05 Feb 1992
Zimbabwe Legit-Zimbabwe Legit-CDEP-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Zhigge-Zhigge-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Young Black Teenagers-Plead The Fifth-Promo EP-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Young and Restless-That Was Then This Is Now-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
YB (Young Blood)-I Am What I Am-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
X-Con-Life Behind Walls-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Wreckx-N-Effect-Rump Shaker-CDM-1992-TraX INT (Hip-Hop)
Wreckx-N-Effect-Rump Shaker (Remix)-CDM-1992-D2H (Hip-Hop)
Wreckx-N-Effect-Rump Shaker-(MCSTD1725)-CDM-FLAC-1992-dL (Hip-Hop)
Willie D-Still Black (You Still A aggin)-Promo Vinyl-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
VA-Rap Declares WAR-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
VA-Hip-Hop Classics 1991-1992 vol 2-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
VA-DJ Rei Double R-Best of 12 Old Skool Hip-Hop R n B Pt.1-1992-0MNi (Hip-Hop)
VA-Christmas Rappin By The Grand Rapmasters-1992-MiNERAL (Hip-Hop)
VA-Back-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Tuff City Squad-Beats For Jeeps-(TUFLP0578)-WEB-1992-SOUNDz (Hip-Hop)
Trinity Garden Cartel-The Ghetto My Hood-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Timebomb-Girls-VINYL-FLAC-1992-WLTN (Hip-Hop)
The Pope-The Pope-CD-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
The Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
The Last Poets-Retro Fit-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
The Kay LC-Leavin-SINGLE-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
The Kay LC-Hard 2 Handle-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
The Goats-Tricks of the Shade-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
The Dogs-K-9 Bass-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy-Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury-W... (Hip-Hop)
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy-Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury-C... (Hip-Hop)
The Crazy Bunch-Here We Go-VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
The Brother-Hood Nation-Stormin-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
The Boys From The Bottom-The Boys From The Bottom-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Sudden Def-Da Ringers Off Defs Penatly-Promo-Vinyl-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Success-N-Effect-Ultimate Drive-By-Vinyl-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Street Military-Another Hit-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Street Mentality-The Town I Live In-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Stereo MCs-Connected-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Stereo Mcs-Connected-CD-FLAC-1992-dL (Hip-Hop)
Sister Souljah-360 Degrees Of Power-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-One Times Got No Case-(864 717-2)-CDM-FLAC-1992-WRE (Hip-Hop)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-Mack Daddy-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
Sir Mix A Lot-Baby Got Back-PROMO-CDR-FLAC-1992-LoKET (Hip-Hop)
Showbiz and AG-Showbiz and AG-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Showbiz and AG-Runaway Slave-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Schwinn and T-Mor-Elements Of Change-WEB-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Scarface-A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die VLS-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Rude Boys-My Kinda Girl-Vinyl-1992-WiS (Hip-Hop)
Rough House Survivors-Straight From The Soul-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Redman-Whut Thee Album-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Redman-Whut Thee Album-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Redman-Whut The Album-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Red Hot Lover Tone-Lover Tone-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Rapatti-L-FI-1992-KALEVALA (Hip-Hop)
Ragga Muffin Rascals-Really Livin-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
Public Enemy-Greatest Misses-CD-FLAC-1992-WRS (Hip-Hop)
Public Enemy-Bring Us Noise-BOOTLEG-CD-FLAC-1992-DeVOiD (Hip-Hop)
Public Enemy - Greatest Misses-1992-Sunriser (Hip-Hop)
Professor Griff-Sista Sista-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Professor Griff-Disturb N Tha Peace (Freedom Is Just A Mind Revolution... (Hip-Hop)
