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08 Mar 2015
Babies Go - The Doors-CD-2008-USZ (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Diesel And Gasoline-1994-HNH (Metal)
D%C3%B6k%C3%B6tt-D%C3%B6k%C3%B6tt-Retail-1998-BFS (Metal)
D-A-D-Call Of The Wild-1986-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Disneyland After Dark The Masterworks-16CD-2007-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Draws A Circle-1987-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Everything Glows-2000-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust-(DVD)-2003-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust-1995-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Helpyourselfish-1995-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims-1989-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Osaka After Dark-1990-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Psychopatico Live-2CD-2002-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Riskin It All-1991-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Scare Yourself-2005-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Simpatico-1997-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Soft Dogs-2002-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-Special-1992-LAMB (Metal)
D-A-D-The Early Years-2CD-2000-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Det Gaar Likar No-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Her Bli Det Liv De Beste 1992-2002-2CD-NO-2002-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Jippi-NO-2000-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Nae Nae Nae Nae Nae Nae-NO-2005-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-No E D.D.E. Jul Igjen-NO-1999-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Ohwaeaeaeaeh-NO-1998-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E-Rai 2-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E.-Rai-Rai-NO-1993-LAMB (Metal)
D.D.E.-Vi Ska Faest - Aill Mot Aill-NO-2001-LAMB (Metal)
daltons - daltons-2004-ser (Metal)
Damageplan-New Found Power-(Explicit Retail)-2004-FNT (Metal)
Dance With A Stranger-Everyone Needs A Friend-The Very Best Of-2CD-200... (Metal)
Dance With A Stranger-Look What Youve Done...-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Dance With A Stranger-Unplugged Hits-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Danger Danger - rare cuts - 2003-amrc (Metal)
Danzig-666 Satans Child-1999-BKF (Metal)
Danzig-777 I Lucifieri-Promo-2002-ViLE (Metal)
Danzig-Black Aria-1993-EOS (Metal)
Danzig-Blackacidevil-(Retail)-1996-dSS (Metal)
Danzig-Circle of Snakes-Promo-2004-radial (Metal)
danzig-danzig II lucifuge-1994-BiP (Metal)
Danzig-Danzig II-Lucifuge-1990-DGS (Metal)
Danzig-Dirty Black Summer CD Single-GWEN (Metal)
Danzig-The Lost Tracks of Danzig-2CD-2007-MFN (Metal)
Dark Faith-Terrains Vagues-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Dark Fortress-Eidolon-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interium-2CD-Remastered Digipak-2007-CMG (Metal)
Dark Funeral - The Secrets Of The Black Arts-2CD Digipak Remastered-20... (Metal)
Dark Funeral - Vobiscum Satanas-Remastered Digipak-2007-CMG (Metal)
Dark Funeral-Attera Totus Sanctus-2005-DNR (Metal)
Dark Funeral-De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine-2004-DNR (Metal)
Dark Moor - Autumnal-Promo-2009-MrA (Metal)
Dark Moor - Between Light And Darkness-Promo-CD-2003-QTXMp3 (Metal)
dark moor - beyond the sea-ltd.ed.-2005-amrc (Metal)
dark moor - dark moor-cd-2003-daw (Metal)
dark moor - in hell-promo-cdm-(ltd edition to 1000 copies)-2003-amrc (Metal)
dark moor - shadowland-1999-ws int (Metal)
dark moor - shadowland-2cd-remastered-2005-amrc (Metal)
dark moor - the fall of melnibone-ep-2001-bsm (Metal)
dark moor - the hall of the olden dreams-2000-ube (Metal)
Dark Moor-Autumnal-(Japan Release)-2009-UasH (Metal)
Dark Moor-Tarot-Korean Retail with Bonus-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Moor-The Gates Of Oblivion-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Dark Suns-Grave Human Genuine-(Digipak)-Ltd Ed-2008-PMS (Metal)
Dark the Suns-In Darkness Comes Beauty-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity--Focus Shift-(CDS)-2007-RN INT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Fiction-Japanese Retail with Bonus Track-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Darkthrone - Forebyggende Krig-Vinyl-EP-2006-TRVE (Metal)
Darkthrone - NWOBHM - New Wave Of Black Heavy Metal-CDEP-2007-ViC (Metal)
darkthrone-a blaze in the northern sky-remastered-2003-vic (Metal)
Darkthrone-Crossing The Triangle Of Flames-Ltd Ed-Vinyl-2002-ViC (Metal)
Darkthrone-F.O.A.D-2007-ONe (Metal)
Darkthrone-Hate Them-Retail-2003-WLM (Metal)
Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold-EP-2006-TDPmp3 (Metal)
Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger-Remastered Digipak-2003-BERC (Metal)
Darkthrone-Under A Funeral Moon-Remastered-2003-DMG (Metal)
Darkthrone-Under Beskyttelse av Morke-Boxset-2005-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Daughtry-Daughtry-2006-MP3 (Metal)
Daughtry-Leave This Town-2009-ApoLLo (Metal)
Daughtry-Over You-CDS-2008-XXL (Metal)
Daydreamer-Daydreamer-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist-1985-LAMB (Metal)
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death-1982 INT (Metal)
Dead Kennedys-Milking The Sacred Cow-2007-KzT (Metal)
Dead Mans Hand--The Combination-Promo-2009-UBE (Metal)
Dead to this World-First Strike for Spiritual Renewance-2007-BERC (Metal)
Deathkiller-New England Is Sinking-2007-KzT (Metal)
Deathlike Silence--Saturday Night Evil-Promo-2009-UBE (Metal)
Deathstars-Cyanide-XViD-2006-FESTiS (Metal)
Deathstars-Night Electric Night-(Bonus DVD)-2009-LzY (Metal)
Deathstars-Night Electric Night-2009-FallenHero (Metal)
Deathstars-Synthetic Generation-Retail-2002-eyeserse (Metal)
Deathstars-Termination Bliss Extended Version-(Bonus DVD)-2008-LzY (Metal)
Deathstars-Termination Bliss-(Extended Version)-2008-FTM (Metal)
Deathstars-Termination Bliss-(Promo)-2006-PMS (Metal)
deathstars-termination bliss-(retail with bonus tracks)-2006-lzy (Metal)
Deathstars-Virtue To Vice-XviD-2007-MV (Metal)
dee snider-never let the bastards wear you down-apc (Metal)
Dee Sniders Desperado - Bloodied But Unbowed-1996 (Metal)
Dee Sniders Sick Mutha Fkers-Twisted Forever Smfs Live-(Retail)-1998-dSS (Metal)
Dee Sniders SMF-Twisted Forever Live-1996-NaJ iNT (Metal)
Deep Purple - 1990-1996-3CD-2004-ViBEZ (Metal)
Deep Purple - Book of Taliesyn-1968-dissector (Metal)
Deep Purple - Burn-(Remastered)-2004-MiR (Metal)
Deep Purple - Deep Purple-Remastered-2000-FKK (Metal)
Deep Purple - Forever - The Very Best Of -2CD-2005-JAFFA (Metal)
Deep Purple - Live in Japan 21st Anniversary Ed-3CD-1993-CMG (Metal)
Deep Purple - Live in Paris 1975-2CD-Live-2004-CMG (Metal)
Deep Purple - Machine Head (25th Anniv. Edition) - (Remastered)-2CD-20... (Metal)
Deep Purple - Nobodys Perfect-1988-SMP3 INT (Metal)
Deep Purple - Perihelion-DVD-2CD-2002-XCELL (Metal)
Deep Purple - Purplexed-1998-4Fun (Metal)
Deep Purple - Scandinavian Nights-2CD-(Remastered)-1972-SaR (Metal)
Deep Purple - Single Hits 4-1969-BFAMP3 (Metal)
Deep Purple - The Battle Rages on -1993-MoG INT (Metal)
Deep Purple - The Ultra Selection-2005-MSRP (Metal)
Deep Purple And Friends-Child In Time-2007-WRE (Metal)
Deep Purple-Bananas-2003-RNS (Metal)
Deep Purple-Black Night Live in Bombay-DVD-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Burn-1974-GiFT (Metal)
Deep Purple-Burn-Stormbringer-2CD-2003-SER (Metal)
Deep Purple-Come Hell or High Water-DVDA-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Come Taste The Band-1975-HVN INT (Metal)
Deep Purple-Come Taste The Band-Remastered CD-2007-OBC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Concerto For Group And Orchestra (Remastered)-2CD-2002-M3F (Metal)
Deep Purple-Days May Come and Days May Go (Special Edition)-2CD-2008-XXL (Metal)
Deep Purple-Days May Come And Days May Go-(1975)-aAF (Metal)
Deep Purple-Family and Friends-2CD-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Deep Purple-Fireball-25th Anniversary Edition-Reissue (1996)-1971-MANiAC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Forever - The Very Best Of-2CD-2005-JAFFA (Metal)
Deep Purple-Going Bananas in Berlin-2CD-Bootleg-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Haunted-(PROMO CDS)-2003-WHOA (Metal)
Deep Purple-In Rock-1970-GiFT (Metal)
Deep Purple-In the Absence of Pink Knebworth 85-2CD-1991-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live At Montreux 2006-2DVD-2007-OBC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live At The NEC 1993-2CD-2007-uF (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live in California 74-DVDA-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live In Concert 72 73-(DVD)-2005-F4G (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live In London-(Remastered Advance)-2CD-2007-SAW (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live In Stockholm 1970-2CD-Remastered-2005-EOSiNT (Metal)
Deep Purple-Live In Stuttgart 1993-2CD-2007-uF (Metal)
Deep Purple-Machine Head-1972-LAMB (Metal)
Deep Purple-Made In Europe (Remastered)-2006-dP (Metal)
Deep Purple-Made In Europe-1976-SMP3 iNT (Metal)
Deep Purple-Made In Japan-1972-(OGG)-TNS (Metal)
Deep Purple-Made In Japan-1972-DNR (Metal)
Deep Purple-Made In Japan-1972-iNT-MUPP (Metal)
Deep Purple-Masters from the Vault-DVDA-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-More Purple Hits-The Best Of-2CD-2008-r35 (Metal)
Deep Purple-Nobodys Perfect-Remastered-Live-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-On the Road-4CD-Retail-2001-M3F (Metal)
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-EOS (Metal)
Deep Purple-Progression-1993-pyt (Metal)
Deep Purple-Purple Hits-The Best Of-2CD-2003-SER (Metal)
Deep Purple-Rapture Of The Deep-(Advance)-2005-RNS (Metal)
Deep Purple-Rapture Of The Deep-2CD-Limited Tour Edition-2006-TWCMP3 (Metal)
Deep Purple-Slaves And Masters-1990-HNH (Metal)
Deep Purple-Smoke on the Water 2005-Whitelabel Vinyl-2005-PLAY (Metal)
Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water-(harald schmidt show 1996)-svcd-2004-vme (Metal)
Deep Purple-Stormbringer (1974)-Remastered CD-2007-OBC (Metal)
Deep Purple-Stormbringer-1974-LAMB (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Best of the Early Years-SSR (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Book Of Taliesyn-Remastered-(2000)-1969-BFAMP3 (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Collection-.Sony BMG.-2006-BFHMP3 (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Early Years-2004-SER (Metal)
Deep Purple-The House of Blue Light-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Soundboard Series Boxset - Newcastle 14.03.01-2CD-PtSL (Metal)
Deep Purple-The Universal Masters Collection-2003-SER (Metal)
Deep Purple-This Time Around-2CD-EGO (Metal)
Def Leppard - High N Dry-1981-BFS INT (Metal)
Def Leppard - High N Dry-Retail-1981-ALX INT (Metal)
Def Leppard - Hysteria-Retail-1987-ALX INT (Metal)
Def Leppard - No Matter What-2005-MiT (Metal)
Def Leppard - Now CD 1-CDM-2002-FKK (Metal)
Def Leppard - Now CD 2-CDM-2002-FKK (Metal)
Def Leppard - On Through the Night-1980-ALX INT (Metal)
Def Leppard - Pyromania-Retail-1983-ALX INT (Metal)
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages-the DVD Collection-(DVD)-2005-LzY (Metal)
Def Leppard - Slang (Strictly )-2CD-Limited Edition-1996-oNePiEcE (Metal)
Def Leppard - Vault Greatest Hits 1980-1995-KmA (Metal)
Def Leppard - Yeah Bonus CD with Backstage Interviews-2006-FKK (Metal)
Def Leppard-Adrenalize-1992-CRock (Metal)
Def Leppard-Adrenalize-1992-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-All I Want Is Everything CDS-1996-aAF (Metal)
Def Leppard-Best of-2CD-Retail-2004-GTi (Metal)
Def Leppard-Euphoria-1999-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Euphoria-RNS (Metal)
Def Leppard-First Strike-(1979)-aAF (Metal)
Def Leppard-First Strike-1979-Wga (Metal)
Def Leppard-High n Dry-(Retail)-1984-dSS (Metal)
Def Leppard-High N Dry-1981-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Hysteria-2CD-(Deluxe Edition)-2006-uF (Metal)
Def Leppard-Long Long Way to Go-(CDM)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Def Leppard-Night Of The Leppard-(Bootleg)-2CD-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Def Leppard-On Through The Night-(1980)-PRW INT (Metal)
Def Leppard-On Through The Night-1980-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Our Photograph-READ NFO-PROMO CDS-2004-BPM HOUSE (Metal)
Def Leppard-Photograph Lee Cabrera Remix-Onesided Vinyl-2004-MTC (Metal)
Def Leppard-Pyromania-1983-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Retro Active-1993-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Retro Active-Retail-1993-BFS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Ride Into The Sun-EP-1978-AMRC (Metal)
Def Leppard-Rock of Ages the Definitive Collection-2CD-PROPER-2005-pyt (Metal)
Def Leppard-Slang-1996-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Songs From The Sparkle Lounge-2008-DEFLEPPARD (Metal)
Def Leppard-This is the Rare Stuff-6CD-2007-UasH INT (Metal)
Def Leppard-Vault 1980-1995-(Ltd Edition)-2CD-HNH (Metal)
Def Leppard-Vault Def Leppards Greatest Hits-1995-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Vault-2CD-1995-aAF (Metal)
Def Leppard-X-2002-AoR (Metal)
Def Leppard-X-2002-EOS (Metal)
Def Leppard-X-Advance-2002-FSP (Metal)
Def Leppard-Yeah-(Advance)-2005-RNS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Yeah-(Retail)-2006-RNS (Metal)
Def Leppard-Yeah-(Target Bonus Tracks)-2006-MTD (Metal)
Deftones-(Like) Linus-199x-PMS (Metal)
Deftones-7 Words (Promo)-1995-PMS (Metal)
Deftones-Adrenaline-1995-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Adrenaline-1995-EPK (Metal)
Deftones-Alpha Test (Demos 1991-1995)-Bootleg-2001-BKF (Metal)
Deftones-Around The Fur-1997-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Around The Fur-1997-FIH INT (Metal)
Deftones-Around the Fur-1997-SNR (Metal)
Deftones-B-Sides And Rarities-(DVDA)-2005-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-B-Sides And Rarities-2005-DNR (Metal)
deftones-b-sides and rarities-2005-rns (Metal)
Deftones-Back to School (Mini Maggit)-EP-2001-EOS (Metal)
Deftones-Change (In The House Of Flies) (Import Single)-2000-EGO (Metal)
Deftones-Change (In The House Of Flies) (Promo CDS)-2001-iRO (Metal)
Deftones-Change (In The House Of Flies)-(CDS)-2000-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Deftones-2003-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Deftones-2003-RNS (Metal)
Deftones-Drunken Waldrock-Digipack-2002-RH (Metal)
Deftones-Hexagram-UKCDS-2003-GTi (Metal)
Deftones-Hollywood FM-1997-PMS (Metal)
Deftones-Jealous Guy (John Lennon Cover)-(Webrip CDS)-2005-XDX (Metal)
Deftones-Lightning Strikes-1997-BKF (Metal)
Deftones-Live-(Import)-1998-DNR (Metal)
Deftones-Mein-(CDS)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Deftones-Minerva-CDS-2003-SSR (Metal)
Deftones-My Own Summer (Shove It) CDS1-1998-iRO (Metal)
Deftones-My Own Summer (Shove It) CDS2-1998-iRO (Metal)
Deftones-Promotional-DVDA-2003-iTS (Metal)
Deftones-Rare Demos-1991-REV (Metal)
Deftones-Rare Tracks-2002-SSP (Metal)
Deftones-Saturday Night Wrist-(Explicit Retail)-2006-MTD (Metal)
Deftones-Saturday Night Wrist-2006-MFN (Metal)
Deftones-White Pony (Black)-Limited Edition-2000-EOS (Metal)
Deftones-White Pony-(Limited Edition)-2000-DNR (Metal)
deLillos-Festen Er Ikke Over Det Er Kake Igjen-2CD-NO-2005-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Gamle Sanger Om Igjen-NO-1998-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Hjernen Er Alene-NO-1989-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Mere-2CD-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Midt I Begynnelsen-NO-2002-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Neste Sommer-NO-1993-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Smak Av Honning-(CDM)-NO-1995-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos-Svett Smil-NO-1990-LAMB (Metal)
deLillos85-Suser Videre-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Dethklok-Dethalbum II-2009-VAG (Metal)
Dethklok-The Dethalbum-(Bonus CD)-2007-FNT (Metal)
Dethklok-The Dethalbum-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2007-BWN INT (Metal)
Dethklok-The Dethalbum-2007-RTB (Metal)
Devil Driver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost-Promo CDS-2007-MOD (Metal)
Devil May Care-Wrong Life Philosophy-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Devildriver-Hold Back The Day-2005-BGA (Metal)
Devildriver-The Fury of Our Maker%27s Hand-Retail-2005-FH (Metal)
Devildriver-The Fury Of Our Makers Hand (Special Edition)-Reissue-2006... (Metal)
Devildriver-The Fury Of Our Makers Hand-(Japanese Bonus Tracks)-2005-T... (Metal)
DevilDriver-The Last Kind Words-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dezperadoz--An Eye for an Eye-Promo-2008-UBE (Metal)
Di Derre-Bors Cafe-(Promo CDM)-NO-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Di Derre-Den Derre Med Di Derre-NO-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Di Derre-Gym-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Di Derre-Jenter Og Saann-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Diary Of Dreams-The Plague-CDM-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter-Tobsucht-2CD-DE-2008-AMRC (Metal)
Die Toten Hosen - Alles Was War-CDM-DE-2009-MOD (Metal)
Diesel Dahl and Friends-Recycled-1997-LAMB (Metal)
Diesel Dahl-Recycled-1997-DMG (Metal)
Diezel - Willpower-Retail-1995-M4E (Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan with Nora-Split-1999-HPE (Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan-Calculating Infinity-1999-iRO (Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan-Ire Works-2007-404 (Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan-Selftitled-Reissue-2001-iTS (Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan-Under The Running Board EP-1998-iRO (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra-2010-CMG (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli-Advance-2007-TRVE (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions-1999-SataN INT (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-2005-08-06 Gates of Metal-2005-EYESERSE (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Alive In Torment-Live-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Death Cult Armageddon-Advance Retail-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Enthrone Darkness Triumphant-Russian Reissue-2001-gravewish (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-For All Tid Remastered-1997-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Godless Savage Garden-1998-AMRC INT (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Godless Savage Garden-1998-LAMB (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-In Sorte Diaboli-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Inn i Evighetens Moerke EP-1994-Ferice (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Live at Lowlands 2408-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Live At Paradiso 02.10.2003-Varg (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Old Mans Child-Sons Of Satan Gather For Attack-1999-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia-Japanese Retail-2001-Ss (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Spiritual Darkness (Alive In Europe)-2000-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Stormblast Digi-1996-AMRC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Stormblast-Ozzfest Performance 2004-Bonus DVD-2005-BERC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Stormblast-Proper-Retail-2005-BERC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-The Invaluable Darkness-2DVD-2008-BERC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-The Invaluable Darkness-the P3 Sessions-Bonus CD-2008-BERC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Vredesbyrd-CDS-2004-ESC (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-World Misanthropy Bonus CD-2002-KOMA (Metal)
Dio - Diamonds - The Best Of Dio (1992)-wAx (Metal)
Dio - Holy Diver Remastered-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Dio - Magica (Limited Edition)-2000-RDA (Metal)
Dio - Master Of The Moon-Promo-CD-2004-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dio - Masters Of The Moon-Retail-CD-2004-FUN (Metal)
Dio - The Last in Line Remastered-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Dio-Angry Machines-1996-REV (Metal)
Dio-Angry Machines-Remastered-2006-BOS (Metal)
Dio-At Donington UK Live 1983 and 1987-Digipak-2CD-2010-AMRC (Metal)
Dio-At Tokyo Super Rock Festival-DVD-2009-LzY (Metal)
Dio-Dream Evil-1987-HH (Metal)
Dio-Evil or Divine Live In New York City-2005-ESC (Metal)
Dio-Holy Diver Live-2CD-2006-RTB (Metal)
Dio-Holy Diver-1983-OLD (Metal)
Dio-Holy Diver-EP-1983-AMRC (Metal)
Dio-Holy Diver-Remastered-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Dio-Inferno The Last In Line-2CD-1998-HH (Metal)
Dio-Intermission Live EP-(1986)-PRW iNT (Metal)
Dio-Killing the Dragon (Limited Tour Edition)-Retail-2002-SSR (Metal)
Dio-Last In Line-1984-aAF (Metal)
Dio-Live In Montreal Quebec-0802-2003-PMS (Metal)
Dio-Lock Up The Wolves-Retail-1990-EYESERSE (Metal)
Dio-Master Of The Moon-2004-DNR (Metal)
Dio-Metal Hits-2005-MTD (Metal)
Dio-On The Side-(2003)-PRW INT (Metal)
Dio-Rainbow In The Dark-EP-1983-AMRC (Metal)
Dio-Rock N Roll Children-Limited Edition EP-(Read NFO)-1985-SLF INT (Metal)
Dio-Sacred Heart The DVD-DVDA-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Dio-Sacred Heart-1985-(VBR)-NoGRP (Metal)
Dio-Sacred Heart-1985-MMF INT (Metal)
Dio-Stand Up And Shout-(The Anthology)-2CD-2003-RNS (Metal)
Dio-Strange Highways-1994-HH (Metal)
Dio-The Collection-2003-SSR (Metal)
Dionysis Tsaknis-Oi Filoi Moy Eimai Egw-GR-2009-ELiA (Metal)
dionysus - anima mundi-retail-2004-amrc (Metal)
Dionysus - Fairytales and Reality-Korean Retail with Bonus-2006-RNC (Metal)
Dionysus - Keep the Spirit-2008-RNC (Metal)
dionysus - sign of truth-(japanese release with bonus)-2002-amrc (Metal)
Dire Straits-Money For Nothing-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Dire Straits-On Every Street-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Dirty Deeds-Danger of Infection -Japan Release-1997-AMRC (Metal)
Dismantled-When Im Dead-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Dismember-The Complete Demos-2005-UNiT (Metal)
Disowned-Emotionally Involved-Promo-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Disturbed - Asylum (Deluxe Edition)-2010-Nsc (Metal)
