09 Apr 2003
(Hed) Planet Earth-Blackout - (Unmastered Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
(Hed) Planet Earth-Outakes-2003-SSP (Metal)
1.5 Kg Otlichnogo Pure-Gravitatsiya-RU-2002-BUTT (Metal)
12 Monos - Apnea Del Sueno-ES-2003-FKK (Metal)
130 Dbs - Dbs-ES-2003-FKK (Metal)
13even-Handshakes And Casualties-2003-BUTT (Metal)
13even-Hillcrest Sessions-2002-PMS (Metal)
14 Feet Wide - P.O.R.N.-WEB-2002-KNOWN (Metal)
2 Live Crew-The Essential DJ 12 and Mega Mixes-2002-aPC (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-Demon Dealer (Retail)-2003-PMS (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-Demon Dealer-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
216-216-2002-aAF (Metal)
2x-Lucha Eterna-2002-URS (Metal)
3 Doors Down-Another 700 Miles-(Retail-EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
3 Doors Down-Away From the Sun-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Winter Sun-2002-DNR (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Winter Sun-2002-FTS (Metal)
3 inches of blood-battlecry under a winter sun-2002-ybot (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Wintersun-2002-EOS (Metal)
3 Quarters Dead-Blueprint of A Strange Mind-RETAIL-2003-ICE (Metal)
30 Seconds To Mars-30 Seconds To Mars (Sampler)-2002-KSi (Metal)
311-Evolver-(Japanese Bonus Track)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-A Snow Capped Romance Special Edition-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-At The End Of August-PROMO-CDS-2003-FiRe (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness The Star Special Edition-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness The Star-2002-DNR (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness The Star-2002-EOS (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness The Star-2002-FIH INT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness the Star-2002-iRO (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Crutch (UK Bonus Track)-2002-PMS iNT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Live At Indianapolis 0524-Bootleg-2002-fIRe (Metal)
3rdlimb-Amputate-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer - The Mourning After-(advance)-2003-ALW (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Live at Birch Hill Nite Club 03 14-2003-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Self Medicate-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
40 Grit-Nothing to Remember-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
4lyn-Hey Ho Lets Go-(CDS)-2003-PRA (Metal)
4lyn-Neon-Limited Edition-2002-pH (Metal)
5ives Continuum Research Project-The Hemophiliac Dream-(EP)-2002-DNR (Metal)
5ives Continuum Research Project-The Hemophiliac Dream-2002-iTS (Metal)
666-The Beginning-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
6gig-Mind Over Mind-2003-BUTT (Metal)
7 Angels 7 Plagues-Until The Day Breathes And The Shadows Flee-(EP Rei... (Metal)
764 HERO-Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere-2002-BUTT (Metal)
7th Rail Crew-Sevenation-2002-BUTT (Metal)
88 Circles Above - Demo-2002-WLM (Metal)
A Corpse Named Abel-A Corpse Named Abel-(Ep)-2002-FNT (Metal)
A Life Once Lost-A Great Artist-2003-ALXT (Metal)
A Life Once Lost-The Fourth Plague-2002-rH (Metal)
A Long Winter-Im So Bad With Goodbyes-2002-KSi (Metal)
A Perpetual Dying Mirror-Towards a Constellation View-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
A Stained Glass Romance-The Most Hated-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
A Tribute to the Plague-Alone-2003-GRW (Metal)
Aarni-Umbra Nihil-Split-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Absurd-Totenlieder-DE-2003-GRAVEWISH iNT (Metal)
Abyssaria - Architecture of Chaos-2003-FKK (Metal)
Accept - Metal Heart-REISSUE-2002-SER (Metal)
accept - rich and famous-cdm-2002-cmg (Metal)
Accept-Eat The Heat-Remastered-2002-SER (Metal)
Accept-Metal Blast From The Past-(Dual Disc)-2002-HNH (Metal)
Accept-Metal Heart-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Accept-Russian Roulette-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
ACDC-Blow Up Your Video (REMASTERED)-2003-EGO (Metal)
Acedia-Promo-2003-PMS (Metal)
Acid Blitz-Neuroactive Music Bullet(S) (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Acid Drinkers - Fishdick-(MMPCD0047)-REISSUE REMASTERED-CD-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Across Five Aprils-Cut Me and Ill Bleed Rock N Roll-EP-2002-PMS (Metal)
Adagio-Underworld-Japanese Release-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Adema-Unstable-(Japan Bonus Track)-2003-KzT (Metal)
Adorned Brood-Erdenkraft-promo-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Adversary-Discern-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Adversary-Hidden Disease-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Aebsence-Unusual-RETAIL-2002-ICE (Metal)
Aeons Confer-The Soul of the Universe-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Aesma Daeva--The Eros Of Frigid Beauty-2002-MoFF iNT (Metal)
Aesma Daeva--The New Athens Ethos-2003-MoFF iNT (Metal)
Aesma Daeva-The Eros of Frigid Beauty-2002-GRM (Metal)
aesma daeva-the new athens ethos-2003-vic (Metal)
Aesma Daeva-The New Athens Ethos-Irond Edition-2003-GRM (Metal)
Aeternus-A Darker Monument-Promo-2003-BERC (Metal)
Aeternus-And So the Night Became-REMASTERED-2003-ESC (Metal)
Aeternus-Beyond the Wandering Moon-REMASTERED-2003-ESC (Metal)
Aethra-Takes from Distant Skies and Far Beyond-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Affliction-Godshovel-Unmastered ADVANCE-2003-SnS (Metal)
After Forever - Exordium-2003-KMA (Metal)
After Forever - Exordium-EP-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
After Forever-Decipher-Japanese Limited Edition-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
After Forever-Emphasis (CDS)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
After Forever-Live In Dortmund-Bootleg-2002-MOE (Metal)
After the Calm-After the Calm-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Agalloch-Of Stone Wind And Pillor-EP-2002-EOS (Metal)
agalloch-the mantle-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Agalloch-The Mantle-2002-EOS (Metal)
Agalloch-The Mantle-2002-MYSTERIOUS int (Metal)
Agalloch-The Mantle-Retail-2002-FH (Metal)
Agathocles-to serve to protect leads to-2002-ss (Metal)
Agent Steel-Earth Under Lucifer-CDS-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Agent Steel-Order of the Illuminati-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Agente Naranja-Counter-Clockwise-2002-PMS (Metal)
Aggro-Fate-This Aggressive Destiny (Live)-2003-PMS (Metal)
Agonized-Ancient Voids-Ep-2002-Berc (Metal)
Agony of Deceit-Affliction-2003-GRW (Metal)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope-2002-iTS (Metal)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Altered States of America-2003-iTS (Metal)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope-2002-iTS (Metal)
Agregator-A Semmi Agan-ADVANCE-HU-2003-gF (Metal)
Aidan Baker-Concretion-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Aina-Days of Rising Doom-PROPER-2CD-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Aina-Days of Rising Doom-Proper-2CD-2003-AMRC - Includes Track Fixes b... (Metal)
Airborn--Against the World-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Airborn-Against The World-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Ajattara-Kuolema-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy-Constellation-Reissue-2003-FFF (Metal)
Alchemist--Austral Alien-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Alexander Scardavian-Strange Here-2002-GRW (Metal)
Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper-2003-HaVeFuN INT (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare-Remastered-2002-ESK (Metal)
Alice Cooper-The Eyes of Alice Cooper-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Alice in Darkland-The Evils Entrails-CD-2002-gF (Metal)
Alienacja-In My Eyes-2002-ALXT (Metal)
Alienbreed-Antidote-2003-RNS (Metal)
Alkonost-Alkonost-WEB-2002-I KnoW INT (Metal)
All In Me-Preach To Deaf Ears-EP-2003-PMS (Metal)
All Parallels-All Parallels (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
All Parallels-You Wont Feel A Thing (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
All Shall Perish-Demo-2002-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
All that I Bleed - Dying to Remember-(SIL0001)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
All That Remains-Behind Silence And Solitude-2002-ALXT (Metal)
All That Remains-Behind Silence And Solitude-2002-EOS (Metal)
All that Remains-This Darkened Heart-2003-AoN INT (Metal)
Allele-Self Titled-(Demo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Alpha Black-Crossing Erubus (Advance)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Alpha Project-Counter Reset-2003-ViC (Metal)
Altaria - Invitation-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Altaria-Invitation-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Amaran-Pristine In Bondage (Japanese Edition)-2003-BLA (Metal)
Amatory-Vechno Pryachetsa Sudba-RU-2003-PMR (Metal)
American Head Charge-Just So You Know (Ltd. Promo Edition)-2002-PMS (Metal)
American Head Charge-Just So You Know (Promo CDS)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Amimishock-Ciclo H-SP-2002-pH (Metal)
amnion-the return of total desolation-2003-ltd.demo-drhq (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Versus The World-2002-DNR (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Versus The World-2CD-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Amongst the Swarm-(Crowning the Defeated)-2003-PMS (Metal)
Amorphis-Chapters-CD-DVD-2003-SiRiON (Metal)
Amorphis-Chapters-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Amorphis-Day Of Your Beliefs-CDS-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Amorphis-Day Of Your Beliefs-CDS-2003-SER (Metal)
Amorphis-Evil Inside-CDM-2003-SER (Metal)
Amorphis-Evil Inside-CDS-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Amorphis-Live In Gothenburg (10-25-03)-Bootleg-2003-ViC (Metal)
An Embrace Of Angels-Ere January Be Unwintered-Advance-2003-Hire (Metal)
Anah Aevia-The Machines-Ltd.Ed.-EP-2003-UpQ (Metal)
Anathema - A Natural Disaster-2003-EOS (Metal)
Anathema - Resonance 2-Promo Album-2002-WLM (Metal)
Anathema - Serenades-Remastered With Bonus-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Anathema--Eternity-(Reissue Digipak)-2003-NER (Metal)
Anathema-A Natural Disaster-2003-EOS (Metal)
Anathema-A Natural Disaster-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Anathema-Alternative 4-Reissue-2003-GRM (Metal)
Anathema-Eternity-(Reissue Digipak)-2003-NER (Metal)
Anathema-Eternity-Reissue-2003-GRM (Metal)
Anathema-Live In Poland-2003-NMS (Metal)
Anathema-Resonance 2-Digipak-2002-Wiktor (Metal)
Anathema-Resonance 2-Promo-2002-WLM (Metal)
Anathema-Resonance II-2002-GRM (Metal)
Anathema-Serenades-Remastered With Bonus-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Anathema-Serenades-Remastered-2003-EOS (Metal)
Anathema-The Silent Enigma-Reissue-2003-GRM (Metal)
Anathema-The Silent Enigma-Remastered With Bonus-2003-ViC (Metal)
Anathema-The Silent Enigma-Remastered-2003-EOS (Metal)
Anathema-The Silent Enigma-Remastered-2003-EOSiNT (Metal)
Anathema-We Are The Bible-Remastered-2003-WFL (Metal)
Andra - Circle Of Fire-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Andrew W.K.-I Get Wet-2002-EGO (Metal)
Andromeda-2 Equals 1-Japanese Release-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Anew-The Systematic Extinction of Mankind-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Angel Dust-To Dust You Will Decay-Reissue-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Angelreich-When the Lights Fade Away Fears Crawl Out-Demo-2003-hXc (Metal)
Angelrust-Angelrust-2003-BERC (Metal)
Angra - Hunters And Prey-cdm-(japanese release)-2002-amrc (Metal)
Angra - Live in Sao Paulo 2CD Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Angra-Hunters and Prey-CDM-(Japanese Release)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Angra-Live in Sao Paulo 2CD Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Anima Nera-Anima Nera-2002-FFF (Metal)
Animal-900 Lb Steam-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Animetal - Marathon V-JP-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Animosity-Shut it Down-2003-GRM (Metal)
Animosity-Shut It Down-2003-RNS (Metal)
Ankara-Oikeus Kohtuus Totuus-CDR-2003-gF (Metal)
Annihilator-Double Live Annihilation-2003-GRM (Metal)
Annihilator-Waking the Fury-2002-gB (Metal)
Annihilator-Waking The Fury-Proper Rip-2002-BOS (Metal)
Annulation-Burning Time-2002-gF (Metal)
Antaeus-De Principii Evangelikum-promo-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Anthrax - We Ve Come for You All-2003-FKK (Metal)
Anthrax-Live at Waldrock-Bootleg-2003-grmg (Metal)
Anthrax-Summer-(Retail)-2003-FTM (Metal)
Anthrax-Washington DC 0217-Bootleg-2002-PMS (Metal)
Anthrax-We Ve Come For You All-Retail (Incl. Bonustracks)-2003-SDR (Metal)
Anthrax-Weve Come For You All (European Import)-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
Anthrax-Weve Come For You All-(Japanese Import)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Antimatter-Lights Out-2003-ALW (Metal)
Antimatter-Saviour-US Retail-2002-SGE (Metal)
Antique-Book One-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Anubis-The Last Again-2003-apc (Metal)
Anyone-Anyone (Retail)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Apartment 26-Music For The Massive-ADVANCE-2003-CHR (Metal)
Apocalyptica - Reflections (Bonus Tracks)-2003-OMA (Metal)
Apocalyptica - Reflections-Promo-2003-DVNMP3 (Metal)
Apocalyptica - Reflections-retail-2003-RDA (Metal)
Apocalyptica Feat. Linda-Faraway Vol 2-CDM-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections Revised-DVDA-2003-PMS (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections-(Retail)-2003-OSC (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections-Promo-2003-DVNMP3 (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections-Retail-2003-RDA (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Seemann-(Feat. Nina Hagen)-CDS-2003-SDR (Metal)
Apostasy-Autumn Heart-Demo-2002-DMG (Metal)
Apraxia-Kolovrat-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Aqme-Sombres efforts (Edition 15eme anniversaire)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-FR-... (Metal)
Aqme-Sombres Efforts-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
Arantaxia - Silencio-ES-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Anthems Of Rebellion-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Anthems Of Rebellion-2003-DNR (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Black Earth (Remastered)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Burning Angel-EP-2002-GRM (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Burning Waldrock (Bootleg)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Wages of Sin-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Wages Of Sin-2CD-2002-DNR (Metal)
Arcturus-The Sham Mirrors-2002-iRO (Metal)
Arcturus-The Sham Mirrors-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Arcturus-The Sham Mirrors-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Arcturus-The Sham Mirrors-Retail-2002-DRG INT (Metal)
Arcturus-The Sham Mirrors-Retail-2002-FH (Metal)
Area 54-Beckoning Of The End-2003-FNT (Metal)
Aria-As If Forever Really Exists-2002-ALXT (Metal)
Aria-As if Forever Really Exists-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
Aria-Kreshchenie Ognem-RU-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Arise-Kings Of The Cloned Generation-2003-UBE (Metal)
Arjen A Lucassens Star One-Live On Earth-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Arjen A Lucassens Star One-Space Metal-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Ark Storm-No Boundries-Japanese Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Armageddon-Three-Japan Only Release-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Armor For Sleep-Dream To Make Believe-2003-EOS (Metal)
Artension-New Discovery (Japan Retail with Bonus)-2002-BFS iNT (Metal)
Artension-Sacred Pathways-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Arthurkill-Addiction-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Artsonic-Hacktivist-2CD-Retail-2003-FSP (Metal)
Artsonic-Recidivist-2003-ViC (Metal)
Arvinger-Helgards Fall-NO-2003-grmg (Metal)
Arvinger-Helgards Fall-Promo-NO-2003-DMG (Metal)
As Ashes Fall-Album One The Implement-2003-FNT (Metal)
As I Lay Dying-Frail Words Collapse-2003-DNR (Metal)
As I Lay Dying-Frail Words Collapse-2003-EOS (Metal)
As I Lay Dying-Frail Words Collapse-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
As Stromclouds Gather-Promo 2002-2002-AMR (Metal)
As the Ruin Falls-Her Porcelain Goodbyes-2002-iTS (Metal)
As The Sun Sets-8949-2002-iTS (Metal)
Ascension Theory-Regeneration-2002-pms (Metal)
Asgaard-XIII Voltum Lunae-2002-ViC (Metal)
Asherah-Boutros Makes the Bed-2003-FNT (Metal)
Asmegin-Hin Vordende Sod And So-ADVANCE-NO-2003-JUST (Metal)
Aspid - Babel-ES-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Aspiration-Incendiarism-EP-2003-BERC (Metal)