Professor Griff-Blackdraft-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Prince Johnny C-Its Been a Long Rhyme Coming-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Positive K-The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Poison Clan-Poisonous Mentality-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-Mecca And The Soul Brother-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Pete Rock and Cl Smooth-Mecca and The Soul Brother-1992-IHH INT (Hip-Hop)
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth-They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)-VLS-1992-... (Hip-Hop)
Osdorp Posse-Roffer Dan Ooit-WEB-NL-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Osdorp Posse-Osdorp Stijl-WEB-NL-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Organized Rhyme-Huh Stiffenin Against The Wall-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Naughty By Nature-Guard Your Grill and Uptown Anthem-CDM-1992-D2H INT (Hip-Hop)
Monie Love-Full Term Love-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Mobstyle-Live and Let Die-CDM-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Mental Illness-Cant Stand It-CDS-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Mellow Man Ace-Whats it Take to Pull A Hottie (Like You)-Promo Vinyl-1... (Hip-Hop)
Mc Serch-Return Of The Product-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Masters Of Funk (Feat. 9 Double M)-Go Bang-VLS-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Marla Mar and The Good N Plenty Cru--Back To Black-(3-4026-0)-Vinyl-19... (Hip-Hop)
Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch-I Need Money-VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
M.C. J-5.0s on My Back-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Lyrical Black Jack-Naked Gun-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Luke-You and Me-SINGLE-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Luke-I Wanna Rock-SINGLE-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Luke-I Got Sumthin On My Mind-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Luke-Breakdown-SINGLE-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Lou Reno and the M.D.C.-Get You-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Kwame And A New Beginning-Nastee-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
K-Stone-6.0.1-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
K-Solo-Times Up-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-Totally Krossed Out-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-Totally Krossed Out-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-Totally Krossed Out-1992-RNS (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-Totally Krossed Out-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-Jump-(657854 2)-CDM-FLAC-1992-WRE (Hip-Hop)
Kris Kross-I Missed The Bus-VLS-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Kool G Rap-Live and Let Die (Deluxe Version)-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-On The Run-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Kool G Rap and D.J. Polo-On The Run-Promo VLS-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
King Tee-Black Togetha Again-(SPRO79732)-Promo VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Killa Instinct-The Bambi Murders-NOTE61-1992-sweet (Hip-Hop)
Kid Sensation-Ride the Rhythm-Promo Vinyl-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Kid Frost-East Side Story-CD-FLAC-1992-hbZ (Hip-Hop)
Kid Frost - East Side Story-WEB-1992-KNOWN iNT (Hip-Hop)
K Solo-Times Up-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
K.M.C. Kru-You Be The Judge-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Jvc Force-Big Trax Bw 6 Feet Deep On The Map-VLS-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Just D-Rock N Roll-SE-2CD-FLAC-1992-LoKET (Hip-Hop)
Just D-Rock N Roll-2CD-SE-1992-RiKSKRiM (Hip-Hop)
Just D-Rock N Roll-(TCD15-TCD16)-2CD-SE-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Just D-Dingelidong-VLS-SE-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Insane Clown Posse-Carnival of Carnage-CD-FLAC-1992-CUSTODES (Hip-Hop)
Ideal Junior-La Vie est Brutale-VLS-FR-1992-HDR (Hip-Hop)
Ice Cube-the Predator-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
House of Pain-Tommy boy-1992-REV (Hip-Hop)
House Of Pain-Shamrocks And Shenanigans-(SP188)-VINYL-1992-XXS (Hip-Hop)
House of Pain-Jump Around-Vinyl-1992-FLA INT (Hip-Hop)
House Of Pain-Jump Around-TB5267-VINYL-1992-z0ne int (Hip-Hop)