Disturbed - Believe-2Cd - (Tour Edition)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Disturbed - Coming Down With The Sickness EP-2001-TWCMP3 (Metal)
Disturbed - Indestructible-2008-FKK (Metal)
Disturbed - Remember-CDM-2002-WLM (Metal)
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Tour Edition-DVD-2006-TRVE (Metal)
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists-2005-C4 (Metal)
Disturbed Ft Chester Of Linkin Park-Walk(Live Cover)-2003-KPT (Metal)
Disturbed--Live at Rock am Ring-DAB-06-07-2008-OMA (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe(Advance)-2002-PR (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe-2002-Retail-H4X iNT (Metal)
Disturbed-Believe-Limited Edition-2002-EOS (Metal)
Disturbed-Brainfuzz-DISTURBD015-Vinyl-2008-XTC (Metal)
Disturbed-Disturbing The Peace-2005-JeRK (Metal)
Disturbed-Guarded (CDS)-2005-KSi INT (Metal)
Disturbed-Indestructible-(Bonus Track)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Disturbed-Indestructible-(Japanese Bonus Track)-2008-MTD (Metal)
disturbed-indestructible-(special edition dvd)-2008 (Metal)
Disturbed-Indestructible-2008-DiSTURBED (Metal)
Disturbed-Inside the Fire-(CDS)-2008-iND (Metal)
Disturbed-Inside The Fire-x264-2008-SRP (Metal)
Disturbed-Land Of Confusion-(UK CDS)-2006-FNT (Metal)
Disturbed-Liberate-SVCD-2003-PMSVCD (Metal)
Disturbed-Music as A Weapon II-Sampler-2004-RFK (Metal)
Disturbed-Prayer (UK CDS1)-2002-SSR (Metal)
Disturbed-Prayer (UK CDS2)-2002-SSR (Metal)
Disturbed-Raise Your Fist For Sickness-2006-JeRK (Metal)
Disturbed-Remember UKCDM 2-2003-FNT (Metal)
Disturbed-Rusher-DISTURBD012-Vinyl-2008-XTC (Metal)
Disturbed-Stricken-(CDS)-2005-uNi (Metal)
Disturbed-Stupify (CDM)-2001-CSR (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-(Advance)-2005-PtE (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-(Bonus Tracks)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-(DVD)-2007-DNR (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-(Limited Edition)-2007-DNR (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-(Tour Edition Bonus DVD)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists-2005-C4 (Metal)
Disturbed-The Sickness-Limited Edition-2000-EOS (Metal)
Disturbed-The Sickness-Reissue-2002-SSR (Metal)
Division By Zero-Tyranny Of Therapy-2007-PMS (Metal)
Dokken-Lightning Strikes Again-(Retail)-2008-RTB (Metal)
Dokken-Under Lock and Key-Retail-1985-EYESERSE (Metal)
Domination-A Tribute To Pantera (R.I.P Dimebag)-2005-SMO (Metal)
Doomsword-My Name Will Live On-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dope Arcade-The Arcade-HAR112-WEB-2012 (Metal)
Dope D.O.D.-Branded-2011-NOiR (Metal)
Dope Stars Inc.-Criminal Intents Morning Star-Limited Edition EP-2009-... (Metal)
Dope-American Apathy-(Advance)-2005-RNS (Metal)
Dope-American Apathy-(Bonus)-2005-RNS (Metal)
Dope-Felons And Revolutionaries-1999-iRO (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-(Retail)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-2003-NHH INT (Metal)
Dope-Group Therapy-Advance-2003-ESC (Metal)
Dope-Life-2001-EGO (Metal)
Dope-Life-2001-EOS (Metal)
Dope-Life-2001-NHH INT (Metal)
Dope-No Regrets-Explicit-2009-AoN (Metal)
Doro - All We Are (the Fight)-2007-MOD (Metal)
Doro - Fear No Evil-Promo-2009-MrA (Metal)
Doro-Classic Diamonds-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Doro-Doro-1990-INT-GORE (Metal)
Dragonfly-Alma Irae-ES-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonforce-Inhuman Rampage (Japanese Bonus Track)-2006-PMS (Metal)
DragonForce-Inhuman Rampage-(Advance)-2006-RDA (Metal)
Dragonforce-Inhuman Rampage-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Dragonforce-Sonic Firestorm-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Dragonforce-Sonic Firestorm-Retail-2004-rH (Metal)
Dragonforce-Twilight Dementia-2CD-2010-MTD (Metal)
Dragonforce-Ultra Beatdown-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
dragonforce-valley of the damned-(jp retail)-2003-jpm (Metal)
Dragonforce-Valley Of The Damned-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Dragonforce-Wankaroo Through Fire and Ice The Masterworks-4CD-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Dragonheart-Valley Of The Damned-(Demo)-2000-LAMB (Metal)
Dragonland - Starfall-(Korean Edition)-2005-AMW (Metal)
Dragonland--The Battle of the Ivory Plains-2001-SER (Metal)
Dragonland-Astronomy-Jap Release-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonland-Holy War-(Japanese Release with Bonus)-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Dragonland-Holy Wars Bonus Songs-2002-eyeserse INT (Metal)
Dragonlord-Black Wings of Destiny-Ltd.Ed. Bonus Track-2005-NTH (Metal)
Dragonlord-Black Wings Of Destiny-Promo-CD-2005-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Dragonlord-Black Wings Of Destiny-TRACKFIX-Promo-CD-2005-QTXMp (Metal)
Dragonlord-Rapture-2001-EGO (Metal)
Dream Evil - Chasing the Book of the Metal Dragon the Best of-2005-MAC (Metal)
Dream Evil - The Book of Heavy Metal-Japan Edition-2004-TOM (Metal)
Dream Evil - United-Ltd.Ed. (Bonus CD)-2006-FKK (Metal)
Dream Evil-Anthems Of Dream Evil-2007-FTM (Metal)
Dream Evil-Dragonslayer-Retail-2002-BFS (Metal)
Dream Evil-Dragonslayer-Retail-2002-MAC INT (Metal)
Dream Evil-Evilized-Japanese Retail with Bonus-2003-NTH (Metal)
Dream Evil-United Japanese Edition-2CD-2006-CRock (Metal)
Dream Evil-United-Japanese Bonus Tracks-2006-NTH (Metal)
dream police - dream police-1990-uash int (Metal)
dream police - messing with the blues-1991-uash int (Metal)
Dream Theater - Wither-CDM-2009-YSP (Metal)
Dream Theater-Awake-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Dream Theater-Greatest Hit ( And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs )-2CD-2008... (Metal)
Dream Theater-Images And Words-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Dream Theater-Live Scenes From New York-3CD-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Dream Theater-Score 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With The Octavari... (Metal)
Dream Theater-Systematic Chaos-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Dreamscape--Unvoiced-Reissue-2008-OMA (Metal)
Dreamscape-5th Season-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Dreamscape-End Of Silence-2004-DJH (Metal)
Dreamscape-Very-1999-DTMT (Metal)
Driller Killer-Cold Cheap And Disconnected-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Dropkick Murphys-Going Out In Style-2011-FNT (Metal)
Dropkick Murphys-The Meanest Of Times-(Limited Edition)-2008-EON (Metal)
DumDum Boys-0 WATT-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-1001 Watt Live-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Bade Naken-(Promo CDS)-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Bapshuariari-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Blodig Alvor Na Na Na Na Na-NO-1988-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Dine Oyne Sier Alt-(CDS)-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Dum(mere) Blir Det Ikke Det Komplette Galskap-24CD-NO-2007... (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Enhjorning-(CDS)-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Gravitasjon-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Ikke Faen-(CDS)-NO-1998-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Live I Dodens Dal-(Bonus CD)-NO-2004-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Ludium-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Mitt Hjertes Trell-(CDM)-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Pstereo-(Remastered)-NO-1990-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Schlaegers-2CD-NO-2001-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Splitter Pine-NO-1988-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Stjernesludd-(CDM)-NO-1997-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Sus-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Sustema Magica-(CDM)-NO-1996-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Totem-NO-1998-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Transit Sigmata Exit-(EP)-NO-1992-LAMB (Metal)
DumDum Boys-Transit-NO-1992-LAMB (Metal)
DumDumBoys-I.Doedens Dal.2003.Pal.MDVDr.M4E (Metal)
Duran Duran-The Essential Collection-2007-WHOA (Metal)
Eagles - Desperado-Remastered-2003-XCell (Metal)
Eagles - Eagles-Remastered-2003-XCell (Metal)
Eagles - Greatest Hits Volume 2-Remastered-2003-XCell (Metal)
Eagles - Hotel California-1976-FAF INT (Metal)
Eagles - The Long Run-Remastered-2003-XCell (Metal)
Eagles - The Very Best of the Eagles-2001-BIC (Metal)
Eagles-Eagles Boxset-9CD-2005-ESC (Metal)
eagles-farewell 1 nbc special-(dvda)-2005-EGO (Metal)
Eagles-Hotel California-1976-iRO (Metal)
Eagles-Long Road Out Of Eden-2CD-2007-EAGLES..Relesedate 07.10.29.%21%... (Metal)
Eagles-The Complete Greatest Hits-2CD-Retail-2003-SWE (Metal)
Edguy - Fucking with F Live-2CD-Ltd.Ed. Live-2009-FKK (Metal)
Edguy - Hall Of Flames-2CD-2004-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Edguy - King of Fools-CDS-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Edguy - Kingdom Of Madness-Retail-1997-FBS (Metal)
Edguy - Lavatory Love Machine-CDS-2004-TOM (Metal)
Edguy - Mandrake (Read Info)-Limited Edition Vinyl-2001-TOM (Metal)
Edguy - Superheroes-Retail-2005-COS (Metal)
Edguy - The Savage Poetry-2CD Limited-2000-FBS (Metal)
Edguy-2004-05-09-Ishallen Umea-2004-EYESERSE (Metal)
Edguy-Burning Down The Opera-Live-2CD-2003-EOS (Metal)
Edguy-Burning Down The Opera-Live-2CD-Ltd Ed-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Edguy-Children Of Steel-Demo-1994-BERC (Metal)
Edguy-Evil Minded (Demo-Tape)-1994-ATM (Metal)
Edguy-Greatest Hits-2004-CRock (Metal)
Edguy-Hellfire Club Hongkong Bonus Disc-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Edguy-Hellfire Club-2004-EOS (Metal)
edguy-hellfire club-limited edition-2004-amrc (Metal)
Edguy-King Of Fools-EP-2004-EOS (Metal)
Edguy-Kingdom Of Madness-1997-EOS (Metal)
edguy-mandrake-(limited edition)-2001-bgf (Metal)
Edguy-Mandrake-2001-DNR (Metal)
Edguy-Mandrake-2001-EOS (Metal)
Edguy-Rocket Ride-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Edguy-Rocket Ride-Ltd.Ed.-2006-SER (Metal)
Edguy-Superheroes-PROPER-2005-ToB (Metal)
Edguy-The Savage Poetry and (Bonus CD 1995) 2CD (Retail)-2000-BFS (Metal)
Edguy-Theater Of Salvation (Korean Import)-1999-EOS (Metal)
Edguy-Tinnitus Sanctus-2008-FYU (Metal)
Edguy-Vain Glory Opera-1999-AMRC INT (Metal)
Edguy-Vain Glory Opera-Retail-1999-FBS (Metal)
einherjer-blot-advance-2003-esc (Metal)
einherjer-dragons of the north-1996-vsm (Metal)
einherjer-far far north-1997-vsm (Metal)
Einherjer-Norwegian Native Art-(Remastered)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
einherjer-odin owns ye all-1998-vsm (Metal)
El Caco--from Dirt-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
El Caco-From Dirt-Bonus-DVD-2007-BERC (Metal)
El Caco-Heat-2009-EGM (Metal)
El Caco-Solid Rest-2003-SFA (Metal)
El caco-someone new-dvdrip-xvid-2005-mVa (Metal)
El Caco-The Search-2005-SSR (Metal)
Elf - Elf-1972-Flame (Metal)
Elvenking - Wyrd-Ltd.Ed.-2004-FERiCE (Metal)
Elvenking--The Scythe-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Elvenking-Heathenreel-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Elvenking-The Scythe-(EU Bonus Track)-RERIP-2007-DELTA (Metal)
Elvenking-The Winter Wake-European Retail-2006-DELTA (Metal)
Elvenking-Wyrd-Limited Edition-2004-EOS (Metal)
Elvis Presley-Elvis At The Movies-2CD-2007-SAW (Metal)
emerald sun - the story begins-2005-amrc (Metal)
Emerald Sun--Escape from Twilght-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Emerald Sun-Escape from Twilight-Reissue-(Retail)-2007-CRock (Metal)
Emigrate-Emigrate-(Retail)-2007-SMO (Metal)
Emperor - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk-Reissue With Bonus-Ltd.Ed.-200... (Metal)
Emperor - Emperor-Wrath Of The Tyrant-Reissue With Bonus-Ltd.Ed.-2004-... (Metal)
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse-Reissue With Bonus-Ltd.Ed.-2004-BFHMP3 (Metal)
Emperor-Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (Remastered)-1998-iRO (Metal)
Emperor-Enslaved-Hordanes Land-(split)-1994-gb (Metal)
Emperor-In The Nightside Eclipse (Remastered)-1999-iRO (Metal)
Emperor-IX Equilibrium-1999-iRO (Metal)
Emperor-Prometeusthe Discipline Of Fire And Demise-2001-PMS (Metal)
Emperor-Reverence MCD-1996-gB (Metal)
Emperor-Scattered Ashes A Decade Of Emperial Wrath-2003-ViC (Metal)
Emperor-Wrath Of The Tyrant-(Reissue)-2004-DNR (Metal)
Emperor-Wrath of the Tyrant-(WILD RAGS VERS)-1995-BERC (Metal)
Emperor-Wrath of the Tyrant-Demo-TAPE-READ NFO-1992-BERC (Metal)
Empyrium - A Retrospective-Promo-2006-CMG (Metal)
Empyrium-A Wintersunset-1996-MOE (Metal)
Empyrium-Der Wie Ein Blitz Von Himmel Fiel-Reissue-Ltd.Ed.-2003-Ferice (Metal)
Empyrium-Songs of Moors and Misty Fields-Retail-1997-MOE (Metal)
Empyrium-Weiland-Promo-2002-CNMC (Metal)
Empyrium-Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays-1999-DNR (Metal)
Enabled Disaster-Paradise Hell-CDR-2007-AMOK (Metal)
Enemy Of The Sun-Shadows-(Advance)-2007-FNT (Metal)
Ensiferum - Victory Songs-2007-CMG (Metal)
Ensiferum-10th Anniversary Live-(DVD)-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-10th Anniversary Live-DVD-2006-COS (Metal)
Ensiferum-1997-1999-Ltd.Ed.-2005-BERC (Metal)
Ensiferum-Demo 97-Demo Tape-1997-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Ensiferum-Dragonheads-(EP)-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-Dragonheads-(EP)-2006-MTD (Metal)
Ensiferum-Ensiferum-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-Ensiferum-2001-ss (Metal)
Ensiferum-Iron-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-Iron-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2004-GORE (Metal)
Ensiferum-Iron-Retail-2004-SnS (Metal)
Ensiferum-One More Magic Potion-(CDS)-2007-FTC (Metal)
Ensiferum-One More Magic Potion-(CDS)-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-One More Magic Potion-CDS-2007-MFN (Metal)
Ensiferum-Tale Of Revenge-CDS-2004-ss (Metal)
Ensiferum-Victory Songs-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Ensiferum-Victory Songs-Ltd. Ed.-2007-mwnd int (Metal)
Enslaved - Live At Mexico City-Bootleg Tape-1995-ViC (Metal)
Enslaved--RUUN-Promo-2006-UBE (Metal)
Enslaved-2004-Vikingligr Veldi 2CD (Metal)
Enslaved-Below The Lights-Promo-2003-ViC (Metal)
Enslaved-Frost-1994-(Retail)-dSS (Metal)
Enslaved-Isa-Retail-2004-CSCMP3 (Metal)
Enslavement Of Beauty-Mere Contemplations-2007-DELTA (Metal)
Enslavement of Beauty-The Perdition-EP-2009-kko (Metal)
Enter Shikari-Take To The Skies-2007-SAW (Metal)
Epica - The Phantom Agony-CD-2003-QTXMP3 (Metal)
Epica-Consign To Oblivion-Promo-CD-2005-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Epica-Never Enough-CDM-2007-DGRn (Metal)
Epica-Quietus-CDS-2005-DOH (Metal)
Epica-Solitary Ground-CDM-2005-SSR (Metal)
Epica-The Divine Conspiracy-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
epica-the road to paradiso-cd-2006-qtxmp3 (Metal)
Epica-The Score-An Epic Journey-CD-2005-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2004-MUSiQ (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton-Promo CD-2006-USZ (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Los Angeles 2007-2CD-Bootleg-AUD-2007-FKK (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Lucca Radio Broadcast 2006-Bootleg-2006-FKK (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Road Test-Bootleg-1999-FKK (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Shanghai 2007-2CD-Bootleg-2007-FKK (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Truckin-2CD-Bootleg-2006-FKK (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Unplugged-1992-SiGh iNT (Metal)
Eric Clapton - Unplugged-Retail-1992-BVR (Metal)
Eric Clapton And The Yardbirds-Retro Gold-2005-MUSiQ (Metal)
Eric Clapton-20th Century Masters-The Best of Eric Clapton-(Remastered... (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Back Home-2005-XXL (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Ballads-2003-BLA (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Complete Clapton-2CD-2007-404 (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Divine Providence-2CD-Bootleg-2006-gF (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2006-VOiCE (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Layla (B Boy House Mix)-ERIC001-Whitelabel Vinyl-2005-USF (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Me and Mr Johnson-2004-MVP (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Slowhand-Retail-1977-FH iNT (Metal)
Eric Clapton-Story-2001-dgn (Metal)
Eric Clapton-The Best of Eric Clapton-(Korea Tour 2007 Limited Edition... (Metal)
Eric Clapton-The Blues Concert Fillmore San Fran-Nov-8-9-2CD-Bootleg-1... (Metal)
Europe-1982-1992-Retail-1993-HNH (Metal)
Europe-Europe-1983-HNH (Metal)
Europe-Live From The Dark (Bonus Tracks)-(DVD)-2005-F4G (Metal)
Europe-Live From The Dark-DVDA-2005-SaR (Metal)
Europe-Out Of This World-1988-HNH (Metal)
Europe-Playlist-The Very Best Of Europe-2009-RVP (Metal)
Europe-Prisoners in Paradise-Retail-1991-BFS (Metal)
Europe-Rock The Night (The Very Best Of)-2CD-2004-WLM (Metal)
Europe-Secret Society-(Retail)-2006-LzY (Metal)
Europe-Start Form The Dark-(Retail)-2004-HNH (Metal)
Europe-The Final Countdown Tour 20th Anniversary-(DVD)-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Europe-The Final Countdown Tour Live In Sweden (20TH Anniversary Editi... (Metal)
Europe-The Final Countdown-1986-HNH (Metal)
Europe-Wings Of Tomorrow-1984-HNH (Metal)
Evanescence-Sweet Sacrifice-CDM-2007-S4L (Metal)
Evergrey - Live A Night To Remember-DVDA-2005-HNH (Metal)
Evergrey The Inner Circle-Promo-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Evergrey-A Night to Remember-2CD-Retail-2005-JUST (Metal)
Evergrey-In Search Of Truth-2001-EOS (Metal)
Evergrey-In Search of Truth-retail-2001-cnmc (Metal)
Evergrey-Monday Morning Apocalypse-(With Bonus)-Retail-2006-LzY (Metal)
Evergrey-Monday Morning Apocalypse-CDS-2006-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day (Bonus Track)-2003-KSi (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day-2003-SaR iNT (Metal)
Evergrey-Recreation Day-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Evergrey-Solitude Dominance Tragedy-(Special Edition)-Reissue-2004-SnS (Metal)
Evergrey-The Dark Discovery-(Special Edition)-Reissue-2004-SnS (Metal)
Evergrey-The Inner Circle (Limited Edition)-2004-SaR iNT (Metal)
Evergrey-The Inner Circle-Ltd.Ed.-Repack-2004-phEAR (Metal)
Evergrey-The Inner Circle-Promo-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Evergrey-Torn-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Every Time I Die-Gutter Phenomenon-2005-eDG (Metal)
Every Time I Die-The Big Dirty-(Advance)-2007-FNT (Metal)
Evidence One-The Sky Is The Limit-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Evile--Enter the Grave-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Exodus - Bonded by Blood-1985-Trp (Metal)
Exodus-Live in Gothenburg Sweden-1120-Bootleg-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Exodus-Pleasures Of The Flesh (Remastered)-1999-AMRC INT (Metal)
Exodus-Pleasures Of The Flesh-1987-LAMB (Metal)
Exodus-Shovel Headed Kill Machine-Limited Edition Bonus Track-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Exodus-War Is My Sheppard-(Limited Edition-EP)-2003-FNT (Metal)
Extreme-Extreme-1989-LAMB (Metal)
Extreme-III Sides To Every Story-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Extreme-More Than Words-(CDM)-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Extreme-Stop The World-(CDM)-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Extreme-Tragic Comic Part I-(CDM)-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Extreme-Tragic Comic Part II-(CDM)-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Eyefear-A World Full Of Grey-2007-HVN INT (Metal)
Eyefear-A World Full Of Grey-Promo-REPACK-READ NFO-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Eyefear-The Unseen-(Advance)-2009-NER (Metal)
Facebreaker-Dead Rotten and Hungry-2008-ViC (Metal)
Falconer-Among Beggars And Thieves-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Falconer-Northwind-Promo-CD-2006-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Farscape - For Those Who Love To Kill-2008-YSP (Metal)
Felony-First Works-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Finntroll - Live at the KGB Barcelona 0425-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder-Retail-CD-SE-1999-SATAN (Metal)
Finntroll - Rivfader-demo-SCFY (Metal)
Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup-DVD-FI-2007-FKK (Metal)
Finntroll-Jaktens Tid-2001-RDA (Metal)
Finntroll-Midnattens Widunder-1999-gb (Metal)
Finntroll-Nattf%C3%B6dd-Retail-2004-RDA (Metal)
Finntroll-Nifelvind-SE-2010-COS (Metal)
Finntroll-Trollhammaren-EP-2004-RDA (Metal)
Finntroll-Ur Jordens Djup-2007-EOS (Metal)
Finntroll-Ur Jordens Djup-Digipak-FI-2007-DMRG (Metal)
Finntroll-Visor Om Slutet-2003-SER (Metal)
Firewind-The Premonition-(Advance)-2008-FNT (Metal)
Five Finger Death Punch-Soundtrack to Your Roadrage-MAG-2013-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Frederiksen Denander-Baptism By Fire-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
From Autumn To Ashes-Holding A Wolf By The Ears-(Retail)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Frost - Cursed Again - Talking To God-Remastered Promo-2007-ViC (Metal)
Fuck Off And Die-Anti All-2008-GW (Metal)
Gaia Epicus - Damnation-Retail-2009-MrA (Metal)
gaia epicus - satrap-2003-amrc (Metal)
gaia epicus - symphony of glory-advance-2005-amrc (Metal)
Gaia Epicus - Victory-2007-MFN (Metal)
Gaia Epicus-Damnation-2008-SSR (Metal)
Gaia Epicus-Symphony of Glory-(Retail)-2005-dCO (Metal)
Galneryus--Everlasting-(Bonus DVD)-2007-NER (Metal)
Galneryus-Everlasting-(CDM)-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Blast From The Past-Digipack-2CD-2000-SMP3 iNT (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Heading For Christmas-Limited Edition-1997-FERICE (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Heading for the East-DVDA-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Heaven Or Hell-CDS-2001-MMF INT (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Mania-2005-SaR (Metal)
gamma ray - land of the free-1995-dma (Metal)
Gamma Ray - No World Order - (Japan Ed. With Bonus Track)-2001-FERiCEx (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Powerplant-(Remastered Ltd Edition With Bonus)-2002-SMP3 iNT (Metal)
Gamma Ray - Sigh No More-(Remastered Ltd Edition With Bonus)-2002-SMP3... (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Alive 95-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-1998-ATM (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Blast from the Past Japan Release with Bonus-2CD-2000-AMRC (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Gothenburg Lisebergshallen-Dec 04-Bootleg-2007-PRW INT (Metal)