Ass Puppets-Your Ass Belongs to Me-2003-KzT (Metal)
Astral Doors - Of The Son And The Father-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
At The Gates-Slaughter Of The Soul-Reissue-2002-iTS (Metal)
At Vance - No Escape-2002-DMA (Metal)
At Vance - The Evil In You (Limited Edition)-2CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
At Vance-Only Human-(Japanese Release with Bonus)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
At Vance-The Evil in You-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Atmosfear-Inside the Atmosphere-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Atomizer-Gimme Natural Selection-EP-2002-BERC (Metal)
Atreyu-Live Rebelpalooza Las Vegas 04-05-2003-BUTT (Metal)
atrox-orgasm-2003-butt (Metal)
Audiopain-Mysticum-Split-EP-2003-DMG (Metal)
Autopsy-Acts Of The Unspeakable-Reissue-2003-EOS (Metal)
Autopsy-Mental Funeral-Reissue-2003-EOS (Metal)
Autumn - On the Verge of Existence-2003-MYSTERIOUS int (Metal)
Autumnblaze-Dammer Elben Tragodie-Russian Rerelease-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Avalanche--Pray for the Sinner-Reissue-2003-OMA (Metal)
Avantasia-The Metal Opera Part II-(Cut)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Avantasia-The Metal Opera Part II-Limited Edition-2002-iTS (Metal)
Avantasia-The Metal Opera Part II-Retail-2002-DrL (Metal)
Avatar - Essence-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen-Retail-2003-FH (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold-Waking The Fallen-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold-Waking The Fallen-2003-DNR (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold-Waking the Fallen-2003-GRM (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold-Waking The Fallen-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Avenger - Godless-2CD-Limited Edition-CZ-2003-DiF (Metal)
Avulsion-Crimes Against Reality-2003-RNS (Metal)
Awful Noise-Reincarnation-2003-PMS (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell-Knight Treasure-DVDA-2002-HNH (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell-Knights-2CD-Live-(2002)-prw int (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell-Shadow Zone-Proper-2002-BOS (Metal)
Axenstar-Far from Heaven-2003-UasH INT (Metal)
Axenstar-Far from Heaven-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Axenstar-Perpetual Twilight-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Ayat Akrass-Quando O Preco Da Gloria E Pago Com Sangue-(EP)-WEB-2003-A... (Metal)
Azazello-The Wings-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Azrael-Sunrise In The Dreamland-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Babylon Whores-Death Of The West-2002-SER (Metal)
Backwoods-Decline Through Dedication-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Badly Preserved - Decades Of Denial-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Ballistic - Ballistic-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Barbara-A Blessing From the Angel of Death-Remastered-2003-BERC (Metal)
Barilari - Barilari-READ NFO-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Barricade-Weakness Dreams-2003-KzT (Metal)
Bartholomeus Night-Survival-EP-2003-BERC (Metal)
Bates Motel-Deux Ex Machina-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Bathory-Jubileum Volume I-(Reissue)-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Bathory-Nordland I-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Bathory-nordland i-2002-ss (Metal)
Bathory-Nordland II-2003-GRM (Metal)
Bathory-Nordland II-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Bathory-Nordland II-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Battlelore - Swords Song -Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Battlelore--Swords Song-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Battlelore-Swords Song-Limited Edition-2003-EVIGHET INT (Metal)
Battlelore-Where The Shadows Lie-ltd.digipak-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Battlesword-Failing in Triumph-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Beach Boys-Sounds Of Summer The Very Best-WEB-2003-MusicBits (Metal)
Beecher-Resention Is A Big Word In A Small Town-WEB-2002-COURAGE INT (Metal)
Before The Dawn-My Darkness (Promo)-2003-PMS (Metal)
Before the Dawn-My Darkness-2003-UasH INT (Metal)
Behemoth-Chaotica-2CD-2003-KzT (Metal)
Behemoth-Pandemonic Incantations-2003-EOS (Metal)
Behold the Arctopus-Arctopocalypse Now Warmageddon Later-2003-iTS (Metal)
Beholder-Wish for Destruction-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Below The Sound-More Like A Gunshot Than A Car Wreck-2002-iTS (Metal)
Belyerath-The Eternal Fight-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Benea Reach - Live In Smuget, 2 June 2003 (Metal)
Bethlehem-Suicide Radio-2003-BERC (Metal)
Betrayer-Battles For The Unknown-2003-100REAL (Metal)
Between The Buried And Me-The Silent Circus (Advance)-2003-KzT (Metal)
Bewitched--Rise of the Antichrist-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Beyond Belief-Dawn-Ltd.Ed.-LP-2003-FFF (Metal)
Beyond Black Void-Desolate-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Beyond The Embrace-Against The Elements-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Beyond The Sixth Seal-Demos-2002-iTS (Metal)
Beyond the Sixth Seal-Earth and Sphere-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Beyond Within-Belligerence-2003-BERC (Metal)
Billy Talent-Billy Talent (Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Biohazard-Kill or Be Killed-Advance-2003-SGE (Metal)
Biosystem 55-Fifty Five-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Birushanah-Touta-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
biss - joker in the deck-promo-2003-amrc (Metal)
Bitterdusk-Spirits-Promo-2002-BERC (Metal)
Bjork - Family Tree-6CD-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Black Fever-Lacrimae-MCD-HU-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Black Label Society-1919 Eternal (Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Black Label Society-1919 Eternal-2002-iRO (Metal)
Black Label Society-Blessed Hellride-2003-ALW (Metal)
Black Label Society-Blessed Hellride-2003-iRO (Metal)
black label society-blessed hellride-rerip-2003-pos (Metal)
Black Label Society-Boozed Broozed and Broken Boned-3CD-DVDA-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Black Label Society-The Blessed Hellride-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Black Mass Of Absu-Demo 1995-Reissue-2003-gF (Metal)
black sabbath-past lives-2cd-(digipak)-2002-dnr (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Past Lives-2CD-RETAIL-2002-ESC (Metal)
Black Widows-Sweet The Hell-2002-ViC (Metal)
Black Winter - Between Studio and Stage-Demo-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Bleak December-Bleak December-(Demo)-WEB-2002-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Bleak December-So Much For Being Subtle-(Demo)-WEB-2003-ALXT (Metal)
Bleedience-Bleedience-EP-2002-BERC (Metal)
Bleeding Through-This Is Love This Is Murderous-2003-FNT (Metal)
Blessing the Hogs-The Poisoning-2002-FNT (Metal)
Blind Guardian - A Night at the Opera-Jap Retail-2002-CMG (Metal)
Blind Guardian-2CD-Promo-Live-2003-FFI (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera (Italian Retail)-2002-gF (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night at the Opera-2002-GRM (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-2002-KzT INT (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night at the Opera-Jap Retail-2002-CMG (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night at the Opera-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-Retail-2002-CMG (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-Retail-2002-FBS (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Live-2CD-2003-GRM (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Live-2CD-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Live-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Blindfault-By Courtesy of -2003-bGV (Metal)
Blindside-About A Burning Fire-(CDS)-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Blood Duster-DFF-2002-EOS (Metal)
Blood Stain Child-Mystic Your Heart-2003-GRM (Metal)
Blood Stain Child-Silence Of Northern Hell-Japanese Release-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Blood Tears-Symphony For Dark Chords-MCD-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Bloodbath-Resurrection Through Carnage-2002-EOS (Metal)
Bloodbath-Resurrection Through Carnage-2002-ZODiAC (Metal)
Bloodshot-A Pestilence Called Humanity-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Bloodsport-Warrior Beast Supreme-2002-hXc (Metal)
Blunt Object-Edgeless-2002-AMX (Metal)
Blut Aus Nord-The Work Which Transforms God-2003-ViC (Metal)
Blutch-Fra Diavolo-2003-hXc (Metal)
Bob Katsionis - Turn of My Century (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Bobaflex-Primitive Epic (US Retail)-2003-CHR (Metal)
Bog-Morok-Here Is Buried My Heart-Tape-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Boiling Blood-Stomping The Mud-2003-cnmc (Metal)
Bonestripper-4 Song-(Promo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Boney NEM-Den Pobedi RU-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Boris-Amplifier Worship-(Reissue)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Boris-Boris At Last Feedbacker-2003-hXc (Metal)
Boris-Heavy Rocks-2002-hXc (Metal)
Boris-Mikoroshi Tou Kara Zutto-DVDA-JP-2003-hXc (Metal)
Bound To Confront-Defy-EP-2003-gF (Metal)
Box Car Racer-Box Car Racer-2002-iRO (Metal)
Brainstorm-Soul Temptation-Ltd.Ed.-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Brand New Sin-Brand New Sin (Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Brazen Abbot-Guilty as Sin-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Breaking Benjamin-3 Song Promo-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Breaking Benjamin-Breaking Benjamin-EP-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Breakpoint-None To Sell-2002-ViC (Metal)
Breed 77-Breed 77-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
Breed 77-La Ultima Hora-EP-2003-DVT (Metal)
Brick Bath-Rebuilt-2003-FNT (Metal)
Brody-Torn From A Warm Place EP-2003-iRO (Metal)
Browbeat-Audioviolence-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Bumsnogger-and Destroy All Those that Come Before Us-CDM-2003-hXc (Metal)
Buried Inside-Suspect Symmetry-2002-PMS (Metal)
Burning Skies - A Premonition of Things to Come-(CDM)-2003-DAW (Metal)
Burnt By The Sun - The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good-Promo-CD-2003-... (Metal)
Burnt By The Sun-Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Burnt By The Sun-Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Burst - Prey On Life-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Burst Of Fire-This Creation-2003-gF (Metal)
Butterfly Temple-Dreams of Northern Sea-2002-GRW (Metal)
Butterfly Temple-Tropoju krovi po vole Roda-WEB-RU-2003-I KnoW INT (Metal)
Buzzoven-Revelationsick Again-Advance-2002-iTS (Metal)
BZN-Leef Je Leven-NL-2003-BUTT (Metal)
cable-never trust a gemini-2003-butt (Metal)
Cadacross-Corona Borealis-Promo-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Caliban - Shadow Hearts-WEB-2003-KNOWN iNT (Metal)
Caliban-Shadow Hearts-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Caliban-Shadow Hearts-Limited-Digipak-2003-SDR (Metal)
Caliban-Shadow Hearts-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Calibre-Kill the Logo-2002-BLA (Metal)
Calico System-Question the Answer-2002-PMS (Metal)
Callenish Circle-Flesh Power Dominion-2002-CNMC (Metal)
Callenish Circle-My Passion Your Pain-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Calm-Are We Supposed to Be -2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cancelled-Abstained-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cancelled-Plankton (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus-2CD-Remastered-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Candlemass-Ancient Dreams-2CD-remastered-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Candlemass-Ancient Dreams-Remastered-2CD-2002-CNMC (Metal)
Candlemass-Demons Gate-2003-SNS (Metal)
Candlemass-Doomed For Live - Reunion 2002-2CD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Candlemass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus-remastered-2CD-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Cannae-Horror-2003-PMS (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Gore Obsessed (Advance)-2002-RNS (Metal)
Cantar-Cantar-2003-gF (Metal)
Cantas Ad Mortuos-A Parabola do Erenita-Demo-2003-BERC (Metal)
Canvas Solaris-Spatial Design (Retail)-2003-KSi (Metal)
Carcass-Reek Of Putrefaction-(Remastered)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Carnal Forge-The More You Suffer-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Carrier Flux-In Waste-2002-ViC (Metal)
Casketgarden-This Corroded Soul of Mine-RETAIL-2003-ICE (Metal)
Cast from Eden-The Deafened Art of Bleeding-2003-PMS (Metal)
Cast In Stone-The Crossign-TAPE-2002-gF (Metal)
Catharsis-Passion-Tape-2002-HTTM (Metal)
Cathedral-Seventh Coming-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Cattle Decapitation-To Serve Man-2002-iTS (Metal)
Cause Critical Wounds-Demo 2002-DMG (Metal)
Cave In-Antenna-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Celesty - Reign of Elements (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Celesty-Reign of Elements-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Celesty-Time Before the Ice-Demo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Celtic Legacy - Resurrection-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Chalice-augmented-promo-2003-ss (Metal)
Chant-Cynthias Fire-2002-BERC (Metal)
Chaos 88-Crimes Of War-2003-cnmc (Metal)
Chapter Seven-Chapter Seven-2003-PMS (Metal)
Charon-In Trust Of No One-CDS-2003-SER (Metal)
Chateau - Psychotic Symphony-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Chico Science-Method of Breathing-2002-PMS (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Bestbreeder From 1997 To 2000-2003-iTS (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Bestbreeder From 1997 To 2000-Japanese Edition-2003-... (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Hate Crew Deathroll-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Children of Bodom-Hate Crew Deathroll-Advanced Ltd.Ed.-2003-AMRC INT (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Hate Crew Deathroll-Limited-2003-SER (Metal)
Children of Bodom-Live in Hamburg-Bootleg-2003-grmg (Metal)
Children of Bodom-Something Wild (Deluxe Edition)-2002-DMG (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Youre Better Off Dead-CDS-2002-ser (Metal)
Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Chimaira-Army of Me-(Demo)-2003-SDC (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossibility Of Reason (UK Bonus Track)-2003-SDC (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossibility Of Reason (UK Import)-2003-iRO (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossibility Of Reason-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossibility of Reason-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossiblity Of Reason-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossiblity Of Reason-UK Bonus Track-2003-SDC (Metal)
Chinchilla-The Last Millenium-(Promo)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Choleric-3 Song Ep-2002-aPC (Metal)
Christian Death--Lover of Sin-2002-UBE (Metal)
Chronic Bliss-Dos-2003-gF (Metal)
Circled Son-Circled Son-2002-hXc (Metal)
Cities of Sleep-Fearsuicidelife-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Clawfinger - Zeros And Heroes (Bonus Tracks)-Ltd.Ed.-2003-WLM (Metal)
Cloven Hoof-Cloven Hoof-Reissue with Bonus-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Clown-Circus Trash Machine-2002-RNS (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Dark Days (Bonus Tracks Fix)-2002-TWCMP3 (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Dark Days (Bonus Tracks)-2002-TWCMP3 (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Dark Days-2002-DeBT iNT (Metal)
coal chamber-dark days-2002-dnr (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Dark Sides from Dark Days (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
coal chamber-giving the devil his due-2003-dnr (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Giving The Devil His Due-2003-PMS (Metal)
Cold Summer Society-4 Song (Demo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cold-Year of the Spider DVDA-2003-SDC (Metal)
Coldplay-shiver-svcd-2003-mVz (Metal)
Colp-Submissive-2003-KzT (Metal)
Comeback Kid-Live at EHCP 10 (11-08)-(Bootleg)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Concept - Reason and Truth (Jap. Ed.)-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Concubine-Laughter Days-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Consortium Project III - Terra Incognita (the Undiscovered World)-2003... (Metal)
Construcdead-Repent-Promo-2002-BERC (Metal)
Construcdead-Violadead-(Digipak)-2003-PMS (Metal)
