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20 Feb 2016
02 Mar 2015
Amp Fiddler-Rare and Unreleased-2008-JUST (Lo-Fi)
Asa-Chang and Junray-Tsu Gi Ne Pu-(Leaf)-2003-DPS (Lo-Fi)
De-Phazz - Rare Tracks And Remixes-2002-CMG (Lo-Fi)
De-Phazz-Onstage-Backstage A Retrospective-DVDA-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Deva Premal and Miten feat Manose Maneesh De Moor-A Deeper Light-WEB-2... (Lo-Fi)
Gerd--Perspectives-(541416 501326)-Promo-CD-2006-dh (Lo-Fi)
Grupo Fantasma-Sonidos Gold-(Promo)-SP-2008-VAG (Lo-Fi)
Isaac Hayes-Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)-2009-wWw (Lo-Fi)
Isaac Hayes-Shaft-Remastered-(Japan Edition)-OST-2008-SO (Lo-Fi)
Jazzanova--Broad Casting-(SK092CD)-2006-OMA (Lo-Fi)
Madlib-The Dudley Perkins Expressions Instrumentals-2006-SWE (Lo-Fi)
Marvin Gaye-I Want You-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2003-IGR (Lo-Fi)
Mirabai Ceiba - Sat Narayan-(CD)-2007-REDRUM (Lo-Fi)
Naoki Kenji - Less Ordinary-CD-2008-HQEM (Lo-Fi)
Nawang Khechog And Peter Kater-The Dance Of Innocents-CD-2009-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Nirinjan Kaur Kalsa - Aquarian (Sadhana Mantras)-(CD)-2007-REDRUM (Lo-Fi)
Tacoa-Feng Shui-2006-UNiT (Lo-Fi)
The Hot 8 Brass Band-Rock With The Hot 8 Brass Band-(TRUCD141)-CD-2007... (Lo-Fi)
The Quantic Soul Orchestra-Pushin On-(Advance)-2005-ESC (Lo-Fi)
The Soul Jazz Orchestra-Manifesto (DR035CD)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
Timewarp Inc-Groovy Booty-(TMCD007)-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
United Future Organization-UFOs For REAL-Scene 1-(UICZ-4155)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
United Future Organization-UFOs For REAL-Scene 2-(UICZ-4156)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
United Future Organization-UFOs For REAL-Scene 3-(UICZ-4157)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA - Cafe Del Sol - Atmospheres-CD-2004-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA - Chillout Mix Vol.1-Ltd.Ed.-2005-OASiS (Lo-Fi)
VA - Chillout Mix Vol.2-Ltd.Ed.-2005-OASiS (Lo-Fi)
VA - Chillout Mix Vol.3-Ltd.Ed.-2005-OASiS (Lo-Fi)
VA - Futuro Flamenco Vol.2-2003-smc (Lo-Fi)
VA - Girls on the Rocks - Rare Grooves and Funky Beats-2006-CMG (Lo-Fi)
VA - Indianism (Inspiration And Respiration)-2CD-2003-FSP (Lo-Fi)
VA - Lounge for Lovers-2CD-2005-OMA (Lo-Fi)
VA - Playa Azul-Flamenco Chill Vol 3-(BLACKFLAME88482)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA - Tao Meditation-2CD-2004-MSRP (Lo-Fi)
VA - The Healing Power Of Tranquility Music To Relax The Body And Mind... (Lo-Fi)
VA--Plugitin-2008-MBS (Lo-Fi)
VA--The Mood Mosaic the Hascisch Party-1997-fuf (Lo-Fi)
VA-African Garden-2CD-2005-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ambient Systems-Interior Horizons-(Instinct)-2000-sb (Lo-Fi)
VA-Arabia Blues-Promo CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Asian Garden Vol.2-2CD-2005-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Asian Lounge-2005-E (Lo-Fi)
VA-Beginners Guide To Afro Lounge-(NSBOX019)-3CD-2006-SSR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Blue Note Trip 5 Mixed By Jazzanova (Mashed And Scrambled)-2CD-2006... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Bossa N Stones 2-(MBB9750)-CD-2006-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Cafe 2-2008-USF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Sounds III - Chill In Tibet-(MBB9751)-CD-2005-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Sunset (LFMCD03)-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Strawberry Milk Tea (XNSS10081)-CD-2007-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Melies-Vol.4-2005-JUST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Casanova Lounge-CD-2009-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chakras Dream Yoga-2006-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill New York-Exclusive Chill House Grooves-(WPM1006102)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chillin Dreams Volume 2 (BOX 7777-2)-3CD-2004-MiM (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chillout Groove Box Set-3CD-2005-KOMA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chillout Xis Vol.08-2005-JUST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chillout-.Universal.-3CD-2005-BFHMP3 (Lo-Fi)