House Of Pain-Jump Around House Of Pain Anthem-CDS-FLAC-1992-JLM (Hip-Hop)
House Of Pain-Jump Around Bw House Of Pain Anthem-CDM-1992-NuC INT (Hip-Hop)
House Of Pain-Jump Around-(TB526-7)-VINYL-1992-XXS INT (Hip-Hop)
House of Pain-House Of Pain-Retail-1992-sfsh (Hip-Hop)
Homeless Prince-The Projects-VLS-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Home Team-Pick it Up-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D and the Boyz-Whos the Man-12inch-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D and The Boyz-Whos The Man-(Promo CDS)-1992-SO (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D and The Boyz-The Lovers Got What You Need (MCD 17868)-CDM-FLAC... (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D And The Boyz-The Lovers Got What U Need-VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D and The Boyz-Peaceful Journey-Promo-CDM-1992-D2H (Hip-Hop)
Heavy D and the Boyz Feat Pete Rock and Friends-Dont Curse-Vinyl-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Hard Knocks-School Of Hard Knocks-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
gunshot-killing season-vls-1992-ftd (Hip-Hop)
Gunshot-Compilation-CDM-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Gunshot-Clear From Present Danger - Interception Squad-CDM-FLAC-1992-hbZ (Hip-Hop)
Grandmaster Caz-The Grandest of Them All-READ NFO-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Grandmaster Caz-The Grandest Of Them All-LP-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Grand Puba-Reel To Reel-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Grand Puba-Reel To Reel Instrumental-LP-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Grand Puba-360 What Comes Around-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Goldmoney-A Day In The Life Of A Player-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Geto Boys-Uncut Dope-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Get The Fist Movement-Get The Fist-Promo VLS-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Ganja K-Danksta Life-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Ganja K-Danksta Life-1992-DSP (Hip-Hop)
Gangstarr-Gotta Get Over Bw Flip the Script-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Gangstarr-Daily Operation-1992-GMZ (Hip-Hop)
Gangstarr-Daily Operation Instrumentals-LP-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Gangstarr - Daily Operation-1992-BSM (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-No More Mr. Nice Guy-Reissue-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)-Promo CDM-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-Ex Girl To Next Girl-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-Daily Operation-CD-FLAC-1992-aFlac www.0dayvinyls.org (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-Daily Operation-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Gang Starr-2 Deep-UK-Promo-CDM-1992-NuC (Hip-Hop)
Fu-Schnickens-La Schmoove-Promo Vinyl-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Fu-Schnickens-Heavenly Father-CDS-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Fu-Schnickens-Heavenly Father-CDM-FLAC-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Fu-Schnickens-FU-Dont Take It Personal-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Fu-Schnickens-F.U. Dont Take it Personal-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Fu2-Boomin In Ya Jeep-(JDK8P2321)-Promo VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Force 1 Network-The M M E Program 1-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Father M.C.-Everythings Gonna Be Alright-(Promo CDS)-1992-SO (Hip-Hop)
Fam-Lee-Runs in the Fam-Lee-1992-pyt (Hip-Hop)
Eric B. and Rakim-Dont Sweat The Technique-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Eric B. And Rakim-Dont Sweat The Technique-1992-0MNi (Hip-Hop)
Eric B. and Rakim-Dont Sweat The Technique-(Promo CDM)-(READ NFO)-1992-SO (Hip-Hop)
EPMD-Head Banger-Promo CDS-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
EPMD-Crossover-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
epmd-business never personal-1992-osr (Hip-Hop)
EPMD-Business Never Personal-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
EPMD-Business Never Personal-1992-AMP (Hip-Hop)
EMPD-Head Banger-CDM-1992-kHz (Hip-Hop)
Eazy-E-Merry Muthafuckin X-Mas-SINGLE-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
Eazy-E -5150 Home 4 Tha Sick EP-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Dr Dre-The Chronic-1992-FS (Hip-Hop)
