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23 Jan 2012
Achtung Alarm - Keinschmerz (RM009)-Vinyl-1999-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Acid E.P. - X-Perience (RECORDSMANIA013)-Vinyl-2000-FD (Jumpstyle)
Acid EP - X-Experience-Limited Edition Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Alex Peace - From Inside The Speaker-(SONICAL2)-Vinyl-2003-HB INT (Jumpstyle)
Attractive - Attraction-Retail-Vinyl-2002-ReTuRn (Jumpstyle)
D Project - Mega Shiva-Retail Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
D-Noizer - Ones Again-(RM 054)-Vinyl-2005-UNiCORN INT (Jumpstyle)
D-Noizer Feat Djs Ronald and E-Max - Welcome to the New Land-EP-2002-K... (Jumpstyle)
D-Noizer-Drugging Wasp-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Da Booka-Can You Feel The Rhythm Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat II-(RTEK08)-WEB-1999-iHQ INT (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat-(RTEK01)-Vinyl-1997-BC (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat-(RTEK01)-WEB-1997-iHQ INT (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Game-(RTEK02)-Vinyl-1998-LiR (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Its Da New Style-(RTEK-01)-CD-1998-HSA (Jumpstyle)
Da Tekno Warriors - Yo-(RTEK03)-Vinyl-1998-LiR (Jumpstyle)
Da Warrior - Turntable Psycho-(RTEK.05)-Vinyl-1999-UNiCORN (Jumpstyle)
Dave Mccullen - Cocaine in My Brain-(ST4302)-Vinyl-2001-FQS (Jumpstyle)
Deep Brothers - Revolution-(RM014)-Vinyl-2000-BC (Jumpstyle)
Dirty Slipmatz - Pump It Up-(DFC1480)-Vinyl-2005-JiM (Jumpstyle)
DJ Gave - Let Me Show You EP-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
DJ Genius - Pureness-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
DJ Gizmo - Da Break Of Dawn-(TOMB003)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (Jumpstyle)
DJ Glenn vs. the Voltage Club - The EP-(T1004)-WEB-1998-SOB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Kolesky Feat Viridiana - Electro Caliente-(NW11-11-002)-Vinyl-2002-... (Jumpstyle)
DJ Merlins - You Like the Bass-EP-2002-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
DJ Vince - The First (RM042)-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
DJ Vince - The Next-Vinyl-2003-OXD (Jumpstyle)
DJ Ze Mig.L - Drunk Chicken-(T1013)-REPACK-WEB-2002-SOB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Ze Mig.L - Drunk Chicken-(T1013)-WEB-2002-SOB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Ze Mig.L - Hiccups-Reworkz-(T1019)-WEB-2004-SOB (Jumpstyle)
Dr. Rude Meets Lobotomy Inc. - Jumpin Electronics-(RR004)-Vinyl-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
Equyum - Pacific Drone-(RM029)-Vinyl-2001-HB (Jumpstyle)
Fly - Control Is Over-(SLASH003)-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Fox 2000 - Tek Room-Vinyl-2002-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
General Roban - Happiness (RM015)-Vinyl-2000-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Global Concept - Beep Attraction (RM011)-Vinyl-2000-HB (Jumpstyle)
Hard Bitches - Jumpin Egg-(TOMB002)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (Jumpstyle)
Hypnose - Chromatic (RM016)-Vinyl-2001-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Joke Master - The Joker-(SUB004)-Retail Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Katrin Lewis Project - Show Me The Mistake-Vinyl-2003-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Kevin M and DJ Merlins-Work it Groove Me-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Kevin M Vs DJ Merlins-Watch Out-Vinyl-2002-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Lobotomy Inc - The Album-(LOR010)-4xVinyl-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
Lobotomy Inc - The Album-(LOR010)-TRACKFIX-4xVinyl-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
Loops Factory - Boom Boom Klaps (RM037)-PROMO CDR-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Loops Factory - Over All-(RM030)-Vinyl-2001-HB (Jumpstyle)
Lunatic House Sounds Ft. DJ LB - The Day-(DIKI56.12.106)-Vinyl-1999-SO... (Jumpstyle)
Max Walder - La Centrifugeuse-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
Metrotraxx - Carbonate-Retail-Vinyl-2003-UDC (Jumpstyle)
Minimal 421 - Ramon\'s Visit-(RM033)-Vinyl-2002-HB (Jumpstyle)
Minimal 421 - Zaya (Zulu )-Remix-Vinyl-2002-KMA (Jumpstyle)
Panorama - Dark Age-(PITCH006)-(Promo Vinyl)-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Pure Fiction - Program 1-(RM019)-Vinyl-2001-HB (Jumpstyle)