VA-China Lounge Feat. Shanghai Divas-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Coca-Cola Soundwave Chill Out-2005-BFHMP3 (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cocktail Musique-3CD-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cubana - Compiled By Lee Cannon-(Apace Music) (LFMCD09)-2CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Desert Grooves-2004-CHR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Destination Arabia The Hip Guide To The Spirit Of Arabia-(BDESTCD01... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Destination Havana - The Hip Guide To The Spirit Of Havana-(BDESTCD... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Destination Rio The Hip Guide To The Spirit Of Rio-(BDESTCD02)-3CD-... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Diggin Vol 1-LP-1997-JCE (Lo-Fi)
VA-Electro Jazz Crooners Vol. 1-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Escapism 2-(SEAMCD011)-2006-TWCMP3 (Lo-Fi)
VA-Funk Brasil Bem Funk DJ Marlboro-BR-2006-100REAL (Lo-Fi)
VA-Glamhouse Vol. 3-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Global Chill (Eden)-CD-2007-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-In The Mind Of Nitin Sawhney-(Advance)-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-India Club-2CD-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Infacted Vol. 3-2006-FWYH (Lo-Fi)
VA-Invictus - Hot Wax Grooves and Breaks-1998-CMS (Lo-Fi)
VA-La Perla Black Label-(IRM840CD)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Le Cafe Abstrait Vol. 5 - The Epilogue Of A Journey-(AM14)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Le Classique Abstrait By Raphael Marionneau Vol3-(AM13)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Lemongrass Garden Vol 01-(LGM002-2)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Lemongrass Garden Vol 02-(LGM004-2)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Longebeach Session 1 Ibiza-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Lunivers De Rajotte-2007-JUST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Marrakech Express 2-(SCR031)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Moscow Fashion 3 (Kafehouse and Lounge Compilation)-2008 (Lo-Fi)
VA-Moscow-The Sex The City The Music-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Music For Body And Soul Third Anniversary-HOMEMADE-4CD-2006-mbs (Lo-Fi)
VA-Namaste-Identity-(Blue Flame)-DVD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Nights Of Marrakech (Wagram)-CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ocean Of Dreams Vol. 1-2CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Oriental Garden Vol.4 - The World Of Oriental Grooves (By Gulbahar ... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Patrick Forge Pres. The Brazilian Funk Experience-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Playa Azul-Flamenco Chill Vol 1-(Retail)-2005-UST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Playa Azul-Flamenco Chill Vol 2-(Retail)-2005-UST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Punjabi Lounge-2CD-2003-smc (Lo-Fi)
VA-Putumayo Presents Brazilian Lounge-Promo-2006-pyt (Lo-Fi)
VA-Rare Grooves Africa 01 (By Nova)-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Samsung Chillout Session-Vol.3-2CD-2005-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Soul Cafe-A Set Of Contemporary Modern Soul-(CDBEXP-7)-3CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Soulshaker Vol.2 Real Funk Soul And Groovy Club Soundz-2005-SSR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Sounds From The All Asia Pass Vol 1-(Water Music)-CD-2007-dh (Lo-Fi)
VA-Spirits Of Africa-An Ambient Sound Safari Through The Garden Eden-(... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Steve Porter Presents Porter House-(FDCD005)-Promo CDR-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Strictly Breaks Presents-Petes Treats-Vinyl-1999-JCE (Lo-Fi)
