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11 Aug 2008
VA - Only for DJ Collections 259-WEB-2008-ArenaBG (House)
Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready To Bounce Recall 08 Incl DJ Cool Oldskool... (Commercial)
Ernesto VS Bastian-Stranger In Paradise-CDM-2008-USF (Trance)
Armin Van Buuren-Imagine Sampler 2- ARMA137 -Vinyl-2008-UNiT (Trance)
Paul Panzer - Mariannenplatz-(KNALL001)-WEB-2007-WiTF (Techno)
Toki Fuko - Click EP-(DR007)-WEB-2008-WiTF (Techno)
Zhe - Saving EP-(DR009)-WEB-2008-WiTF (Techno)
DP-6 - Kultura-(DR008)-WEB-2008-WiTF (Techno)
Janzu - Injection-(OT003-X)-WEB-2008-WiTF (Techno)
Jenn-Cheeky Interface-EP-(KK028)-WEB-2008-BSiDE (Techno)
Ortin Cam-Warped Love-(DC40)-WEB-2008-DEF (Techno)
Analog People In A Digital World-A Japanese Whale The Violet Trip-(EC... (House)
Anomy-Fear-(EM027)-WEB-2008-BSiDE (House)
Botz and Flydrums and Dani Villa-The Sound of My Head-(9)-WEB-2008-1KING (House)
Crookers-Mad Kidz-(EP)-2008-H3X (House)
James Curd Feat JDub-Buffalo Girl-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
Jesse Rose And Action Man AKA Herve-Take It To The Club-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
Joe T Vannelli Feat Csilla-Play With Vannelli-Vinyl-2008-UNiT (House)
Kraze Feat. Peter Presta - Make This Party Jump-(Milk1156)-WEB-2008-RUSH (House)
Manuel Sahagun-Dirty Dancing EP-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
Mile One-2 Good for Me-(PUR027)-WEB-2008-1KING (House)
Neil Sole-Romeo is Coming-(ITB008)-WEB-2008-1KING (House)
Spin Science-The Explorations EP-(UTD28)-WEB-2008-320 (House)
Spoon Harris And Obernik-Baditude-UK CDM-2008-UTE (House)
Stank Dubz-Ghetto Cornmuffins EP-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
The Brothers Funk Vs Mike S-Darkside Of The Studio EP-(TEEN010)-Vinyl-... (House)
The Heavy-Coleen (Versions)-(Promo CDS)-2008-H3X (House)
The Martin Brothers-Rocket Surgery EP-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
Troydon-Shades Of Green EP-Vinyl-2008-MNS (House)
VA - DP-6 Records X Part 1-(DR010H)-WEB-2008-WiTF (House)
VA-Sound Of Copenhagen-2008-FLM (House)
VA - Toolroom Knights Vol 5 Mixed By Dave Spoon-2CD-2008-KTMP3 (House)
VA-Fun Radio Summer Dance-2CD-2008-SUMMERDANCE (House)
Boogaloo Stu-Enough About You Lets Talk About Me-CDR-2008-AMOK (Electronic)
Desmond And The Tutus-Kiss You On The Cheek-(TSR028)-WEB-2008-320 (Electronic)
Free Blood-Royal Family-(RONGDFAA03)-WEB-2008-1REAL (Electronic)
Justus Kohncke-Safe And Sound Remixes Vol 1-(KOM178)-WEB-2008-320 (Electronic)
OOIOO-Eye Remix-(THRILL171)-WEB-2008-1REAL (Electronic)
Richard Devine and Jimmy Edgar-Divine Edgar EP-(DET.UND.09)-Vinyl-2008... (Electronic)
The Black Ghosts-Repetition Kills You-(Promo CDM)-2008-H3X (Electronic)
VA-Back In The Daze-(COINOP05)-Vinyl-2008-DEF (Electronic)
Vista-Electrospective-CDR-2008-AMOK (Electronic)
VA - Devil Dance Vol.6 Deep 25 Reloadet-2008-Bootleg-ZellDance (Dance)
VA - Dj Evian JDI Summer Mix 2008 Vol 2-Bootleg-2008-ZellDance (Dance)
Abbacadabra-Under Attack-(CDM)-2008-WRE (Dance)
Cascada - Faded (The Remixes)-2008 (Dance)
Melissa Totten-Forever Madonna-2CD-2008-WRE (Dance)
Cinnamon Ft Alisha King-Viva La Vida-(CDM)-2008-WRE (Dance)
3select Dee-Jays - The Hymn 08-WEB-2008-SRG (Commercial)
Splash - Wuensch Dir Was-Promo-WEB-DE-2008-UME INT (Commercial)
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