gamma ray-heading for christmas-limited edition-1997-ferice (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Heading For The East-(DVD)-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Heading For Tomorrow-Remastered-2003-PtSL (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Hell Yeah The Awesome Foursome Live In Montreal-2CD-2008-FNT (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Insanity And Genius-Remastered-2003-PtSL (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Land Of The Free II-Limited First Edition-2007-EOS (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Land Of The Free II-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Land Of The Free-Retail-1995-AM INT (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Live In Gothenburg-Lisebergshallen-20071204-2007-AM INT (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Majestic-Japanese Bonus Track-2005-RMC (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Majestic-Korean Release-2005-RNC (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Majestic-RETAIL-2005-SER (Metal)
Gamma Ray-No World Order-(Promo)-2001-amr (Metal)
gamma ray-rebellion in dreamland-ep-1995-ube (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Roden Club Athens 2311-Bootleg-1991-AMRC (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Sigh no More-1991-UBE (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Sigh No More-Remastered-2003-PtSL (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Silent Miracles-1996-AMRC (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Skeletons in the Closet Live-2CD-Proper-2003-FKK (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Somewhere Out In Space-Reissue-1998-EOS (Metal)
Gamma Ray-The Heart Of Metal Vol.1-2007-HASH (Metal)
Gamma Ray-the ultimate collection-6cd-2002-pms (Metal)
Gamma Ray-Valley Of The Kings (CDS)-1997-AMRC (Metal)
gamma ray-valley of the kings-retail cdm-1997-bfs (Metal)
Gary Moore - All Messed Up-2005-SaR (Metal)
Gary Moore And Greg Lake - Gary Moore And Greg Lake-CD-2006-USZ (Metal)
Gary Moore- After the War-1989-PRW INT (Metal)
Gary Moore- Back on the Streets-1978-PRW INT (Metal)
Gary Moore-Close As You Get-(Advance)-2007-uF (Metal)
Gary Moore-Old New Ballads Blues-(Advance)-2006-VOiCE (Metal)
Gary Moore-Scars-Retail-2002-BFS (Metal)
Gary Moore-The Ultra Selection-2005-WHOA (Metal)
Gary.Moore.And.Friends.One.Night.In.Dublin.2006.PAL.MDVDR-777 (Metal)
Gary.Moore.Live.At.Montreux.1990.2004.COMPETE.PAL.DVDR-PtSL (Metal)
Gasolin-Masser Af Succes-2CD-DK-2009-pLAN9 (Metal)
Genocide-Apocalyptic Visions-2007-BERC (Metal)
Giant-Official-Promo-Live-2003-FFI (Metal)
Gjallarhorn--Nordheim-Promo-2005-UBE (Metal)
Glittertind-Evige Asatro-NO-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Glittertind-Mellom Bakkar Og Berg-NO-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Glittertind-Til Dovre Faller-(CDM)-NO-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Glittertind-Til Dovre Faller-MCD-NO-2005-BERC (Metal)
godsmack - iv-(best buy bonus track)-2006-mtd (Metal)
godsmack - iv-(target bonus track)-2006-mtd (Metal)
Godsmack-All Wound Up-Ltd.Ed.-1997-STA (Metal)
Godsmack-Awake (JAP Import)-2001-KSi (Metal)
Godsmack-Awake CDS-2001-iRO (Metal)
Godsmack-Awake-2000-EOS (Metal)
Godsmack-Bad Magick-CDS-2001-CSR (Metal)
Godsmack-Changes-(DVDA)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Godsmack-Faceless-(Retail)-2003-RNS (Metal)
Godsmack-Faceless-Uk Bonus Tracks-2003-pH (Metal)
Godsmack-Godsmack-Japanese Import-1998-DVT (Metal)
Godsmack-Godsmack-RNS (Metal)
Godsmack-Good Times Bad Times Ten Years Of Godsmack-2007-GODSMACK (Metal)
Godsmack-Greed CDS-2001-iRO (Metal)
Godsmack-I Fucking Hate You (Screwed)-PROMO CDS-2003-SCREW (Metal)
Godsmack-I Stand Alone-CDM-2002-iDX (Metal)
Godsmack-I Stand Alone-CDS-2002-GRAVEWISH iNT (Metal)
Godsmack-IV-(Trackfix)-2006-RNS (Metal)
Godsmack-IV-2006-RNS (Metal)
Godsmack-Promo-CD-2003-ALDi (Metal)
Godsmack-Radio Network-PROMO-2003-PH (Metal)
Godsmack-Serenity-Promo CDS-2003-aAF (Metal)
Godsmack-Speak-(Promo CDS)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Godsmack-Straight Out Of Line-CDM-2003-3G (Metal)
Godsmack-Straight Out Of Line-CDS-2003-ESC (Metal)
Godsmack-The Oracle-2010-VAG (Metal)
Godsmack-The Other Side-(EP)-2004-RNS (Metal)
Godsmack-The Other Side-Acoustic EP-2004-rns (Metal)
Good Charlotte-Dance Floor Anthem-CDS-2007-WRE (Metal)
Good Charlotte-Good Morning Revival-2007-SAW (Metal)
Good Charlotte-the River-CDS-2007-FKK (Metal)
Good Charlotte-The Young And The Hopeless-2002-RNS (Metal)
Gorgoroth - Antichrist-1996-ss (Metal)
Gorgoroth - Destroyer-1998-ss (Metal)
Gorgoroth - Pentagram-1995-ss (Metal)
Gorgoroth--Antichrist-Remastered-2005-ViC (Metal)
Gorgoroth--Pentagram-Remastered-2005-ViC (Metal)
Gorgoroth--Under The Sign Of Hell-Remastered-2005-ViC (Metal)
Gorgoroth-Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam-Retail-2006-BERC (Metal)
Gorgoroth-Incipit Satan-2000-AMRC (Metal)
Gorgoroth-Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt-2009-BERC (Metal)
Gorgoroth-Unter Den Flugeln Von Satan-2005-UNiT (Metal)
Gorillaz-D-Sides (2-Track Preview)-Promo CDS-2007-JUST (Metal)
Gorillaz-D-Sides-2CD-2007-OURLEADERiSSiTEOP ORLY (Metal)
Gotthard - Anytime Anywhere-CDM-2005-MOD (Metal)
Gotthard - Dial Hard-1994-xe (Metal)
Gotthard - Domino Effect-2007-p2p (Metal)
Gotthard - El Traidor-CDS-2006-MCA int (Metal)
Gotthard - G-Japanese Retail-1996-M4E (Metal)
Gotthard - Homerun-Japan Edition-2001-FERiCE (Metal)
Gotthard - Merry X-Mas-MCD-1999-M4E (Metal)
Gotthard - One Life One Soul-2002-MoG INT (Metal)
Gotthard--One Team One Spirit - The Very Best Of-2CD-2004-ViCx (Metal)
Gotthard-Believe In Angels-Greatest Hits-2CD-2010-DLB (Metal)
Gotthard-Domino Effect-(Promo)-2007-DELTA (Metal)
Gotthard-Domino Effect-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-El Traidor-(CDM)-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Fight For Your Life-(CDM)-1997-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Frosted-1997-CRock (Metal)
Gotthard-G-(Japanese Import)-1996-DNR (Metal)
Gotthard-G-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Gotthard-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Heaven-(CDS)-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Heres The G Spot The Complete Masterworks-28CD-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Homerun-2001-CRock (Metal)
Gotthard-Human Zoo-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Gotthard-Im On My Way-(CDM)-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Lift U Up-(CDM)-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Lift U Up-(CDS)-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Lift U Up-(Promo CDS)-2005-PMS (Metal)
Gotthard-Lipservice-(Advance)-2005-PMS (Metal)
Gotthard-Lipservice-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Live in Switzerland-CD-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Gotthard-Made In Switzerland-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Made in Switzerland-Live-Promo-2006-UasH (Metal)
Gotthard-Merry X-Mas-(CDM)-1999-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-More Than Live-(DVD)-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Nothing Left At All-(Promo CDS)-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-One Life One Soul Best Of Ballads-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-One Team Spirit The Very Best Of-2CD-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Open-1998-CRock (Metal)
Gotthard-Open-1998-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-The Call-Domino Effect-(Promo CDS)-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-The Hamburg Tapes-(EP)-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Tu Pasion-(CDS)-SP-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-What I Like-(CDS)-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Gotthard-Wheres The G Spot-(Bootleg)-2CD-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Grateful Dead-Aoxomoxoa-1969-LAMB (Metal)
Grateful Dead-Grateful Dead-1967-LAMB (Metal)
Grateful Dead-Shakedown Street-1978-LAMB (Metal)
Grave Digger-Ballads Of A Hangman-Retail Digipak-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Green Day - 1039- Smoothed Out Slappy Hours-REMASTERED-2004-SDR (Metal)
Green Day - Dookie-Nimrod-AUS IMPORT-2CD-2000-STA (Metal)
Green Day - Kerplunk-2001-rH INT (Metal)
Green Day Vs Oasis Vs Travis Vs Eminem-Boulevard of Broken Songs-PROMO... (Metal)
Green Day-American Idiot-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Green Day-American Idiot-RETAIL-2004-ICE (Metal)
Green Day-Bullet In A Bible-(DVD)-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Green Day-Classic Live at the Wireless-0209-2005-aAF (Metal)
Green Day-Dookie-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Green Day-Fuck George W-(DVD)-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Green Day-Launch Artist Of The Month September-2004-ICE INT (Metal)
Green Day-Live In Boeblingen Germany 01-15-2CD-2005-YKK (Metal)
green day-nimrod-1998-ksi (Metal)
Green Day-Transmissions-2007-KzT (Metal)
Green Day-Warning-CDM-2000 CDEX (Metal)
Green Day-Working Class Hero-Promo CDS-2007-WRE (Metal)
Green Jell-Cereal Killer Soundtrack-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Green Jelly - 333-1994-JP%21 (Metal)
Green Jelly - Cereal Killer Soundtrack-Remastered CD-2008-USZ (Metal)
Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs-CDS-1992-DDN (Metal)
Grimmark--Grimmark-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
guano apes - break the line (ltd ed cdm)-2004-pyt (Metal)
guano apes - dont give me names-(limited edition)-2000-cmg (Metal)
guano apes - planet of the apes (best of)-2cd-2004-mod (Metal)
guano apes - proud like a god-1999-rns (Metal)
guano apes - walking on a thin line-advance cd-2003-bpm (Metal)
Guano Apes-You Cant Stop Me-Limited Edition-CDM-2003-FNT (Metal)
Guns %27N%27 Roses - Chinese Democracy - 2007 - RMT (Metal)
Guns and Roses-You Could Be Mine-DVD-2008-AMRC (Metal)
Guns N Roses-9 Song Leak-(WEB)-2008-iND (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-1987-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Bad Obsession-DVD-2007-LzY (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Chinese Democracy-RETAIL-2008-ESC (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Family Tree-2CD-Retail-2010-SNOOK (Metal)
Guns N Roses-In New York 1988-DVD-2008-LzY (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Lies-(Remastered)-1988-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Lies-1988-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Live Era 87-93-2CD-1999-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-The Riot Gig St.Louis-DVD-2008-LzY (Metal)
Guns N Roses-The Spaghetti Incident-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion Tour Live In Tokyo-2CD-1992-LAMB (Metal)
06 Mar 2015
Accept-Blind Rage-Japanese Edition-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
ACDC-Play Ball-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
ACDC-Rock or Bust-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Albino Rhino-Albino Rhino-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alcest-Shelter-2CD-DELUXE EDITION-FR-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aldegar-Demo-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aldious-Other World-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alekhines Gun-And Kings Will Fall-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aleph Null-Nocturnal-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alien to the System-Kraftwerk-DE-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alitor-Eternal Depression-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alkoholizer-Free Beer Surfs Up-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alkonost-Rusalka-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal)
All Sorrows Beheld-In Dark Harmony-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Allen-Lande-The Great Divide-2014-GRM (Metal)
Allobrogia-Catugnatos Revolta-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alluvion-Alluvion-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alogia-Elegia Balcanica-RS-2014-GRM (Metal)
Altar of Betelgeuze-Darkness Sustains the Silence-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alterbeast-Immortal-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alunah-Awakening the Forest-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Alwaid-Lacus Somniorum-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amaranthe-Drop Dead Cynical-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amaranthe-Massive Addictive-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amaranthe-Trinity-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ambersmoke-Gloom Tapestries-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ambush-Firestorm-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amederia-Unheard Prayers-2014-GRM (Metal)
American Wrecking Company-Wreckage of the Past-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amidst the Psithurism-Winds Forshadowed-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amon Sethis-The Final Struggle-2014-GRM (Metal)
Among the Rotting Trees-The Cold Misty Morning-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amongst the Thorns-The Rebirthing-2014-GRM (Metal)
Amoral-Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows-2014-GRM (Metal)
An Abstract Illusion-Atonement is Nigh-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
An Autumn for Crippled Children-Try Not to Love Everything You Destroy... (Metal)
Anaal Nathrakh-Desideratum-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anathema-Distant Satellites-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancestral Awakening-Immortality the Reign of Death-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancestral Legacy-Terminal-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancient Bards-A New Dawn Ending-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancient Bards-A New Dawn Ending-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancient VVisdom-Sacrificial-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ancillotti-The Chain Goes On-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anesmwythder-The End of All Things Perceived-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anewabyss-Dreading My Thoughts-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anfel-One Last Touch-2014-GRM (Metal)
Animals as Leaders-The Joy of Motion-2014-GRM (Metal)
Animanick-Clue of Memory-2014-GRM (Metal)
Animus Complex-Animus Complex-2014-GRM (Metal)
Annihilator-Welcome to Your Death-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Antecantamentum-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anthem-Phosphorus-2014-GRM (Metal)
AntiCorpse-The Great Fall of Humanity-2014-GRM (Metal)
AntiCorpse-The Great Fall of Humanity-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Antti Martikainen-The Last Chronicle-2014-GRM (Metal)
Anubis Gate-Horizons-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ape X and the Neanderthal Death Squad-Grooves from the Grave-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aporias-Desolation-2014-GRM (Metal)
Apostle of Solitude-Of Woe and Wounds-2014-GRM (Metal)
Appalachian Winter-The Epochs that Built the Mountains-2014-GRM (Metal)
Appalachian Winter-The Epochs that Built the Mountains-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aqua and Arctic-Mythic Rhythm-WEB-2014-POWDER (Metal)
Arachnigod-Forest of Stars-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arch Enemy-War Eternal-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arch Enemy-War Eternal-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Archaic Disease-Compulsive Lies Repulsive Truths-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arctic Sleep-Passage of Gaia-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arctur-Svart Blod-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Argashi-First Stone-2014-GRM (Metal)
Argos-Daylights Gone-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arioch-A Manifestation of Hatred-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arkaik Excruciation-Among the Vortex of Chaos-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arkan-Sofia-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arreat Summit-Feast of the Wicked-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ars Moriendi-La Singuliere Noirceur Dun Astre-FR-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arson Under the Sea-Arson Under the Sea-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Arx-The Speed of Dark-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asa-Noir-Fall of the Idols-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ascension-Deathless Light-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ascension-The Dead of the World-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ascent - Nature Creations-2014-gEm (Metal)
Asgeir-Blood-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asilo-Comunion-ES-2014-GRM (Metal)
Askrinn-Hjorleifsljod-IS-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asmodey-Illusive Demonic Emanations-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asper-Asper-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asterion-Constellations-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Astraeus-Mirrors-2014-GRM (Metal)
Astral DNA-Supergod-2014-GRM (Metal)
Astral Domine-Arcanum Gloriae-2014-GRM (Metal)
Asymmetric Road-Sinuous Minds-2014-GRM (Metal)
At the Gates-At War with Reality-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
At the Seams-In Shadows of Giants-2014-GRM (Metal)
Atra Hora-Metahom-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Atrum Tempestas-Neant-FR-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aureae Crucis-The Inner Order-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal)
Aureole-Alunar-2014-GRM (Metal)
Auriel-Demo-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Austrian Death Machine-Triple Brutal-2014-GRM (Metal)
Autres Paysages-Stellar Wind-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal)
Autumns Dawn-Gone-2014-GRM (Metal)
Ave-Control-2014-GRM (Metal)
Avenguard-Eternal Battle-2014-GRM (Metal)
Avulsion Rupture-Blasphemous Resurrection-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Axe Ripper-Hell is Real-2014-GRM (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell-Into the Storm-2CD-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Axenstar-Where Dreams Are Forgotten-2014-GRM (Metal)
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II-3CD-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Azoria-Seasons Change-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal)
Backlash-Life in A Bigger Prison-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bahal-Shahat-IT-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barbarian Prophecies-XIII-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barbarian Swords-Hunting Rats-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barbarian-Faith Extinguisher-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barbarous-Massacre in A-Minor-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barbie on Deathtrip-Will You Kill Me-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barizon-Towards the Rising Sun-2014-GRM (Metal)
Barren Altar-A Monument to Endless Suffering-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Basarabian Hills-Groping in A Misty Spread-2014-GRM (Metal)
Basement Torture Killings-A Night of Brutal Torture-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bast-Spectres-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bastard Feast-Osculum Infame-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bastard Sapling-Instinct is Forever-2014-GRM (Metal)
Battleaxe-Heavy Metal Sanctuary-2014-GRM (Metal)
Baxaxa-Hard Attack 96-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beautys Gone-Return to the Unconsciousness-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beerkrieg-Pakao Nad Sinjom-HR-2014-GRM (Metal)
Behemoth-The Satanist-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Behemoth-The Satanist-Australian Edition-2014-GRM (Metal)
Behemoth-The Satanist-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM (Metal)
Belgarath-Wanderer-2014-GRM (Metal)
Belligerent Intent-Eternity of Hell and Torment-2014-GRM (Metal)
Below-Across the Dark River-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beneath Dead Waves-Inertia-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beneath-Antidote-2014-GRM (Metal)
Benevolent-The Covenant-2014-GRM (Metal)
Benighted-Carnivore Sublime-2014-GRM (Metal)
Benighted-Carnivore Sublime-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bergrizen-Scherbengericht-2014-GRM (Metal)
Berlin Babylon-Villains These Days-2014-FWYH (Metal)
Besatt-Nine Sins-2014-GRM (Metal)
Besta-John Carpenter-PT-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bestiality-Sadistic Soul-2014-GRM (Metal)
Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni-The End-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bethlehem-Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia-DE-2014-GRM (Metal)
Betoken-Beyond Redemption-2014-GRM (Metal)
Between 11-The Epiphany-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beyond Mortal Dreams-Lamia-7inch-Vinyl-2014-GRM (Metal)
Beyond the Structure-Nauseating Truth-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bhleg-Draumr Ast-SE-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bicoloured Men-Hybrid-2014-GRM (Metal)
Binary Creed-Restitution-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bionic Origin-Bionic State-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Birch Crown-Birch Crown-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bitter Tree-Promethean Cloud-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bizantia-More-RU-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bjarm-Imminence-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Anvil-Hail Death-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Book Lodge-Tundra-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Coma-Demo 2014-CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Emerald-B.O.D-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Khox-AKAB-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Lily-Black Lily-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Magic-Wizards Spell-LP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Magik-The Conjuring of Three-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Ledovy Dvoretz Saint Petersburg-BOOTLEG-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Shoals-Black Shoals-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Black Vul Destruktor-Ov Temple Ov Vul-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blackdeath-Satanas - Retro - Vade-7inch-Vinyl-DE-2014-GRM (Metal)
