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13 Oct 2015
Bong-Ra - Warrior Sound-(ST1029)-CD-2005-HB (Hardcore)
Crash And Burn VS Impact Feat. Lexzi - Now Im Free-(PROMO CDS)-2005-UK... (Hardcore)
DJ Freak-Too Hard For Pleasure Part 2 And 3-2CD-2005-hM (Hardcore)
DJ Venom-Raise the Volume 2-2005-USF (Hardcore)
Drunken Ninjas of Industrie - Indoctrinated-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
Maniak - Hard Therapy LP-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
micropoint-remontees-(pthcd10)-2005-def (Hardcore)
Mouse - History 1995-1997-First Volume-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
Netas - The Road To Hard Laughs-Cd-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
The Chainsaw Massacre - Early Rave Megamix-2005-HC4L (Hardcore)
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101-2CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - Billy Daniel Bunter Presents Hard Dance To Hardcore Acceleration-... (Hardcore)
va - bzrk mental health centre-audiology volume 01-2cd-2005-sq (Hardcore)
VA - DJ Speedfreak and RonneH - Dissin The Sound Volume 3-CD-2005-LRSL (Hardcore)
VA - Hard To The Core-2CD-2005-JiM (Hardcore)
VA - Hardcore And Gabber 2005-2CD-2005-JiM (Hardcore)
VA - Hardcore Mania 2006 (Mixed By Dj Stormtrooper)-CD-2005-JiM (Hardcore)
VA - History Of Rotterdam Hardcore III-4CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - Kill Your Brain-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - Knights Of Hardcore Vol 3 Waxweazle Vs Headbanger-CD-2005-Bartt (Hardcore)
VA - MP3HL Hardcore Top 100 Mixed by Rottende Schapen Part 02-UMR (Hardcore)
VA - Psycho Akustik-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - r AW Essential .04 Mixed by Armageddon Project-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - Resident E Recordings-The Singles Vol. 1-2005-MOD (Hardcore)
VA - Roots Of The Core 2-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
VA - Roots of the Core Mixed by System 3 and Death Factory-CD-2005-SQ (Hardcore)
va - rotterdam most wanted hardcore-3cd-2005-jim (Hardcore)
VA - Schranz Total 10.0-2CD-2005-MOD (Hardcore)
VA - Streetcore (STREETCD01)-2005-NBD (Hardcore)
VA - The Electric Hellfire-Hardcore 2005-2CD-2005-JiM (Hardcore)
va-a nightmare outdoor - symp toms vol 1-cd-2005-1real (Hardcore)
VA-Bonus CD Mixed by DJ Stompy-BONUS CD-2005-XTC (Hardcore)
VA-C.H.R in Session-Vol.2-(CON277CD)-3CD-2005-OBC (Hardcore)
VA-DJ Spinback and Storm Present Old Skool Rewinds Vol 1-RETAIL 2CD-20... (Hardcore)
VA-Friday the 13th the Hardcore Massacre Vol 2-2CD-2005-NBD (Hardcore)
VA-Hardcore Academy Volume 1-CD-2005-SSR (Hardcore)
VA-Hardcore Super J-Trance Party Vol. 2-CD-2005-USF (Hardcore)
va-hellraiser 2005 pinhead goes to italy-2005-dds (Hardcore)
VA-Industrialization 2.0-CD-2005-Sounds (Hardcore)
VA-Manu Le Malin-Biomechanik 3 The Final Chapter-2005-F4G (Hardcore)
VA-Raving Nightmare Nocturnal Rituals Mixed By Tommyknocker And Dj Pro... (Hardcore)
VA-Thunderdome 2005-1-PROPER-2CD-2005-DOH (Hardcore)
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