VA-Tango Lounge-(BARDCD38)-3CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Tarifa Groove Collections 07-2CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Buddah Cafe (BARDCD12)-3CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Desert Lounge Volume One-2005-F4G (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Rough Guide To Planet Rock-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Rough Guide To The Music Of Tanzania-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
22 Feb 2015
A-Frequent Flyer-Red Eye-(KSW027)-2CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
AKMusique-La Vie Du Lounge-(EL2028)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Albert Lennard and Ty Ardis-Nayla Bar Lounge-CD-2004-MiM (Lo-Fi)
Barbara Lahr-Undo Undo-(PHAZZ025)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Bebo Best And The Super Lounge Orchestra-Djazzonga (AC2040)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
Beirutbiloma-Cutting Edge Chillout-2006-HLSMP3 (Lo-Fi)
Cafe Lounge Iced Lemon Tea (XNSS10009)-CD-2006-BF (Lo-Fi)
Channel U-Ape Man Talking (CPCD0200)-CD-2005-BF (Lo-Fi)
Coldcut-Sound Mirrors-Limited Edition-2005-JRP (Lo-Fi)
Crazy Penis-The Wicked Is Music-2002-CHR (Lo-Fi)
De Phazz-Days Of Twang-(PHAZZ027)-Advance CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries-2002-CMG (Lo-Fi)
Direct Connection - Dub Infection-2007-NCR (Lo-Fi)
Dub Rogue-Dreams Of A Lost Soul-2005-CMS (Lo-Fi)
Espresso Del Lago-Yeki-(E10011010CD)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Estelle Desanges-Sexy Lounge Emotion-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Fat Freddys Drop-Fantastic Voyages Vol. 1-(DVD)-2007-DELTA (Lo-Fi)
Fat Freddys Drop-Hope-(10 Inch KART001)-Vinyl-2006-TrT (Lo-Fi)
Federico Baltimore - Beleza-2007-UPE (Lo-Fi)
Karl Moestl-Wonderful Mat World-(0000810X)-CD-2007-MPX (Lo-Fi)
Kuniyuki-Sekai No Ichiban Tooi Tochi E-Vinyl-2006-SND (Lo-Fi)
Lemongrass-Beach Affairs-(MOLE084-2)-2CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Lemongrass-Ikebana (LGM001-2)-CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Lemongrass-Pour Lamour-(LGM011-2)-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Lemongrass-Spa Sessions Lounging - Music By Lemongrass-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Low Motion Disco-Keep It Slow-(541416 501887)-CD-2008-RACEME (Lo-Fi)
Monsieur Dubois-Ruff (77043)-2006-DGN (Lo-Fi)
Montefiori Cocktail-Montefiori Appetizer Vol 1-2006-ONe (Lo-Fi)
Moso - New World Order-2007-fLp (Lo-Fi)
Mr Scruff-Ninja Tune Licensing Sampler-2005-soup (Lo-Fi)
New Risen Throne-Whispers of the Approaching Wastefulness-2007-BCC (Lo-Fi)
Nightmares On Wax - Passion-Promo CDS-2006-UPE iNT (Lo-Fi)
Nor Elle--Kombologi-(MOLE068-2)-Promo-CD-2006-dh (Lo-Fi)
Nor Elle-Taxi (MOLE0872)-REPACK-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
Ott - Blumenkraft-2003-PTP (Lo-Fi)
Pep Llado-Two Rivers One World (COOL04810)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Pitch Black - Futureproof-2CD-2008-NCR (Lo-Fi)
Quantic-An Announcement To Answer-(TRUCD100)-Advance CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Raison Detre-Lost Fragments-2cd-2002-BERC (Lo-Fi)
richard dorfmeister--the missing g-stones mix-DVB2001-kW (Lo-Fi)
Robert Rich-Illumination-2007-AMRC (Lo-Fi)
Runes Order - No Future-Ltd.Ed.-1999-XXI INT (Lo-Fi)
S.E.V.A-S.E.V.A-2005-soup (Lo-Fi)
Senor Coconut--Yellow Fever-2006-UBE (Lo-Fi)
Sofian Rouge-Mediterranean Excursion By Sofian Rouge-2006-DGN (Lo-Fi)
Stereotyp meets tikiman--jahman-VLS2001-kW (Lo-Fi)
Ten Madison - Travelling-2007-UPE (Lo-Fi)
The Hypnotic Goa Zone-MS (Lo-Fi)
The Islanders-Entre Aguas (SHCD02)-CD-2007-BF (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation Featuring Perry Farrell-Revolution Solution-(ESL0... (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation-Supreme Illusion-(ESL110)-WEB-2008-MK2 (Lo-Fi)
Third I Vision-Somewhere Theres Music-(PHAZZ017)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Timo Lassy-African Rumble High At Noon-(RT008)-Vinyl-2006-MPX (Lo-Fi)
Uchu - South Wind-2008-UPE (Lo-Fi)
Up Bustle and Out-City Breakers - 18 Frames Per Second-(Collision)-200... (Lo-Fi)