BlackDivision-BlackDivision-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blackfinger-Blackfinger-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blackwater-Blackwater-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blast Off-World of Lies-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blatant Disarray-The Harbinger-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blattaria-Spectrophobia-Demo-Tape-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bleak Revelation-Defied by Clouds-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blitzgeistig-Worship the War Against Yourself-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blodsmak-Av Jord Er Me Komne-NO-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blood Farmers-Headless Eyes-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blood is the Mortar-House-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blood Label-Skeletons-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blood Stain Child-Last Stardust-CDS-2014-GRM (Metal)
BloodBomb-Treat Her Gently-2014-GRM (Metal)
BloodBomb-Vulgar Display of Goregrind-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bloodevil-Infection-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bloodride-Bloodmachine-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bloodtruth-Obedience-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bloody Hammers-Under Satans Sun-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bloody Violence-Obliterate-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blut Aus Nord-Debemur Morti-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Blut Aus Nord-Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bohemian Grove-Eternal Ruin-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bokluk-Taphonomy-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bong-Stoner Rock-2014-GRM (Metal)
BongCauldron-BongCauldron-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bouncing the Ocean-Going Nowhere-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bound for Glory-Death and Defiance-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brain Damage-Born to Lose Live to Win-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brain Dead-Indoctrinator-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brain Defloration-Cerebrophilia-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brainstorm-Firesoul-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brewed and Canned-Execute the Innocent-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brian Larkin-Far Enough into the Void-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brocelian-Lifelines-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bron-Fogradh-Demo-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brood of Hatred-Skinless Agony-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bruma-Redescubriendo El Invierno-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brunt-Brunt-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brutal Cock-129-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brutal Cock-Lucifers Ejaculation-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brutally Deceased-Black Infernal Vortex-2014-GRM (Metal)
Brutiful-Messiahnide-EP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bull Terrier-Be Like Water-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bulldozer-The Neurospirit Lives - Live at Rock Hard Festival-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bulletbelt-Rise of the Banshee-2014-GRM (Metal)
Burial Hordes-Incendium-2014-GRM (Metal)
Buried in Verona-Faceless-2014-GRM (Metal)
Burning Black-Remission of Sin-2014-GRM (Metal)
Burning Dominion-In the Wake of the Rising Sun-2014-GRM (Metal)
Burning Nitrum-Molotov-2014-GRM (Metal)
Burning Saviours-Boken Om Forbannelsen-2014-GRM (Metal)
But A Thought-But A Thought-2014-GRM (Metal)
Butterfly Temple-Doroga Domoy-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal)
Butterfly Temple-Ostansya So Mnoy-WEB-RU-2014-GRM (Metal)
04 Mar 2015
Backyard Babies-From Demos to Demons 1989 to 1992-2CD-2002-SnS (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Independent Days-2CD-2001-ATM (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Live Live In Paris-2005-JAFFA (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Making Enemies Is Good-2001-HNH (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Our Demonic Sides-2006-HASH (Metal)
Backyard Babies-People Like People Like People Like Us-(Retail)-2006-HNH (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Safety Pin And Leopard Skin-Live-Retail-1997-RNU (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Stockholm Syndrome-Ltd.Ed. Digi-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Tinnitus (Advance)-2004-KSi (Metal)
Backyard Babies-Total 13-1998-HNH (Metal)
Bad Religion-80-85-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Bad Religion-Against The Grain-1990-LAMB (Metal)
Bad Religion-All Ages-1995-LAMB (Metal)
Bad Religion-No Control-1989-LAMB (Metal)
Bad Religion-Stranger Than Fiction-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Bad Religion-The Process Of Belief-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Bak De Syv Fjell-Bak De Syv Fjell (Ltd.Ed. EP)-1997-AMRC (Metal)
Bal Sagoth-atlantis ascendant-japanese edition-2001-gw (Metal)
Bal Sagoth-Battle Magic-1998-AMRC (Metal)
Bal Sagoth-Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule... (Metal)
Bal-Sagoth-Atlantis Ascendant-Japanese Edition-2001-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Bal-Sagoth-The Chthonic Chronicles-2006-EOSiNT (Metal)
Bal-Sagoth-The Chtonic Chronicles-(Promo)-2006-PMS (Metal)
bal-sagoth-the power cosmic-1999-nok int (Metal)
Band Of Horses-Cease To Begin-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Band Of Horses-Everything All The Time-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Barathrum-Anno Aspera-Advance-2005-ESC (Metal)
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Barathrum-Black Flames And Blood-CDS-2002-BERC (Metal)
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Barathrum-Eerie-Remastered-2001-RDA (Metal)
Barathrum-Hailstorm-Remastered-2001-RDA (Metal)
Barathrum-Infernal-1996-MNC (Metal)
Barathrum-Jetblack-EP-Vinyl-1997-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Barathrum-Legions Of Perkele - Saatana-(Reissue)-2CD-2007-SMO (Metal)
Barathrum-Okkult-2000-PLXR INT (Metal)
Barathrum-Rehearsal 10-01-1993-NMS (Metal)
Barathrum-Sanctus Satanas-1993-NMS (Metal)
Barathrum-Venomous-2002-BWM (Metal)
Barathrum-Wicthmaster-1991-NMS (Metal)
Barbie Bones-Death In The Rockinghorse Factory-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Baroness - Second-.Hyperrealist.-CDEP-2005-BFHMP3 (Metal)
Baroness And Underpersons-A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk-(Split)-2007-MTD (Metal)
Baroness-First-(EP)-2004-RNS (Metal)
Baroness-Red Album-2007-FNT (Metal)
Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds-2001-ss (Metal)
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark-1986-DMA (Metal)
Bathory-Bathory-Remastered-2003-COS (Metal)
Bathory-Blood Fire Death-Reissue-2003-COS (Metal)
Bathory-Hammerheart-Remastered-1993-BERC (Metal)
Bathory-Nordland I-2002-ss (Metal)
Bathory-Twilight of the Gods-1991-NYRG INT (Metal)
Battlelore - Third Age Of The Sun-Promo-2005-ViC (Metal)
Beastie Boys-An Open Letter to NYC-Promo CDM-2004-MiP (Metal)
Beastie Boys-An Open Letter to NYC-UK CDS-2004-GTi (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Electronic Press Kit-(DVDA)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Fight for Your Right (Breaks Remix) (FIGHT001)-VLS-2004-SLaM (Metal)
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Beastie Boys-Ill Communication-1994-apc (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Licensed To Ill-1986-apc (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Paul%27s Boutique-1989-apc (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Right Right Now Now (Japan Only Special EP)-2005-JRP (Metal)
Beastie Boys-To the 5 Boroughs-2004-CMS (Metal)
Beastie Boys-Triple Trouble-CDS-2004-XXL (Metal)
Behemoth - Grom-1996-DMA (Metal)
Behemoth--Demigod-Promo-2004-UBE (Metal)
Behemoth--The Apostasy-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Behemoth-Conjuration-Ltd.Ed.-EP-2003-FFF (Metal)
Behemoth-Demonica-2CD-2006-MFN (Metal)
Behemoth-Evangelion-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Behemoth-Satanica-1999-SS (Metal)
Behemoth-Slaves Shall Serve-(EP)-Ltd Ed-2005-PMS (Metal)
Behemoth-Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)-Remastered-2005-WooX (Metal)
Behemoth-Thelema.6-Retail-2000-MH (Metal)
Behemoth-Zos Kia Cultus-2002-FAi (Metal)
Benedictum-Seasons of Tragedy-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Bertine Zetlitz-In My Mind 1997-2007-Best Of-2CD-2007-EGM (Metal)
Beth Hart-37 Days-2007-LAMB (Metal)
beyond twilight - for the love of art and the making-promo-2006-rnc (Metal)
beyond twilight - section x-promo-2005-ube (Metal)
Big Business-Head For The Shallow-Promo-2005-hXc (Metal)
Big Business-Here Come The Waterworks-2007-FNT (Metal)
Big Cock-Big Cock-Rock America-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Bigbang-Electric Psalmbook-1999-LAMB (Metal)
Bigbang-Frontside Rock N Roll-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Bigbang-Girl In Oslo EP-2000-LAMB (Metal)
Bigbang-New Glow EP-2000-LAMB (Metal)
Billy Idol - Cyberpunk-Reissue-1993-ToX (Metal)
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Billy Idol-Greatest Hits-2001-DNR (Metal)
Billy Idol-Happy Holidays-2006-UTB (Metal)
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Billy Idol-Live Acoustic-2002-XXL (Metal)
Billy Idol-The Essential-2003-pyt (Metal)
Billy Joel-12 Gardens Live-2CD-2006-RNS (Metal)
Billy Joel-2000 Years the Millenium Concert-2CD-Live-2000-DuDE (Metal)
Billy Joel-Greatest Hits Vol. 1-2-2CD-1998-DuDE (Metal)
Black Bonzo-Sounds of the Apocalypse-2007-AMRC (Metal)
black ingvars - heaven metal-1999-pahr int (Metal)
black ingvars - kids superhits-2000-lsh (Metal)
black ingvars - schlager metal-1998-pahr int (Metal)
black ingvars - sjung och var glad vol 2-2001-atm (Metal)
black ingvars - sjung och var glad-1997-pahr int (Metal)
black ingvars - the very best of dansbandshardrock-se-2000-hvn (Metal)
Black Ingvars And Sven Erik Magnusson - Sveriges Nationalsang-(CDS)-SE... (Metal)
Black Label Society - Beer Drinking and Hell Raising the Best of-2005-MAC (Metal)
Black Label Society-1919 Eternal (Advance)-2002-PMS (Metal)
Black Label Society-1919 Eternal-2002-iRO (Metal)
Black Label Society-Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live-2CD-2001-iRO (Metal)
Black Label Society-Blessed Hellride-2003-ALW (Metal)
black label society-blessed hellride-rerip-2003-pos (Metal)
Black Label Society-Hangover Music Vol. VI-Promo-2004-PMS (Metal)
Black Label Society-Kings of Damnation-Bonus-CD-2005-JUST (Metal)
Black Label Society-Mafia-(Advance)-2005-0MNi (Metal)
Black Label Society-Mafia-(Retail CD)-2005-XPM (Metal)
Black Label Society-Order Of The Black-2010-CR (Metal)
Black Label Society-Sonic Brew-1999-EPK (Metal)
Black Label Society-Stronger Than Death-2000-iRO (Metal)
Black Label Society-The European Invasion Doom Troopin Live-(DVD)-2006... (Metal)
Black Majesty--Tomorrowland-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Black Sabbath - Mob Rules-1981-iRO (Metal)
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Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe-2CD-2002-SGE (Metal)
Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy-Remastered CD-2001-XYZ (Metal)
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Black Sabbath - The Gillan Tapes --1983-KHD (Metal)
Black Sabbath Tribute-Official Demo-(Demo)-2003-SnS (Metal)
Black Sabbath with Rob Halford-Live in Camden NJ (2004-08-26)-Bootleg-... (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Black Box-The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978... (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Born Again-1983-iRO (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Dehumanizer-Remastered-2CD-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell-Remastered-1996-AMRC INT (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell-Remastered-2008-WRE (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Live at Hammersmith Odeon-Limited Edition-2007-kko (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Madman Alive In Athens-DVD-2008-LzY (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Never Say Die-REMASTERED-1996-iRO (Metal)
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Black Sabbath-Paranoid-1970-REV (Metal)
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Black Sabbath-Sabotage-Remastered-1996-AMRC INT (Metal)
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Black Sabbath-The Dio Years-(Sampler)-2007-KzT (Metal)
Black Sabbath-The Early Demos-BOOTLEG-2004-ICE (Metal)
Black Sabbath-The Eternal Idol-(1987)-PRW (Metal)
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Black Sabbath-Vol. 4-1972-LAMB (Metal)
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Black Sun Empire-Space Bunny-CITRUS024-Vinyl-2006-XTC (Metal)
Blind Guardian - 2004 - Imaginations Through The Looking Glass(2CD)(SP... (Metal)
Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time (Limited Edition)-2CD-2010-Nsc inT (Metal)
Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2010-DAA (Metal)
Blind Guardian - Guardians of the Twilight Beyond -- the Best of-2CD-2... (Metal)
Blind Guardian--The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour-MAG-2010-OMA (Metal)
Blind Guardian-2CD-Promo-Live-2003-FFI (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-2002-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night at the Opera-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Night At The Opera-Retail-2002-FBS (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Twist In The Myth-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Twist in the Myth-2CD-Limited Edition-2006-BERC INT (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Twist in the Myth-Retail-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-A Voice In The Dark-CDS-2010-AMRC (Metal)
blind guardian-and then there was silence-cds-2001-csr (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Another Stranger Me-(CDM)-2007-LAMB (Metal)
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Blind Guardian-Battalions of Fear-Remixed and Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
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Blind Guardian-Fly-CDM-2006-AMRC (Metal)
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Blind Guardian-Follow the Blind-IMPORT-1989-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Follow the Blind-Remixed and Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Imagination Form the Other Side-IMPORT-1995-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Imaginations From The Other Side-1995-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Imaginations from the Other Side-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Imaginations Through The Looking Glass-(DVD)-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Legendary Songs-Promo-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Live-2CD-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Nightfall In Middle-Earth-1998-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle-Earth-JAP IMPORT-1998-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle-Earth-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Somewhere Far Beyond-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Somewhere Far Beyond-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tales From The Twilight World-1990-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tales from the twilight world-1991-TKi INT (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tales from the Twilight World-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-The Bards And The Bees The Masterworks-15CD-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-The Bards Song-(CDM)-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-The Forgotten Tales-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-The Forgotten Tales-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blind Guardian-The Forgotten Tales-Retail-1996-FBS (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales (Holland Import)-1993-KzT (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales-Remastered-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Blinded Colony - Bedtime Prayers-Retail-2007-CMG (Metal)
Blink 182-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket-Limited Edition-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Blink 182-The Mark Tom And Travis Show-2000-EGO (Metal)
Blitzkrieg - Ready for Action-2005-AMRC (Metal)
blitzkrieg - sins and greed-promo-2005-gravewish (Metal)
Blodulv Deadwood Murder-The Havok We Seek-Ltd.Ed.-2004-FFF (Metal)
Blodulv-Aska-The Purest Cold Precision-Split Tape-Ltd.Ed.-2004-FFF (Metal)
Blodulv-Blodulv-Ltd.Ed.-2003-FFF (Metal)
Blodulv-Diatribe-MCD-2005-COS (Metal)
Blodulv-I-(Reissue)-2005-MTD (Metal)
Blodulv-II-2004-EVIGHET (Metal)
Blodulv-III-Burial-2005-BERC (Metal)
Blodulv-Kristkrossare-Ltd.Ed.-2003-BERC (Metal)
Blodulv-Pestiferium-Satanic Murder Order-Ltd.Ed.-Split-TAPE-2004-FFF (Metal)
Blood Cult-Metal From Hell-2003-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Blood Cult-We Who Walk Behind the Rows-2005-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Blood Red Throne-Affiliated With The Suffering-2003-plxr int (Metal)
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space-See you at Disneyland-2004-sUppLeX (Metal)
Blutengel - Demon Kiss-2004-CMG (Metal)
Blutengel-Angel Dust-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-AMOK (Metal)
Blutengel-Bloody Pleasures-MCD-ltd 1000 copies-2001-AMOK (Metal)
Blutengel-Forever-CDM-2003-FWYH (Metal)
Bob Marley-Inspiration-2CD-2004-C4 (Metal)
Bob Marley-Simply Bob Marley Hits-2CD-Retail-2005-GTi (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz - Adios-DE-2004-MOD (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz - Vaya Con Tioz-DVD-DE-2007-MOD (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-Adios-DE-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-Buch Der Erinnerung-DE-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-E.I.N.S-DE-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-Ein Boeses Maerchen-DE-2000-LAMB (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-Gehasst Verdammt Vergoettert-Bonus Tracks-DE-1994-LAMB (Metal)
Boehse Onkelz-Viva Los Tioz-DE-1998-LAMB (Metal)
Bog-Morok-Syn Thesis-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits-2CD-2010-YSP (Metal)
Bon Jovi-7800 Fahrenheit-(Special Edition)-2010-MTD (Metal)
Bon Jovi-At Yokahama Stadium-DVD-2008-LzY (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi-(Special Edition)-2010-MTD (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Burning For Rock-2008-2K8 (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Have A Nice Day-(Special Edition)-2010-MTD (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Have A Nice Day-JP Retail-2005-JRP (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Live In London-(DVD)-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Lost Highway-(Special Edition)-2010-MTD (Metal)
Bon Jovi-New Jersey-1988-LAMB (Metal)
Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet-1986-LAMB (Metal)
Bon Jovi-These Days-1995-LAMB (Metal)
Bon Jovi-This Left Feels Right Acoustic Set-(DVD)-2003-LAMB (Metal)
Bonfire - Dont Touch The Light-1986-BFS INT (Metal)
Bonfire - Fire Works-1987-MoG (Metal)
Bonfire - Fuel to the Flames-1999-BFS INT (Metal)
Bonfire - Knock Out-1991-BFS INT (Metal)
Bonfire - Live The Best-1993-UASH INT (Metal)
Bonfire - One Acoustic Night-2CD-2005-DJH (Metal)
Bonfire - Point Blank-1989-BFS INT (Metal)
Bonfire - Strike Ten-2001-BFS INT (Metal)
Bonfire - Tell Me What U Know-CDM-2003-TOM (Metal)
Bonfire-29 Golden Bullets-2 CDS-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Bonfire-Double X Vision Live (DVD)-2007-HR (Metal)
Bonfire-Double X Vision-DVD-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Bonfire-Double X-Retail-2006-DJH (Metal)
Bonfire-Fireworks-1987-AM INT (Metal)
Bonfire-Free-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Bonfire-Fuel to the Flames-Remastered-2008-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Bonfire-One Acoustic Night-2CD-2005-DJH (Metal)
Bonfire-Rebel Soul US Release with Bonus Track-1998-AMRC (Metal)
Bonfire-Strike Ten-Remastered-2008-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Bonfire-The Rauber-Advance-2008-AMRC (Metal)
Brother Firetribe-False Metal-Promo-2006-DJH INT (Metal)
Brother Firetribe-I Am Rock-CDS-2007-ITmp3 (Metal)
Brother Firetribe-One Single Breath-CDS-2006-NNB (Metal)
bruce dickinson-acoustic works-2001-ksi (Metal)
Bruce Dickinson-Anthology-3DVD-2006-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Bruce Dickinson-Skunkworks-2CD-Remastered-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band-Greatest Hits-2009-MTD (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-Devils And Dust-2005-RNS (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-High Hopes-2014-VOiCE (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-Live In Dublin-2CD-2007-SAW (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-Magic-2007-RNS (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-The Complete Video Anthology 1978-2000-3CD-DVD-2001-aAF (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-Vote For Change Tour Cleveland-10-02-2CD-2004-aAF (Metal)
Bruce Springsteen-Working On A Dream-2009-BRUCESPRiNGSTEEN (Metal)
Brutal Knights-Feast Of Shame-2007-pLAN9 (Metal)
Bryan Adams - 11-2008-YSP (Metal)
Bryan Adams-I Thought Id Seen Everything (E-Single)-CDS Promo-2008-FFK (Metal)
Bryan Adams-Shes Got A Way (Incl Chicane Remix)-(Promo CDS)-2008-DV8 (Metal)
Buckcherry-15-2005-RNS (Metal)
Buckcherry-Black Butterfly-(Limited Edition Bonus Tracks)-2008-MTD (Metal)
Buckcherry-Black Butterfly-2008-ROCKNROLL (Metal)
Buckcherry-Buckcherry-(Remastered)-2006-EON (Metal)
Buckcherry-Fifteen-Import-2005-EOS (Metal)
