Still Swingin-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Otto Knows-Million Voices-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
One Republic-Stop And Stare (iTunes Festival 2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Of Mice And Men-Second And Sebring-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2010-SRP (Music Videos)
No doubt-looking hot (mtv ema 2012)-720p-x264-2012-JESTERS (Music Videos)
No Doubt-Looking Hot (2012 American Music Awards)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
No Doubt-Looking Hot-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Nicki Minaj-Va Va Voom-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Nicki Minaj-Va Va Voom-PROPER-CONVERT-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Nicki Minaj-Va Va Voom-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Nicki Minaj-Freedom (2012 American Music Awards)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Ne-Yo-Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) (2012-11-14)-... (Music Videos)
Ne-Yo-Let Me Love You (Dancing With the Stars All-Stars 2012-11-13)-72... (Music Videos)
M Pokora-Hallelujah (Taratata 2012-12-01)-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Mystikal Ft Birdman Jae Millz And Detail-One Night-DVDRIP-x264-2012-FR... (Music Videos)
Muse-Madness (MTV EMA 2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Mumford and Sons-iTunes Festival (2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Morten Harket-Im The One (TV Total Turmspringen 2012)-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Miss May I-Masses Of A Dying Breed-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Missy Higgins-Everyones Waiting (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Miguel-Do You-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Miguel-Adorn (The Ellen Degeneres Show 2012-11-27)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Michael Wollny Meets Theo Bleckmann-Live At Jazz Baltica (2011)-720p-x... (Music Videos)
Michael Monroe-Live at Himos Festival 2012 (2012-06-21)-x264-2012-KALA... (Music Videos)
MGK Ft Dub-O And DJ Xplosive-EST 4 Life-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
MGK-Wild Boy (Vevo 2012)-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
MGK-Invincible (Vevo 2012)-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Meek Mill Ft Kirko Bangz-Young And Gettin It (Lyrics Version)-DDC-720p... (Music Videos)
Meek Mill Ft Kirko Bangz-Young And Gettin It-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Medina-Boring-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Mechanical Black-Speed Spider-CONVERT-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Max Herre-Fuehlt sich wie Fliegen an (TV Total Turmspringen 2012)-DE-x... (Music Videos)
Matisyahu-Happy Hanukkah (The Tonight Show 2012-12-04)-720p-x264-2012-... (Music Videos)
Matchbox Twenty-Sunrise (2012-11-07)-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Matchbox Twenty-Put Your Hands Up-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Marteria Yasha and Miss Platnum-Lila Wolken (TV Total Turmspringen 201... (Music Videos)
Maroon 5-Saturday Night Live (2012-11-17)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Mark Knight-Nothing Matters ft Skin (Official Video)-1080p-x264-BOOLZ (Music Videos)
Marina And The Diamonds-How To Be A Heartbreaker-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Mariah Carey-Shake It Off-DVDRIP-x264-2005-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Mariah Carey-80th Annual Christmas In Rockefeller Center-720p-x264-201... (Music Videos)
Mariah Carey-80th Annual Christmas In Rockefeller Center-720p-REPACK-x... (Music Videos)
Manian-Hands Up Forever-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Manian-Hands Up Forever-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Madness-iTunes Festival (2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama (The Late Late Show 2012-10-30)-720p... (Music Videos)
Lukas Graham-Better Than Yourself (Danish Music Awards 2012-11-10)-720... (Music Videos)
Ludacris Ft Usher And David Guetta-Rest Of My Life-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Ludacris Ft Kelly Rowland-Representin-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Ludacris Feat Usher And David Guetta-Rest Of My Life-PROPER-CONVERT-x2... (Music Videos)
Loreen-My Heart Is Refusing Me (Live At Heikki Ja Mikko Show 2012-10-2... (Music Videos)
Little Mix-Wings (Sunrise 2012-10-31)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Little Mix-DNA-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Lilly Wood And The Prick-Middle Of The Night (Taratata 2012-11-17)-x26... (Music Videos)
Lilly Wood And The Prick-Middle Of The Night-x264-2012-PmV (Music Videos)
Lee Kernaghan-Beautiful Noise (Sunrise 2012-10-23)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Kylie Minogue-Locomotion (Tonight Show 2012-11-14)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Kylie Minogue-Locomotion (Dancing with the Stars All-Stars 2012-11-13)... (Music Videos)
