17 May 2023
04-run to the hills camp chaos video-vic (Metal)
ADX-Division Blindee-FR-2008-ViC (Metal)
Anael-Union-Demo-2002-ViC (Metal)
Annihilator - Double Live Annihilation-2CD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Arch Enemy - Live In Gothenburg 01-29-03-bootleg-2003-vic (Metal)
Artesia-Chants Dautomne-FR-2007-ViC (Metal)
artesia-laube morne-demo-2004-vic (Metal)
bathtub shitter-shitter at salzgitter-live-2006-vic (Metal)
Belenos-Chemins De Souffrance-Promo-FR-2007-ViC (Metal)
Burzum - Aske-1995-ViC INT (Metal)
Burzum - Burzum - Aske-1995-ViC INT (Metal)
cradle of filth - nymphetamine-full promo-2004-vic (Metal)
Cynic-Live At Hellfest (06-23-07)-Bootleg-2007-ViC (Metal)
Dark Funeral-The Secrets Of The Black Arts-2CD Digipak Remastered-2007... (Metal)
Decapitated-Organic Hallucinosis-Retail-2006-ViC (Metal)
Deicide-Live In Limoges (01-14-07)-Bootleg-2007-ViC (Metal)
Deicide-When London Burns-DVD-2006-ViC (Metal)
dew-scented-no mercy festival in lyon (04-12-07)-bootleg-2007-vic (Metal)
Dominus-Vol Beat-1998-ViC (Metal)
Enthroned-Ancient Rites-Split-Vinyl-1994-ViC (Metal)
Entombed - Hultsfred Festival 2002-Bootleg-2002-ViC (Metal)
gestapo 666-satanic warmaster--split-2004-vic (Metal)
ghoul-splatterthrash-2006-vic (Metal)
God Forbid - Gone Forever-promo-2004-VIC (Metal)
Gorgoroth-Twilight Of The Idols-2003-ViC (Metal)
Grave - Back From The Grave-2CD-Ltd Ed-2002-ViC (Metal)
Grave-Live In Lyon (05-29-07)-Bootleg-2007-ViC (Metal)
Haemoth-Vice Suffering and Destruction-FR-2004-RCA (Metal)
Hate Eternal-The Perilous Fight-DVD-2006-ViC (Metal)
Impaled-The Last Gasp-2007-ViC (Metal)
In Flames-Live In Clermont (04-03-06)-Bootleg-2006-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden - 1998-The Angel And The Gambler CD 1 Of 2-1998-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden - 1998-The Angel And The Gambler CD 2 Of 2-1998-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Man On The Edge CD 1 Of 2-CDM-1995-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden - Man On The Edge CD 2 Of 2-CDM-1995-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden-1991-The Greediness-Bootleg-1991-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden-1996-Lord Of The Flies-CDM-1996-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Man On The Edge CD 1 Of 2-CDM-1995-ViC (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Man On The Edge CD 2 Of 2-CDM-1995-ViC (Metal)
Judas Priest - Live In London-2CD-Promo-2002-ViC (Metal)
King Crimson-Ladies Of The Road-2CD-Ltd Ed-Live-2002-ViCx (Metal)
krieg-open grave-resistance is futile-ltd ed split ep-2003-vic (Metal)
Marduk-Nightwing-Remastered CD-2008-ViC (Metal)
Melechesh-Emissaries-Promo-2006-ViC (Metal)
Morbid Angel-Live Madness 89-DVD-2006-ViC (Metal)
my dying bride - for darkest eyes-3cd-dvd-2002-vic (Metal)
My Dying Bride-Deeper Down-CDEP-2006-ViC (Metal)
Nightwish - Nemo-PROPER-CDS-2004-ViC (Metal)
Peste Noire-Folkfuck Folie-FR-2007-ViC (Metal)
queensryche - new york-bootleg-1987-vic (Metal)
Reapers-Metalness-Promo-2004-ViC (Metal)
Shining-Within Deep Dark Chambers-Reissue-2005-ViC (Metal)
sigh - infidel art-digipak-1993-vic (Metal)
sombre chemin-peste noire-split-ltd ed-tape-2002-vic (Metal)
stalaggh-projekt misanthropia-2007-vic (Metal)
Striborg-Embittered Darkness-Isle De Morts-2006-ViC (Metal)
The Crown-Crowned In Terror 2002-ViC (Metal)
The Flower Kings-Adam And Eve-Promo-2004-ViCx (Metal)
Tiamat-Wildhoney - Gaia-Remastered-2001-ViC (Metal)
VA-Limb Splitter-2006-ViC (Metal)
Vader-Live In Limoges (10-08-06)-Bootleg-2006-ViC (Metal)
winterfylleth-rising of the winter full moon-demo cdr-2007-vic (Metal)

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