Buckcherry-Live At House Of Blues-1999-MLR INT (Metal)
Buckcherry-Sorry (CDS)-2006-WRE (Metal)
Buckcherry-Time Bomb-2001-KSi (Metal)
Bullet For My Valentine - Fever (Japan Limited Edition)-2010-Nsc inT (Metal)
Bullet for My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire-Ltd.Ed.-(Bonus Track)-2008-FKK (Metal)
bullet for my valentine-4 words (to choke upon)-(cds)-2004-dnr (Metal)
bullet for my valentine-all these things i hate (revolve around me)-(c... (Metal)
Bullet For My Valentine-Fever-(Tour Edition)-(Read NFO)-2011-C4 (Metal)
Bullet For My Valentine-Scream Aim Fire (Promo CDS)-REPACK-2007-pR0 (Metal)
Bullet For My Valentine-Scream Aim Fire-(Japanese Edition)-2008-SGV (Metal)
Bullet For My Valentine-The Poison-(Deluxe Edition)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Bullet for My Valentine-The Poison-(Limited Edition-Digipak)-2005-FNT (Metal)
Burgerkill-Beyond Coma And Despair-2006-MTD (Metal)
Burning Point - Burned Down the Enemy-Ltd.Ed. (Bonustracks)-2007-FKK (Metal)
Burning Point--Burned Down The Enemy-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Burning Point-Burn Down The Enemy-Promo-2007-DJH (Metal)
Burning Point-Empyre-Promo-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Burzum-Anthology-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Burzum-Anthology-Lord of Darkness-Bootleg-2005-GRW (Metal)
Burzum-Belus-2LP-2010-BERC (Metal)
Burzum-Belus-CD-2010-BERC (Metal)
Burzum-Burzum - Aske-1995-ViC INT (Metal)
burzum-daudi baldrs-1997-satan int (Metal)
Burzum-Det Som Engang Var-1994-ViC INT (Metal)
Burzum-Draugen-2005-EdN (Metal)
Burzum-Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen-EP-199x-AMRC (Metal)
Burzum-Filosofem-1996-ViC INT (Metal)
burzum-gorgoroth-split-bootleg-1993-ss (Metal)
Burzum-Hlidskjalf-1999-SataN Int (Metal)
Burzum-Hvis Lyset Tar Oss-1993-ViC Int (Metal)
Burzum-Stemmen Fra Tarnet-Bootleg-2006-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Cancer Bats-Birthing The Giant-2006-SDR (Metal)
Candlebox-Alive In Seattle-(DVD)-2008-EON (Metal)
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams-2CD-remastered-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Candlemass - Candlemass-RETAIL-2005-GOTHiC (Metal)
candlemass - dactylis glomerata-1998-bfs (Metal)
Candlemass - Nightfall (Remaster)-2CD-2001-FERiCE (Metal)
Candlemass - The Best of Candlemass As It Is As It Was-2CD-1994-BFS INT (Metal)
Candlemass-20 Year Anniversary Party Live (DVD)-2007-ONe (Metal)
Candlemass-Candlemass-Promo-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Candlemass-Chapter VI-Remastered-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Candlemass-Chapter VI-Remastered-Bonus DVD-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Candlemass-Death Magic Doom-Digipak-2009-COS (Metal)
Candlemass-Doomed For Live - Reunion 2002-2CD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Candlemass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus-remastered-2CD-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Candlemass-Essential Doom-Digipak-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Candlemass-From The 13th Sun-1999 (Metal)
Candlemass-King of the Grey Islands-Retail-2007-BERC (Metal)
Candlemass-Live-(Retail)-1990-DSS (Metal)
Candlemass-Sjunger Sigge Fuerst-CDM-1993-gF (Metal)
Candlemass-Tales Of Creation (Remastered)-2CD-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Candlemass-The Well of Souls-3CD-Bootleg-2007-BERC (Metal)
Candlemass-The Well of Souls-Bonus-DVD-Bootleg-2007-BERC (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-15 Year Killing Spree-3CD-Ltd.Ed.-2003-FFF (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Born In A Casket-Vinyl-1991-ss (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Butchered At Birth-1991-AMRC INT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague-2009-EOSiNT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague-Special Edition-Bonus Track-2009-FiH (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Gallery of Suicide-1998-meh (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Gore Obsessed-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Kill - Hammer Smashed Laiterie (Live Bonus DVD)-2006-B... (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Kill-Digipak-2006-BERC INT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Live in Detroit Mi-0330-Bootleg-2002-PMS (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Meat Hook Sodomy-BOOTLEG-1993-BERC (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-The Bleeding-(Remastered)-2006-FNT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-The Wretched Spawn-Retail-2004-ESC (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Vile-(DVD)-2007-FNT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Vile-1996-gB (Metal)
Carpathian Forest-Black Shining Leather-Digipak-1998-BERC INT (Metal)
carpathian forest-defending the throne of evil bonustrack-vinyl-2003-amrc (Metal)
Carpathian Forest-Morbid Fascination Of Death-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Carpathian Forest-Skjend Hans Lik-2004-INT-DDZ (Metal)
Carpathian Forest-Were Going to Hollywood for This-Live Perversions-DV... (Metal)
Carpathian Full Moon - Serenades in Blood Minor-NO-1994-DMRG (Metal)
Cavalera Conspiracy-Inflikted-PROPER-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Blodsbrodre-NO-1990-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Ekko-NO-1998-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Evig Liv-2CD-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Kom Igjen-(Promo CDS)-NO-2006-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Lykkejegere-(CDS)-NO-1992-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Lyst-NO-2003-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Morgen og Kveld-NO-2009-EGM (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Naar Du Sover-(CDS)-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Paa Svalbard Uten Strom-NO-2007-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-People In Motion-(Promo CDM)-NO-1993-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Persille Og Panser-NO-1994-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Rockn Roll Ryttere-NO-1991-LAMB (Metal)
CC Cowboys-Tigergutt-(CDS)-NO-1992-LAMB (Metal)
Celestial Bloodshed-Cursed Scarred and Forever Possessed-Promo-2008-BERC (Metal)
Celtic Frost - Nemesis of Power-Demo-1993-BFHMP3 (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Emperors Return-(EP)-1985-DNR (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Into The Pandemonium-Remastered-1999-BOS (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Monotheist-Limited Edition-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-(EP)-1984-DNR (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-1984-gB (Metal)
Celtic Frost-To Mega Therion-1985-BERC INT (Metal)
Celtic Frost-To Mega Therion-1985-DNR (Metal)
Centurions Ghost - The Great Work-2007-ViC (Metal)
Chicago - The Chicago Story - Complete Greatest Hits-2CD-2002-EiTheLMP3 (Metal)
Chicago-Love Songs-2005-MUSiQ (Metal)
Chicago-XXX-2006-DELTA (Metal)
children of bodom - angels dont kill-2005-jerk (Metal)
children of bodom - are you dead yet-(retail)-2005-sar (Metal)
children of bodom - are you dead yet-jp bonus tracks-2005-jrp (Metal)
children of bodom - b side and cover versions-2001-tdpmp3 (Metal)
children of bodom - in your face-cds-2005-cos (Metal)
children of bodom - in your face-promo cds-read nfo-2005-miba (Metal)
Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever-WEB-2011-DAA (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Blooddrunk-(Advance)-2008-FNT (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Blooddrunk-(CDS)-2008-COS (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Blooddrunk-(Limited Edition-Digipak)-2008-FTM (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Follow The Reaper (Limited Digipak)-2000-RDA (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Hatebreeder-Reissue-2008-r36 (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Tie My Rope-(CDS)-2007-WEBRIP-TK (Metal)
Chimaera-Rebirth (Death Wont Stay Us)-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Chimaira-Chimaira-(Retail)-2005-PMS (Metal)
Chimaira-Darkness Inside-2000-PMS (Metal)
Chimaira-Resurrection-(Retail)-2007-uF (Metal)
Chimaira-The Impossiblity Of Reason-RETAIL-2003-ESC (Metal)
Chris Cornell-Arms Around Your Love-(CDS)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Chris Cornell-Carry On-2007-SAW (Metal)
Chris Cornell-Euphoria Morning (European Ed.)-1999-PMS (Metal)
Chris Cornell-Euphoria Morning-1999-EOS (Metal)
Chris Cornell-No Such Thing-Promo CDS-2007-XXL (Metal)
Chris Cornell-The Roads We Choose-A Retrospective-(Promo)-2007-SAW (Metal)
Chris Cornell-Unplugged in Sweden-2006-HNK (Metal)
Chris Cornell-You Know My Name-(Promo CDS)-2006-tLOC (Metal)
Chris.Cornell.The.Roads.We.Choose.A.Retrospective.Promo.2007.SAW (Metal)
Cinderella - Long Cold Winter-1988-DMA (Metal)
Cinderella - Still Climbing-1994-BFS INT (Metal)
Cinderella-Authorized Bootleg Live-Tokio Dome-Tokyo Japan-2009-MTD (Metal)
Cinderella-Extended Versions-PROPER-2006-GTL (Metal)
Cinderella-Heartbreak Station-1990-LAMB (Metal)
Cinderella-In Concert-(DVD)-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Cinderella-Live At The Keyclub-1999-HNH (Metal)
Cinderella-Night Songs-1986-HNH (Metal)
Cinderella-Rocked Wired And Bluesed (The Greatest Hits)-2005-MUSiQ (Metal)
Cinderella-Tales From The Gypsy Road-DVD-2008-LzY (Metal)
circus maximus - the 1st. chapter-promo-2005-amrc (Metal)
Circus Maximus-Isolate-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Circus Maximus-The 1st Chapter-Promo-2005-DJH (Metal)
Civilization One-Revolution Rising-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Civilization One-Revolution Rising-Promo-2007-DJH (Metal)
Clairvoyants - Word to the Wise-Promo-2009-MrA (Metal)
Clawfinger-Life Will Kill You-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Clawfinger-Nigger-(CDM)-1993-LAMB (Metal)
cloudscape - cloudscape-retail (with extras)-2005-t8sw (Metal)
cloudscape - crimson skies-promo-2006-djh (Metal)
Cloudscape-Global Drama-2008-PMS (Metal)
Clutch-Blast Tyrant-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Clutch-Blast Tyrant-ADVANCE-2004-ESC (Metal)
Clutch-Clutch-1995-LAMB (Metal)
Clutch-Clutch-1997-EOS (Metal)
Clutch-From Beale Street To Oblivion-2007-uF (Metal)
Clutch-Full Fathom Five Audio Field Recordings-(Advance)-2008-FNT (Metal)
Clutch-Live At The Googolplex (Advance)-2003-KSi (Metal)
Clutch-Live In Flint Michigan-2CD-2004-RNS (Metal)
Clutch-Pitchfork And Lost Needles-2005-RNS (Metal)
Clutch-Pure Rock Fury-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Clutch-Robot Hive - Exodus-(Advance)-2005-FNT (Metal)
Clutch-Strange Cousins From The West-2009-EOSiNT (Metal)
Clutch-The Elephant Riders-1998-EOS (Metal)
Clutch-The Wishbone Mini E.P.-2000-PMS (Metal)
Cocorosie-Noahs Ark-Advance-2005-PULSE (Metal)
Cocorosie-The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn-(Advance)-2007-uF (Metal)
Coffin Break-Crawl-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Coffin Dancer-Pax Romana-(Reissue EP)-2007-FNT (Metal)
Coheed And Cambria-No World For Tomorrow-2007-FNT (Metal)
Coldplay-A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Retail)-2002-PMZ (Metal)
Coldplay-Castles-(Bootleg)-Read NFO-2006-TN (Metal)
Coldplay-Parachutes-2000-iRO (Metal)
Coldplay-Parachutes-Reissue-2002-MPX (Metal)
Coldplay-shiver-svcd-2003-mVz (Metal)
coldplay-talk thin white duke remixes-Promo-CDM-2006 (Metal)
Coldplay-Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends (Japan Edition)-200... (Metal)
Coldplay-Viva La Vida-2008-DV8 (Metal)
Coldplay-X and Y (Proper Retail)-2005-XXL (Metal)
Concept Of God-Visions-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Converge-Aurora-WEB-2008-CRN WEB (Metal)
Converge-Axe To Fall-2009-DNR (Metal)
Converge-Axe To Fall-2009-FNT (Metal)
Converge-No Heroes-PROPER-2006-DiTCH (Metal)
Cornerstone - Arrival-2000-TOM (Metal)
cornerstone - in concert-2cd-2005-amrc (Metal)
cornerstone - platinum edition-3cd-2006-osc (Metal)
Cornerstone--Two Tales Of One Tomorrow-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Cornerstone-Arrival-(Japanese Retail with Bonus)-2000-NTH INT (Metal)
Cornerstone-Human Stain-(Japanese Retail with Bonus)-2002-NTH INT (Metal)
Cornerstone-Human Stain-Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Cornerstone-In Concert-2CD-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Cornerstone-Once Upon Our Yesterdays-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Cornerstone-Platinum Edition-3CD-2006-OSC (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-Harder Darker Faster Thornography Deluxe-2008-FNT (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-Nymphetamine-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-ESC (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-Peace Through Superior Firepower-DVD-2005-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Crash Test Dummies-God Shuffled His Feet-1993-LAMB (Metal)
Crazy Lixx-Do or Die-2 Track Promo-2005-AMRC (Metal)
Crazy Lixx-Loud Minority-2007-CRAZYLIXX (Metal)
Creed-Full Circle-2009-FNT (Metal)
Creed-Overcome-(CDS)-(WEB)-2009-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
Creed-Rain-(Single)-(WEB)-2009-VERiTAS (Metal)
Cryptic Wintermoon - Of Shadows And The Dark Things You Fear-Promo-200... (Metal)
Cryptopsy - Trois Rivieres Metalfest IV DVDA-2005-FKK (Metal)
Cryptopsy-Once Was Not-Promo-2005-FFF (Metal)
Crystal Ball--Secrets-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Curbstone-The Beginning-2007-MTD (Metal)
Cutterred Flesh - Torture Is Medicine-2007-ViC (Metal)
27 Feb 2015
AC-DC-Its All About Rock N Roll-2CD-2014-HAH (Metal)
Al-Namrood - Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq-2014-FREE (Metal)
Alcest-Shelter-2014-grmg (Metal)
Aldfrith - Fluvium Tenebris-2014-FREE (Metal)
Alhazred-The Music of Erich Zann-2014-grmg (Metal)
Alkonost - Rusalka-Single-2014-CF (Metal)
Altars Of Grief - This Shameful Burden-2014-cf (Metal)
Alternative 4-The Obscurants-Digipak-2014-COD (Metal)
Amederia-Unheard Prayer-2014-COD (Metal)
Ammotrack-Raise Your Hands-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Ancient Horde-Epic Blood-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Anthrax-Chile on Hell-LIVE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Any Given Day - My Longest Way Home-2014-FREE (Metal)
Apey And The Pea-Hellist-2014-COD (Metal)
Aphonic Threnody-When Death Comes-2014-COD (Metal)
Arch Enemy-War Eternal-2014-grmg (Metal)
Arizmenda-Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus-2014-grmg (Metal)
Arstidir Lifsins-Stories from the History of the North-EP-IS-2014-grmg (Metal)
Asmodey - Illusive Demonic Emanations-2014-cf (Metal)
Astrophobos - Remnants of Forgotten Horrors-2014-FREE (Metal)
Asylum 8-Asylum 8-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Atriarch-An Unending Pathway-2014-COD (Metal)
Atrum Tempestas-Neant-FR-2014-grmg (Metal)
Attic-Seasons-2014-grmg (Metal)
Atversus-Entre El Cielo Y La Luna-EP-ES-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Auriel - Demo 2014-Demo-2014-CF (Metal)
Aurvandil - Thrones-2014-FREE (Metal)
Avangard-The Element of Soul-2014-grmg (Metal)
Avenguard - Honor and Glory-2014-FREE (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell-Into the Storm-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
AxX of Hate - Risen-WEB-2014-V0-GMT (Metal)
Azarok-Origo-FI-2014-grmg (Metal)
Azarok-Origo-FI-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Azniak-El Orden Criminal Del Mundo-EP-ES-2014-grmg (Metal)
Baby Woodrose - Kicking Ass And Taking Names-2014-agw (Metal)
Bad Blood-Counterstrike-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Balls Gone Wild - Dicks Made Of Dynamite-CD-2014-V0-GMT (Metal)
Basalte-Vestige-2014-COD (Metal)
Bastardo-All Over Again-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Batilda-Demo-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Battle Scream-Seelenfeuer-DE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Begrime Exemious-Primeval Satellite-12inch-Vinyl-2014-grmg (Metal)
Behemoth-The Satanist-Promo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Belligerent Intent - Eternity Of Hell And Torment-2014-CF (Metal)
Ben Granfelt Band-Handmade-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Beriths Legion-Truth Lies in Every Man-2014-grmg (Metal)
Bestias-Na Krilima Osvete-Demo-RS-2014-grmg (Metal)
Betrayed with A Kiss - Salvation and Ascension-2014-FREE (Metal)
Big Like Mountain-Demos Vol. II (City)-2014-COD (Metal)
Bigelf-Into the Maelstrom-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Birch Crown - Birch Crown-2014-FREE (Metal)
Bison B.C.-One Thousand Needles-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Black Anvil - Eventide-CDS-2014-CF (Metal)
Black Anvil - Hail Death-2014-CF (Metal)
Black Autumn-Losing The Sun-2014-COD (Metal)
Black Capricorn-Cult Of Black Friars-2014-COD (Metal)
Black Clothes-Lygophilia-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Black Crown Initiate-The Wreckage of Stars-2014-grmg (Metal)
Black Jade-Warden Of Tol Sirion-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Black Monolith-Passenger-2014-grmg (Metal)
Black Moth-Condemned to Hope-2014-COD (Metal)
Blackbird-Of Heroes And Enemies-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings-South-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Blackwulf-Mind Traveler-2014-COD (Metal)
Blood for Our Brothers-And God Had Horns-2014-grmg (Metal)
Blood Red Fog-On Deaths Wings-2014-grmg (Metal)
Bloodevil - Infection-2014-FREE (Metal)
Bloodthirst-Chalice of Contempt-2014-grmg (Metal)
Bludy Gyres-Bludy Gyres-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Brain Dead-Indoctrinator-2014-grmg (Metal)
Brdigung-In Goldenen Ketten (Limited Edition)-DE-2014-NATT INT (Metal)
Breakthrough-Against All-2014-grmg (Metal)
Burial Hordes-Incendium-2014-grmg (Metal)
Calyx-Promo MMXIV-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Captainpopaptain-Captainpopaptain-2014-COD (Metal)
Carnality-Dystopia-2014-grmg (Metal)
Chainsaw Harakiri-Bishojo Bloodshed-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Chrome Division-Infernal Rock Eternal-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Cirrhus - Cirrhus-2014-FREE (Metal)
Clawfinger-Deafer Dumber Blinder (20 Years Anniversary Box)-3CD-2014-H18 (Metal)
Cobra-To Hell-2014-grmg (Metal)
Coffinworm-IV.I.VIII-2014-grmg (Metal)
Collibus - The False Awakening-2014-FREE (Metal)
Colorstone - Steam-2014-FREE (Metal)
Colorstone-Steam-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Coprolith-Death March-2014-grmg (Metal)
Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds-2014-FREE (Metal)
Corr Mhona-Dair-2014-COD (Metal)
Cosm-Primengender-2014-COD (Metal)
Cosmivore-These Castle Walls-2014-COD (Metal)
Craniumblast-Singularity-2014-grmg (Metal)
Creepy Mary-Creepy Mary-Demo-2014-COD (Metal)
Crematory-Antiserum-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Cristal y Acero-El Amor Es para Siempre-MX-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Cross Vault-Spectres Of Revocable Loss-2014-COD (Metal)
Cullooden - Silent Scream-2014-FREE (Metal)
Culted-Oblique to All Paths-2014-grmg (Metal)
Daedeloth-Thy Will Be Done-2014-COD (Metal)
Damn Pigeon-Re-Coop-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Dan Johansen-Power Suite-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dang-Tartarus the Darkest Realms-2014-grmg (Metal)
Daniel Trigger-Army Of One-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Daniele Liverani - Fantasia-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dark Days Ahead-North Star Blues-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dark Ocean Society-Odyssey-2014-COD (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Dark Tranquillity-2CD-2014-HAH (Metal)
Darkenium-Demon of Despair-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dauden I Morke - Cold Miasmic Domain-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dave Evans-Nothing To Prove-EP-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Dawn Of Eternity-Guilty-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Day Old Man-visual aids-2014-COD (Metal)
Days of Loos - Our Frail Existence-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dead by April - Let the World Know-Jap.Ed.-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dead Conspiracy-Abomination Underground-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deadliness-Guerreiros Do Metal-BR-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deafening Silence - Scapegoat of Ignorance-2014-FREE (Metal)
Death Dependant-Sacrifice for the Cross-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deathblow-Prognosis Negative-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deathomorphine - Ancient-2014-FREE (Metal)
Decaying-One to Conquer-2014-grmg (Metal)
Decivilize - Decivilize-2014-FREE (Metal)
Def Leppard - Slang-2Cd-Deluxe Ed-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Delain-The Human Contradiction-Limited Edition-2CD-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deprephobia-No Hope-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Derketa-Darkness Fades Life-7inch-Vinyl-2014-grmg (Metal)
Descend - Wither-2014-FREE (Metal)
Descend-Wither-2014-grmg (Metal)
Desdinova - Defying Gravity-2014-FREE (Metal)
Desecresy-Chasmic Transcendence-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deserted Fear-Kingdom of Worms-2014-grmg (Metal)
Deshody - Collapsing Colors-2014-FREE (Metal)
Devilish Impressions - Adventvs-EP-2014-cf (Metal)
Devilment-The Great and Secret Show-2014-grmg (Metal)
Devils Heaven-Heaven On Earth-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Dhampyr-June Sick Room-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Diabolical Principles-Manifesto of Death-2014-grmg (Metal)
Diabolus Arcanium-Spellbound-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Diathra-Fascinating Impulses-2014-COD (Metal)
Dimmu Borgir-Bipartisan Apostasy-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Disharmonica - Atom Splitter-2014-FREE (Metal)
Doctor Livingstone-Contemptus Saeculi-2014-grmg (Metal)
Domains - Sinister Ceremonies-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dominium-War Ritual-2014-grmg (Metal)
Doom Machine-Doomnation-2014-COD (Metal)
Doomocracy-The End Is Written-2014-COD (Metal)
Drakwald - Resist Fatality-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dreamlore - The Machinery of Misery-2014-FREE (Metal)
Dripback - Failed Futures-2014-FREE (Metal)
