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31 May 2022
Amalia--Makings Of-(TDR13001)-WEB-2013-BABAS (Funk)
Anika Nilles-Opuntia-EP-WEB-2022-ENRiCH (Funk)
Atari Safari and Wade Teo-Danza Acida-(HG0063)-WEB-2022-PTC (Funk)
Benny Sings-Music-2021-SNOOK (Funk)
Blue Rhythm Combo--Take The Funky Feeling Knock On Wood-REMASTERED-WE... (Funk)
Buddy Hank x The Shine Band--Dust To Diamonds-(SDE48)-WEB-2020-BABAS (Funk)
Buscrates-Dr. Mad-You Got Me-Maybe Its Time-Single-WEB-2018-UVU (Funk)
Candy McKenzie--Remind Me-FSR109-WEB-2022-BABAS (Funk)
Cok-NuFunk-WEB-2016-KNOWN (Funk)
Crackazat-Evergreen-(FRCD41D)-WEB-2022-PTC (Funk)
Didje Doo-Salir De Casa-(TOTH126)-WEB-2022-PTC (Funk)
El Michels Affair-Yeti Season-2021-SNOOK (Funk)
Falk and Klou-Leave The Door Open (1975 Funk Instrumental)-SINGLE-WEB-... (Funk)
Falk and Klou-Swedish Library Grooves Vol 2-WEB-2021-KNOWN (Funk)
Flammy-Kiss Kiss Feel Good-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Funk)
Flammy-More Than Just Lovers-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Flammy-Renaissance X-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Interface Palm-Curated Space-(BKD006)-WEB-2022-PTC (Funk)
Janko Nilovic and The Soul Surfers-Magnolias and Revolvers-SINGLE-WEB-... (Funk)
Janko Nilovic and The Soul Surfers-Psychic Powers-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Jazzanova-Kaleidoskop-SAT-04-30-2022-PTC (Funk)
Jazzanova-Kaleidoskop-SAT-05-07-2022-PTC (Funk)
Jazzanova-Kaleidoskop-SAT-05-21-2022-PTC (Funk)
Mildlife-Phase II-(RREP02)-SINGLE-WEB-2018-KNOWN (Funk)
Minoru Fushimi-Thanatos Of Funk-WEB-2022-ENRiCH (Funk)
Project Gemini-Forest Creeper Monsters at Gardens End-SINGLE-WEB-2019... (Funk)
Project Gemini-Path Through the Forest The Ritual-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Funk)
Project Gemini-The Children Of Scorpio-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Raphael Toine--Ce Ta Ou Sud Africa Revolution-(GLOSSY002)-REMASTERED-... (Funk)
Sabrosa--Sure Pow Tangerine Shot-ROC046-WEB-2022-BABAS (Funk)
Shiruetto-Back In Time-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Funk)
Shiruetto-Contrast-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN (Funk)
Shiruetto-Era-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Shiruetto-Liberty-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Funk)
Shiruetto-Pop Culture-EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Funk)
Still Weavens--Amisana-(TDR16001)-WEB-2016-BABAS (Funk)
Strawberry Station-Strawby Bass You Lift Me-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Surprise Chef x Minoru Muraoka-The Positive and the Negative-SINGLE-WE... (Funk)
Surprise Chef-Stuart Littles Car D.A. Stab Wound-SINGLE-WEB-2018-KNOWN (Funk)
Surprise Chef-Velodrome Springs Theme-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
The Colours That Rise-2020-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN (Funk)
The Cromagnon Band-Dismantle-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
The Cromagnon Band-Thunder Perfect-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KNOWN (Funk)
The Meters-Gettin Funkier All the Time The Complete Josie Reprise and ... (Funk)
The Meters-Rhino Hi-Five The Meters-EP-WEB-2005-KNOWN (Funk)
The Meters-The Complete Albums 1969-1977-WEB-2019-KNOWN (Funk)
The Meters-The Essentials The Meters-WEB-2002-KNOWN (Funk)
The Meters-Uptown Rulers Live on the Queen Mary (Live)-WEB-1992-KNOWN (Funk)
The Soul Surfers and Golden Rules-Rhythm 2-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN (Funk)
The Soul Surfers x Myron and E-Doin the Rasklad Girl from Sao Paolo-S... (Funk)
The Soul Surfers x Myron and E-You Can Run (But You Cant Hide) From My... (Funk)
The Soul Surfers-KU Theme-WEB-2019-KNOWN (Funk)
The Soul Surfers-Summer Madness Pt. 1 Summer Madness Pt. 2-SINGLE-WEB... (Funk)
The Soul Surfers-The Soul Surfers Present Igor and Romeos Sound Excite... (Funk)
The Soul Surfers-Tribute to J.B.s-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KNOWN (Funk)
The Weavers Of Dreams--Weavers Of Dreams-(SDE55)-WEB-2021-BABAS (Funk)
The Wild Tchoupitoulas-The Wild Tchoupitoulas-WEB-1976-KNOWN iNT (Funk)
The Wild Troublemakers x The Wild Tchoupitoulas-Injuns Sew Sew Sew-SI... (Funk)
United Disco Organisation-Funky Thing (Radio Edit)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
United Disco Organisation-Send The Rain Funky Thing-SINGLE-WEB-2021-K... (Funk)
VA-Arleccino Disco Selected By DJ Lelli-DJ Ghello-CD-2020-D2H (Funk)
VA-Arleccino Disco Act II Selected By DJ Lelli-DJ Frank-DJ Ghello-CD-... (Funk)
VA-The Art Of The Soul Ballad-1993-SNOOK (Funk)
VA-Tramp Records-Contemporary Afro Beat-WEB-2011-KNOWN (Funk)
VA-UMG Recordings Inc.-Funk Music-WEB-2022-KNOWN (Funk)
Willie Tee--Dont Get Caught-(SDE23)-WEB-2021-BABAS (Funk)
YORK-The Vintage Funk Vol 1-2022-404 (Funk)
Zepiss--Tijan Pou Velo-(HS142CD)-REISSUE-WEB-2016-BABAS (Funk)
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