Control Human Delete - Error Spectre-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Corn On Macabre-Chapters I And II-2002-iTS (Metal)
Cornbugs-Rest Home For Robots-WEB-2003-COURAGE (Metal)
Cornerstone-Human Stain-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Corporal Raid-Xenophilism-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Corrosif-Join Us-2003-JUST (Metal)
Corrupted And Infaust-Split EP-2002-COR (Metal)
Costa Cake House-Lighting Up the Night Sky-2002-rH (Metal)
Costas Cake House-Costas Cake House-2002-rH (Metal)
Costas Cake House-Lighting Up the Night Sky-2002-rH (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Damnation and A Day-2003-GRM (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Damnation and A Day-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Live Bait for the Dead-2CD-2002-GRM (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-Live Bait For The Dead-2CD-2002-H4X iNT (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Lovecraft and Witch Hearts-2CD-2002-GRM (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Lycanthropy Mix-2002-GRM (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-PanDaemonAeon And BonusCD-Russian Import-2002-BERC (Metal)
Crash-The Massive Crush-2003-PMS (Metal)
Crazy Town - Darkhorse-Promo-2002-FSP (Metal)
Cripple Bastards-Desperately Insensitive-2003-BERC (Metal)
Cronos-Rules-ES-2003-GRW (Metal)
Cruachan - Folk-Lore-promo-2002-nme (Metal)
Cry of Distress-Cry of Distress-DEMO-CDR-2003-gF (Metal)
Cryogenic - Parsifal 21-CD-2003-DAW (Metal)
Cryonic Temple-Blood Guts and Glory-(Ltd Ed-Digipak)-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Cryonic Temple-Chapter One-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Cryptopsy-None So Vile-2002-BYK (Metal)
Crystal Ball - Virtual Empire-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Crystal Eyes-Vengeance Descending-2003-GRM (Metal)
Cue Estey-3-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cult Of Luna-The Beyond-2003-DNR (Metal)
Cult of Luna-The Beyond-Promo-2002-VIC (Metal)
Curfew-Delusional Thought-2002-PMS (Metal)
Curl Up and Die-We May Be Through with the Past-Track Fix-READ NFO-200... (Metal)
Curse Of The Golden Vampires-Mass Destruction-2003-FNT (Metal)
Cyanotic-Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy-2003-SDC (Metal)
Cynicon-Cybernetic-Retail-2003-ESC (Metal)
D-fact - Cas-WEB-SI-2002-KNOWN (Metal)
Dagoba-Dagoba-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Dagoba-Self-Titled-2003-SFA (Metal)
Damien Rice-Acoustic on Radio 21-2003-JUST (Metal)
Damien Rice-Canonball-PROMO-CDS-2003-aPC (Metal)
Danzig-777 I Luciferi (Retail)-2002-aPC (Metal)
Danzig-777 I Lucifieri-Promo-2002-ViLE (Metal)
Danzig-I Luciferi-2002-iRO (Metal)
Dark Age - The Silent Republic-Retail-2002-QTXmp3 (Metal)
Dark Age-Remonstrations-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dark At Dawn--Of Decay And Desire-2003-UBE (Metal)
Dark at Dawn-Of Decay and Desire-2003-GRM (Metal)
Dark Day Rising-Underworlds Dreams-2002-bGV (Metal)
Dark Lunacy-Forget Me Not-2003-FFF (Metal)
Dark Moor - Between Light And Darkness-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dark Moor - Dark Moor-cd-2003-daw (Metal)
dark moor - in hell-promo-cdm-(ltd edition to 1000 copies)-2003-amrc (Metal)
Dark Moor-Dark Moor-2003-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
Dark Moor-Gates of Oblivion-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Moor-Gates of Oblivion-Retail With Bonus-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Moor-In Hell-Promo-CDM-(Ltd Edition To 1000 Copies)-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Moor-The Gates Of Oblivion-2002-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
Dark Quarterer-Violence-2002-GRM (Metal)
Dark Sky - Edge of Time-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity--Live Damage-(Bonus Material)-DVDA-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity--Live Damage-Proper-DVDA-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Damage Done-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Damage Done-2002-GRM (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Damage Done-2002-iRO (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Damage Done-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-PROPER-2002-BERC (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Live Damage-(Bonus Material)-DVDA-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Live Damage-Proper-DVDA-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-The Minds I-(Import)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Darkane-Expanding Senses-Promo-2002-EVIGHET (Metal)
Darkest Hour-Hidden Hands of A Sadist Nation-2003-GRM (Metal)
Darkfall-Firebreed-MCD-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Darkmoon-Black Domain-MCD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Darkness over Depth-Darkness over Depth-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Darksound - Irresponsible Optimism-2003-FKK (Metal)
Darkstyle-Whispering Wnoices-MCD-2003-gF (Metal)
Dashboard Confessional-A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar-UK Bonus Tracks... (Metal)
Dashboard Confessional-Far From Home Movies-(DVDA)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dave Martone-A Demons Dream-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dawn of Winter-Doomcult Performance-Vinyl-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Daycore-Unconscience-EP-2002-GRW (Metal)
Daylight Dies - Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival-2003-ViC (Metal)
Daylight Dies--No Reply-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Daysend-Severance-RETAIL-2003-ICE (Metal)
Daze-Fresh Red-2003-BUTT (Metal)
De Facto-Empireum-HU-2003-gF (Metal)
Dead Soul Tribe-A Murder Of Crows-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Dead Soul Tribe-Dead Soul Tribe-2002-EGO (Metal)
Dead to Fall-Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces-2002-GRM (Metal)
Deadsy-Commencement-Limited Edition US-Retail-2002-CSR (Metal)
Deadweight-Weightless (Promo)-2003-KzT (Metal)
Deathstars-P3 Live SAMA Gothenburg-2002-ATM (Metal)
Deathstars-Syndrome-CDS-2002-wAx (Metal)
Deathstars-synthetic generation-2002-ss (Metal)
Deathstars-Synthetic Generation-REISSUE-2003-ESC (Metal)
Deathstars-Synthetic Generation-Retail-2002-eyeserse (Metal)
Deceased-Zombie Hymns-2002-BERC (Metal)
Deconstruct-Sign of Things to Come-Promo-EP-2003-PMS (Metal)
Deepdown-Insideout (Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Defenestration - Ray Zero-2003-FKK (Metal)
Defleshed-Royal Straight Flush-Japanese Retail-2002-BERC (Metal)
Deforge - Freedom Release-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Deformity-Superior-(Retail)-CD-2002-ALXT (Metal)
Deftones-Bloody Cape-(CDS)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Deftones-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
Deftones-Rare Tracks-2002-SSP (Metal)
Deicide-Best Of-2003-pH (Metal)
Delight-Eternity-2002-PMS (Metal)
Demental-Tales Of Alienation-2003-UTP (Metal)
Demon - British Standard Approved-Remastered-2002-FFI (Metal)
Demon Hunter - Demon Hunter-2002-NER INT (Metal)
Demon Hunter-Demon Hunter-2002-EOS (Metal)
Demon Hunter-Demon Hunter-2002-NER INT (Metal)
Demon Hunter-Demon Hunter-2002-TIN (Metal)
Demon-Hold on to the Dream-Remastered-2002-FFI (Metal)
Demons Of Dirt-Killer Engine-2002-ViC (Metal)
Denigrate-Dismal Euphoria-2003-SER (Metal)
Depswa-Two Angels And A Dream-Retail-2003-CSR (Metal)
Der Kaiser Der Narren-Indifference-FR-2003-hXc (Metal)
Descend-Sunflow-2003-gF (Metal)
Desolate Ways-Eternal Dreams-2003-BERC (Metal)
Despised Icon-Consumed By Your Poison-Promo-2002-AMRC iNT (Metal)
Destroyer 666-Of Wolves Women And War-Ltd.Ed.-Ep-2002-ss (Metal)
Destroyer of Cunts-Congenitalized-Nikudorei-3 Way Noise Grind-Split-20... (Metal)
Devildriver - Devildriver-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Devildriver-Devildriver-Advance-2003-ViC (Metal)
Devildriver-Devildriver-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution-2003-EOS (Metal)
Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution-2CD-Special Edition-2003-FSM (Metal)
Devin Townsend-Accelerated Evolution (Digipak)-2CD-2003-iRO (Metal)
Devin Townsend-Terria (Korean Reissue)-2CD-2003-iRO (Metal)
Devolve-Prosthetic Emotions-Sampler-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Diablo-Renaissance-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter-Allegro Barbaro with Bonus-Digipak-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter-Soft And Stronger With Bonus-Digipak-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Different World-Truth-2002-FFF (Metal)
Digital Knife-Mini Van Nation-2003-gF (Metal)
Dimension F3H-Reaping The World Winds-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Diminished-Your Heart Engraved These Messages-(Demo)-WEB-2003-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Death Cult Armageddon-(Digipak)-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
Din Umbra-Din Umbra-RO-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Dionysus-Sign of Truth-(Japanese Release with Bonus)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Disarmonia Mundi-Nebularium-(Ltd.Ed.)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Discharge-Discharge-2002-RNS (Metal)
Discordance Axis-Pikadourei-DVDA-2003-iTS (Metal)
Disengaged-The Ocean-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Disfear - Misanthropic Generation-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Disgrace By Design - From The Ashes-2003-ViC (Metal)
Disharmonic Orchestra-Ahead-Retail-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Disillusion-Three Neuron Kings-EP-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Dismal-Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Dispensing of False Halos-With Prayers and A Scalpel-2003-PMS (Metal)
Dissection-Storm Of The Lights Bane-Where Dead Angels Lie-(Remastered ... (Metal)
Disturbed - Believe-REATAIL DVDA-2002-AAF (Metal)
Disturbed - Remember-CDM-2002-WLM (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe Street Team Sampler-2002-SGE (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe-2002-Retail-H4X iNT (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe-Limited Edition-2002-EOS (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe-Retail-DVDA-2002-aAF (Metal)
Disturbed-Liberate-SVCD-2003-PMSVCD (Metal)
Disturbed-Prayer (UK CDS1)-2002-SSR (Metal)
Disturbed-Prayer (UK CDS2)-2002-SSR (Metal)
Disturbed-Remember UKCDM 2-2003-FNT (Metal)
DIV-Oboroten-Reissue-RU-2003-GRW (Metal)
DIV-Zabytyi Geroy (Ballady)-RU-2003-GRW (Metal)
Divercia - Modus Operandi-Promo-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Divercia-Modus Operandi-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Divine Decay-Maximize The Misery-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Divine Souls-The Bitter Selfcaged Man-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dixie Chicks - Top of the World Tour-2CD-Live-2003-SOP INT (Metal)
Dog Fashion Disco-Committed to A Bright Future-(Advance)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Dog Fashion Disco-Committed to a Bright Future-Ltd.Ed.-2003-SFA (Metal)
Domain-The Sixth Dimension-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Domine-Emperor of the Black Runes-Japanese Release-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Doomstone-Without Prayer-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Doomsword-Let Battle Commence-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Doomsword-Resound the Horn-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-(Retail)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-2003-HHI (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-Advance-2003-ESC (Metal)
Doro - Fight-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-2002-FKK (Metal)
Doro - Fuer Immer-DVD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Doro - Fuer Immer-DVD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Doro-Fuer Immer-DVD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Down in a Hole-Alone in Paradise-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Down-Down II A Bustle In Your Hedgerow-2002-iRO (Metal)
Down-Down II-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Down-Down II-2002-PMS (Metal)
Down-II A Bustle In Your Hedgerow-2002-EOS (Metal)
Down-II A Bustle In Your Hedgerow-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
Down-Live from HOB Chicago 0511-2002-PMS (Metal)
Downfall-My Last Prayer-2002-SER (Metal)
Downthesun-Downthesun-2002-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Draconian--Where Lovers Mourn-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Draconian-Where Lovers Mourn-Retail-2003-WFL (Metal)
DRAGO-AGRO-Promo EP-DE-2002-KrbZ (Metal)
Dragon Lord-Dive-Ltd.Ed.-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonforce-Valley Of The Damned-(JP Edition)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Dragonforce-Valley Of The Damned-(JP Retail)-2003-JPM (Metal)
DragonForce-Valley of the Damned-2003-NHH INT (Metal)
Dragonforce-Valley Of The Damned-Promo-READ NFO-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonheart-Throne of the Alliance-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonland - Holy War (Jap. Ed)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Dragonland--Holy War-(Japanese Release With Bonus)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonland-Holy War-(Japanese Release with Bonus)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonland-Holy War-2002-eyeserse (Metal)
Dragonland-Holy Wars Bonus Songs-2002-eyeserse INT (Metal)
Dragons Eye-Screaming for Metal-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dream Evil - Children of the Night-EP-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Dream Evil--Evilized-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Dream Evil-Dragonslayer-Retail-2002-MAC INT (Metal)
Dream Theater - International Fanclub Album-CD-2003-QTXMP3 (Metal)
Dream Theater-Live In Verdun Quebec-0705-Bootleg-2003-PMS (Metal)
Dream Theater-Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence-2CD-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Dream Theater-Train of Thought-Proper-2003-SER (Metal)
Dreamtale-Beyond Reality-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dreamtale-Oceans Heart-Japanese Release-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Driven Assault-Get Out Clause-(Demo)-WEB-2003-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Dross-Confessions Of An Open Wrist-2003-PMS (Metal)
Drowning Pool-Tear Away-CDM-2002-TWCMP3 (Metal)
Dry Kill Logic-Rot-EP-2002-LMR (Metal)
Dukes Of Nothing-War And Wine-2002-FNT (Metal)
Dungeon-Rising Power-Commemorative Japanese Tour CD-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dusk-Jahilia-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Dust to Dust-Sick-Advance-2003-ESC (Metal)
Dying - The Truth is Inside-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Dying Dreams-Demo-WEB-2003-ALXT (Metal)
Dying Fetus-Stop At Nothing-2003-EOS (Metal)
Dying Tears-Spleen And Hope-2003-ViC (Metal)
Dysrhythmia-Pretest-2003-FNT (Metal)
E.Town Concrete - The Renaissance-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Each Passing Moment-Let Her Sleep No More-(EP)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Earshot-Letting Go-2002-PMS (Metal)
Earthride-Taming of the Demons-2002-FNT (Metal)
Earthtone9-Omega-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Edenbridge--Aphelion-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Edenbridge-Aphelion-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Edguy - Burning Down the Opera Live Promo-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Edguy-Burning Down The Opera-Live-2CD-2003-EOS (Metal)
Edguy-Burning Down The Opera-Live-2CD-Ltd Ed-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Ehbola Corp - Nuestros Dias-ES-2003-FKK (Metal)
Eidolon-Apostles of Defiance-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Eightfold Path-Timeandplace-2003-PMS (Metal)
Einherjer-Blot-2003-mwnd iNT (Metal)
Einherjer-Blot-Advance-2003-ESC (Metal)
Eisregen - Leichenlager-Reissue-DE-2003-CRUELTY (Metal)
El Caco-Solid Rest-2003-SFA (Metal)
El Ultimo Ke Zierre - Veneno-ES-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Elakelaiset - Pahvische 2002-HuMPPa (Metal)
Elakelaiset-katkolla humppa-CDS-FI-2003-ABA (Metal)
Electric Wizard-Let Us Prey-2002-dgs (Metal)
Elegy--Principles Of Pain-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Element Eighty - I-Retail-2002-FuS (Metal)
Element Eighty-Element Eighty-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Elias Viljanen-Taking The Lead-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Elisabetha Valhalla-Split-EP-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Elisabetha-Vampyr-DE-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Eluveitie-Ven-MCD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Embrace The End-Embrace The End-(Demo Bootleg)-WEB-2003-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Embraze-Katharsis-2002-SER (Metal)