Up Bustle and Out-The Mexican Sessions-Promo-2006-JUST (Lo-Fi)
Ursula 1000-Boop-(ESL093)-Vinyl-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA - Air-Compiled By DJ Zen-Limited Edition-2009-UPE (Lo-Fi)
VA - Cosmic Disco Cosmic Rock-CD-2008-LiR (Lo-Fi)
VA - Erotic Lounge 4-Bare Jewels-2CD-2005-MOD (Lo-Fi)
VA - Erotic Lounge 5 - Secret Affairs-(2CD)-2006-DRUM (Lo-Fi)
VA - Fire-2009-gEm (Lo-Fi)
VA - Shanti Bar-2CD-2003-PsyCZ (Lo-Fi)
VA - Sinners Lounge Pure Pleasure-(2CD)-2008-DRUM (Lo-Fi)
VA - Supperclub-Arrogance-(SC002)-Advance 2CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA - The Da Vinci Lounge-(BARDCD16)-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA - Youth In Dub - Orchestra Mystique-2003-gEm (Lo-Fi)
VA--Destination Lounge Buddha II Chillout Downtempo Eastern Sounds-200... (Lo-Fi)
VA--Nordic Lounge Weekend-(DNMCD012)-2006-OMA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ananda Chill Out Seasons 2005-(CHILLPARK001)-2CD-2005-NVS (Lo-Fi)
VA-Beijing-(HN360CD)-2CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Brand New Weather-2008-WHOA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Brasil After Hours (A Chilled Collection Of Electro Brazillian Groo... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Break N Bossa Chapter 5-2CD-(Schema)-2002-sb (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Grooves 4-2CD-2008-USF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Buddha - The Cream of Lounge Cuisine-2CD-2005-wTOb (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe del Mar Dreams-2000-TOWmp3 (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Dolce Berry Roll (XNSS10107)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Iced Shiny Gold Tea (XNSS10123)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Cigarette Madrid Aroma (XNSS10111)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Cigarette Paris Mild (XNSS10108)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Lounge Dolce Fondant Chocolat (XNSS10100)-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Oriental 7-(AYA820073-2)-2CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Solaire 10-2CD-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Solaire 12-2CD-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill Brazil Volume 5-2CD-2008-USF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill Out In Paris 4 - By Stefano Cecchi (San Carlos Dal 1973)-CD-2... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill Out In Paris 5 Introduces Kings Of Lounge-(SCR 028)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill Out In Paris Vol 6-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chill Out In Vienna-2005-MSRP (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chilled Trance-4CD-2001-iPZ (Lo-Fi)
VA-China Lounge Feat. Shanghai Divas-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Chinese Room-2005-UST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Claude Challe Pres. Just Good Music-3CD-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cocktail Party (EcoSound)-CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Coffee Lounge-(AYA81769)-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cuban Cafe (BARDCD17)-3CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Destination Lounge LasVegas-(RTS119)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Yogurt-Yogurt In Soultime Mix-Promo CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Dubai Chill Lounge Vol. 3-A Fine Selection Of Chillout Tracks-(MNF-... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Echo Beach - Discollection Volume 01-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Exotica Desert of Love-2005-BWA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Five Keen Senses (Chill Out Lespresso Cafe)-MAG-2008-BWA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Frankfurt-FFM Lounge 02-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
va-future sounds of jazz vol 10-(fixed)-cd2005-kw (Lo-Fi)
VA-Havanna Bar-(ZYX55474-2)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Hotel St. Tropez-(CRAZYCD04)-3CD-2005-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Indian Summer-LFMCD01-2CD-2005-BPM (Lo-Fi)