Pure Fiction - Yellow 2004 (RM050b)-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Spectral Energy - Stupid War Tc01-(SLASH007)-Vinyl-2005-HB (Jumpstyle)
Starfever-Time Bomb Stay Away-(NW-12-07-005)-Vinyl-2005-USF (Jumpstyle)
Synap-6 - Sonar EP-(RM050E)-Vinyl-2005-HB (Jumpstyle)
Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One-(Remixes)-(LT-2002-029)-Vinyl-2002-SO... (Jumpstyle)
Toxic 101 - The Beat Is Strong-Vinyl-1999-BC (Jumpstyle)
Tranceball - Calyptus-PROPER-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
Tranceball - Tranceball-Promo-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
VA - Blue Cut Sessions (RM040)-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
VA - Captain Sampler 2004-(KYTEZO002)-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
VA - Nord Way Part 7 (NW08-06-005)-Vinyl-2005-ToX (Jumpstyle)
VA - Nord-Way EP Part 4-(NW090004)-Vinyl-2000-BC (Jumpstyle)
VA - Techno Collector 2-(RM-SP03)-Vinyl-2006-UNiCORN INT (Jumpstyle)
VA - Techno Collector 3-(RM-SP04)-Vinyl-2007-UNiCORN (Jumpstyle)
VA - Techno Collector Vol 1-(RM-CDMP01)-CD-2006-OXD (Jumpstyle)
VA - Techno Collector Vol 2-(RM-CDMP02)-Proper-CD-2007-OXD (Jumpstyle)
VA - Tremplin EP 1-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
VA - Untitled-(NW 1112001)-Vinyl-2001-UNiCORN (Jumpstyle)
VA-Dont Stop Moon 44 Project 1-Vinyl-2003-SND (Jumpstyle)
Vibes - X-Elerator-(RI003)-Vinyl-2005-OXDx (Jumpstyle)
Vitamine - The Real Ascension-(RI001)-Vinyl-2002-BC (Jumpstyle)
Vitamine - The Real Ascension-Promo-Vinyl-2002-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
VS - Electroclub (RM020)-Vinyl-2001-HB (Jumpstyle)
Wax Attack - Heart Attack-Vinyl-2001-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
William Brothers - Sao Fiesta-Vinyl-2003-HB (Jumpstyle)
X-Filter Feat DJ HS - The Hits-EP-2001-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
X-Panders Feat Ronald V - Get Off M F-(RM057)-Vinyl-2005-OXD (Jumpstyle)
X-Panders-From The Ghetto-Vinyl-2004-USF (Jumpstyle)
Zone 52 - Obscura (RM049)-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
16 Jan 2012
BZB Ft Da Boy Tommy - The Beginning (JP9027)-Vinyl-2000-BC (Jumpstyle)
Da Boy Tommy - Da Real Jumpstyle-(JPL5010)-WEB-2001-TRa (Jumpstyle)
Da Boy Tommy - Little Dicks (JP9002)-Vinyl-1998-SOB (Jumpstyle)
Da Boy Tommy-Candyman-Vinyl-2000-MiP (Jumpstyle)
Da Boy Tommy-Easy-Vinyl-1998-SnS (Jumpstyle)
Da Boy Tommy-Jetlag - JP9015-Vinyl-1999-DS (Jumpstyle)
Da Rick - Lucifer-(JP9028)-Vinyl-2001-BC (Jumpstyle)
Da Rick - Rumble-(JP9014)-Vinyl-1999-LiR INT (Jumpstyle)
DJ Da Rick - Attention-(JP9001)-Vinyl-1997-LiR INT (Jumpstyle)
DJ Danny - Easy Money-(JP9035)-Vinyl-2001-BC (Jumpstyle)
DJ Danny-Rock N Roll-Vinyl-2003-SnS (Jumpstyle)
DJ Frank - Funkin Serious-(JP9003)-Vinyl-1998-HB INT (Jumpstyle)
DJ Frank - Jump This Party-(JPL5006)-Vinyl-2000-PUSi (Jumpstyle)
DJ Frank - Las Vegas-Vinyl-2003-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
DJ Massiv vs The Rebel - Darkness-(JP9053)-Vinyl-2005-HB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Pat B - Love Of My Live-(ER00023)-Vinyl-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
DJ Yorit - First Rebirth-CDS-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
Dr Luv - Do It Again-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
Jacky Core - La La Love Shake Your Buddha-(KAK011)-Vinyl-2007-iHQ (Jumpstyle)
Jacky Core - La La Love-(KAK011)-Vinyl-2007-JEF (Jumpstyle)
Jump Killer-Cocaina MF-(HR001)-Vinyl-2006-UNiT (Jumpstyle)
Kinky Boys - Dont Wanna Leave Here-(JP9024)-Vinyl-2000-BC (Jumpstyle)
Major Bryce - Le Narvalometre-PROPER Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
Major Bryce - What Do You Think-(KAK001)-Vinyl-2004-OXD (Jumpstyle)
Manu Kenton - Hypnotik-(0882330000864)-WEB-2004-UNiCORN (Jumpstyle)
Mark With A K - Dont Fuck With Me-(GSII-07001)-Vinyl-2007-HB (Jumpstyle)
Nuclear Dope - Soundz Dope-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
Phobos-Dominion Jump (JPA01)-2007-NBD (Jumpstyle)
Ronald-V and Q-ic - Musique Fucked In Your Ass-(HV01)-Vinyl-2007-HB INT (Jumpstyle)
Ronald-V And Q-IC - Musique Fucked In Your Ass-Vinyl-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
RTS - Poing 2007-CDS-2007-QMI (Jumpstyle)
Totalition - Darth Dancer-(ER00004)-Vinyl-2004-SQ (Jumpstyle)
VA - Acid Bitch-(DPX-001)-Vinyl-2007-LiR (Jumpstyle)
VA - Explosive Car Tuning 5 Vinylsampler-(ER00002)-Vinyl-2004-HB (Jumpstyle)
VA - Serious Beats 46-2CD-2004-KTMP3 (Jumpstyle)
VA-Explosive Car Tuning 5 Vinyl Sampler 2.2-Vinyl-2004-SND (Jumpstyle)
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