Emil Bulls-Porcelain-(Advance)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Empty Canvas-Empty Canvas-2002-hXc (Metal)
Empyre Ravenhorst-Split-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Empyria - Sense of Mind-Ltd.Ed.-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Empyria-Sense of Mind-Limited Edition-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Empyrium-Drei Auszuege aus Weiland-EP-DE-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
En Garde-Forgotten Memories-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Endless-Perfect Message-2003-KzT (Metal)
Endo-Songs for the Restless-2003-BUTT (Metal)
enid-seelenspiegel-promo-2002-amrc (Metal)
Enshade-Endless Skyline RU-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Entombed-Inferno-2003-DNR (Metal)
Entombed-Skellefte Popstad Sweden 0209-READ NFO-2002-SGE (Metal)
Entombed-Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord-2CD-(Import)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Ephel Duath-Rephormula-2002-eyeserse (Metal)
Ephel Duath-The Painters Palette-ADVANCE-2003-ESC (Metal)
Epica - The Phantom Agony-CD-2003-QTXMP3 (Metal)
Eppu Normaali - Singlet 1978-1991-20CD-FI-2003-SOP INT (Metal)
Equilibrium-Demo 2003-Ltd.Ed.-Demo-2003-BERC (Metal)
Eradicate-Armageden-FR-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Erase the Grey-27 Days (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Error-2 Song Demo-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Estertor-Between Silence and Light-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Eternal Deformity-The Serpent Design-2002-PMS (Metal)
Eternal Flame-King Of the King-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Eternal Mourning - The Resident Sadness-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Eternal Reign-Crimes of Passion-2002-GRM (Metal)
Ethereal Pandemonium-Jesus Christ At Hell Com-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
Euthanasia--Ceremony Of Innocents-2002-ViC (Metal)
Evanescence-Bring Me To Life (CDS)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Evanescence-Fallen (Real Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Evanescence-Live Zenith Paris FRA (Oct-16-2003)-Bootleg-2003-FSP (Metal)
Evanescence-Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1 (2003)-WOS (Metal)
Evanescence-Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1-2003-WOS (Metal)
Even Vast - Outsleeping-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Evenfall-Cumbersome-PROMO-2002-EVIGHET (Metal)
Ever Since - Fight the Elements-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Evereve-Enetics-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Evergrey - Recreation Day-(6 93723 00252 1)-Limited Edition-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Evergrey - Recreation Day-Retail-2003-x3m (Metal)
Evergrey - The Dark Discovery-(3084022)-Reissue-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day (Bonus Track)-2003-KSi (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day-2003-iRO (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day-2003-SaR iNT (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Evil Engine 9-Evil Demos that Will Kill You-2002-PMS (Metal)
Evoked-Inside-2003-PMS (Metal)
Ewigheim - Mord Nicht Ohne Grund-CD-DE-2002-CRUELTYx iNT (Metal)
Ewigkeit-Land of Fog-2002-FFI (Metal)
Examination Of The.-The Whitest Of Tours-2003-KzT (Metal)
Exawatt-2k2-2002-DGN (Metal)
Excm-Hardcore Hatemetal INC-Promo-2003-hXc (Metal)
Exhibit A-No One-Nothing-2003-FNT (Metal)
Exhorder-Slaughter in the Vatican - The Law-2CD-(Reissue)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Exhorder-Slaughter In The Vatican-The Law-2CD-(Reissue)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Exit to Eternity-4 Track (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Exodus-War Is My Sheppard-(Limited Edition-EP)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Extol-Paralysis-Ep-2002-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Extol-Synergy-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Eyeless-When Shadows Seduce-EP-2002-GRM (Metal)
Eyes of Fire-Disintegrate-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Ezra Stone-The Horseman-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Faceless-Sampler-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Faction-Love Songs in the Key of I Fucking Hate You-2002-PMS (Metal)
FaiL-YeRZ - Demonstration-2002-FKK (Metal)
Fair to Midland-The Carbon Copy Silver Lining-2002-PMS (Metal)
Fairyland-Of Wars In Osyrhia-2003-ViC (Metal)
Falconer - Chapters From A Vale Forlorn (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Falconer--Chapters From A Vale Forlorn-2002-iRO (Metal)
Falconer-Chapters From A Vale Forlorn-(Promo)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Falconer-The Sceptre of Deception-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Falconer-The Sceptre of Deception-Retail-2003-NoMM INT (Metal)
Falkenbach--Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Falkenbach-Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Fall Of The Grey-Winged One-Death Time Emptiness-2003-ViC (Metal)
Fallen Angel-The Last Time I Was Roses-2003-PMS (Metal)
Fallen into Ashes-Solely Dreaming the Reconstruction of a Forgotten Re... (Metal)
Falling Cyrcle-The Conflict-2002-rH (Metal)
Falling Silence-Dogs Life-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Fatal Smile-Beyond Reality-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Fate - Fate-2002-FKK (Metal)
Fate Thirteen-Things Will Never Be the Way They Were Before-2003-PMS (Metal)
Fates Warning-Night On Broken-Remastered-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Fatima Hill-Aion-2002-GRW (Metal)
Fear Factory - Digital Connectivity-2002-PMS (Metal)
Fear Factory - Digital Connectivity-Promo-2002-PMS (Metal)
Fear Factory-Concrete-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Fear Factory-Concrete-Advance-2002-JUST (Metal)
Fear Factory-Digital Connectivity-Promo-2002-PMS (Metal)
Fear Factory-Hatefiles-2003-EOS (Metal)
Fear Factory-Hatefiles-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Fear Factory-Instrumentals-(Bootleg)-2003-MTD (Metal)
Fear My Thoughts-Vitriol-2002-rH (Metal)
Fear Thy Name-I-the Awakening-2002-phEAR (Metal)
Feathers Are Beautiful-The Silence Ends Here and Now-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Feeding-Diesel-FR-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Filter-The Amalgamut-2002-PMS (Metal)
Filth Tree-Filth Tree-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Final Ground-Rising To Fall-2003-gF (Metal)
Final Stand-Final Stand-CD-2003-D2H (Metal)
Finntroll-Visor Om Slutet-2003-SER (Metal)
Firewind - Between Heaven and Hell-2002-MMF INT (Metal)
Firewind-Burning Earth-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Firewind-Burning Earth-Retail-2003-HNH (Metal)
Fistula-Idiopathic-2003-hXc (Metal)
Five Pointe 0-Untitled-2002-aPC (Metal)
Five Pointe O-Untitled-2002-FIH INT (Metal)
Flag of Decay-Wounded and Broken-2003-FFF (Metal)
Flaming Sideburns - Flowers-CDS-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Flesh 77 - Spectral K-WEB-FR-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Fleshgrind-Murder Without End-2003-EOS (Metal)
Fleshpress - Bud Junkees-Split-2002-GRW (Metal)
Fleshpress-Fleshpress-CD-2003-COR (Metal)
Flitter - Mirarhaciadentro-ES-2003-FKK (Metal)
Flydust-Crawl-2003-FNT (Metal)
FM2000-Ruumis Vasara-FI-DEMO-CDR-FLAC-2002-mwnd (Metal)
For My Pain-Fallen-2003-SER (Metal)
Forceed-Forceed-2003-PMS (Metal)
forefather-deep into time-reissue-2002-vic (Metal)
Forest Stream--Tears of Mortal Solitude-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Forest Stream-Tears of Mortal Solitude-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Forever I Burn-The Tragedy Dialogs-2003-KSi (Metal)
Forgetting Tomorrow-Visions of Clarity (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Forgive-Me-Not-Behind-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Forlorn--Hybernation-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Forty Three-Narrow Logic EP-2002-FNT (Metal)
Fozzy-Happenstance (Retail)-2002-WHOA (Metal)
Fozzy-Happenstance-2002-DNR (Metal)
Fracture--Masters of Women Leaders of Men-2002-OMA (Metal)
Frankenbok-Blood Oath-Retail-2003-ICE (Metal)
Fremen Project-The Aims Vol. 1-CDR-2002-D2H (Metal)
Freternia-A Nightmare Story-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Frontside- And Forgive Us Our Sins-Advance-2003-PMS (Metal)
Frontside- I Odpusc Nam Nasze Winy-PL-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
Frozen Tears-Sviat Oshte Nesazdaden-2002-ViC (Metal)
Frusthatred-Undertone-Promo-2002-hXc (Metal)
Fuck the Facts-No Refund-Mermaid in A Manhole-the Great One (3 Way Spl... (Metal)
Funeral-In Fields of Pestilent Grief-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Funny - One Sick Year-WEB-2002-KNOWN (Metal)
Furia-Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang-2003-ViC (Metal)
Gadrel-To Cherish A Falsity-2002-BUTT (Metal)
gaia epicus - satrap-2003-amrc (Metal)
Gaias Pendulum-Vite-Reissue-2003-GRW (Metal)
Galactus 77-Launch Orbit Land Repeat-2002-TFS (Metal)
Galadriel-From Ashes And Dust-Promo-2002-ViC (Metal)
galneryus-the flag of punishment-2003-amrc (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Powerplant-(Remastered Ltd Edition With Bonus)-2002-SMP3 iNT (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Sigh No More-(Remastered Ltd Edition With Bonus)-2002-SMP3... (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Skeletons in the Closet Live-2CD-Proper-2003-FKK (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Powerplant-Remastered-Ltd.Edition-2002-SaR (Metal)
Gammadion-Zemsta Ofiar-2003-FFF (Metal)
Ganon-Self-Titled-2003-iTS (Metal)
Gary Hughes-Once and Future King Part I-2003-CiA (Metal)
Gary Hughes-Once and Future King Part II-2003-CiA (Metal)
Gary Moore - Have Some Moore 1-2CD-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Gazzoleen-Tinybears-The Night Edition-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Genital Grinders - Genital Grinders-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Genocide SS-Queen of the Death Camp Hop-Ltd.Ed.-EP-2002-BERC (Metal)
Genocide Superstars-Superstar Destroyer-Promo-2003-PMS (Metal)
Glass Casket-We Are Gathered Here Today-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Glassjaw-Live Acoustic at the Apple Store in NYC-(05.02.03)-2003-BJM (Metal)
Glassjaw-Live on Rockline-2002-RTM (Metal)
Glassjaw-Worship and Tribute (Proper Advance)-2002-aPC (Metal)
Glittertind-Mellom Bakkar Og Berg-NO-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Glos Prawdy-W Objeciach Systemu-2002-FFF (Metal)
God Forbid-Better Days-EP-2003-CSR (Metal)
God Forbid-Reject The Sickness-(Remastered)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Godare-Odys Call-2003-PMS (Metal)
Godnightdream-Ripens of the Moon-2003-BERC (Metal)
Godsmack-I Stand Alone-CDM-2002-iDX (Metal)
Godsmack-I Stand Alone-CDS-2002-GRAVEWISH iNT (Metal)
Godsmack-Promo-CD-2003-ALDi (Metal)
Godsmack-Straight Out Of Line-CDM-2003-3G (Metal)
Godsmack-Straight Out Of Line-CDS-2003-ESC (Metal)
Gojira-The Link-Proper-2003-GRM (Metal)
Gorelord-Zombie Suicide Part666-(Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Grail-Beyond Salvation-EP-2003-PMS (Metal)
Grand Magus-Monument-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Grave Digger-Masterpieces-2CD-Ltd.Ed. Digipak Inc Bonus DVDA-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Grave Digger-Rheingold-Ltd Ed-Digipak-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Graves at Sea-Documents of Grief-2003-FNT (Metal)
Great Sorrow-Why-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Great White - Revisiting Familiar Waters-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Green Carnation-A Blessing In Disguise-ADVANCE-2003-ESC (Metal)
Grey Skies Fallen-Tomorrows in Doubt-2002-iTS (Metal)
Griffin-No Holds Barred-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Grimfist-Ghouls of Grandeur-(Advance)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Gryp-Gryp (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Gun Barrel-Battle-Tested-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Gurd-Encounter-2003-ViC (Metal)
Gutter Sirens-Memory Analysis-2003-FFF (Metal)
Halford-Crucible (Real US Retail)-2002-aPC (Metal)
Halford-Crucible (Remastered)-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Halford-God of Pain-Bootleg-2003-GORE (Metal)
Hamlet-Directo-(LM118)-ES-2CD-2003-FREGON INT (Metal)
Hammerfall-Crimson Thunder-2002-DOM (Metal)
Hammerfall-Crimson Thunder-2002-PMS (Metal)
Hammerfall-Glory to the Brave-Deluxe Edition-2003-AMRC (Metal)
HammerFall-Hearts On Fire-(CDM)-2002-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
hammerfall-hearts on fire-cdm-2002-heinmp3 (Metal)
Hammerfall-Live In Gothenburg 02-20-03-Bootleg-2003-ViC (Metal)
Hammerfall-Malmoe Baltiskan 2003-02-24-2003-eyeserse (Metal)
Hammerfall-One Crimson Night-2CD-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Hammerfall-The Templar Renegade Crusades DVD Bonus Disc-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Hammergun-Texas-2002-FFF (Metal)
Hammers Of Misfortune-The August Engine-retail-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Hangmen-Rottweiler-EP-2002-rH (Metal)
Haste-The Mercury Lift-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Hate-Cains Way-2002-RNS (Metal)
Hatebreed-Live form Corona CA-(Bootleg)-2003-OSC (Metal)
Hatebreed-Perseverance-Retail-2002-CSR (Metal)
Hatefighthate-Masada-2003-PMS (Metal)
Hatred - Dark Trauma-Digipak-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Head Cleaner-Intellectual Oxygenation-2003-hXc (Metal)
Headshot - Diseased-Limited Edition-CD-2003-DAW (Metal)
Headstrong-Headstrong-2002-aPC (Metal)
Heaven Shall Burn-In Battle There is No Law-2002-DVT (Metal)
Heavenblast-Heavenblast-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Heavens Cry - Primal Power Addiction-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Heavens Cry - Primal Power Addiction-Promo-2002-QTXMP3 (Metal)
Heavens Gate-Menergy-(Reissue)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Hed Planet Earth-Blackout-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Hed Planet Earth-Blackout-Australian Retail-2003-CSR (Metal)
Hedfirst-Hedfirst-Advance-2003-PMS (Metal)
Heimdall--The Almighty-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Hell-Born-The Call of Megiddo-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Hellblock 6-Nuclear Age-Advance-2003-SDR (Metal)
Hellion-Will Not Go Quietly-2003-AMRC (Metal)
helloween-rabbit dont come easy-advance retail-2003-amrc (Metal)
Helloween-Rabbit Dont Come Easy-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Herod-Execution Protocol-2002-iTS (Metal)
Hevein-Fear is only Human-demo-2003-hed (Metal)
Hexxed - Transgression-MCD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Hidden-Spectral Magnitude-2002-ViC (Metal)
High Tone Son Of A Bitch-Better You Than Me-CDM-2003-hXc (Metal)
Highlord-Breath of Eternity-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Him-Love Metal-(Limited Edition)-2003-DNR (Metal)
HIM-Love Metal-2003-ITmp3 (Metal)
HIM-Love Metal-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
HIM-The Single Collection-10CD-2002-SER (Metal)
Himsa-Courting Tragedy And Disaster-(Proper Retail)-2003-LUPUS (Metal)
Himsa-Courting Tragedy and Disaster-Promo-2003-PMS (Metal)
Hin Onde-Shades Of Solstice-Retail-2003-gF (Metal)
Holy Knight-Gate Through The Past-(Japanese Release)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Holy Moses-Disorder of the Order-Promo-2002-BERC (Metal)
Holy Mother - Agoraphobia-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Holy Mother - Toxic Rain-Reissue-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Hoobastank-Hoobastank-(Retail)-UK-2002-TMN (Metal)
Hostile Groove-Unleash The Massattack-2003-PMS (Metal)
Hotwire-The Routine (Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Hrossharsgrani-Schattenkrieger-2003-ViC (Metal)
Hu-T-Still-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Human Fortress - Defenders of the Crown-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Human Fortress-Defender of the Crown-Japanese Release-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Humanimal-Humanimal-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Hypokras-Dead And Hungry-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
I Wish-Earth is Dying-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
iced earth - burnt offerings-remastered-2002-vic (Metal)
Iced Earth - Night of the Stormrider - The Melancholy E.P-Remastered-2... (Metal)
Iced Earth - The Reckoning-Retail-CDS-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings-Remastered-2002-ViC (Metal)
Iced Earth-The Reckoning-Promo-CDS-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Ichabod-Let the Bad Times Roll-2002-iTS (Metal)
Idola Tribus-Screams Of Love Anger And Pain-2003-hXc (Metal)
Ill Nino-Confession-(Japanese Import)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Ill Nino-Confession-RETAIL-2003-REP (Metal)