dr. dre and snoop doggy dogg-deep cover (12 inch)-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Double X Posse-Put Ya Boots On CD-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
DJ Quik-Way 2 Fonky-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
DJ Q-Bert-Battle Breaks-PROPER-LP-1992-soup (Hip-Hop)
DJ Magic Mike and MC Madness-Twenty Degrees Below Zero-1992-SHiVA (Hip-Hop)
DJ Madness And Dr Boom-Ultimate Bass Trax Volume One-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Digital Underground-No Nose Job-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Digital Underground-No Nose Job-(UK CDS)-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Digital Underground -No Nose Job CDS-1992-WCR (Hip-Hop)
Die Fantastischen Vier-Frohes Fest-EP-DE-1992-SYNDiCATE (Hip-Hop)
Diamond D-I Need You Tonight-VLS-1992-FrB (Hip-Hop)
Devon-Its My Nature-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Detroits Most Wanted-Tricks Of The Trades Vol II The Mo-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Demon Boyz-Original Guidance The Second Chapter-CD-FLAC-1992-hbZ (Hip-Hop)
Demon Boyz-Original Guidance the Second Chapter-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Demon Boyz-Original Guidance (the Second Chapter)-WEBRIP-1992-YYY (Hip-Hop)
Definition of Sound-The Lick-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Definition Of Sound-Moira Janes Cafe-(YRCDG 80)-CDM-FLAC-1992-WRE (Hip-Hop)
Def La Desh and The Fresh Witness-Feel The Rhythm (145.948-3)-CDM-FLAC... (Hip-Hop)
De La Soul-The Best-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
De La Soul-De La Remix-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
David Faustino (D Lil)-I Told Ya-VLS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
das efx-they want efx-vls-1992-jce (Hip-Hop)
Das EFX-They Want EFX-Promo CDS-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
das efx-straight out the sewer-cdm-1992-jce (Hip-Hop)
Das EFX-Straight Out The Sewer-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Das EFX-Mic Checka-Promo CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Das EFX-Dead Serious-CD-FLAC-1992-PERFECT (Hip-Hop)
Das EFX-Dead Serious-1992-OMR (Hip-Hop)
Das Efx-Dead Serious-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Da Youngstas-Something 4 Da Youngstas-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Da Youngstas-Somethin 4 The Youngstas-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Da Youngstas-Somethin 4 Da Youngstas-Promo CDS-1992-OSC (Hip-Hop)
Da Youngstas-Somethin 4 Da Youngstas-CD-FLAC-1992-SCF (Hip-Hop)
Da Youngstas-Somethin 4 Da Youngstas-CD-1992-SC (Hip-Hop)
Da King And I-Flip Da Scrip-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
D2E Posse-Police Brutality-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Cypress Hill-Latin Lingo-(CDS)-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop-Thats How It Is 12 Inch-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Crusaders for Real Hip Hop-Deja Vu Its 82-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Comptons Most Wanted-Music To Driveby-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Comptons Most Wanted-Hood Took Me Under-VLS-1992-RFL (Hip-Hop)
Common-Can I Borrow A Dollar-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Common-Can I Borrow A Dollar-1992-FS (Hip-Hop)
Common-Can I Borrow A Dollar-1992-CMS INT (Hip-Hop)
Color Me Badd-Young Gifted and Badd The Remixes-CD-FLAC-1992-WREMiX (Hip-Hop)
College Boyz-Radio Fusion Radio-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Chubb Rock-Lost In The Storm-VLS-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Chubb Rock-Lost In The Storm-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Chubb Rock-I Gotta Get Mine Yo (Book Of Rhymes)-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
Chi-Ali-The Fabulous Chi-Ali-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Chaka Demus And Pliers-Murder She Wrote-CDM-1992-NuC INT (Hip-Hop)
C-Funk-What You Sayin (RAGGAMUFFUNKIN)-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Caveman-Talkin Bout Streetlife-CDM-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Calo-Ponte Atento-VLS-SP-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Calloway-Lets Get Smooth-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
C.E.B.-Goes Like This-VLS-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
C.E.B.-Countin Endless Bank-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Bushwick Bill-Little Big Man-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Livin in Da Bottle-VLS-1992-B2R (Hip-Hop)
Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket-Ruff Life-LP-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket-Not U Again Bw I Mean it-VLS-1992-B2R (Hip-Hop)
Brothers Like Outlaw-The Oneness Of II Minds In Unison-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Brotherhood Creed-Helluva-Single-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Brotherhood Creed-Helluva (Peppermint Jam Remixes)-Single-WEB-1992-ENR... (Hip-Hop)
Brotherhood Creed-BHC-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Bronx Style Bob-Forbidden Love-CDM-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)
Broken English Klik-Broken English-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Brand Nubian-Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down-VLS-1992-B2R iNT (Hip-Hop)
Brand Nubian-In God We Trust-1992-OSR (Hip-Hop)
Braintax-Fat Head-EP-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Boogie Down Productions-We In Here (ATCQ Remix)-1992-DSP (Hip-Hop)
Boogie Down Productions-Sex And Violence-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
Boogie Down Productions-Sex And Violence-Retail-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Boogie Down Productions-13 and Good-VLS-1992-MGF (Hip-Hop)
Black Sheep-Strobelite Honey-CDM-1992-kHz (Hip-Hop)
Bigg Ocean Mobb-Wrangler Tuff-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Beat Junkies-Form the Ground Up Bw Ubiquity-Limited Edition VLS-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-So Whatcha Want-CDS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Pass the Mic-EP-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Pass the Mic-(Full VLS)-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Jimmy James-CDS-1992-CQi (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Gratitude-(CDM)-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Gratitude-(C2 0777 7 15944 2 7)-CDM-FLAC-1992-EMG (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Check Your Head-Retail-1992-KSi INT (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Check Your Head-CD-FLAC-1992-DeVOiD (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys--Check Your Head-1992-UBE (Hip-Hop)
Beastie Boys-Check Your Head-1992-EMG INT (Hip-Hop)
B.R.O.T.H.E.R.-Ghettogedden-WEBRIP-VLS-1992-YYY (Hip-Hop)
Autonation-Second Variety EP-TCUE012P-Vinyl-1992-XTC (Hip-Hop)
atban klann-grassroots-vbr-1992-cms INT (Hip-Hop)
Atban Klann-Grassroots-LP-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Arrested Development-Revolution-CDS-1992-soup (Hip-Hop)
Arrested Development-3 Years 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of-1992-E... (Hip-Hop)
Arrested Development-3 Years 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of (UK... (Hip-Hop)
Arrested Development-3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of-1992-VBR (Hip-Hop)
Apocalypse-The Final Plea-WEB-1992-ENRAGED (Hip-Hop)
AMG-Vertical Joyride-VLS-1992-FTD INT (Hip-Hop)
Ambassadors of Funk-Super Mario Land-VLS-1992-soup (Hip-Hop)
Afrika Bambaataa-Presents Classics Vol 2-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
Afrika Bambaataa And The Soulsonic Force-Dont Stop Planet Rock-Remix E... (Hip-Hop)
African Unity -When Will It Stop-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario Remixes-VLS-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario (CD Single)-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario-(UK CDS)-1992-JCE (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Revised Quest For The Seasoned Traveller-Retail-1... (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Revised Quest For The Seasoned Traveller-CD-FLAC-... (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Hot Sex-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Hot Sex (UK CD Single)-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
A Tribe Called Quest-Hot Sex-(US Retail)-CDM-1992-GCP INT (Hip-Hop)
A to the D-The Renegade Jew-VLS-1992-CMS (Hip-Hop)
A Lighter Shade Of Brown-Hip Hop Locos-(CDL-10114-2)-CD-FLAC-1992-EMG ... (Hip-Hop)
5150 Illegally Insane-Games People Play-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
3rd bass-gladiator-(cds)-1992-jce (Hip-Hop)
24K-WordsYet Unspoken-WEB-1992-ENRAGED iNT (Hip-Hop)
24k-Words Yet Unspoken-1992-FTD (Hip-Hop)
2 Live Crew-2 Live Crews Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1992-CUSTODES (Hip-Hop)
123vligt-Solsystem1-(MOMCD1)-EP-SE-1992-GCP (Hip-Hop)

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