Drowning Deeper-Screams from the Forest-Demo-Tape-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dust Sculptures-Far Above The Pines-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Dusty Chopper-Tales of the Swamp-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dwell-Vermin and Ashes-2014-grmg (Metal)
Dysphorian Breed-The Rain Of Ash-2014-COD (Metal)
Dysthanasia-Cult of the Wizard-2014-COD (Metal)
Ealdath-Ancient Oath-2014-COD (Metal)
Eastern Front - Descent Into Genocide-2014-CF (Metal)
Eat My Fuck-Bahnsperre Am Kudamm-Demo-DE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Edenian-Forgotten Once-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Electric Wizard-Time to Die-2014-grmg (Metal)
Embalmed - Brutal Delivery of Vengeance-2014-FREE (Metal)
Embryonic Devourment - Reptilian Agenda-2014-FREE (Metal)
Eminem and 50 Cent-Breaking Point-BOOTLEG-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Encoffination-III - Hear Me O Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)-2014-COD (Metal)
Encrypted-Realms of Confusion-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Enferia - Unsound Dimensions-2014-FREE (Metal)
Enforce-Superhero Diaries Part I-2014-grmg (Metal)
Enisum-Samoht Nara-2014-grmg (Metal)
Entartung-Peccata Mortalia-2014-grmg (Metal)
Entierro-Entierro-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Epica-The Essence of Silence-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Epica-The Quantum Enigma-2014-grmg (Metal)
Esperoza-Esperoza-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Et Cetera-After Dawn-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Et Moriemur-Ex Nihilo In Nihilum-2014-COD (Metal)
Eteritus-Tales of Death-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Eternal Voyager-The Battle of Eternity-2014-grmg (Metal)
Etrom-They Said Death-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Eulogium - In Hoc Signo Vinces-EP-2014-cf (Metal)
Ex Libris - Medea-2014-FREE (Metal)
Excrecor - Hypnotic Affliction-2014-FREE (Metal)
Exodia - Hellbringer-2014-FREE (Metal)
Exorcizer - Mechanism of Decay-2014-FREE (Metal)
Explosicum-Raging Living-2014-grmg (Metal)
Eye of Depression-Eye of Depression-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Eye Of Solitude-Dear Insanity-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Fadom-Pantophobia-2014-grmg (Metal)
Fall Of An Empire-Songs Of Steel And Sorrow-2014-H18 (Metal)
Fall of Darkness - In Perfect Asymmetry-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fallen Fate - Into the Black-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fallen Order-The Age of Kings-CDEP-2014-GRM (Metal)
Fatal Mutiny-Existence in Extinction-2014-grmg (Metal)
Faulnis-Snuff - Hiroshima-DE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Ferreira-V-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Feskarn-Ostra Aros-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Fides Inversa-Mysterium Tremendum Et Fascinans-2014-grmg (Metal)
Fist Fight - Conflict-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fisthammer - Infallible-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fleshblade-Visions from Darkness-2014-grmg (Metal)
Floating Nowhere-Shadows from this Place-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Flood of Souls - Flood of Souls-2014-FREE (Metal)
Forchristsake - Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror-2014-FREE (Metal)
Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is-The Ballads-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Forever Dawn - The Long Journey Home-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fornicus - Storming Heaven-2014-cf (Metal)
Forsaken Peddlers-Songs of Fate and Freedom-2014-COD (Metal)
Fractal Reality - A Plague for Eternity-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fraise - Siamese Conspiracy-2014-FREE (Metal)
Framework - A World Distorted-2014-FREE (Metal)
FreaKings-Gladiator-2014-grmg (Metal)
Freedom Call-Beyond-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Fret - Overboard-2014-FREE (Metal)
Fried Pope-Habemus Papam-2014-grmg (Metal)
From Purgatory-Adoration of the Idols-2014-grmg (Metal)
Frontside-Sprawa Jest Osobista-PL-2014-grmg (Metal)
Frost Commander-Invincible-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Frostblaze-Doom of Winter-2014-grmg (Metal)
Frostfang-Frostfang-2014-grmg (Metal)
Frowning-Funeral Impressions-2014-COD (Metal)
Frozen Caress - Introjection-2014-FREE (Metal)
Frozen Dawn - Those of the Cursed Light-2014-CF (Metal)
Gasoline Stars-Good Looks Bad Behaviour-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Gaul-Ancient Sanctuary-2014-COD (Metal)
Ghost Brigade-IV-One With the Storm-2014-COD (Metal)
Ghosttide - White Shores Black Tides-2014-FREE (Metal)
Gift of Madness-Walk and Thee Shall Reach-2014-grmg (Metal)
Goblin Hovel-The Roots That Broke The Stone-2014-COD (Metal)
God-Shroud-Like Nothing And Everything Else-2014-COD (Metal)
Gotham City Mashers - The First Four Beers-WEB-2014-V0-GMT (Metal)
Gotthard-Feel What I Feel-CDS-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Grand Magus-Triumph and Power-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Graveland - Ogien Przebudzenia-2014-CF (Metal)
Great White Shark Fight-Terraform-EP-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Grevance-Argos-Demo-FR-2014-grmg (Metal)
Grim Legion-Unholy Resurrection-2014-grmg (Metal)
Grimtotem-Wengan-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Grudom-Fjoelkyngi-DK-2014-grmg (Metal)
Gulag-Black Flag-2014-grmg (Metal)
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Democracy-BD-2014-H18 (Metal)
H.E.A.T-A Shot At Redemption-CDS-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Hammerfall-Greatest Hits 1997-2011-2014-HAH (Metal)
Hansel-Fluorescent Blue Lights-EP-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Hasteblood - Fragments-2014-FREE (Metal)
Heid Pagan Metal-Voces de la Tierra Dormida-EP-ES-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Heirs of the Void-Four Horsemen Of Doom-2014-COD (Metal)
Heldmaschine-Propaganda-WEB-DE-2014-NATT INT (Metal)
Helevorn-Compassion Forlorn-2014-COD (Metal)
Hellangels-Ea Initium-ES-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Hessian - Bachelor of Black Arts-WEB-2014-V0-GMT (Metal)
Heterodox-Elixir of Lethe-2014-COD (Metal)
Hiverna-II. Macabre-FR-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Hooded Menace-Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Horsehunter-Caged In Flesh-2014-COD (Metal)
House Of Lords-Precious Metal-2014-BAMF (Metal)
House of Lords-Precious Metal-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Human Debris - Wrought from Anguish-2014-FREE (Metal)
Hums In The Dark-Resurrection-2014-COD (Metal)
Ikarian-A Shrine Of Fire-WEB-2014-COD (Metal)
Immoral Hazard - Convulsion-2014-FREE (Metal)
Immorior-Herbstmar-DE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Incipit-Desiertos-Demo-ES-2014-grmg (Metal)
Indra - Music Factory-EP-(PBR295)-WEB-2014-GPH (Metal)
Infamus-Aborreciendo Nuestra Especie-ES-2014-grmg (Metal)
Inferion-This Will Decay-2014-grmg (Metal)
Inner Sight - A Vision of Ekstasy-2014-FREE (Metal)
Insain-Enlightening the Unknown-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
InsaniteR-Initium-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Inter Arma-The Cavern-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Interregnum-Master of Generation-RU-2014-grmg (Metal)
Invade - Reflection-2014-FREE (Metal)
Invade-Reflection-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Irrwisch-Fallwind-7inch-Vinyl-2014-grmg (Metal)
Iskald-Nedom Og Nord-NO-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Ixion - Strategy and Violence-2014-FREE (Metal)
Jaldaboath - The Further Adventures-CD-2014-V0-GMT (Metal)
James LaBrie-I Will Not Break-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Jay Roberts-Take One And Only One-EP-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Jill Johnson - Jills Veranda Nashville-SE-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Jupiterian-Archaic-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Kaarnekorpi-Aaltojen Alle-Demo-FI-2014-grmg (Metal)
Kaustos-Peleando-ES-2014-grmg (Metal)
Khaoz - I Creator of Damnation-2014-FREE (Metal)
Khy Patricia Tapia-Genesis-ES-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Kistvaen-Desolate Ways-2014-grmg (Metal)
Knorkator-We Want Mohr-DE-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Kobold-Fuck Your Faith-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Kostnitsa-Dissolved In The Abyss-2014-COD (Metal)
Krigsgrav - The Carrion Fields-2014-cf (Metal)
Kristod-Let the Chaos Rise-2014-grmg (Metal)
Kuu-Deus Est Mortuus-2014-grmg (Metal)
La Cienaga-Demo MMXIV-Demo-2014-COD (Metal)
Lacuna Coil-Broken Crown Halo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Laika-Somnia-2014-grmg (Metal)
Lair-Black Moldy Brew-2014-grmg (Metal)
Larvae - Grave Descent-2014-FREE (Metal)
Last Autumns Dream - Platform - 10th Anniversary Best-Jap.Ed.-2014-FREE (Metal)
Leather Lung-Reap What You Sow-EP-2014-COD (Metal)
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin IV Super Deluxe Edition Box -2CD-2014-H18 (Metal)
Left in Torment-Nebula Empire-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Legion of the Damned - Ravenous Plague-Limited Edition-2014-FREE (Metal)
Lidande - As the Night Wept-2014-FREE (Metal)
Lidande-Heavenly Metal II-2014-grmg (Metal)
Locust Dawn-The Gospels of Goad-2014-grmg (Metal)
Lord Impaler-The Serpent Seal-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Lurking Evil-The Almighty Hordes of the Undead-2014-grmg (Metal)
Lurking-Lurking-2014-grmg (Metal)
Lvcifyre-Svn Eater-2014-grmg (Metal)
LvxCaelis-Slaughtering of the Lamb-Demo-Tape-2014-grmg (Metal)
Mage-Last Orders-2014-COD (Metal)
Magenta Harvest - Volatile Waters-2014-FREE (Metal)
Malignant Mist-Celestial Doom-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Mans Zelmerlow - Barcelona Sessions-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Mayan-Antagonise (Limited Edition Digipack)-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare-2014-CF (Metal)
Mayhem-Esoteric Warfare-2014-grmg (Metal)
Mayhem-Psywar-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Mechina-Xenon-2014-HAH (Metal)
Mesetiah-Tesis-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Metacrose - Interrorgate-2014-FREE (Metal)
Michael Jackson-Xscape-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Mikael Wiehe-Protestsanger-WEB-SE-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Minthe - Heavy Pink Jerusalem-Demo-2014-CF (Metal)
Monument of Misanthropy-Anger Mismanagement-2014-grmg (Metal)
Morb-Le Theatre de Satan-FR-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Morgon-Black Light of Liberation-2014-MIAU (Metal)
Morpheus Rising-Eximius Humanus-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Morphinist-The Arcane Session-2014-grmg (Metal)
Mournful Gust-If We Were Alive-2014-COD (Metal)
Mustasch-Thank You for the Demon-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
My Shameful-Hollow-2014-COD (Metal)
Myrrdin-Dungeon Song-2014-grmg (Metal)
Nangilima-The Dark Matter-2014-COD (Metal)
Nanne-Drama Queen-SE-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Nashville Pussy-Up the Dosage-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Nazghor - Upon the Darkest Season-2014-FREE (Metal)
Neil Young-A Letter Home-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Nemesis Sopor-Glas-DE-2014-grmg (Metal)
Nergard-Intermission-EP-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Night By Night-NxN-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Nilfgaard - Enter Fiction-2014-FREE (Metal)
Nina Persson-Animal Heart-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Nine Inch Nails-Seed Eight-EP-2014-H18 (Metal)
Nocturnal Breed-Napalm Nights-2014-grmg (Metal)
Nordman-Patina-SE-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Nostalgie Depression-Underneath of the Fullmoon II-Demo-CD-2014-grmg (Metal)
Nothing and Everything-2B-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Nuklear Frost - Subjugation-2014-CF (Metal)
Nunslaughter-Angelic Dread-2CD-2014-grmg (Metal)
Oath - Antichrist Reign-EP-2014-CF (Metal)
Oath - Saatanan Myrsky Ylla Pyhan Maan-2014-CF (Metal)
Obsidian Shell-24-WEB-2014-grmg (Metal)
Of Man and Machine - Emergence-2014-FREE (Metal)
Ogre-The Last Neanderthal-2014-grmg (Metal)
Old Man of the Desert-Tales of Northen Woods-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
One - Con-Text-2014-FREE (Metal)
Ordog-Trail for the Broken-2014-grmg (Metal)
Ordoxe - Beyond Mankind-2014-CF (Metal)
Ostfront-Olympia (Deluxe Edition)-DE-2014-NATT INT (Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne-Dreamer-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Pallbearer-Foundations of Burden-2014-COD (Metal)
Parallax Withering-Disintegration-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Persuader - The Fiction Maze-Japan Edition-2014-FREE (Metal)
Pestilential Shadows-Ephemeral-2014-grmg (Metal)
Pharaohs Curse - Pharaohs Curse-2014-FREE (Metal)
Pokerface-Terror is the Law-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Predatory Light-MMXIV-Demo-2014-grmg (Metal)
Pretty Wild-Pretty Wild-2014-BAMF (Metal)
Pripjat-Sons of Tschernobyl-2014-grmg (Metal)
Rainbow-Since You Been Gone (The Best of Rainbow)-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Septuagint-Negative Void Trinity-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Sex Pistols-The Very Best of-REMASTERED-WEB-2014-PLAYBOY (Metal)
Takida - All Turns Red-2014-BAMF (Metal)
VA-Blackened Hymn-2014-COD (Metal)
VA-Hard N Heavy Vol.80s-WEB-2014-HAH (Metal)
Within Temptation - Whole World is Watching-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
25 Feb 2015
Alchemists of Darkness-The Negative Frame-2014-BELT (Metal)
Alestorm-Sunset on the Golden Age-2CD-Limited Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Alien-Eternity-Japanese Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Allen Wes and The Angel Without Wings-Self Title-2014-BELT (Metal)
Amberian Dawn-Magic Forest-Japanese Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Among the Fallen-Penumbra-2014-BELT (Metal)
Amongst Thieves-Last to Suffer-2014-BELT (Metal)
Amulet-The First-2014-BELT (Metal)
Anabasi Road-Anabasi Road-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ancient Empire-When Empires Fall-2014-BELT (Metal)
Aniday-Aniday-2014-BELT (Metal)
Anno Zero-The Next Level-2014-BELT (Metal)
Anti-Clone-Hands Sewn Together-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Aquelarre-Requiescat In Pace-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arakain-Adrenalinum-CZ-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arbor-Echoes Over Oceans-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arjunas Eye-The Invisible Landscape-2014-BELT (Metal)
Armory-Empyrean Realms (Japanese Edition)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arrival Of Autumn-Shadows-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arrjam-Session One-2014-BELT (Metal)
Arsafes-Ratocracy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Artificial Agent-Brain Grenade-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ascendancy-The Amazing Ascendancy vs Count Illuminatus-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ascending Dawn-Coalesce-2014-BELT (Metal)
Astarium-Necrocosmo Demiurge-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Astra-Broken Balance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Astral Doors-Notes from the Shadows-2014-BELT (Metal)
At The Gates-At War With Reality-2014-BELT (Metal)
Aterra Tale-In Working Order-2014-BELT (Metal)
Auditory Armory-The Awakening-2014-BELT (Metal)
Aurin-Catharsis-2014-BELT (Metal)
Autocatalytica-Autocatalytica-2014-BELT (Metal)
Avalon Steel-Ascension-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Avenue of the Giants-Just Between Us-2014-BELT (Metal)
Avi Rosenfeld-Very Heepy Very Purple II-2014-BELT (Metal)
Awakening the Revenant-Reclaim Your Throne-2014-BELT (Metal)
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II (Black Edition)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II (White Edition)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Baal-Shurado-2014-BELT (Metal)
Babymetal-Babymetal-JP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Backstreet Girls-Death Before Compromise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bad Bones-Snakes and Bones-Deluxe Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bad Wougar-Bad Wougar-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bakan Rock Gang-Bakan Rock Gang-SK-2014-BELT (Metal)
Baksztag-Better Fate-EP-PL-2014-BELT (Metal)
Baltimoore-Back for More-2014-BELT (Metal)
Barbarian Overlords-Rise Up-2014-BELT (Metal)
Barbie On Deathtrip-Will You Kill Me-2014-BELT (Metal)
Barbiturate-Deep-2014-BELT (Metal)
Barricada-Agur Barricada-2CD-Live-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Barrowlands-Thane-2014-BELT (Metal)
Battle Scream-Seelenfeuer-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Battleroar-Blood Of Legends-2014-BELT (Metal)
Beartooth-Disgusting-2014-BELT (Metal)
Being As An Ocean-How We Both Wondrously Perish-2014-BELT (Metal)
Belegost-Land av evig morke-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Belfry-Rest In Pieces-2014-BELT (Metal)
Benesser-The Start Of Something New-2014-BELT (Metal)
Berggren Kerslake Band-The Sun Has Gone Hazy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Betrayal Of Allies-Lifes Time-2014-BELT (Metal)
Betrayed With A Kiss-Salvation And Ascension-2014-BELT (Metal)
Betrayed-Consuming Darkness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Betraying The Martyrs-Phantom-2014-BELT (Metal)
Beverly Hells-Hellywood-2014-BELT (Metal)
Beyond Orcus-The Art of Rebellion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Beyond Perception-Anthem For the Wasted-2014-BELT (Metal)
Biblical-Monsoon Season-2014-BELT (Metal)
Big City-Wintersleep-2014-BELT (Metal)
Big Engine-Shot Like A Rocket-2014-BELT (Metal)
Big Trouble-Long Start to a Short Career-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Biomorph-Rupture-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bitches y Peaches-Ante el Final-EP-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Bear-Rock From The Woods-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Devil-De Mentes-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Elephant-Slingshooting Dead Seahorses-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Label Society-Catacombs of the Black Vatican (De Luxe Edition)-2... (Metal)
Black Label Society-Catacombs of the Black Vatican-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Light Discipline-Death By a Thousand Cuts-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Magic Darkness-Crypt of Ysabel-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Robot-Woman-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black State Highway-Black State Highway-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Stone Cherry-Magic Mountain-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Tora-Black Tora-2014-BELT (Metal)
Black Trial-Big Break-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blackbird-Of Heroes and Enemies-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blacklite District-Worldwide Controversy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blackmore-Law of Time-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blacktop Harrison-Sunshine Dark Eyes-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blackwolf-The Hunt-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blame-Dark Eyes-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blasted-Curtain Call-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bleeding In Stereo-Waiting to Crash-2014-BELT (Metal)
BlindSide Symphony-The Castle of a Thousand Mirrors-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blood God-Blood Is My Trademark-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blood God-Blood Is My Trademark-2CD-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blood Runs Deep-Into the Void-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bloodhunter-Bloodhunter-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bloodshot Dawn-Demons-2014-BELT (Metal)
BloYaTop-Mayday-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blues Berry Rancagua-No Tomo Nunca Mas-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blues Druid-Three Trees-2014-BELT (Metal)
Blutengel-Black Symphonies (An Orchestral Journey)-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Boguslaw Balceraks Crylord-Gates of Valhalla-2014-BELT (Metal)
Boikot-Boikotea-Live-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Boner-Blood From The Border-2014-BELT (Metal)
Boris the Blade-Human Hive-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brand Jord-Ledan and elandet-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brave Black Sea-Fragments-2014-BELT (Metal)
Braveheart-Bravehearts Collection-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brazen Angel-Confederate Soldier-2014-BELT (Metal)
Breaking Even-Before The Story Ends-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brett Ellis-Redemption at the Mojo Circus-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brett Ellis-Reflections of Electrified Music-2014-BELT (Metal)
Brides of the Lizard God-A Different Kind of Terror-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bullet-Storm of Blades-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bulletrain-Start Talking-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bulletride-Morphine-2014-BELT (Metal)
Burden Of Grief-Unchained-Limited Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Buried Voices-Arson for the Heart-2014-BELT (Metal)
Burn The Remains-Cutthroat-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Burning Maja-Rockn Roll Hero-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bury Tomorrow-Runes-2014-BELT (Metal)
By Crimson Light-Aeons-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cacotopia-Inhuman Agitation-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cage of Torment-Exceed-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cage The Gods-Badlands-2014-BELT (Metal)
California Breed-California Breed-2014-BELT (Metal)
Call The Mothership-Of Cold Fusion And Light Mass-2014-BELT (Metal)
Calypso-Marvelous-2014-BELT (Metal)
Camori-Ethereal-2014-BELT (Metal)
Candlestick Revolution-The Flame-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cantabile Wind-Deliverance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Captain Black Beard-Before Plastic-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cardinal Wyrm-Black Hole Gods-2014-BELT (Metal)