Kimbra-Medely (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Kid Cudi feat King Chip-Just What I Am-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Keyshia Cole-Trust And Believe-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Kesha-Die Young (Sunrise 2012-11-08)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Kesha-Die Young (2012 American Music Awards)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Kesha-Die Young-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Kendrick Lamar-Swimming Pools (Drank)-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Kelly Rowland Ft Lil Wayne-ICE-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Kelly Clarkson-Medley (2012 American Music Awards)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Kat Deluna-Wanna see u Dance (La La La)-x264-2012-GRMV (Music Videos)
Kakkmaddafakka-Reeperbahn Festival (2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Justin Bieber Feat Nicki Minaj-Beauty And A Beat-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Justice Crew-Boom Boom (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Popular Song 2012-12-02)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Popular Song 2012-11-25)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Music Core 2012-12-01)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Music Core 2012-11-24)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Music Bank 2012-12-07)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Music Bank 2012-11-30)-KO-720p-REPACK-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man (Music Bank 2012-11-23)-KO-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man-KO-DDC-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man-KO-DDC-720p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
JUNIEL-Bad Man-KO-DDC-1080p-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Jessica Mauboy-Medely (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Jesper Nohrstedt-Take Our Hearts-PROPER-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Jay Sean-Sunrise (2012-10-18)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Jay Sean-So High-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Jason Aldean-Take A Little Ride (The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012-11-16)-... (Music Videos)
In Hearts Wake-Traveller (The Fool)-Retail-DVDRip-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Infernal-Cant Go Back-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Infernal-Cant Go Back-720p-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Hunting Grounds-Star Shards-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
House Vs Hurricane-Blood Knuckles-Retail-DVDRip-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Hold Up-Gimme One Chance-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Hilltop Hoods-I Love It (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Helstar-30 Years of Hel Live in Houston (2012-03-24)-DVDRip-x264-2012-... (Music Videos)
Hammerfall-One More Time-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Gym Class Heroes-Martyrial Girls-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Guy Sebastian Feat Lupe Fiasco-Battle Scars (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-20... (Music Videos)
Guy Sebastian-Battle Scars (Sunrise 2012-11-12)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Grouplove-Itchin On A Photograph (The Tonight Show 2012-11-29)-720p-x2... (Music Videos)
Graham Coxon-Reeperbahn Festival (2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba Cuban Band-Live At 24th Internationale (1993)-x264-... (Music Videos)
Gojira-Live At Rock School Barbey Bordeaux (2009-02-09)-RETAIL-DVDRip-... (Music Videos)
Girls Aloud-Something New-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Gary Clark Jr-Aint Messin Around (Good Morning America 2012-11-21)-720... (Music Videos)
Future Ft Kelly Rowland-Neva End (Remix)-DDC-720p-x264-2012-FRAY INT (Music Videos)
Fun.-Taratata (2012-12-01)-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Fun.-Carry On-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Flo Rida-Let It Roll-PROPER-CONVERT-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Flo Rida-Let It Roll-CONVERT-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Flo Rida-I Cry (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-21)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
FIESTAR-We Dont Stop-KO-DDC-RETAIL-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Felix Cartal-Domo-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Fear Factory-Fear Campaign-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2010-SRP (Music Videos)
Example-Say Nothing (iTunes Festival 2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Example-Say Nothing-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Enrique Iglesias Ft Sammy Adams-Finally Found You-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Enrique Iglesias-Finally Found You-x264-2012-WMVA (Music Videos)