Ill Nino-How Can I Live-(CDS)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Ill Nino-Revolution Revolucion (Digipak)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Ill Nino-Revolution Revolucion-Reissue Digipak-2002-DVT (Metal)
Ill Nino-Revolution Revolucion-Reissue-2002-EOS (Metal)
Immortal Souls-Ice Upon The Night-2003-iTS (Metal)
Impure-Doorless-2002-FFF (Metal)
In Flames-Live in Gothenburg-2003-groz (Metal)
In Flames-Reroute To Remain-2002-HQ (Metal)
In Flames-The Jester Race - Black Ash Inheritance-(Remastered 2 on 1)-... (Metal)
In Flames-The Jester Race-Black-Ash Inheritance-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
In Flames-Trigger (EP)-2003-PMS (Metal)
In Flames-Whoracle Deluxe Edition-Retail-2002-FBS (Metal)
In Mourning-Need-Demo-2003-LMR (Metal)
In Mourning-Senseless-Demo-2002-LMR (Metal)
In the Shade of Tomorrow-Dawn of Awakening-Darwin-Untitled-Split-2002-B2R (Metal)
Indestroy-Indestroy-2002-RNS (Metal)
Inhuman-The New Nightmare-AF0028CD-Retail-2003-WUS (Metal)
Insania-Fantasy-Japanese Release with Bonus-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Insignificant-Remorse is Sweet Nonetheless-2003-KSi (Metal)
Insomnium--In The Halls Of Awaiting-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Insomnium-In The Halls Of Awaiting-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Instigator Of Grief--But Someone Still Plays-2002-ViC (Metal)
Into Eternity-Dead Or Dreaming (Retail)-2002-KzT (Metal)
Ion Dissonance-.357-Advance-EP-2003-FNT (Metal)
Ion Dissonance-Breathing Is Irrelevant-2003-RNS (Metal)
Ir8 Vs Sexoturica-Split-2003-ViC (Metal)
Iran Maiden - Visions of the Beast-DVD-2CD-2003-XCell (Metal)
IRATE-IRATE-2003-FNT (Metal)
Iron Clad-Lost In A Dream-2002-aPC (Metal)
Iron Kind - Voodooshock-Lord of Evil - Cordial Vicinity-Split EP-Vinyl... (Metal)
IRON MAIDEN - Dance of Death-(Retail)-2003-CRock (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Rainmaker-CDS-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Rainmaker-DVD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Visions of the Beast-DVD-2CD-2003-XCell (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Visions of the Beast-DVD-2CD-DIRFIX-INFOFIX-2003-XCell (Metal)
iron maiden-dance of death-2003-rns (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Live at Waldrock-2CD-2003-PoS (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Rock in Rio-2CD-2002-eNT iNT (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Rock In Rio-2CD-2002-EOS (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Rock in Rio-2CD-2002-INT-GORE (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Run To The Hills CD3-CDM-2002-DMG (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Visions of the Beast-2CD-DVDA-2003-BVME (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Visions Of The Beast-2DVD-(DVDA)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Wildest Dreams-CDS-2003-SSR (Metal)
Iron Savior-Condition Red-Japan Edition-2002-GRM (Metal)
Iron Savior-Condition Red-Ltd Edition Advanced Copy-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Ironsword - Ironsword-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Ironware-Break Out-2003-FLEGMON (Metal)
ISIS-New Haven CT 6-23-Live-2002-iTS (Metal)
Isis-Oceanic-2002-ALW (Metal)
Isis-Oceanic-Advance-2002-iTS (Metal)
Isis-The Mosquito Control and the Red Sea 2CD Jap Import-2002-iTS (Metal)
Isis-The Mosquito Control And The Red Sea-2CD-Jap Import-2002-iTS (Metal)
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Hallanvaara-FI-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
J - Igniter 081-JP-2002-oNePiEcE (Metal)
J.B.O. - Rosa Armee Fraktion-CD-DE-2002-MOD (Metal)
jag panzer-decade of the nail spiked bat-2cd-retail-2003-amrc (Metal)
Jan Smit-Op Eigen Benen-NL-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Jason Becker-The Blackberry Jams-2002-EOS (Metal)
Jerry Cantrell-Degradation Trip-(Advance)-2002-aPC (Metal)
Jimmy Eat World-Sessions At AOL 08-26-02-2002-pH INT (Metal)
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Conquer and Divide-2002-AMRC (Metal)
joe stump-armed and ready-2003-amrc (Metal)
Joey Ramone-Joeys Last Show-Bootleg-2002-gF (Metal)
Jorge Salan - The Utopian Sea of Clouds-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
judas priest - deliverin the goods-retail-2003-ice (Metal)
Judas Priest-032502 Neu Isenburg Germany-2002-0MNi (Metal)
Judas Priest-Deliverin the Goods-RETAIL-2003-ICE (Metal)
Judas Priest-Live In London-2CD-2003-AM INT (Metal)
Judas Priest-Painkiller-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Judas Priest-Ram It Down-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Judas Priest-Turbo-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Judas Priest-Washington DC 0217-Bootleg-2002-PMS (Metal)
Just Went Black-Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World-(7inch)-2003-... (Metal)
Kadenzza-Into The Oriental Phantasma-Promo-2003-aAF (Metal)
Kaizen-Clear The Path-2003-ViC (Metal)
Kaledon-Chapter 1 the Destruction-2002-GRM (Metal)
Kaledon-Chapter 2 the Kings Rescue-2003-GRM (Metal)
Kaledon-Legend of the Forgotten Reign Part 2 the Kings Rescue-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Kalmah-Swampsong-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Kalmah-Swampsong-Japanese Release-2003-iTS (Metal)
Kalmah-They Will Return-2002-EOS (Metal)
Kamelot - Epica-Ltd Ed Digi-2003-DMG (Metal)
Kamelot-Epica-Ltd Ed Digi-2003-DMG (Metal)
Kamelot-epica-promo-2003-amrc (Metal)
Karma-Inside the Eyes-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Katatonia - Viva Emptiness-2003-kispatak (Metal)
Katatonia-Ghost of the Sun-Promo-EP-2003-FFI (Metal)
Katatonia-Tonights Decision-Reissue-2003-BERC INT (Metal)
Katatonia-Viva Emptiness-2003-DNR (Metal)
Katatonia-Viva Emptiness-2003-iNT-GORE (Metal)
Katatonia-Viva Emptiness-Promo-2003-RDA (Metal)
Kayo Dot-Choirs Of The Eye-2003-FFF (Metal)
Kekal And Slechtvalk-Chaos And Warfare-Split CD-2002-ViC (Metal)
Kekal-1000 Thoughts Of Violence-(Retail)-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Khanate-Live WFMU 04 13 02-Tour CDR-2002-hXc (Metal)
Khanate-No Joy-Remix 12 Inch-2003-gF (Metal)
Khanate-Things Viral-2003-BUTT (Metal)
khanate-things viral-retail-2003-dsr (Metal)
Khang-Worship the Evil-2002-FFF (Metal)
Killaman - Killaman-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Killer - Broken Silence-(READ NFO)-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Killing Mode-Maximum Hostility Level-Promo-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Killswitch Engage-Alive or Just Breathing-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Killswitch Engage-Alive Or Just Breathing-2002-EOS (Metal)
Killwhitneydead-Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet-2002-ALW (Metal)
Kilpi-Sahkonsinista Sinfoniaa-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Kingcrow - Insider-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
KISS - Live In Tokyo Budokan Hall - 03-11-2CD-Bootleg-2003-KaTS (Metal)
KISS-Alive IV-2CD-(Digipak)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Kittie-Safe-EP-2002-SGE (Metal)
Klimt 1918-Undressed Momento-2003-ViC (Metal)
Korn - Go Fuck Yourself-Promo-CDR-2003-TN (Metal)
Korn - L.A.P.D-Bootleg-2002-PoS (Metal)
Korn-Did My Time-UKCDM-2003-GTi (Metal)
Korn-Freaked Out And Mixed Up-Bootleg-2002-DGN (Metal)
Korn-Here to Stay AUS-CDM-2002-CSR (Metal)
Korn-Live In Mexico-2002-BawNET INT (Metal)
Korn-Make Me Bad - the Remixes-(Ltd.Ed. EP)-2003-LiT iNT (Metal)
Korn-Rare Tracks-2CD-2003-SSP (Metal)
Korn-Right Now-EXPLICIT-CDS-2003-REP (Metal)
Korn-Take A Look In The Mirror-(Digipak)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Korn-Take A Look in the Mirror-2003-AoN INT (Metal)
Korn-Thoughtless Re-Mixes-(CDS)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Korn-Untouchables (Limited Edition)-2CD-2002-iRO (Metal)
Korn-Untouchables-E RETAIL-2002-THR (Metal)
Korpiklaani--Spirit of the Forest-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Kotipelto - Waiting for the Dawn (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Kotipelto--Waiting for the Dawn-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Kotipelto-Waiting For The Dawn-2002-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus - Helvetista Itaan-CD-FI-2003-SOP INT (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus - Kuolleen Kukan Nimi-CD-FI-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Helvetista Itaan-CDS-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Helvetista Itaan-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Kuolleen Kukan Nimi-FI-2002-KALEVALA INT (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Mina Olen-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Mina Olen-MCD-FI-2003-KALEVALA INT (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Plus Miinus 0-EP-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Rakastaa Ei Rakasta-CDS-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Routa Ei Lopu (On Ilmoja Pidelly)-CDM-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Kotiteollisuus-Vuonna Yksi ja Kaksi-CDS-FI-2002-PUUHAMP3 (Metal)
Kro-Manyon-Epikriz-Reissue-RU-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Krux-Krux-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Labyrinth-Labyrinth-2003-RETAiL-TFA (Metal)
Labyrinth-Labyrinth-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Lake of Tears-Sorcerers-CDS-2003-TTC INT (Metal)
Lake Of Tears-Sorcerers-Natalie And The Fireflies-2002-NMS (Metal)
Lake Of Tears-The Neonai-2002-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Lake Of Tears-The Neonai-Retail-2002-DSR (Metal)
Lamb Of God-As The Palaces Burn-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Lamb Of God-As The Palaces Burn-2003-pH (Metal)
Lamb Of God-As The Palaces Burn-Retail-2003-FH (Metal)
Lamb Of God-Live At The Backroom 0315-Bootleg-2002-ICE (Metal)
Lars Eric Mattsson-Power Games-2003-GRM (Metal)
Last Tribe-Witch Dance-2002-CRock (Metal)
Lethery-Lethery-CDR-EP-2002-GRW (Metal)
Light Is The Language-The Void Falls Silent-EP-2002-UTP iNT (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Behind Blue Eyes-CDS-2003-FMC (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-(JAP Import)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Linkin Park-American West Arena in Phoenix AZ (02.20.02)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Linkin Park-Live In Montreal Quebec-0720-Bootleg-2003-PMS (Metal)
Linkin Park-Meteora-2003-INT-DDZ (Metal)
Lock Up-Hate Breeds Suffering-2002-EOS (Metal)
Locked In A Vacancy-Ethos-(EP)-WEB-2002-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Lok-Blastrad Levande-2003-Skrot (Metal)
Lok-Ut Ur Diskot Och In I Verkligheten-2002-End (Metal)
Lollipop Lust Kill-My So Called Knife-2002-RNS (Metal)
Lost Horizon - A Flame To the Ground Beneath-Promo-2003-WLM (Metal)
Lost Horizon--A Flame To The Ground Beneath-2003-Chaleko (Metal)
Lost Horizon-A Flame to the Ground Beneath-2003-GRM (Metal)
Lostprophets-The Fake Sound Of Progress-Machinemix-CDS-2002-SGE (Metal)
Loudness- Biosphere-2002-PRW INT (Metal)
Loudness-Thunder in the East-Remastered-2003-AMRC (Metal)
luca turilli - demonheart-promo-ep-2002-qtxmp3 (Metal)
luca turilli - prophet of the last eclipse-promo-2002-amrc (Metal)
Luca Turilli-Demonheart-EP-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Luca Turilli-Demonheart-Promo-EP-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Luca Turilli-Prophet Of The Last Eclipse-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Luca Turilli-Prophet of the Last Eclipse-Ltd..-Digipak-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Luca Turilli-Prophet of the Last Eclipse-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Lullacry - Crucify My Heart-2003-SOP INT (Metal)
Lullacry-Crucify My Heart-Retail-2003-iTS (Metal)
Lullacry-Dont Touch The Flame-CDS-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Lullacry-Dont Touch The Flame-CDS-2003-SER (Metal)
Lumsk-Aasmund Fraegdegjevar-NO-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Lumsk-Aasmund Fregdegjaevar-ADVANCE-NO-2003-ESC (Metal)
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Lyve The Vicious Cycle Tour-DVD-2003-LzY INT (Metal)
m.o.d.-the rebel you love to hate-2003-amrc (Metal)
Macabre-Murder Metal-Promo-2003-SS (Metal)
Machine Head - Through the Ashes of Empires-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Machine Head - Through The Ashes Of Empires-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Machine Head - Throught the Ashes of Empires-Advance-2003-FKK (Metal)
Machine Head-Through The Ashes Of Empires-(2CD)-2003-ALW (Metal)
Machine Head-Through the Ashes of Empires-Retail-2003-FH (Metal)
Machine Men-Scars And Wounds-2003-RDA (Metal)
Magnus Uggla-Klassiska Masterverk-2CD-SE-2002-EViGHET (Metal)
Mago De Oz - Folktergeist-Digipak-2CD-Live-ES-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat-Arpi-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat-Katutyttojen Laulu-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat-Metallisydan-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Majesty--Sword and Sorcery-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Maldaurore - Lame et le coeur-WEB-FR-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Malstrom-Self Titled-2003-hXc (Metal)
Manowar-Warriors Of The World-Retail-2002-SER (Metal)
Manticora-Hyperion-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Marduk-Hearse-Limited Edition CDS-2003-DELTA (Metal)
Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque-WEB-2003-KNOWN iNT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-Guns God And Goverment World Tour-(DVD)-2002-LiT iNT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-Mobscene (CDM)-2003-eNT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age Of Grotesque-(Advance)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age of Grotesque-2003-FTS (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-This is the New Shit (CDM1)-2003-LiT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-This is the New Shit-(CDM)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-This is the New Shit-(CDM1)-2003-eNT iNT (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-This is the New Shit-(CDM2)-2003-eNT iNT (Metal)
Maroon-Antagonist-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Marooned-Murder One-2002-gF (Metal)
Masterplan - Masterplan Limited Edition-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
masterplan - masterplan-Advance-(2003)-aaf (Metal)
masterplan - wacken tour-(bootleg)-2003-daw (Metal)
Masterplan-Enlighten Me-CDM-2002-AMRC (Metal)
masterplan-live in gothenburg 02-20-03-bootleg-2003-vic (Metal)
Masterplan-Masterplan Limited Edition-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Masterplan-Masterplan-Advance-2003-aAF (Metal)
Masterplan-Masterplan-Ltd.Ed.-2CD-2003-FAM (Metal)
Mastodon-Remission (Bonus DVD)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Mastodon-Remission-(Deluxe)-2002-YKK (Metal)
Mastodon-Remission-(Reissue)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Mastodon-Remission-2003-EOS (Metal)
Matt Nathanson-Beneath These Fireworks-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Mayhem-Mediolanum Capta Est-2002-byk (Metal)
Meduza-Now And Forever-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
megadeth-killing is my business and business is good-(remastered)-2002... (Metal)
Megadeth-Killing Is My Business Remastered-2002-AMRC INT (Metal)
Megadeth-Killing Is My Business-Remastered-2002-AMRC INT (Metal)
Megadeth-Killing Is My Business-Remastered-2002-PMS (Metal)
megadeth-rude awakening-2cd-(limited edition)-2002-dnr (Metal)
megadeth-still alive and well-2002-dnr (Metal)
Megadeth-Still Alive And Well-Retail-2002-SGE (Metal)
Merauder - Bluetality-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Mercenary - Everblack-Digipack-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Mercenary-Everblack-2002-PMS (Metal)
Mercenary-Everblack-Digipack-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Mercury Rain-Dark Waters-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Mercyful Fate-Melissa - Don't Break The Oath - Reissue-2002-2CD-SER (Metal)
Meshuggah-Atlanta GA 0728 (Ozzfest)-2002-EOS (Metal)
Meshuggah-Atlanta GA 0728 (Ozzfest)-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
Meshuggah-Live In Gothenburg 03-19-03-Bootleg-2003-ViC (Metal)
Meshuggah-Nothing (Advance Retail)-2002-SGE (Metal)
Meshuggah-Nothing (Trackfix)-2002-SGE (Metal)
Meshuggah-Nothing (True Stereo Retail)-2002-SGE (Metal)
Meshuggah-Nothing-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Meshuggah-Nothing-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Metal Church-The Human Factor-Remastered-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Metalium-Hero Nation-Chapter Three-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Metallica - 17 Years in the Life of Metallica-3CD-2003-RHR (Metal)
Metallica - Frantic-Italian Ltd Edition-CDS-2003-ooze (Metal)
Metallica - Live At Roskilde On P3 2003-06-26-2003-SMO (Metal)
Metallica - Live Shit - Binge and Purge - Seattle -DVDA-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Metallica - Mandatory Metallica 03-2003-KiLLa (Metal)