VA-IndiaRama-(Bonus DVD)-2007-OND (Lo-Fi)
VA-IndiaRama-2CD-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ku De Ta Sunset Soundtracks (L2KDT001)-CD-2005-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ku De Ta 3 (Sunset Soundtracks Crafted by Donni 1)-2008-0MNi (Lo-Fi)
VA-Laissez Faire Lounge-Compiled And Mixed By Sven Jacobsen-(AYA55499-... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Latin Cafe (BARDCD19)-3CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Le Rythme Abstrait vol1 - Modern Grooves-(AM12)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Live Your Life With Verve-Summer Groove-2006-UKP (Lo-Fi)
VA-Longebeach Session 2 Formentera-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Lounge 4 Dinner Vol 1-CD-2008-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Loungebeach Session 1 Ibiza-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Loungebeach Session 3 Barcellona-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Loungebeach Session 4 Dubai-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Made In Brazil-(WSCD052)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Movimento-Essential Sounds From The Copa Cabana-(LOTION014-2)-CD-20... (Lo-Fi)
VA-New World Paris 01 (SYS1096)-CD-2006-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-New World Record-The Sound Of Ubiquity-(OTCD-2096)-CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-New York Club (EcoSound)-CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Nikki Music Vol.02 - Compiled By Claudio Holze (Nikki Beach Music)-... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Nova Latino 6-2CD-2005-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-OM Chilled Vol 2-(OM-293)-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Opium-Finest Exotic Lounge Music No 1-(CO4003)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Oriental Garden Vol. 5-2CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Oriental Lounge-(BARDCD28)-3CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Oslo Sessions Triple-(TCRBOX001)-3CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Porsche Design-Soundscapes P0001-Compiled And Mixed By DJ Jondal-CD... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Portofino Lounge (EcoSound)-CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Putumayo Presents Brazilian Lounge-Promo-2006-pyt (Lo-Fi)
VA-Sexy Lounge-2CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Sheeva Lounge Vol 2 (LC11436)-2CD-2005-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Siddharta - Spirit Of Buddha Bar Vol.3 - By Ravin-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-SpaceSex (By Claude Challe)-2007-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Teavolution - Fresh Lounge Tunes-2CD-2005-OSC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Best Of Ambient Lounge-2CD-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Indiana Cafe second issue-(Amontillado)-2005-JUST (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Sound Vol. 3 Downtempo Magic-(OZL22010CD)-CD-2008-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Sunset Lounge Stavedo (PRMNCD-007)-CD-2006-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Trendy Eastern Tokyo-(HN315CD)-2CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Thievery Corporation Versions-RETAIL-(Esl095)-2006-AES (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ursula 1000 - Ursadelica (ESL079)-Retail-(Proper)-CD-2004-BLA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Venus Lounge Vol 1-2CD-(Advance)-2008-ONe (Lo-Fi)
VA-Vibration 81 (Selected By Gotan Project)-Promo CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Wellness Chill Out-2CD-2006-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Zen Connection 3 - By Leigh Wood-2CD-2004-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Zentertainment 2006-(Ninja Tune)-2006-soup (Lo-Fi)
Waldeck-Ballroom Stories-(DONO0024)-WEB-2007-MK2 (Lo-Fi)
White Lines-Re-Touch-Promo CDM-2006-BWA (Lo-Fi)
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