Carnival Sun-Sun of a Bitch-2014-BELT (Metal)
Casket of Cassandra-Day Four-2014-BELT (Metal)
CastiEl-Enquanto Voce Dorme-PT-2014-BELT (Metal)
Castle-Under Siege-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ceiling of Anvers-We All Live in Balance-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Celldweller-End of an Empire (Chapter 01 Time)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Celtefog-Deliverance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Celtibeerian-Keltorevolution-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cenacle-The New Today-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cenizas Del Eden-Adamantium-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Centura-Amerigeddon-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cerberus-Otura Ka-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ceremonial Castings-Cthulhu-2CD-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cerevisia-Trails of a Walker-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chad J. Lackey-Built To Blast-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chainbreaker-Constant Graving-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chainreaction-A Game Between Good and Evil-2014-BELT (Metal)
Charm City Devils-Battles-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cherry Red Rocketship-The Hunt Is On-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chevelle-La Gargola-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chordewa-Recast Gear For The Mindcraft Course-2014-BELT (Metal)
Christopher Lee-Metal Knight-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chrome Daddy-Chrome Daddy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chrome Public-Chrome Public-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Chromosome Needle-Blunted Affect-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Circle of Conspiracy-Entity-2014-BELT (Metal)
Circles-Infinitas-Deluxe Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
City Of Fallen Kings-Let The City Burn-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Clan-Witchcraft-2014-BELT (Metal)
Claws-From Ashes Rise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Claymore-Demo-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cliffs of Insanity-Demonstration of Devastation-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cloven Hoof-Resist Or Serve-2014-BELT (Metal)
Coils of the Serpent-Withered Kingdom-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cold Shot-Cold Shot-2014-BELT (Metal)
Colorstone-Steam-2014-BELT (Metal)
Combichrist-We Love You-2014-BELT (Metal)
Come The Dawn-Light Of The World-2014-BELT (Metal)
Concordea-Before the Sunrise-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Confess-Jail-2014-BELT (Metal)
Conorach-Through the Ages-2014-BELT (Metal)
Corazon Oscuro-Nekromantiko-MX-2014-BELT (Metal)
Corrosion Of Conformity-IX-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cotard-Nunca Mas-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Counts 77-Counts 77-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Total Fucking Darkness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crashdiet-Illegal Rarities Volume 1-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crazy Rain-Life Illusion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Creations End-Metaphysical-2014-BELT (Metal)
Creech.-Away From Home-2014-BELT (Metal)
Creinium-Project Utopia-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crimson Shadows-Kings Among Men-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cross Solder-Cross Solder-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crosswind-Vicious Dominion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crowmatic-13th Room-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crown Cardinals-Devotion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crucified Barbara-In The Red-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crucifliction-Heresy is Met with Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crusifire-Crusifire live at Mental Noise 5 2014-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cryptic Shift-The Old Chapel Demos-Demo-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crystal Eyes-Killer-2014-BELT (Metal)
Crystal Tears-Hellmade-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cyanotic-Worst Case Scenario Vol.1-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cyrcus-Coulrophobia-2014-BELT (Metal)
Cyrenic-Metaphor-2014-BELT (Metal)
D Creation-Moderate-2014-BELT (Metal)
Daarchlea-Suns-2014-BELT (Metal)
DAccorD-DAccorD III-2014-BELT (Metal)
Daevidius-Valley of Death-2014-BELT (Metal)
Damien Gunn-Rowdy Yall-2014-BELT (Metal)
Danger-Rescue 1989-2014-BELT (Metal)
Daniel Trigger-Army of One-2014-BELT (Metal)
Danko Jones-Live At Grona Lund-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dark Flood-Inverno-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dark Fortress-Venereal Dawn-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dark Ring-Kissing the Ring of Angel-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darkaeon-Nihilism-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darkenhold-Castellum-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darker Half-Never Surrender-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darkest Era-Severance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darling Down-Never Tell-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darmage-La Caida De Los Idolos-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Darrow-Generation of Builders-2014-BELT (Metal)
Davey Suicide-Worldwide Suicide-2014-BELT (Metal)
David A Saylor-Strength Of One-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dawn of Eternity-Guilty-Deluxe Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dazzle Vision-Final Attack-JP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dead End Heroes-Roadkill-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dead Holland-Black Tide-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dead Horse Trauma-Kill The Precedence-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dead Man Standing-The Risen-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dead Stars Avenue-The Rock Soap Opera-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deadfall-The First Harbinger-Deluxe Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deadline-Fire Inside-2014-BELT (Metal)
Death Denied-Transfuse The Booze-2014-BELT (Metal)
Death Destruction-II-2014-BELT (Metal)
Death in Motion-Dias De Los Muertos-2014-BELT (Metal)
Death Penalty-Death Penalty-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deathgaze-Enigma-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deathharmonic-Digital Fat-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deathomorphine-Ancient (Trilogy Apostle of Hate. Book 1)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Decadents-Elegantly Wasted-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deceptic-The Artifact-2014-BELT (Metal)
DedVolt-Bleeding Heart-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deed In Karma-Good Dog-2014-BELT (Metal)
Defying-Nexus Artificial-2014-BELT (Metal)
Delacroix-Redo-JP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Delirium Cordia-Phantom Pain-2014-BELT (Metal)
Demon Eye-Leave the Light-2014-BELT (Metal)
Derdian-Human Reset-2014-BELT (Metal)
Derek Close-The Beta Sessions-2014-BELT (Metal)
Descending Chaos-Haunted Souls-2014-BELT (Metal)
Desert Suns-Desert Suns-2014-BELT (Metal)
Desire For Sorrow-At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination-2014-BELT (Metal)
Desolate Default-The House At Rlyeh-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Destined For Asylum-Suppressed Aggression-2014-BELT (Metal)
Destiny Potato-Lun-2014-BELT (Metal)
Destrage-Are You Kidding Me No.-2014-BELT (Metal)
Destroyerboy-Slaughter the Hero-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deumuseth-Deumuseth-2014-BELT (Metal)
Deus X Machina-X-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devil You Know-The Beauty Of Destruction-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devilmaycare-War of the Worlds-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devils Run- in the Details-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devilstrip-Rise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devin Williams-Destruction of Kings-2014-BELT (Metal)
Devonera-The Burning Gates-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dewolff-Grand Southern Electric-2014-BELT (Metal)
Diablery-Architect-2014-BELT (Metal)
Diablo Boulevard-Follow The Deadlights-2014-BELT (Metal)
Diamond Lane-Terrorizer-2014-BELT (Metal)
Die to Exist-Gothic Demonic-2014-BELT (Metal)
Diesel-Into The Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dirtwolf-Vol I-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dirty Rockers-From Hell-2014-BELT (Metal)
Disclosed Silence-Perpetual Sadness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Distilling Pain-The Silent Collapse-2014-BELT (Metal)
Distorted Harmony-Chain Reaction-2014-BELT (Metal)
District Unknown-Anatomy of a 24 Hour Lifetime-2014-BELT (Metal)
Divided We Fall-Dreamcrusher-2014-BELT (Metal)
Divinators-Children of the Underground-RU-2014-BELT (Metal)
Divine Side-Entity-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dolmenn-I-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dominia-Theophania-2014-BELT (Metal)
Don Airey-Keyed Up-2014-BELT (Metal)
Down Royale-Sway-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dragonforce-Maximum Overload-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dragonforce-Maximum Overload-Special Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dragons Kiss-Barbarians of the Wasteland-2014-BELT (Metal)
Drone-Drone-2014-BELT (Metal)
DropZone-Erosion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Drown Incus-Latter Days-2014-BELT (Metal)
Duskmourn-Legends-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dynamite-Blackout Station-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dyspanic-Enuma Elish-2014-BELT (Metal)
E19-Just Down The Hall-2014-BELT (Metal)
Early Seasons-Redemption-2014-BELT (Metal)
Earthen-The Fate That Binds Us All-2014-BELT (Metal)
Earthship-Withered-2014-BELT (Metal)
Easy Rider-From the Darkness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Echelon-Vivito Creato Moritor-AT-2014-BELT (Metal)
Echo Temple-The Fall-2014-BELT (Metal)
Edenfall-Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies-2014-BELT (Metal)
Edgar Allan Poe-Legado De Una Tragedia II-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Edgecrusher-Dread Dead and Damned-2014-BELT (Metal)
Edguy-Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown-2CD-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eikthyrnir-Under The Old Oak Tree-2014-BELT (Metal)
Einherjer-Av Oss For Oss-NO-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eira-Lacrimosa-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eisbrecher-Zehn Jahre Kalt-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eldest 11-Under a Black Flag-2014-BELT (Metal)
Electric Boys-Starflight United-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eliwagar-Eliwagar-NO-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eluveitie-Origins-2014-BELT (Metal)
ElvenStorm-Blood Leeds To Glory-2014-BELT (Metal)
Embers In Ashes-Killers and Thieves-2014-BELT (Metal)
Embrace of Disharmony-Humananke-2014-BELT (Metal)
Emil Bulls-Sacrifice to Venus-2014-BELT (Metal)
Emphatica-Winterscape-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enceladus-Journey To Enlightenment-2014-BELT (Metal)
End Ever-Tales of the Spooky Thunderfish-2014-BELT (Metal)
Endeavour-The Advancement In Atrophy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ends With A Bullet-Twenty Seven-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enemy of Reality-Rejected Gods-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enfeeble-Encapsulate This Moment-2014-BELT (Metal)
English Dogs-The Thing With Two Heads-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enkelination-Tears Of Lust-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enraged-Jeremiad-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Entropia Utopia-The Flourishing Of Thesis And Antithesis-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enuff Z Nuff-Covered in Gold-2014-BELT (Metal)
Enviktas-Enviktas-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eosphorus-Winds of Apep-2014-BELT (Metal)
Epiphany From The Abyss-The Emptiness Of All Things-2014-BELT (Metal)
Equestrian Lord-Revenge of the Herd-2014-BELT (Metal)
Equilibrium-Erdentempel-2CD-Limited Edition-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Equilibrium-Erdentempel-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Escapethecult-All You Want To-2014-BELT (Metal)
Esseker-Sombras-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eternum-The Devouring Descent-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ethan Brosh-Live the Dream-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ever Since-Bring Out the Gimp-2014-BELT (Metal)
Everyone Dies Alone-Piece-2014-BELT (Metal)
Evil Conspiracy-Prime Evil-2014-BELT (Metal)
Evil United-Honored By Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Evilence-Essence of Life-2014-BELT (Metal)
Evren Svren-Weltbild In Asche-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Exist Immortal-Darkness of an Age-2014-BELT (Metal)
Existance-Steel Alive-2014-BELT (Metal)
Existential Animals-Surrealith-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Exit-Face The Enemy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Exlibris-Aftereal-2014-BELT (Metal)
Exodia-Hellbringer-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eyes Of Beholder-Time Is Now-2014-BELT (Metal)
Eyes Of Mara-Akkadia-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
EZ Livin-Firestorm-2014-BELT (Metal)
F.A.I.T.H.-Monolog-RU-2014-BELT (Metal)
Face on Mars-Face on Mars-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fahran-Chasing Hours-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fail Emotions-Renaissance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Failing Light-Failing Light-2014-BELT (Metal)
Faithsedge-The Answer Of Insanity-2014-BELT (Metal)
Falconer-Black Moon Rising-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fall of Darkness-in Perfect Asymmetry-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fallen Theory-Ghost-2014-BELT (Metal)
Feline Melinda-Dance Of Fire And Rain-2014-BELT (Metal)
Feral Sun-Evacuate-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ferreira-V-2014-BELT (Metal)
Feskarn-Ostra Aros-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fight The Fade-Second Horizon-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fightcast-Siamesian-2014-BELT (Metal)
Finntroll-Natten Med De Levande Finntroll-Live-FI-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fire Garden-Sound Of Majestic Colors-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fire In The Field-Gypsy Tea Room-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fireforce-Deathbringer-2014-BELT (Metal)
First Dawn-Final Epoch-2014-BELT (Metal)
First Reign-Harvest of Shame-2014-BELT (Metal)
Flashback of Anger-T.S.R. (Terminate and Stay Resident)-2014-BELT (Metal)
Flood of Souls-Flood of Souls-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fluisteraars-Dromers-NL-2014-BELT (Metal)
Folkearth-Balders Lament-2014-BELT (Metal)
Folkstone-Oltre lAbisso-IT-2014-BELT (Metal)
For I Am King-Revengeance-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Forces United-Forces United-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Forensick-The Prophecy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Forever Dawn-The Long Journey Home-2014-BELT (Metal)
Forgotten Land-Omnia Fert Aetas-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fortaleza-Quinta Sinfonia-MX-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fortu-Tras Tus Huellas-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
FourPointOh-Young And Wasted-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fractured Fairytales-Egregore-2014-BELT (Metal)
Freak Kitchen-Cooking With Pagans-2014-BELT (Metal)
Free Ride-Venture-2014-BELT (Metal)
Free Spirit-All the Shades Of Darkened Light-2014-BELT (Metal)
Frequency-The Flow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Frijgard-Bellum Aeternum Est-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
From Alaska-Iceberg-2014-BELT (Metal)
From the Buried-Ruins-2014-BELT (Metal)
Front Line Assembly-Echoes-2014-BELT (Metal)
Frostbitten-A Spiritual Awakening-2014-BELT (Metal)
Frozen Caress-Introjection-2014-BELT (Metal)
Frozen Remains-Legacy-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fuckface Unstoppable-FFU-2CD-2014-BELT (Metal)
Fuel-Puppet Strings-2014-BELT (Metal)
G.E.N.-No Ink For A Self Portrait-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gilgameshs Odyssey-Dispuesto a Seguir-MX-2014-BELT (Metal)
Glitzy Glow-Glitzy Glow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gmoch-Dark Dead Tomorrow-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gods Army a.d.-Gods Army a.D.-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gotthard-Bang-2014-BELT (Metal)
Granted Earth-The Transit-2014-BELT (Metal)
Grave Digger-Return Of The Reaper-2CD-Limited Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Graveland-Ogien przebudzenia-PL-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gravity Rain-The Shining Silence-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Green Novice-Padebesi-LV-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gregory Lynn Hall-Heaven On Earth-2014-BELT (Metal)
Guardian-Almost Home-2014-BELT (Metal)
Guilty As Charged-Leap Of Faith-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gunner-Keep Fighting-2014-BELT (Metal)
Gus G.-I am the Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hairdryer-Off to Hairadise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hammerfall-(r)Evolution-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hammerfall-(r)Evolution-Limited Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hangatyr-Elemente-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hannon Tramp-Hannon Tramp-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hardbone-Bone Hard-2014-BELT (Metal)
Havenless-The Crimson Lines-2014-BELT (Metal)
Havenside-Living Our Darkest Days-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hazardeur-Rational Gaze-2014-BELT (Metal)
Heidra-Awaiting Dawn-2014-BELT (Metal)
Helix-Bastard of the Blues-2014-BELT (Metal)
Helms Alee-Sleepwalking Sailors-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hemina-Nebulae-2014-BELT (Metal)
Henric Blomqvist and Friends-All Of Your Illusions-2014-BELT (Metal)
Here Lies-My Own Hell-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Heretical-Daemonarchrist Daemon Est Devs Inversvs-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hessler-Ghost Dance-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hide The Knives-Silence the Youth-2014-BELT (Metal)
Highway Saints-Highway Saints-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hijos De Overon-Prisionero de Agujas-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hilastherion-Signs Of The End-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hinayana-Endless-Demo-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hitten-First Strike With The Devil-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hollywood Monsters-Big Trouble-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hoth-Oathbreaker-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hourswill-Inevitable-2014-BELT (Metal)
House of Saline-Armada-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Howler-Back to Madness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hroptatyr-Hroptatyr-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Humbucker-King Of The World-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hurtsmile-Retrogrenade-2014-BELT (Metal)
Hush n Rush-Dogs and Vultures-2014-BELT (Metal)
I The Breather-Life Reaper-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ideal Zero-In Perfect Darkness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ignis Fatuu-Unendlich viele Wege-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Il Malpertugio-Demonios-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Imaginara-The Legend Of Gingelur-2014-BELT (Metal)
Immoral Hazard-Convulsion-2014-BELT (Metal)
In Loving Memory-Redemption-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
In Sanity-Gates of Insanity-2014-BELT (Metal)
In Search Of Sun-The World Is Yours-2014-BELT (Metal)
In The Hands Of Destruction-When Humanity Ends-2014-BELT (Metal)
Indra-Music Factory-(PBR295)-WEB-2014-VL (Metal)
Infamous-Inspire Yourself-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Insane Therapy-The Decline Of The Human Race-2014-BELT (Metal)
Insane X-White Lady-2014-BELT (Metal)
Insense-DeEvolution-2014-BELT (Metal)
Insight After Doomsday-The Way To Nihilism-2014-BELT (Metal)
Intervals-A Voice Within-2014-BELT (Metal)
Invade-Reflection-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ipsilon-Las Cronicas de Enki-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Irminsul-Geist-FR-2014-BELT (Metal)
Iron Void-Iron Void-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ironbird-Black Mountain-2014-BELT (Metal)
Islander-Violence and Destruction-2014-BELT (Metal)
JackDevil-Unholy Sacrifice-2014-BELT (Metal)
Jacobs Moor-All That Starts-2014-BELT (Metal)
Jaded Heart-Fight the System-2014-BELT (Metal)
Jason-Un Nuevo Comienzo-AR-2014-BELT (Metal)
JD Miller-Grand Intentions-2014-BELT (Metal)
Jekyl Hydes-The City Of Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Johnny Crash-Fight the Cause-2014-BELT (Metal)
Join the Dead-Distorted Cognition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Judas Priest-March of the Damned-Single-2014-BELT (Metal)
Judas Priest-Redeemer of Souls-2014-BELT (Metal)
Judas Priest-Redeemer of Souls-2CD-Deluxe Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Julian Angels Beautiful Beast-Kick Down the Barricades-2014-BELT (Metal)
July-Raining Sun-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kaine-The Waystone-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kaledon-Antillius The King of the Light-2014-BELT (Metal)