Metallica - Roskilde Festival-2003-ZEN (Metal)
Metallica - St.Anger-(Retail)-2003-RVL (Metal)
Metallica - St.Anger-REAL RETAIL-2003-MVP (Metal)
Metallica - The Unnamed Feeling-(Promo CDS)-2003-eNT (Metal)
Metallica And Korn-8th July 2000 Kentucky Speedway Sparta USA-2002-LSi (Metal)
Metallica-17 Years In The Life Of Metallica-3CD-2003-RhR (Metal)
Metallica-18th November 1984 Espace Ballard Paris France-2002-LSi (Metal)
Metallica-24th October 1997 Live At Reading Festival England-2002-LSi (Metal)
Metallica-5th June 1993 - Live At Milton Keynes National Bowl Usa-BOXS... (Metal)
Metallica-Before They Sold Out-3CD-2003-AMRC INT (Metal)
Metallica-Citrus Bowl Orlando Fl 030713-WEB-2003-LzY (Metal)
Metallica-Frantic-CDS Part 2-2003-PAL (Metal)
Metallica-Frantic-CDS1-2003-SSR (Metal)
Metallica-Frantic-Italian Ltd Edition-CDS-2003-o0ze (Metal)
Metallica-Frantic-Italian Ltd Edition-CDS-2003-ooze (Metal)
Metallica-Live at Giants Stadium NJ SST 0708-2003-CSR (Metal)
Metallica-Live At Rock Am Ring 08-06-PROPER-2003-HiRE (Metal)
Metallica-Live on CDUK 0621-2003-FNT (Metal)
Metallica-Live Shit Binge and Purge 3 CD and 2 DVD-Reissue-2002-BERC INT (Metal)
Metallica-Live Shit-Binge and Purge-Seattle-DVDA-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Metallica-New Blood (Live at Roskilde Festival)-(Bootleg)-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Metallica-San Diego-(DVDA)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Metallica-Seattle-(DVDA)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Metallica-St Anger German Mini Pocket CDS-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Metallica-St Anger-(Bonus DVD)-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
Metallica-St Anger-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
Metallica-St Anger-PROMO-CDS-2003-BTB (Metal)
Metallica-St. Anger-2003-EMG INT (Metal)
Metallica-St.Anger-REAL RETAIL-2003-MVP (Metal)
Metallica-Sweet Amber-Promo-CDS-2003-CPHVMP3 (Metal)
Metallica-Tatto the Earth (East Rutherford NJ 20th July 2000)-2002-LSi (Metal)
Metallica-The Unnamed Feeling-(Promo CDS)-2003-eNT (Metal)
MeZZerschmitt-Weltherrschaft-MCD-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Michael Monroe--Whatcha Want-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Midnight Scream-The Evil Her-2003-MiNERAL (Metal)
Mindtwist - 1 of 5 and the Rest Of-WEB-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Ministry-Animositisomina-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Ministry-Piss-CDS-2003-aPC (Metal)
Ministry-Sphinctour (Live)-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Minsk-Burning-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Mnemic-Mechanical Spin Phenomena-(Limited Edition)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Mnemic-Mechanical Spin Phenomena-Limited Edition-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Mnemic-Mechanical Spin Phenomena-Promo-2003-FFF (Metal)
Mob Rules - Temple Of Two Suns-2000-2003-KKH (Metal)
Mob Rules-Hollowed Be Thy Name-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Mokoma-Punainen Kukko-EP-FI-2003-SNGmp3 (Metal)
Monkey3-Self Titled-2003-RY (Metal)
Monolithe-Monolithe I-2003-ViC (Metal)
Moonlyght-Progressive Darkness-Advance-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Moonsorrow-Kivenkantaja-2003-INT-DDZ (Metal)
Moonsorrow-Kivenkantaja-FI-2003-RDA (Metal)
Moonsorrow-Suden Uni-Remastered-2003-DDZ INT (Metal)
Moonspell-Everything Invaded-CDS-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Morifade-Imaginarium-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Morphem - Ambrosia Remixes-CDM ZILLION MENTAL ANARCHIC 2002-MS (Metal)
Mors Subita-Synopsis-Demo-CDR-2003-gF (Metal)
Morser-Scum-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Motion City Soundtrack-I Am The Movie-REISSUE-2003-pH (Metal)
motley crue-20th century masters the millennium collection-2003-dnr (Metal)
Motley Crue-Dr Feelgood-Remastered-2003-EOS (Metal)
Motley Crue-Music To Crash Your Car To Vol1-4CD-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Motorhead - Hammered (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Motorhead - Hellraiser Best of the Epic Years-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Motorhead - Tear Ya Down-The Rarities-2CD-2002-SER (Metal)
Motorhead-Hammered-2002-DNR (Metal)
Motorhead-Hellraiser-Best Of The Epic Years-2003-DNR (Metal)
Motorhead-Keep Us On The Road-2CD-2002-SER (Metal)
Motorhead-Stone Deaf Forever-5CD Boxset-2003-AMRC (Metal)
motorhead-stone deaf forever-5cd-2003-dnr (Metal)
Motorhead-Tear Ya Down-The Rarities-2CD-2002-SER (Metal)
Mourning Beloveth-Dust-Reissue-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Mourning Beloveth-The Sullen Sulcus-2002-BERC (Metal)
Mudvayne-Live on Kilborn 0131-2003-pH (Metal)
Mudvayne-The End of All Things to Come-(Bonus CD)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Mudvayne-The End of All Things to Come-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Mudvayne-The End Of All Things To Come-2002-PMS (Metal)
murderdolls-beyond the valley of the murderdolls-(reissue)-2003-dnr (Metal)
Murderdolls-Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls-(Reissue)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Murderdolls-Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls-2002-HiTS iNT (Metal)
Mushroomhead-XIII (All Bonus Tracks Split)-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Mushroomhead-XIII-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Metal)
Mushroomhead-XIII-Retail-2003-REP (Metal)
Mushroomhead-XIII-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Mustasch - Live In Gothenburg 02-27-03-Bootleg-2003-ViC (Metal)
Mustasch-I Hunt Alone CDS-2002-TFU (Metal)
Mustasch-Live In Gothenburg (10-17-03)-Bootleg-2003-VIC (Metal)
My Dying Bride--The Voice Of The Wretched-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
My Dying Bride-Like Gods of the Sun-Remastered-with Bonus-2003-AMRC (Metal)
My Dying Bride-The Voice of the Wretched-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
My Dying Bride-Turn Loose the Swans-(Remastered with Bonus)-2003-FNT (Metal)
My Own Grave-Dissection of the Mind-(Demo 2002)-FERG INT (Metal)
Mystic Circle-Damien-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Mystic Prophecy-Regressus-2003-DNR (Metal)
Mystic Prophecy-Regressus-2003-GRM (Metal)
Mystic Prophecy-Regressus-RETAIL-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Mythic Force-Dark Legions-2002-aAF (Metal)
Nachtfalke-Land of Frost-2003-A3M (Metal)
Nadja-Touched-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Naglfar-Sheol-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Napalm Death - Leech (Sampler) (2002)-PMS (Metal)
Narcissus-Crave And Collapse-PROMO-2003-amrc (Metal)
Narnia--The Great Fall-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Nas-Gods Son (Instrumentals)-Vinyl-2003-CMS (Metal)
Nas-Stillmatic-(Instrumental LP)-2002-LsP (Metal)
Nebuleyes-Digital Enfant-Promo-2002-hXc (Metal)
Nelly-Iz U-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge (Jap. Ed.)-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Neurosis And Jarboe-Neurosis And Jarboe-2003-DNR (Metal)
Neurotica-Neurotica-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Nevermore-Enemies Of Reality-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
New Project-Almost Time-(EP)-2002-V0 (Metal)
Nicole-Odotus-FI-2002-ABA (Metal)
Nightwish - Century Child-CD-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Nightwish-Angels Fall First-Remastered-2003-iTS (Metal)
Nightwish-Bless The Child DVDS-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Nightwish-Bless the Child-CDS-2002-SER (Metal)
Nightwish-Bless the Child-Limited Edition-CDM-2002-radial (Metal)
Nightwish-Box-Set 1-2CD-2003-COS INT (Metal)
Nightwish-Box-Set 2-2CD-2003-COS INT (Metal)
Nightwish-Box-Set 3-2CD-2003-COS INT (Metal)
Nightwish-Century Child-2002-SER (Metal)
Nightwish-Century Child-Bonus Tracks-Ltd.Ed.-2002-gB (Metal)
Nightwish-Century Child-Retail-2002-FD iNT (Metal)
Nightwish-End Of Innocence-DVD-2003-gF (Metal)
Nightwish-End of Innocence-Ltd.Ed.Bonus.Disc-2003-DMG (Metal)
Nightwish-Ever Dream-CDS-2002-SER (Metal)
Nightwish-Live in Norway Rockefeller Oslo 04-07-DVDA-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Nightwish-Paris Elysee Montmartre-02-09-Bootleg-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Noctural Rites-Shadowland-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Norther - Dreams of Endles War-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Norther-Dreams of Endless War-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Norther-Dreams Of Endless War-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Norther-Dreams of Endless War-2002-RDA (Metal)
Norther-Mirror of Madness-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Norther-Mirror Of Madness-2003-EOSiNT (Metal)
Norther-Mirror Of Madness-2003-RDA (Metal)
Norther-Unleash Hell-CDS-2003-RDA (Metal)
Northwind - Seasons-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Northwind-El Retorno Del Rey-ES-2002-GRW (Metal)
Nostradameus-The Third Prophecy-ADVANCE Ltd.Ed.-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Nothingface-Skeletons-2003-FTS (Metal)
Noumena-Pride Fall-2002-FFF (Metal)
Novembers Doom-To Welcome The Fade-2002-RNS (Metal)
Nu.Clear.Dawn-Poem of A Knight-2003-gF (Metal)
Nuclear Rabbit-Mutopia-2003-FTS (Metal)
Nuclear Rabbit-Mutopia-2003-RNS (Metal)
Number One Son-Lessons-2003-RNS (Metal)
Olympos Mons-Seven Seas-(Demo)-FI-2002-FTC (Metal)
Omnium Gatherum-Steal the Light-2002-BERC (Metal)
Omnium Gatherum-Steal the Light-CDM-2002-BERC (Metal)
On Thorns I Lay - Angeldust-2002-MoFF iNT (Metal)
On Thorns I Lay - Egocentric-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
One Minute Silence-I Wear My Skin-CDS2-2003-EOS (Metal)
One Minute Silence-Revolution-EP-2003-EOS (Metal)
One Minute Silence-We Bounce-(Vinyl Bonus Track)-2003-SGE (Metal)
Opeth - Blackwater Park-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-WLM (Metal)
Opeth - Live at Inferno Festival-0418-Bootleg-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Opeth - Live in London-0312-2CD-Bootleg-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Opeth - Live in Providence-0718-2CD-Bootleg-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Opeth-Blackwater Park (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2002-iRO (Metal)
Opeth-Blackwater Park-2CD-Digipak-2002-EOS (Metal)
Opeth-Blackwater Park-2CD-Limited Edition-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Opeth-Blackwater Park-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-WLM (Metal)
Opeth-Damnation-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Opeth-Damnation-2003-FIH INT (Metal)
Opeth-Deliverance Ltd Digipack-2002-LCDMP3 (Metal)
Opeth-Deliverance-2002-EOS (Metal)
Opeth-Deliverance-2002-FIH INT (Metal)
Opeth-Deliverance-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Opeth-Lamentations-DVDA-Proper-2003-SSR (Metal)
Opeth-Limited Edition 2 Song 7 Inch-Vinyl-2003-iTS (Metal)
Opeth-Morningrise (Re-Issue)-2003-iRO (Metal)
Opeth-Opeth at Inferno-2003-Varg (Metal)
Opeth-Orchid (Re-Issue)-2003-iRO (Metal)
Opeth-Orchid-Reissue-2003-ice (Metal)
Orange Goblin-Coup De Grace-2002-EOS (Metal)
Orange Goblin-Frequencies From Planet Ten-Reissue-2002-EOS (Metal)
Orgy-The Obvious-(Promo CDS)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Orkrist-Grond-2003-EOSiNT (Metal)
Orkrist-Reginae Mysterium-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
OST-Carnivore-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Outcast-The Source Of All Creation-CDM-2002-hXc (Metal)
Overkill-Killbox 13-2003-GRM (Metal)
Overnoise-Lethal Ways To Hells Kitchen Doors-2002-hXc (Metal)
Oxidised Razor - C.A.R.N.E.-Dias De Tortura - Sexy Fat-Split-2003-wWs INT (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads-Tribute-2002-0MNi (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - Essential Ozzy Osbourne-2CD-2003-WLM (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - Live At Budokan-Live-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis-Remastered-2002-aAF (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - The Essential-2CD-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Bark At The Moon-Reissue-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Bark At The Moon-Reissue-2002-SER (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Diary Of A Madman-Remastered-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Madmans Return-Dvda-live-2002-amrc (Metal)
ozzy osbourne-no more tears (remastered bonus tracks-2002-fsn (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-No More Tears-Reissue-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Expanded Edition-2002-EOS (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis-Remastered-2002-aAF (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Randy Rhoads-Tribute-2002-0MNi (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-The Ozzman Cometh (Remastered)-2002-FNT (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-The Ozzman Cometh-Remastered-2002-FNT (Metal)
P.Box-Remenyre Itelve-HU-2002-AMRC (Metal)
P.O.D. - Snuff the Punk-Remastered-2003-FKK (Metal)
P.O.D.-Payable on Death-2003-SWE (Metal)
Pagan Reign-Otbleski slavy i vozrozhdenie bylogo velichija-WEB-RU-2003... (Metal)
Pagans mind-celestial entrance-promo-2002-dmg (Metal)
Pagans Mind-Celestial Entrance-Retail-2002-FBR (Metal)
PAIN-Just Hate Me-Retail-CDM-2002-MW3D (Metal)
Pain-Nothing Remains The Same-2002-END (Metal)
Pain-Nothing Remains The Same-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Pain-Nothing Remains The Same-Limited Edition-2002-EOS (Metal)
Pain-Nothing Remains The Same-Limited Edition-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
PAIN-Nothing Remains The Same-Retail-2002-MW3D (Metal)
PAIN-Pain-(Reissue With Bonus Tracks)-2002-MW3D (Metal)
Pantera - The Best of Pantera Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys Vu... (Metal)
Pantera-Reinventing Hell The Best Of Pantera-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Pantera-Reinventing Hell The Best Of Pantera-Bonus DVD-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Pantera-Reinventing Hell The Best Of Pantera-DVD-2003-gF (Metal)
Pantera-Reinventing Hell-The Best Of-2003-BOS (Metal)
Pantera-Reinventing Hell-The Best Of-2003-DNR (Metal)
Pantera-The Best Of Pantera Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulg... (Metal)
Pantheist - O Solitude-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Papa Roach-She Loves Me Not (European CDS)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Papa Roach-Time And Time Again-(UKCDS1)-2002-FNT (Metal)
Paradise Lost-At The BBC-2003-ViC (Metal)
Paradise Lost-Gothic-Remastered with Bonus-2003-RDA (Metal)
Paradise Lost-Symbol Of Life-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Paragon-Law of the Blade-(Advanced Ltd Digipak)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Paragon-Law of the Blade-2002-GRM (Metal)
Paragon-The Dark Legacy-2003-GRM (Metal)
Paragon-The Dark Legacy-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Passenger--Passenger-Promo-2003-UBE (Metal)
Pegazus-The Headless Horsemen-(Promo)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Pelican-Australasia-(Advance)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Pelican-Australasia-2003-ALW (Metal)
Pelican-Pelican EP-2003-EPK (Metal)
Pelican-Pelican-EP-2003-EOS (Metal)
Penumbra-Seclusion-2003-CSM (Metal)
Penumbra-The Last Bewitchment-2002-CSM (Metal)
Peter Pan Speedrock-Lucky Bastards-2003-CSM (Metal)
Pharaoh-After The Fire-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Philiae-Self Titled-Promo-Sampler-2003-hXc (Metal)
pietarinkadun oilers band-latkaammattilainen-cds-fi-2003-rda (Metal)
Piramide - Maquina De La Eternidad-(LD 001)-ES-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Pitchshifter-Eight Days-Promo CDS-2002-ViLE (Metal)
Pitchshifter-PSI-2002-DNR (Metal)
Pitchshifter-Shutdown-UK CDS1-2002-WLM (Metal)
Pitchshifter-Shutdown-UK CDS2-2002-WLM (Metal)
Place of Skulls - Nailed-2002-aAF (Metal)
Poisonblack-Escapexstacy-2003-DNR (Metal)
Poisonblack-Escapexstacy-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Pokolgep - Totalis Metal-HU-2003-ADR (Metal)
Pornorphans - Beyond Good and Evil-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Powderburn - Powderburn-WEB-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Power Quest - Wings of Forever-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Power Quest-Neverworld-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Power Quest-Wings of Forever-Japanese Release-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Powerman 5000-Transform-(Advance)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Powerman 5000-Transform-(Track Fix)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Powersquad - The Gladiator (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Prayer For Cleansing-The Rain In Endless Fall-(Remastered)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Premonitions of War-The True Face of Panic-2002-FNT (Metal)