Elina Born-Skyfall (Estonian Idol 18-11-12)-x264-2012-mV4U (Music Videos)
DJ Scream Ft 2 Chainz Future Waka Flocka Yo Gotti And Gucci Mane-Hoodr... (Music Videos)
Dj Drama Ft 2 Chainz Meek Mill And Jeremih-My Moment-CONVERT-x264-2012... (Music Videos)
DJ Assad feat Mohombi Craig Davis and Greg Parys-Addicted-720p-x264-20... (Music Videos)
Die Fantastischen Vier-Was wollen wir noch mehr (Schlag den Raab 2012-... (Music Videos)
Delta Goodrem-Wish You Were Here-CONVERT-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Cyndi Lauper Ft Angelique Kidjo-Lady Marmalade (Taratata 1997-04-10)-x... (Music Videos)
Coldplay-Paradise (Live Version)-x264-720p-2012-PmV (Music Videos)
Christina Perri-A Thousand Years (The Tonight Show 2012-11-09)-720p-x2... (Music Videos)
Cher Lloyd-Want U Back (Sunrise 2012-10-25)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Channel Zero-In The City-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Carrie Underwood-Blown Away (Late Night 2012-11-08)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Carly Rae Jepsen-Medley (2012 American Music Awards)-720p-x264-2012-VFi (Music Videos)
Carlprit-Fiesta-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Bridgit Mendler-Ready or Not (Good Morning America 2012-11-14)-720p-x2... (Music Videos)
Atrocity-Live At Wacken Open Air Festival (2010-08-06)-RETAIL-DVDRip-x... (Music Videos)
Buffetlibre DJs Feat Nick Krill-The Sun Is The Shade-WEB-(iPAD)-MP4-x2... (Music Videos)
Bruno Mars-Locked Out Of Heaven (Le Grand Journal 2012-11-29)-720p-x26... (Music Videos)
Bruno Mars-Locked Out Of Heaven-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
Brandy-Wildest Dreams-DDC-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Boys Like Girls-Be Your Everything (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-09)-720p... (Music Videos)
Bleeding Knees Club-Let It Go-x264-2012-FRAY (Music Videos)
Billy Talent-On Tape (2012-05-31)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Biffy Clyro-Bubbles (iTunes Festival 2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
AxeWound-Exorchrist-x264-2012-SRP (Music Videos)
Aura Dione Stine Bramsen Og Nabiha-Meldey (Danish Music Awards 2012-11... (Music Videos)
Attack Attack-Smokahontas-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2011-SRP (Music Videos)
Armored Saint-Left Hook From Right Field-Retail-720p-BluRay-x264-2010-SRP (Music Videos)
Angus Stone-Taratata (2012-11-17)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Andy Grammer-Miss Me (The Tonight Show 2012-11-19)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Andy Allo-People Pleaser (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-20)-720p-x264-2012... (Music Videos)
Andrei Leonte-Love Another Day-DDC-720p-x264-2012-KAiZEN (Music Videos)
Amy Macdonald-Dont Tell Me That Its Over-DVDRIP-x264-2010-KAiZEN (Music Videos)
Aloe Blacc-I Need A Dollar (Taratata 2010-12-07)-x264-2010-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys Ft Nicki Minaj-Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)-DDC-x264-201... (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys Feat Nicki Minaj-Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)-x264-2012-... (Music Videos)
Alicia keys (bbc radio 1xtra live 2012-11-15)-x264-2012-JESTERS (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys-Taratata (2012-12-01)-x264-2012-NaWaK (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys-Good Morning America (2012-11-26)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys-Girl On Fire (iTunes Festival 2012)-720p-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
Alicia Keys-Girl On Fire (Blue Light Version) (Late Night 2012-11-21)-... (Music Videos)
Alanis morissette-guardian (x factor it 2012-11-15)-720p-x264-2012-JES... (Music Videos)
Aimee Mann feat James Mercer-Living A Lie (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012-11-1... (Music Videos)
50 Cent feat Eminem and Adam Levine-My Life-x264-2012-MVO (Music Videos)
50 Cent feat Adam Levine-My Life (The Voice 2012-11-26)-720p-x264-2012... (Music Videos)
360 Feat Gossling-Boys Like You (26th ARIA Awards)-x264-2012-SRPx (Music Videos)
VA-40 Winter Chill Out Tunes 2012-(ARVA218)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
Von Spar-Jon Voight-(AREAL067)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
VA - Kaffeefahrt 5 Die Etwas Andere Elektronische Reise-(BUZACOMP130)-... (Techno)
VA - Dots And Pearls II-(CORLP032DIGITAL-WEB)-2012-DD (Techno)
Uto Karem-Wherever The Bass Takes Me-(AGILE015)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Toby Dreher-Herrengedeck EP-(RSPDIGI118)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
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Tanov-Flane-(MM094)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
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Snappa - Vibe-(FRESHIN035)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