Pretty Maids-Alive at Least-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Pretty Maids-Planet Panic-(2002)-PRW INT (Metal)
Pretty Maids-Planet Panic-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Primal Fear - Black Sun-Retail-2002-MAC INT-OK (Metal)
Primal Fear-Black Sun-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Primal Fear-The History of Fear-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Primordial-Storm Before Calm-2002-kispatak (Metal)
Primus-Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People EP-2003-iRO (Metal)
Primus-Frizzle Fry-(Remastered)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Primus-Frizzle Fry-(Remastered)-2002-RNS (Metal)
Primus-Promo de Fromage-2003-PMS (Metal)
Prong-100 Percent Live-Promo-2002-ViC (Metal)
Prong-Scorpio Rising-2003-DNR (Metal)
Prong-Scorpio Rising-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Psionic-Nu Tech Cyber Sorcery-2003-MiNERAL (Metal)
Psycroptic-The Sceptor of the Ancients-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Pulse Ultra-Headspace-2002-PMS (Metal)
Quarashi-Jinx-2002-EGO (Metal)
Queensryche-Classic Masters-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime-Remastered-2003-EOS (Metal)
Queensryche-Revolution Calling-7CD-Remastered Ltd Ed Box Set-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Queensryche-Tribe-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Quick Change-IV Life-2003-KzT (Metal)
Racer X-Getting Heavier-(Japanese Release)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Racer X-Getting Heavier-Japanese Release Only-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Radford-Sleepwalker-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Radiohead-Go to Sleep-CDM1-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Radiohead-Go to Sleep-CDM2-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Rage - Perfect Man-Remastered-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Rage-Perfect Man-Remastered-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Rage-Reflections of a Shadow-Remastered With Bonus-2002-ViC (Metal)
Rage-Reign of Fear-Remastered With Bonus-2002-ViC (Metal)
Rage-Soundchaser-Ltd.Ed. with Bonus-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Rage-Unity (Limited Edition)-2002-UBE (Metal)
Raging Speedhorn-We Will Be Dead Tommorrow-2002-NUHS (Metal)
Rain - Starlight Extinction-(UK Import)-2002-ATRium (Metal)
Rainbow - Catch the Rainbow-the Anthology-2003-WF (Metal)
Raise Hell-Wicked Is My Game-(Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Rammstein-Blutmond-Bootleg-2002-DELTA (Metal)
Rammstein-Der Musikalische Staub-2002-busk (Metal)
Rammstein-Lichtspielhaus-DVDA-2003-ESC (Metal)
Rammstein-Mutter-CDM-2002-EOS (Metal)
Rammstein-Mutter-CDM-2002-EOSiNT (Metal)
Rammstein-Mutter-CDM-2002-EOSiNTiNT (Metal)
Rammstein-Mutter-CDS-2002-APT (Metal)
Rammstein-Pinkpop 2002-Bootleg-2002-DELTA (Metal)
Rancid-Indestructible-(Bonus Tracks)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Rapture-Songs for the Withering-Promo-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Rautakello-1-FI-2003-LCH (Metal)
Raven - Wiped Out-Remastered-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Raventhrone-Endless Conflict Theorem-2002-BERC (Metal)
Rawhead Rexx-Diary in Black-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Rebellion - A Tragedy in Steel (Shakespears Macbeth)-Retail-2002-DRL (Metal)
Rebellion-Born A Rebel-2003-GRM (Metal)
Rebellion-Born A Rebel-2003-SOKIR INT (Metal)
Rebellion-Shakespeares MacBeth - A Tragedy In Steel-2002-SOKIR INT (Metal)
Red Harvest-Live at Inferno Festival 2003-2003-Varg (Metal)
Red Harvest-Sick Transit Gloria Mundi-2002-DNR (Metal)
Red Harvest-Sick Transit Gloria Mundi-promo-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Red Harvest-Sick Transit Gloria Mundi-Retail-2002-DMG (Metal)
Redemption - Redemption-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Reign-Reign-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Reino Helismaa-Mestarin Kynasta-2CD-FI-2003-COS (Metal)
Rest of My Life-Rest of My Life-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Reverend Bizarre-Harbinger of Metal-EP-2003-GRM (Metal)
Reverend Bizarre-In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend-2002-DGS (Metal)
Rhapsody-Power of the Dragonflame-2002-GRM (Metal)
Rhapsody-Power Of The Dragonflame-Limited Edition-2002-UBE (Metal)
Richard Anderssons Space Odyssey-Embrace the Galaxy-Japanese Release-2... (Metal)
Richard Cheese-Tuxicity-2002-PMS (Metal)
Ring of Fire - Burning Live in Tokyo 2002 (Jap. Ed.)-2CD-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Ring of Fire - Dreamtower (Jap. Ed.)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Rising Faith - The Arrival-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Rob Rock-Eyes Of Eternity-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Rob Rock-Eyes Of Eternity-Retail With Bonus-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Rob Zombie-Past Present and Future-(Proper)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Rob Zombie-Past Present And Future-DVDA-2003-PMS (Metal)
Rob Zombie-Zombie.Com-2003-SSP (Metal)
Root - Madness Of The Graves-2003-DiF (Metal)
Root--Madness Of The Graves-2003-DiF (Metal)
Rotting Christ-Vienna 2003-cnmc (Metal)
Roxette - The Pop Hits-2CD-2003-SOP INT (Metal)
Royal Hunt-Eyewitness-Japanese Release-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Running Wild-20 Years of History-2CD-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Ruoska-Kuori-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Ruoska-Riisu-FI-2003-TDS (Metal)
S-Box - El Viaje-FR-2003-FKK (Metal)
S.M.O.G.-System Minded Obedient To Greed-EP-2003-UTP (Metal)
Sabaton-Fist For Fight-2003-AM INT (Metal)
Sabaton-Fist for Fight-Ltd.Ed. Digipack-Official Re Release-READ NFO-2... (Metal)
Sabrina Sabrok-Sodomizado Estas-MX-2002-BELT (Metal)
Salt The Wound-Of Martyrdom-(Demo)-2003-ALXT (Metal)
Salt The Wound-Perceiving the Beauty of Nothing-(Demo)-2003-ALXT (Metal)
Sapattivuosi-Hautuumaan Lapset-CDS-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Sapattivuosi-Sapattivuosi-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Sara-Saattue-FI-2003-ITmp3 (Metal)
Satariel - Phobos And Deimos-2002-MoFF iNT (Metal)
Satariel - Phobos And Deimos-2002-Nsc (Metal)
Satyricon-fuel for hatred-svcd-2002-srp (Metal)
Savage - This Aint No Fit Place Best Of-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Savatage-Dead Winter Dead-Reissue-2002-EOS (Metal)
savatage-sirens-silver edition-2002-aaf (Metal)
Saxon - Forever Free-Reissue-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Saxon--Heavy Metal Thunder-2002-UBE (Metal)
Saxon-forever free reissue-2002-aaf (Metal)
Saxon-Heavy Metal Thunder-2CD-2002-UBE (Metal)
Saxon-Solid Ball Of Rock-Reissue-2002-aAF (Metal)
Scanner - Scantropolis-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Scarve-Luminiferous-2002-DNR (Metal)
Scepter-Fucking Metal Motherfuckers-2003-ADM (Metal)
Scorch-Faces-2003-KzT (Metal)
Secret Sphere-Scent of Human Desire-2003-GRM (Metal)
Section A - The Seventh Sign-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Sedative-Coma-EP-2003-KzT (Metal)
Selidor - Destellos En La Oscuridad-(HEAVEN04)-ES-2002-MCA int (Metal)
Sentenced-No One There-CDS-2002-PUUHAMP3 (Metal)
Sentenced-The Cold White Light-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-The Cold White Light-Retail-2002-RDA (Metal)
Septic Flesh-Sumerian Daemons-2002-NZN INT (Metal)
Sepultura - Roorback (Limited Edition)-2CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Sepultura - Roorback-2003-RNS (Metal)
Sepultura-Chaos DVD-(DVD)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Sepultura-Revolusongs-EP-2002-GRM (Metal)
Sepultura-Revolusongs-EP-2002-HCU (Metal)
Sepultura-Roorback-2003-RNS (Metal)
Sepultura-Under A Pale Grey Sky-2CD-2002-CSR (Metal)
Seven Day Delusion-Lost-2003-KzT (Metal)
Sevendust-Angels Son-CDS-2003-EOS (Metal)
Sevendust-Seasons (Explicit Retail)-2003-SWE (Metal)
Sevendust-Seasons-(Explicit Retail)-2003-SWE (Metal)
Seventh Avenue-Between the Worlds-2003-GRM (Metal)
Seventh Avenue-Between the Worlds-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Severed Existence-The Limbs of Humanity-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sex Pistols - Sexbox-3CD-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-The Art of Balance-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-The Art of Balance-Retail-2003-rH (Metal)
Shakra-Rising-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Shaman - Ritualive-Live-2003-MCA int (Metal)
Shot Down Sun-Malevolence-(EP)-WEB-2003-ALXT (Metal)
Sickhead-Abuse-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Siegfried-Eisenwinter-DE-2003-GRM (Metal)
Sigrblot-Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest)-2003-radial (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live At Barbican Hall (Soundboard)-04-21-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Beacon Theatre (Soundboard) 11-01-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Edinburgh (Soundboard) 10-03-2002-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Lincoln Theatre (Soundboard) 11-04-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at the Warfield 11-23-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live in Vienna (Soundboard)-10-16-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sikth-How May I Help You (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sikth-Let The Transmitting Begin-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sikth-The Trees Are Dried And Dead Wait For Something Wild-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Silence-The POUR Letters-2003-gF (Metal)
Silent Dreams-Hungrier Than Ever-Demo-CDR-2002-GRW (Metal)
Sinergy-Suicide By My Side-(Promo)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Sinergy-Suicide By My Side-Retail-2002-FBS (Metal)
Single File Suicide - Resources for Coping-WEB-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Sinister-Savage Or Grace-2cd-(Ltd.Ed.)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Sinn-The 666 X Murder Project-CDM-2003-hXc (Metal)
Sinoath-Forged In Blood-2003-MiNERAL (Metal)
Sinphonia-The Divine Disharmony-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Sir Elwoodin hiljaiset varit - Ilta illan jalkeen (2CD)-2002-IND (Metal)
Sirenia-At Sixes And Sevens-2002-EOS (Metal)
Sirenia-At Sixes and Sevens-2002-UBE (Metal)
Sirenia-Inferno 2003-2003-Varg (Metal)
Six Beer-Mentes Perdidas-ES-2002-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Skepticism-Farmakon-2003-ViC (Metal)
Skepticism-Stormcrowfleet-Remastered-2002-ViC (Metal)
Skew Siskin - Album of the Year-CD-2003-DAW (Metal)
Skitsystem-Nasum-Split-EP-2002-BERC (Metal)
Slayer-God Hates Us All-(Collectors Edition)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Slayer-God Hates Us All-Collectors Edition Import-2002-SGE (Metal)
Slayer-H82K2 Montreux-DVDA-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Slayer-Live At Ozzfest Estadio Do Restelo Lisboa 04-06-Bootleg-2002-PtSL (Metal)
Slayer-Non Album Tracks-2003-SataN INT (Metal)
Slayer-Soundtrack To The Apocalypse-(Deluxe Edition)-4CD-2003-RNS (Metal)
Slayer-Soundtrack To The Apocalypse-(DVD)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Slayer-Soundtrack To The Apocalypse-4CD-(Deluxe Edition)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Slayer-War at the Warfield-DVDA-2003-SDC (Metal)
Slipknot - Disasterpieces-Promo-DVD-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Slipknot-Disasterpieces-(DVDA)-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slipknot-Left Behind-(CDM)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Slipknot-My Plague (New Abuse Mix) (UK CDS)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Slitheryn-Slitheryn-Bonus Enhanced Video-EXTRAS-2003-SNOOK (Metal)
Slowgate-Force Of The Unknown-Retail-2002-F.N.S (Metal)
Slumber-Dreamscape (DEMO)-2002-TKi (Metal)
Snot-Alive-2002-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Sodom-One Night in Bangkok-2CD-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five (Bonus Disc)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five (Japanese Import)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five-2003-AoN INT (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five-2003-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five-2CD-(Ltd.Ed.)-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos (Japanese Import)-2002-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos-2002-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos-Retail-2002-FH (Metal)
Soilwork-Steelbath Suicide (Japanese Import)-2CD-2003-EOS (Metal)
Soilwork-The Early Chapters-Retail EP-2003-ICE (Metal)
Solefald-In Harmonia Universali-Promo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Something Must Die-Riding In An Ambulance-2003-KzT (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Broken-CDS-2003-RDA (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Ecliptica-Reissue-2003-EOS (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Victorias Secret-CDS-2003-mwnd iNT (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Victorias Secret-CDS-2003-RDA (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Winterhearts Guild Jap Bonus Track-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Winterhearts Guild-2003-int-HaVoC (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-Winterhearts Guild-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Sonata Artica-Singel Collection-2003-RhR (Metal)
Sorhin-Puissance-Split-Ltd.Ed.-EP-2002-BERC (Metal)
Soulfly-3-Advance-Digipak-2002-JUST (Metal)
Soulfly-3-Ltd.Ed.-2002-DGN (Metal)
Spinebelt - Beautiful Songs For Ugly Children-WEB-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
Spineshank-Live at Roadrage Tour Portugal-SOUNDBOARD-2003-ICE INT (Metal)
Spineshank-On Deaf Ears (Unreleased Track)-CDS-2003-FIRE (Metal)
Spineshank-Self Destructive Pattern-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Spineshank-Self-Destructive Pattern-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Squad-Scars of Humanity-2002-GRAVEWISH iNT (Metal)
Stage Dolls-Good Times The Essential Stage Dolls-2CD-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Staind-For You-CDM-2002-CSR (Metal)
Staind-So Far Away-(CDM)-2003-LiT iNT (Metal)
Stam1na-Vakivaltakunta-EP-FI-2003-SNGmp3 (Metal)
Star One-Live On Earth-2cd-2003-Sge (Metal)
Static X-Destroy All-CDS-2003-ESC (Metal)
Static X-Outakes-2003-SSP (Metal)
Static X-Where The Hell Are We. (Bonus Audio CD)-2002-djp (Metal)
Static-X-Cold-CDM-2002-WLM (Metal)
Static-X-Destroy All-CDS-2003-ESC (Metal)
Static-X-Shadow Zone-2003-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Static-X-Shadow Zone-2003-NER INT (Metal)
Static-X-Shadow Zone-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Static-X-Where The Hell Are We-(Bonus Cd)-2002-h8me (Metal)
Stone Sour - Stone Sour-Promo-2002-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Stone Sour-Live in Chicago 10-06-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Stone Sour-Stone Sour-Special Edition LP-2003-DVT (Metal)
Stone-Emotional Playground-Remastered-2003-SER (Metal)
Storm Of Aeons-Demo V1.0-2003-KzT (Metal)
Stormwind-Rising Symphony-(Ltd Edition With Bonus)-2003-HNH (Metal)
Straight to the Bar-Demo-2002-hXc (Metal)
Strapping Young Lad-Strapping Young Lad (JAP Import)-2003-EOS (Metal)
Strapping Young Lad-Strapping Young Lad-2003-SGE (Metal)
Strapping Young Lad-Tour EP-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Stratovarius-Eagleheart-CDS-2002-RDA (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part 1-2CD-Limited Boxset-2003-RDA (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part 1-French Retail-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part 1-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
stratovarius-elements part 2-special edition-retail-2cd-2003-rda (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part I-Korean Bonus Track-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part II-(JP Retail)-2003-JPM (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Part II-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Stratovarius-Elements Pt 2-2003-EOS (Metal)
stratovarius-i walk to my own song-ep-2003-moe (Metal)
Stretch Arm Strong-Engage-EXTRAS-2003-DeBT (Metal)
Stronger Than Hate-As Seasons Pass-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Stuckshot-Silence Waiting-2002-eDG (Metal)
Stuk - Minority-EP-WEB-2002-KNOWN (Metal)
Subliminal-Subliminal-(Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
SubUrban Tribe-Perfect Dark-CDM-2002-SER (Metal)
Suffokate-Destined To Fail-(Demo)-WEB-2003-ALXT-LOW (Metal)
Sunn 0)))-White1-2003-FNT (Metal)
Sunn O)))-Flight Of The Behemoth-2002-DNR (Metal)
Sunn O)))-White1-2003-DNR (Metal)
sunn o)))-white1-2003-fnt (Metal)
Superjoint Ritual-A Lethal Dose of American Hatred-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Superjoint Ritual-Use Once And Destroy(Retail)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Superjoint Ritual-Use Once And Destroy-(UK First Press)-2002-DNP iNT (Metal)
Superjoint Ritual-Use Once and Destroy-Ltd.Ed.-2002-gB (Metal)
Supreme Majesty-Danger-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Swift-A Communication Manual-(EP)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Symphony X - The Odyssey-Japanese Limited Edition-2002-anp (Metal)
Symphony X-The Damnation Game (Re-Issue)-2002-KSi (Metal)
Symphony X-The Damnation Game (Reissue)-2002-KSi (Metal)
Symphony X-The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Re-Issue)-2002-KSi (Metal)
Symphony X-The Odyssey-Ltd. Ed-2002-KSi (Metal)
Symphony X-The Odyssey-Promo-2002-vic (Metal)
System Of A Down - Live At Big Day Out-Bootleg-2002-EiTheLMP3 (Metal)
System Of A Down - Toxicity II-ADVANCE-2002-EDEN (Metal)
System Of A Down-Aerials-German-CDM-2002-FKK (Metal)
System Of A Down-Down Under-Bootleg-2002-INT-DDZ (Metal)
System Of A Down-Inside Me-2002-iNK (Metal)
System Of A Down-Live at Big Day Out (01-20-02)-2002-PMS (Metal)
System Of A Down-Live at Big Day Out -2002-PMS (Metal)
System Of A Down-Live At Reading-2003-DELTA (Metal)
System Of A Down-Live In Montreal Quebec-0731-Bootleg-2002-PMS (Metal)
System Of A Down-Live Nottingham 04-01-02-2002-BLA (Metal)
System Of A Down-Rock Am Ring Festival (0519)-Live-2002-BLA (Metal)
System of a Down-Steal This Album-(Retail)-2002-dSS (Metal)
System of A Down-Steal This Album-2002-EOS (Metal)
System Of A Down-Steal This Album-2002-INT-DDZ (Metal)
System of a Down-Steal This Album-2002-NHH INT (Metal)
System Of A Down-Steal This Album-2002-RNS (Metal)
System Of A Down-Steal This Album-2002-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
System of A Down-Steal this Album-Retail-2002-TBR (Metal)
System Of A Down-Storaged Melodies-2002-SSP (Metal)
System Of A Down-Toxicity II-Advance-2002-EdeN (Metal)
Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi-2003-MCA int (Metal)
tad morose-modus vivendi-promo-2003-amrc (Metal)
Taking Back Sunday-Tell All Your Friends-2002-KSi INT (Metal)
Tangaroa-Tangaroa-2002-FNT (Metal)
Tanzwut-Ihr Wolltet Spass-Promo-2003-FFi (Metal)
Tarot - Suffer Our Pleasures-2003 (Metal)
Tarot-Suffer Our Pleasures-PROPER-2003-BOS (Metal)
Tell Her I Said Goodbye-The Never Ending Cycle of Inferiority and Weak... (Metal)
Textures Polars-CD-2003-UNiCORN INT (Metal)
The Acacia Strain-And Life Is Very Long-2002-EOS (Metal)
The Agony Scene-The Agony Scene-2003-SEMp3 (Metal)
The All American Rejects-Live At Warped Tour In Toronto 0802-2003-pH (Metal)
The All American Rejects-Live MTV Backstage Pass-2003-pH (Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder-Unhallowed-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
The Black League-Cold Women and Warm Beer-CDS-2003-gF (Metal)
The Blackout Terror-The Shortest Distance Between Birth and Death-2002... (Metal)
The Blood Brothers-Burn Piano Island Burn-2003-CSR (Metal)
The Cumshots-Norwegian Jesus-2003-SSR (Metal)
The Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution (Spec Ed Bonus Disc)-200... (Metal)
The Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution (Spec Ed Bonus Disc)-200... (Metal)
The Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution-2003-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
The Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution-Promo-2003-FFi (Metal)
The Dillinger Escape Plan-Cursed Unshaven And Misbehavin-Vinyl-2003-gF (Metal)
The Distillers-P3 Live Hultsfred-2002-pH (Metal)
The Funeral Orchestra-Feeding The Abyss-Ltd Ed-2003-ViC (Metal)
The Gathering-Always -Remastered-2003-FFF (Metal)
The Gathering-Black Light District-CDS-2002-gf (Metal)
The Gathering-Souvenirs-With Bonus-2003-FFF (Metal)
The Great Kat - Wagners War-EP-2002-MCA int (Metal)
The Great Redneck Hope-Cross The Line-(Demo)-2002-ALXT (Metal)
The Haunted-Live Rounds and the Haunted Made Me Do it-2CD-2002-EOS (Metal)
The Hellacopters-Carry Me Home-SVCD-2002-MKV (Metal)
The Kovenant-SETI Club-EP-2003-NgR (Metal)
The Kovenant-SETI-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
The Kovenant-SETI-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
The Libertines-Up The Bracket-Promo-2002-NuHS (Metal)
The Lord Weird Slough Feg-Traveller-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
the lords of the new church-hang on-2003-sirion (Metal)
The Men They Couldnt Hang - The Cherry Red Jukebox-2003-CMG (Metal)
The Nadas-Transceiver-2003-BUTT (Metal)
The Ocean-The Ocean-2002-r35 (Metal)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX-Hate Dominate Congregate Eliminate-(Retail)-2... (Metal)
The Project Hate-Hate Dominate Congregate Eliminate-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
The Project Hate-Killing Helsinki-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
The Reign of Terror - Conquer and Divide-(MICP-10332)-2002-MCA int (Metal)
The Sawtooth Grin-A 2 Minute Lecture On The Finer Points Of Instabilit... (Metal)
The Sawtooth Grin-Cuddlemonster-2002-ALXT (Metal)
The Stone-Visitor In The Paradise-2002-DeBT (Metal)
The String Quartet - Tribute To Iron Maiden-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
The Superjesus - Rock Music-2003-ABEZMP3 (Metal)
The Used-Just A Little (B-Side)-2002-POO (Metal)
The Used-Something To Burn (Advance)-2002-POO (Metal)
The Used-The Used-(Retail)-2002-FNT (Metal)
Thee Maldoror Kollective - New Era Viral Order-2002-MoFF iNT (Metal)
Themselves-In The Last Chimera-Demo-CDR-2002-GRW (Metal)
Theory In Practice-Colonizing the Sun-Retail-2002-eyeserse (Metal)
Therion - Live in Midgard-2cd-2002-vic (Metal)
Therion-Live In Midgard-2CD-2002-ViC (Metal)
Therion-Theli-Reissue With Bonus-2003-gF (Metal)
This Present Darkness-Dont Forget to Write-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Thorium-Unleashing the Demons-2002-AMRC (Metal)
threshold - critical mass-promo-2002-vic (Metal)
Throne Of Chaos-Pervertigo-2002-ser (Metal)
Throne Of Chaos-Truth And Tragedy-CDS-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead-Promotional Single-2003-PMS (Metal)
Thunderstone-Thunderstone Limited Edition-2002-aAF (Metal)
Thunderstone-Virus-CDS-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Thy Majestie--Hastings 1066-Promo-2002-amrc (Metal)
Thy Primordial-The Crowning Carnage-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Tierra Santa - Indomable-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Timo Kotipelto-Beginning-CDM-2002-SER (Metal)
Timo Kotipelto-Waiting For The Dawn-Finland Import-2002-SER (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen Trio Niskalaukaus-Elegia-CDS-FI-2002-PUUHAMP3 (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus-Live Jyvaskyla 14 2 2003-DVDA-FI... (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus-Live Tavastia 22 11 2002-DVDA-FI... (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen Ja Trio Niskalaukaus-Lumessakahlaajat-CDS-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen Ja Trio Niskalaukaus-Rajaportti-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Timo Rautiainen Ja Trio Niskalaukaus-Tiernapojat-EP-FI-2002-RDA (Metal)
Tomahawk-Stockholm (02-23-02) (Bootleg)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Tool-Live at Perth 05-04-02-Bootleg-2002-SnS (Metal)
Tool-Live In Seattle WA-10-02-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Tool-Parabola (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Tool-Perth Entertainment Centre 05-04-2002-aAF (Metal)
Torsyturvy--Yvrutyspot-CD-2003-WUS (Metal)
Torture Incident-The Deadly Efficiency of Napalm-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Total Death-Secreto De Estado-WEB-ES-2002-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Tourniquet-Where Moth And Rust Destroy-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Transport League-Multiple Organ Harvest-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Tremulus - What Ive Become-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Trenchfoot-Trenchfoot (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Trickshot-Payback Time-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Trip Hazzard-Coroners Milk (Demo)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Tripswitch-Demo-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Tristitia-Garden of Darkness-2002-ViC (Metal)
Trivium-Ember to Enferno-(Advance)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Trivium-Ember To Inferno-(Ext. Ed.)-2003-AoN (Metal)
Trivium-Ember To Inferno-2003-BE (Metal)
Trivium-Trivium-Demo-2003-BE (Metal)
Turmion Katilot-Teurastaja-CDS-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Twilightning-Delirium Veil-2003-AMRC (Metal)
type o negative-life is killing me-2003-esc (Metal)
Type O Negative-Life is Killing Me-2CD-Limited Edition-2003-GRM (Metal)
Type O Negative-Life Is Killing Me-ADVANCE-2003-ESC (Metal)
Type O Negative-Life Is Killing Me-Ltd Ed Bonus Cd-2003-ViC (Metal)
Type O Negative-Life is Killing Me-Retail-2003-PMS (Metal)
Type O Negative-Warsaw Hospital-2CD-Bootleg-2003-MOE (Metal)
Tyr-Eric the Red-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Tystnaden-Fragments-CDEP-2003-gF (Metal)
U.D.O.-Nailed to Metal the Missing Tracks-Retail-2003-AMRC (Metal)
UDO - Man and Machine-2002-SOP INT (Metal)
Ultima Thule - Live in Dresden-Retail Live-SE-2002-SPiRiT (Metal)
Ultima Thule-Tills Doden Skiljer Oss At-CDA-SE-2003-FiRERAiSER (Metal)
Under Eden-Songs From The Savage Circle-Demo-2003-hXc (Metal)
Undying-At Historys End-2003-HCU (Metal)
Unloco-Becoming I-(Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
V-MOB - 2003 Sampler-WEB-2003-KNOWN (Metal)
va - a tribute to the beast-2002-pms (Metal)
VA - Celtic Frost Tribute - Order Of The Tyrants-Promo-CD-2003-qtxmp3 (Metal)
VA - Come Armageddon-Endtime Productions V Years-(Retail-2CD)-2003-J.C... (Metal)
VA - Metal Dreams Vol 4-2002-AMRC (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.50-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.52-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.53-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.56-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.57-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.58-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.59-2002-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Hammer Off Road Tracks Vol.66-2003-FKK (Metal)
VA - Metal Millenium 1975-2000-2CD-2002-EITHELMP3 (Metal)
VA - Monsters Of The Millennium 3-2CD-2002-WLM (Metal)
VA - Need For Speed Underground Exclusive-OST-2003-DJN (Metal)
VA - Primal Rock-2CD-2003-SMS (Metal)
VA - The Be(a)st Of Metal-2CD-2003-MOD (Metal)
VA-A Tribute to the Beast Vol. 2-2003-AMRC (Metal)
VA-A Tribute to the Horsemen-2003-AMRC (Metal)
VA-Fistula-Sloth-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2002-hXc (Metal)
VA-Fordirelifesake-Endzweck-A Collective Property-(Split-CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Freddy Vs Jason-OST-2003-RNS (Metal)
VA-Hell At Last-A Tribute To Slayer-2003-FNT (Metal)
VA-Innate Vol 6-Promo-2003-hXc (Metal)
VA-Karjalan Varit-2003-gF (Metal)
VA-Large Compilation One-Suburban-2003-hXc (Metal)
VA-Let the Hammer Fall Vol 15-MAG-2002-GRW (Metal)
VA-Mega Metal-4CD-2002-AMRC (Metal)
VA-Metal Dreams Vol 4-2002-AMRC (Metal)
VA-Metal Dreams Vol 5-2003-AMRC (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Israel Vol 18-2002-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer PL Issue 10-2003-PMS (Metal)
VA-Paranoise Vol 2 Le Son Kickass-2003-hXc (Metal)
VA-Paranoise Vol 3 Le Son Kickass-2003-hXc (Metal)
VA-Power Of Metal-20 Years In Noise-2CD-2003-RDA (Metal)
VA-Promo Only Modern Rock Radio August-2003-aAF (Metal)
VA-Recollection Relapse Video Collection Vol 1-DVD-2003-hXc (Metal)
VA-Relapse Contamination Festival-3CD-Promo DVDA-2003-hXc (Metal)
va-russian metal ballads vol.5-ru-2003-d2h (Metal)
VA-Scandinavian Metal Attack Volume 1-2003-DMG (Metal)
VA-Scandinavian Metal Attack Volume 2-2003-DMG (Metal)
VA-Sonic Excess-CD-2002-pALE (Metal)
VA-Spikefarm Sampler Vol. 2-2002-DNR (Metal)
VA-The Metal Pushers-2002-BUTT (Metal)
VA-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-OST-2003-RNS (Metal)
VA-The Very Best Of Hard Rock Ballads-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Vacant Stare-Vindictation-(Retail)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Vacant Stare-Vindictation-2002-(retail)-BUTT (Metal)
Vanden Plas-Beyond Daylight-Retail-2002-AAF (Metal)
Vanden Plas-Colour Temple-Special Edition-2CD-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Ved Buens Ende-Written in Waters-Remastered-Promo-Read-Nfo-2003-FFI (Metal)
Venom - Official Bootleg Remastered-2002-aAF (Metal)
Venom - Possessed-Reissue-2002-WLM (Metal)
Venom-At War With Satan-Reissue-2002-DSR (Metal)
Venom-Bitten-2002-gF (Metal)
Venom-Black Metal-(Reissue)-2002-DNR (Metal)
Venom-Kissing The Beast-2CD-2002-SER (Metal)
Venom-Possessed-Reissue-2002-DSR (Metal)
Venom-The Seven Gates Of Hell-The Singles-2003-SER (Metal)
Venom-Welcome To Hell-Reissue-2002-DSR (Metal)
Verenpisara-Aamunodottaja-CDS-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Verenpisara-Aamunodottaja-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Verenpisara-Happosadetta-2003-mwnd int (Metal)
Verenpisara-Me Tapoimme Tunteen-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Verenpisara-Nuoli-CDS-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Vhaldemar-Fight to the End-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Vhaldemar-I Made My Own Hell-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
viikate-ei ole ketaan kelle soittaa-CDS-FI-2002-DDt (Metal)
Viikate-Iltatahden Rusko-2xVLS-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Viikate-Kaajarven Rannat-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
viikate-kaajarven rannat-FI-2002-DDt (Metal)
Viikate-Kaajarven Rannat-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Viikate-Kaunis Kotkan Kasi-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
viikate-kaunis kotkan kasi-CDS-FI-2003-DDt (Metal)
viikate-kevyesti keskella paivaa-FI-2002-DDt (Metal)
Viikate-Kevyesti Keskella Paivaa-MCD-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
Viikate-Leimu-CDM-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
viikate-leimu-CDS-FI-2003-DDt (Metal)
viikate-nuori mies nimeton-CDS-FI-2002-DDt (Metal)
Viikate-Nuori Mies Nimeton-FI-CDS-2002-SER (Metal)
Viikate-Piinaava Hiljaisuus-VLS-FI-2002-SER (Metal)
viikate-surut pois ja kukka rintaan-FI-2003-DDt (Metal)
Viikate-Surut Pois Ja Kukka Rintaan-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Villain-Only Time Will Tell-Reissue-2003-GRW (Metal)
Vintersorg--Visions from the Spiral Generator-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
Vintersorg-live in skelleftea 2002-02-09-bootleg-2002-ss (Metal)
Vintersorg-Visions From The Spiral Generator-Retail-2002-RULLSTOL (Metal)
Vio-Lence-Opressing The Masses-Torture Tactics-(Reissue)-2003-DNR (Metal)
Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus Act II-2CD-2003 (Metal)
Virgin Steele-Book Of Burning-(Promo)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Virgin Steele-Guardians of the Flame-Remastered Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Virgin Steele-Hymn to Victory-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Virgin Steele-Virgin Steele-Remastered Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Virus-Carheart-2003-cnmc (Metal)
Visions of Atlantis-Eternal Endless Infinty-Japan Retail-2002-BFS iNT (Metal)
Voivod-Voivod-2003-mwnd iNT (Metal)
Voivod-We Carry on-CDS-2003-GRM (Metal)
Voltron-Your Core is Doomed-Promo CDR-2003-NOiR (Metal)
W.A.S.P.-Dying For The World-retail-2002-amrc (Metal)
Warhead - Speedway The Day After (Double Pack Edition)-2002-Nsc (Metal)
Warlord-Book 1 Bonus CD-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Wasara-Kaiken Kauniin Loppu-FI-2003-SER (Metal)
Wasara-Kaikien Kauniin Loppu-Digipak-2003-gF (Metal)
WASP-Dying For The World-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Watchtower-Demonstrations in Chaos-2002-AMRC (Metal)
While Heaven Wept-Of Empires Forlorn-2002-ARC (Metal)
While Heaven Wept-Of Empires Forlorn-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
White Skull--The Dark Age-Promo-2002-UBE (Metal)
whitesnake-here i go again the collection-2cd-2002-aaf (Metal)
Winterlong - The Second Coming-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
With Dead Hands Rising-Behind Inquisition-2003-PMS (Metal)
Wolfbrigade-Progression-Regression-CD-2002-BERC (Metal)
xandria - kill the sun-2003-cmg (Metal)
Xasthur-Nocturnal Poisoning-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Yakuza-Way of the Dead-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT (Metal)
Yggdrasil-I Nordens Rike-CDM-SE-2003-DGN (Metal)
Yggdrasil-Kvaellning-(Demo)-2002-BoM (Metal)
Yigga Digga-Momentum (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Yob-Elaborations Of Carbon-2002-dgs (Metal)
Yyrkoon-Dying Sun-2002-BFS INT (Metal)
Zao-All Else Failed (Advance)-2003-KSI (Metal)
Zaraza-No Paradise to Lose-WEB-2003-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Zhorn-Z Comes First-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Zimmers Hole - Bound by Fire-Reissue-2003-FKK (Metal)
Zimmers Hole-Legion Of Flames-2002-EOS (Metal)
Zubrowska-One On Six-2003-DM (Metal)

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