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Mr. Bizz - Black Room-(DPE540)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
MPIA3--Your Orders-(RS1211)-WEB-2012-OMA (Techno)
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DJ 3000 - Moroccan Mint Tea EP-(MT039)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
Dense and Pika--Crispy Duck-(HFT027)-WEB-2012-OMA (Techno)
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Alex Bau - Acidiction EP-(KR061)-WEB-2012-YOU (Techno)
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Acumen-Mash-(THCD044)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (Techno)
Zoo Brazil-Any Moment Now-CDA-2012-wAx (House)
Wally Lopez-You Cant Stop The Beat Feat. Jamie Scott of Graffiti6-WEB-... (House)
Wade - Loulas-(SNR066)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Voltaxx and Mike Kelly and Natalie Gauci - Part Time Lover-(SORRYSHOES... (House)
VA - Sunshine Live Vol.44-3CD-2012-SRG (House)
VA - Nassau Beach Club 2012-(1061933BCI-2CD)-2012-DRUM (House)
VA-Suburbia Unmixed Vol. 24-(COM1294-2)-2CD-2012-BF (House)
Togafunk-Levas Polka Incl Le Rock And Roxs Remix-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Tim Andresen - Work-(WHHA066)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
The Houzelab - Fuego De Cumbia-(BLV431633)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Thermo - The Trigger-(INS081)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Subcquence and Aad Mouthaan - Cyfi-(10049201)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Steve Aoki-Steve Jobs Feat. Angger Dimas-(VENMX1269)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (House)
Steve Aoki-Cudi The Kid Feat. Kid Cudi and Travis Barker-(VENMX1251)-W... (House)
Steve Aoki-Control Freak Feat. Blaqstarr and Kay-(VENMX1282)-WEB-2012-... (House)
Ranchatek - Ipanema-(RM005)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Paskal And Urban Absolutes--Based On Misunderstandings 04-(SK253D)-WEB... (House)
Paolo Mojo - My Children-(303L1228)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Nalaya and Paradise 45 - To Be in Love-(CONKRETE001)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Maya Jane Coles-Easier To Hide-(AW5052391)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE (House)
Markus Schatz-Smokin Wild-(SALON013-2)-CD-2012-BF (House)
Marius Laurentiu and Andrea Bigi - Two as One-(TAWY012)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Marc Van Linden And Shaun Baker Feat. Carlprit-Whats Your City-WEB-201... (House)
Karim Haas and Abel the Kid - Luv 4 Luv-(SYN050)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Jee Groove - Cocongisimous-(10049508)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Iban Reus - Crazy Circus-(TRAX50701Z)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Guess What - Understand this-(HFS1261)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Flippers - Get it Started-(MAQ080)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Fernando Guzman - Orotund EP-(MLSR052)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Egoism - Gold Room-(1RM008)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Eats Everything-Slow For Me EP-(FBR012)-Vinyl-2012-BNP INT (House)
Deux Tigres - Dragonfly-(MOOD124)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
David Garfit - Hypnotise-(THES090)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Darko De Jan - Dubai 2 Brazil-(PR003)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Crue-Crue 2-(CRUE02)-Vinyl-2012-BNP INT (House)
Cristian Viviano-As Old As Young-(DIOCD001)-CD-2012-BF (House)
Cazzi Opeia - With You-(NERO054)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Boss Axis-Bridge A Divide-(PARQUETCD006)-CD-2012-BF (House)
Bar B Cue-Around Your Feet-WEB-2012-UKHx (House)
Barnes and Heatcliff - Salvation-WEB-2012-ZzZz (House)
Audio Jacker - Lets Dance-(DB049)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Antoine Cortez - Moving Girl-(MZCS021)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Andy Latoggo-Gummibaerenbande 2013-WEB-DE-2012-UKHx (House)
Andy Bros - Napoli in Da House-(GN055)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alex Tok - Full Moon-(FRTN156)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
Alex Mine - Without Concept-(BND019)-WEB-2012-YOU (House)
VA - Masters Of Hardstyle Vol.7-2CD-2012-SRG (Hardstyle)
VA-Spex Vol. 103-MAG-2012-gF (Electronic)
VA-Fabric 67 Zip-(FABRIC133D)-WEB-2012-OMA (Electronic)
Trakktor-Halo Of Lies-2CD-Limited Edition-2012-FWYH (Electronic)
Protodome--Bluescreen-WEB-2011-WUS (Electronic)
Offshore--Bake Haus-(BDDNL215)-WEB-2012-OMA (Electronic)
Lapalux--Some Other Time-(BFDNL032)-WEB-2012-OMA (Electronic)
Knox - Here-(LNOE012)-WEB-2012-YOU (Electronic)
HTRK And Tropic Of Cancer - Part Time Punks Radio Sessions-(GI168-WEB)... (Electronic)
Fairmont-Automaton-(MFR062CD)-CD-2012-BF (Electronic)
80s Stallone--Hotline-WEB-2012-WUS (Electronic)
Otto Le Blanc - Good Time-(693736 660695)-WEB-2012-ZzZz (Dance)

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