Karbala War-Karbala War-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Karkaos-Empire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Karpatia-Batrake a szerencse-HU-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kayleth-The Survivor-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kayser-Read Your Enemy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Keep Me Alive-Bear Attack-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kenziner-The Last Horizon-2014-BELT (Metal)
Khael-Efimero-ES-2014-BELT (Metal)
Killing the Messenger-What Matters Most-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Killset-Know Your Killer-2014-BELT (Metal)
King James-Maximus-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kingdragon-Hide the Sun-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kingfisher Sky-Arms of Morpheus-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kiss-40 Decades Of Decibels-2CD-Compilation-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kissin Dynamite-Megalomania-2014-BELT (Metal)
Klogr-Black Snow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kobra And The Lotus-High Priestess-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kruk-Before-Limited Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kryn-Scars Remind Me-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kutless-Glory-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kvasura-To Our Brothers Fallen-2014-BELT (Metal)
Kylfinga-Halhatatlanok-HU-2014-BELT (Metal)
L.R.S.-Down To The Core-2014-BELT (Metal)
Labyrinthe-Relentless Misery-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lacrimosa-Live In Mexico City-2CD-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lascailles Shroud-Interval 02 Parallel Infinities The Abscinded Univer... (Metal)
Last Days of Eden-Paradise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lateral Edge-Shattered Design-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lectric Leather-Lectric Leather-2014-BELT (Metal)
Led Blimpie-A Tribute to Led Zeppelin from Hells Kitchen-2014-BELT (Metal)
Liberty N Justice-The Vow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Light Up The Darkness-Waiting-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lightsbane-Controverting Irrelevance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lionfight-Lionfight-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Livin Garden-Bring It On-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lord Divine-Imagenes-AR-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lord Volture-Will to Power-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lost Insen-Here After-2014-BELT (Metal)
Loud Lion-Die Tough-2014-BELT (Metal)
Loudness-The Sun Will Rise Again-2014-BELT (Metal)
Loveglove Pyrotechnics-Colossal Love-2014-BELT (Metal)
Ludicrous-Altar Boy Discocult-2014-BELT (Metal)
Lysithea-The Secret Fate of All Life-2014-BELT (Metal)
Maahlas-Nightmare Years-2014-BELT (Metal)
Machinae Supremacy-Phantom Shadow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Magma Dragon-Full Attack Action-2014-BELT (Metal)
MagnetiC-One Step to the Sun-2014-BELT (Metal)
Magnum-Escape From The Shadow Garden-2CD-Japanese Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Man Made Machine-Undeniable-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Manemono-Manemono-2014-BELT (Metal)
Manny Ribera-Manny Ribera-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mantus-Portrait aus Wut und Trauer-2CD-Limited Edition-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mantus-Portrait Aus Wut Und Trauer-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Marty Friedman-Inferno-2014-BELT (Metal)
MarysCreek-Incubic Twin-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Matt Sorums Fierce Joy-Stratosphere-2014-BELT (Metal)
Meadows End-The Sufferwell-2014-BELT (Metal)
Medule-Beneath The Shallow-2014-BELT (Metal)
Medusas Child-Empty Sky-2014-BELT (Metal)
Melifera-Natural Distance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Melodius Deite-Episode II Voyage Through the World of Fantasy-2014-BELT (Metal)
Menace-Impact Velocity-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mental Assault-Edge Of Days-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mental Defect-Lost In The Sense of Time-2014-BELT (Metal)
Metsatoll-Karjajuht-EE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mexican Ape-Lord-The Late Heavy Bombardment-2014-BELT (Metal)
Midnartiis-Solitary Odes-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mime Riot-Fear-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mindmaze-Back from the Edge-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mindplotter-Depths-2014-BELT (Metal)
Miracle Master-Tattooed Woman-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mirzadeh-Desired Mythic Pride-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mist Of Nihil-Buried Laments-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mithra-Memories of the Moon-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mondvolland-Kwade Vaart-NL-2014-BELT (Metal)
Monsters of the Ordinary-Mirror-2014-BELT (Metal)
Montage-Montage-2014-BELT (Metal)
Monte Pittman-The Power of Three-2014-BELT (Metal)
Moonshade-Dream Oblivion-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mors Principium Est-Dawn of the 5th Era-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mortifera-Sorgestadens Nycklar-EP-SE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Mother Road-Drive-2014-BELT (Metal)
Myrkur-Myrkur-EP-DK-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nachtmahr-Feindbild-AT-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nashville Pussy-Up the Dosage-2014-BELT (Metal)
Neptunian Sun-Summoning Tides-2014-BELT (Metal)
NeraNature-Disorders-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nethermost-Noetic-2014-BELT (Metal)
Neverdream-The Circle-2014-BELT (Metal)
Night Mistress-Into the Madness-2014-BELT (Metal)
Night Ranger-High Road-Japanese Edition-2014-BELT (Metal)
Noctem-Exilium-2014-BELT (Metal)
Northern Flame-Glimpse of Hope-2014-BELT (Metal)
Northern Plague-Manifesto-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nota Amara-U Cherty-RU-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nyksta-Lieka Tik Sienos-LT-2014-BELT (Metal)
Nzm-Eternal Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Odins Wrath-Draugr-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
One Reason to Kiss-Without Roads-2014-BELT (Metal)
Onheil-Storm Is Coming-2014-BELT (Metal)
Order of Isaz-Seven Years of Famine-2014-BELT (Metal)
Order To Ruin-The Loss of Distress-2014-BELT (Metal)
Orisonata-Orisonata-2014-BELT (Metal)
Our Last Enemy-Pariah-2014-BELT (Metal)
Outloud-Lets Get Serious-2014-BELT (Metal)
Outtrigger-Echo-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Overland-Epic-2014-BELT (Metal)
Overlord-Tolerance Collapse-2014-BELT (Metal)
Parau-Ragenaissance-2014-BELT (Metal)
Patrizia-Rock the Throne-2014-BELT (Metal)
Pavic-Is War the Answer-2014-BELT (Metal)
Perfect View-Red Moon Rising-2014-BELT (Metal)
Perseus-The Mystic Hands of Fate-2014-BELT (Metal)
Phil Vincent-Slave to Sin-2014-BELT (Metal)
Planet 13-Patience of a Saint-2014-BELT (Metal)
Planet Epiphany-Dark Sunrise-2014-BELT (Metal)
Planet Rain-The Fundamental Principles-2014-BELT (Metal)
Pozytywka-Moja Niepodleglosc-PL-2014-BELT (Metal)
Pressive-Marionette-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Primal Cult-In Timeless Paths-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Primal Fear-Delivering the Black-2014-BELT (Metal)
Profane Omen-Reset-2014-BELT (Metal)
Pythia-Shadows of a Broken Past-2014-BELT (Metal)
Rauhnacht-Urzeitgeist-DE-2014-BELT (Metal)
Rebel Road-Lock and Load-2014-BELT (Metal)
Repentance-Poison-2014-BELT (Metal)
Rhadamanthys-Midnight Skies-2014-BELT (Metal)
Romuvos-Romuvan Dainas-2014-BELT (Metal)
Takida-All Turns Red-2014-BELT (Metal)
Uriah Heep-Outsider-Digipak-2014-BELT (Metal)
21 Feb 2015
1968-Shades of Deep Purple-Reissue %282000%29-MANiAC (Metal)
21 Guns--Nothings Real-2000-UBE (Metal)
21 Guns-Salute-1992-AMRC (Metal)
3 doors down - here without you-promo cds-2003-prs (Metal)
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3 doors down-away from the sun-2002-rns (Metal)
3 doors down-seventeen days-european edition cd-2005-mco (Metal)
3 Doors Down-The Better Life-%28Deluxe Edition%29-2CD-2008-EON (Metal)
3 Doors Down-The Better Life-1999-MPX (Metal)
3 doors down-the better life-2cd-ltd.ed.-2001-nsr (Metal)
3 Headed Monster--3 Headed Monster-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
3 Inches of Blood-Advance and Vanquish-2004-FTS (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Advance And Vanquish-2004-KSi (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Winter Sun-2002-YBOT (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Wintersun-2002-EOS (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Deadly Sinners-Demo-2004-MGS (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Fire Up The Blades-2007-FTS (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Here Waits Thy Doom-2009-EOSiNT (Metal)
3 Inches Of Blood-Ride Darkhorse Ride-Promo CDS-200x-rH (Metal)
3 Inches of Blood-Sect of the White Worm-EP-2001-RIAA (Metal)
3-Knives To The Sons Heart-Demo-2004-ICE (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-A Snow Capped Romance %28Advance%29-2004-BUTT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-A Snow Capped Romance-%28Retail%29-2004-RNS (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Bitterness the Star-Retail-2002-PMS (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Ill Go Until My Heart Stops-Promo-CDS-2006-QTXMp3 (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-Rest Inside The Flames-2006-uF (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-The Tide And Its Takers-%28Advance%29-2008-KzT (Metal)
666-Ave Satan-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
8 Foot Sativa-Breed the Pain-2004-PMS (Metal)
8 Foot Sativa-Season For Assault-2003-OZM (Metal)
A Band Called Pain-Broken Dreams-2007-Suffocating (Metal)
A Tortured Soul - Kiss of the Thorn-2007-CMG (Metal)
Abazagorath-Sacraments of the Final Atrocity-2004-PMS (Metal)
Abscess-damned and mummified-2004-ss (Metal)
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Abscess-Thirst For Blood Hunger For Flesh-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Absinth-Absinth-NO-2006-PRS (Metal)
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Accept - Balls To The Wall-remastered-2002-SER (Metal)
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Accept Restless and Wild-Remastered Digipak-2000-AMRC (Metal)
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accept-breaker-remastered-2001-bos (Metal)
Accept-Death Row-%281994%29-PRW INT (Metal)
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accept-russian roulette-reissue-2002-ser (Metal)
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ACDC-Fly On The Wall %28REMASTERED%29-2003-EGO (Metal)
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ACDC-Living In The Hell-1979-PMS (Metal)
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ACDC-Plug Me In-%28Bonus CD%29-2007-EON (Metal)
ACDC-Stiff Upper Lip Edicion Especial-2CD-2001-ESK (Metal)
ACDC-The Razors Edge %28REMASTERED%29-2003-EGO (Metal)
ACDC-Thunderstruck Crookers Remix-Promo WEB-2008-NVS INT (Metal)
ACDC-Warning-High Voltage %28Greatest Hits%29-2CD-%28Russian Edition%2... (Metal)
Ace Frehley - Frehleys Comet-Retail-1987-MAC INT (Metal)
Ace Frehley-Anomaly-2009-FNT (Metal)
Ace Frehley-Big Aces-%282004%29-PRW (Metal)
Ace Frehley-Greatest Hits Live-CD-2006-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Acylum-Mental Disorder-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity-2CD-1998-320CBR INT (Metal)
Aerosmith - Fly Away from Here-2001-iPZ (Metal)
aerosmith - just push play-2001-ksi (Metal)
aerosmith - night in the ruts-1979-dma (Metal)
aerosmith - pump-1989-iRO (Metal)
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Aerosmith-Devils Got A New Disguise-%28Euro Retail%29-2006-OND (Metal)
aerosmith-devils got a new disguise-the very best of aerosmith-2006-esc (Metal)
Aerosmith-Done With Mirrors-1985 (Metal)
Aerosmith-Get A Grip-1993-eNT (Metal)
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Aerosmith-Rockin The Joint-2005-RNS (Metal)
Aerosmith-You Gotta Move-%28Bonus CD%29-2004-RNS (Metal)
Aerosmith-You Gotta Move-%28DVD%29-2004-LAMB (Metal)
Aeternus - And So the Night Became-REMASTERED-2003-ESC (Metal)
Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror-2001-PMS (Metal)
Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror-Remastered With Bonus-2003-ViC (Metal)
Aeternus - Beyond the Wandering Moon-REMASTERED-2003-ESC (Metal)
Aeternus - Burning The Shroud-dgs-2000-dgs (Metal)
Aeternus - Demo-2002-ADM (Metal)
Aeternus - Hexaeon-2006-ViC (Metal)
Aeternus-Beyond the Wandering Moon-REMASTERED-2003-ESC (Metal)
Aeturnus Dominion-Psychotic-2006-AMX (Metal)
Aeturnus-And So The Night Became-Retail-1998-FH (Metal)
Afasi and Filthy-Flacken-SE-2008-SnS (Metal)
afterglow - afterglow-1995-eyeserse (Metal)
Agalloch-Ashes Against The Grain-2006-iND (Metal)
Agalloch-Ashes Against the Grain-Promo-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Agalloch-From Which Of This Oak-1997-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Agalloch-Nest-Split-Ltd.Ed. EP-2004-BERC (Metal)
Agalloch-Of Stone Wind And Pillor-MCD-2001-CNMC (Metal)
Agalloch-The Grey EP-2004-DMG (Metal)
agalloch-the mantle-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Agalloch-Tomorrow Will Never Come-peroni (Metal)
Age Of Ruin-The Tides Of Tragedy-2004-RTB (Metal)
Agent Steel - Omega Conspiracy-1999-Trp (Metal)
Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse-1985-Trp (Metal)
Agent Steel-Alienigma-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
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Agent Steel-Order of the Illuminati-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Aina-Days of Rising Doom-Proper-2CD-2003-AMRC - Includes Track Fixes b... (Metal)
Airbourne-No Guts. No Glory.-%28LIMITED EDITION%29-2010-FRAY (Metal)
Airbourne-Runnin Wild-%28US Retail%29-2008-RTB (Metal)
Alabama Thunder Pussy-Rise Again-1998-dgs (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy - Open Fire-Promo-2007-CMG (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy--Fulton Hill-Promo-2004-VIC (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy-Constellation-Reissue-2003-FFF (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy-Halfway To Gone-Split-2000-FFF (Metal)
Alabama Thunderpussy-Staring At The Divine-2002-ViLE (Metal)
Alannah Myles-Black Velvet %282007 Version%29-Promo CDS-2007-FKK (Metal)
Alestorm-Captain Morgans Revenge-%28Retail%29-2008-dSS (Metal)
Alestorm-Captain Morgans Revenge-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2001-SER (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet - Retail %282000%29-FANTASY (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Constrictor-1986-MrMetal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds-%28Proper Advance%29-2005-KzT (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Flush The Fashion-1980-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - From The Inside-1978-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Goes To Hell-1976-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid-1991-ALX INT (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Lace And Whiskey-1977-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist and Yell-Retail-1987-ALX INT (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Schools Out-1972-JUST (Metal)
Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation-1994-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Trash-1989-GORE (Metal)
alice cooper - trilogy-3CD-2006-MnD (Metal)
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare-Remastered-2002-ESK (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Alice Coopers Greatest Hits-1974-GORE (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Along Came A Spider-Promo-2008-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Dada-1983-LTA (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Dirty Diamonds-Promo-2005-BELiN (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Dragontown-Retail-2001-ViLE (Metal)
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Alice Cooper-Go To Hell-DVD-2006-LzY (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Hell Is-Retail-2003-MnD (Metal)
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alice cooper-killer-1971-int-HaVoC (Metal)
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Alice Cooper-Live at Montreux-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Love It To Death-1971-SER (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Muscle of Love-1998-pyt (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Pretties for You-1969-LTA (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Schools Out-Remastered-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Special Forces-1981-pyt (Metal)
Alice Cooper-The Eyes of Alice Cooper-Promo-2003-AMRC (Metal)
Alice Cooper-The Last Temptation-1994-SNAKEPIT INT (Metal)
Alice Cooper-The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper-4CD-1999-gF INT (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Zipper Catches Skin-1982-Mr Metal (Metal)
Alice In Chains--Live at Rock am Ring-DAB-06-02-2006-OMA (Metal)
alice in chains-down in a hole-%28cdm%29-1993-pra (Metal)
Alice In Chains-The Essential-2CD-2006-RNS (Metal)
Alkonost-Kamennogo Serdtsa Krov-RU-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Allen and Lande-The Battle-Korean Release-2005-NTH (Metal)
Allen Lande - Place Vendome-Sampler-2005-JUST (Metal)
Allen Lande-The Battle-2005-LAMB (Metal)
Allen Lande-The Revenge-2007-LAMB (Metal)
Allen-Lande - The Showdown-2010-Nsc (Metal)
Allen-Lande-The Revenge-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Almost Saint-For and Against Everybody-MCD-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Alphaville - Forever Pop-2001-MOD (Metal)
Alphaville - Forever Young-1984-GRiPP (Metal)
Alphaville - Jerusalem-Vinyl-1986-BFHMP3 (Metal)
Alphaville-Crazyshow Excerpts-2003-FWYH (Metal)
Alphaville-Dance With Me %28Paul Van Dyk 2001 Mixes%29-PROMO CDM-2001-wAx (Metal)
Alphaville-Dreamscapes Lim Ed Box Part 1 Of 4 %281998%29-AMOK (Metal)
Alphaville-Dreamscapes Lim Ed Box Part 2 Of 4 %281998%29-AMOK (Metal)
Alphaville-Dreamscapes Lim Ed Box Part 3 Of 4 %281998%29-AMOK (Metal)
Alphaville-Dreamscapes Lim Ed Box Part 4 Of 4 %281998%29-AMOK (Metal)
Alphaville-First Harvest-1992-RWHCLASSIX (Metal)
Alphaville-Forever Young-Special Dance Mix-Vinyl-1984-AMOK (Metal)
Alphaville-The Singles Collection %281988%29-AMOK (Metal)
Altaria-Divine Invitation-Promo-2007-AMRC (Metal)
Alucard-When Two Hearts Collide-CDS-2007-MNS (Metal)
Alvirius-Beyond the Human Nation-2007-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Amaranthe-Amaranthe-Japan Edition-2011-LMR (Metal)
Ambrosia-One Eighty-Remastered-2005-AMRC (Metal)
American Dog-Hard-2007-MTD (Metal)
Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns-2004 (Metal)
Amon Amarth - The Crusher-2001-NME (Metal)
Amon Amarth - Thor Arise-Demo-1993-FERiCE (Metal)
Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side-Promo-2006-TRVE (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Fate Of Norns-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2004-phEAR (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Fate Of Norns-Promo-READ NFO-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Once Sent From The Golden Hall-1998-END INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Once Sent from the Golden Hall-1998-gB (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds-1995-gB (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Sweden Rock %282007-06-07%29-RADIO-2007-END (Metal)
Amon Amarth-The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter-Demo-1994-ss (Metal)
Amon Amarth-The Avenger %28Ltd. Digipak%29-1999-AMRC (Metal)
Amon Amarth-The Crusher-Ltd Edition-2001-cnmc (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Twilight Of The Thunder God-%28Advance%29-2008-FNT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Valkyries Ride-%28Live At Wacken%29-08-06-2004-FNT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Versus The World-%28Deluxe Edition%29-2CD-2009-FNT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Versus the World-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-mwnd int (Metal)
Amon Amarth-With Oden on Our Side-2CD-Limited Edition-2006-BERC INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-With Oden On Our Side-Ltd.Ed.-Bonus Disc-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Wrath of the Norsemen-PROPER-3DVD-2006-BERC (Metal)
Amorphis - Silent Waters-Digipak-Bonustrack-2007-TRVE (Metal)
Amorphis - Tuonela-Retail Digipak-1999-kispatak (Metal)
Amorphis-Alone Promo CDM-2001-AMRC (Metal)
Amorphis-Am Universum-2001-iRO (Metal)
amorphis-amorphis-7 inch vinyl-1991-ss (Metal)
amorphis-black winter day mcd digipack-1994-amrc (Metal)
Amorphis-Eclipse-%28PROPER%29-2006-UPM (Metal)
Amorphis-Eclipse-Digipak-2006-COS (Metal)
Amorphis-Elegy-%28Reissue%29-2004-RNS (Metal)
Amorphis-Far From the Sun-RETAIL-2004-ESC (Metal)
Amorphis-Live at Ashbury Park-1999-1999-Varg (Metal)
Amorphis-Live at Tavastia Helsinki 30-12 2006-Bootleg-2007-V (Metal)
amorphis-live at tuska open air metal festival 2003-bootleg-2004-v (Metal)
Amorphis-Live In Gothenburg %2810-25-03%29-Bootleg-2003-ViC (Metal)
Amorphis-Live In Hermannstadt-Bootleg MD-2006-BLA (Metal)
Amorphis-Live in Houston Texas 1994-10-16-1994-Varg (Metal)
Amorphis-Live In Montreal Qc-0316-%28Bootleg%29-2005-PMS (Metal)
Amorphis-My Kantele-CDM-1997-INT-GORE (Metal)
Amorphis-Silent Wars-%28CDS%29-2007-MTD (Metal)
Amorphis-Silent Waters-Digipack-2007-NMS (Metal)
Amorphis-Tales from the Thousand Lakes-Retail-1994-BERC INT (Metal)
Amorphis-The Karelian Isthmus - Privilege of Evil-Remastered-2003-ViC (Metal)
Amplifier-Insider-2006-JUST (Metal)
Anathema-All Faith is Lost-Demo-1991-eyeserse (Metal)
Anathema-An Iliad of Woes-Demo-1990-PtSL (Metal)
Anathema-Crestfallen-1992-gB (Metal)
Anathema-My Dying Bride - Split EP-1998-FERiCE (Metal)
Anathema-Serenades-1993-gB (Metal)
Anathema-The Silent Enigma-Remastered With Bonus-2003-ViC (Metal)
Ancient Creation--Evolution Bound-Promo-2007-UBE (Metal)
Angra - Angels Cry-Ltd.Ed.-1997-ATM (Metal)
Angra - Hunters and Prey-CDM-%28Japanese Release%29-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Angra-Angels Cry And Holy Land-2CD-1998-EOS (Metal)
Angra-Aurora Consurgens-Promo-2006-NTH (Metal)
Angra-Aurora Consurgens-Promo-PROPER-2006-AMRC (Metal)
Angra-Fireworks-1998-CRock (Metal)
Angra-Holy Land-2CD-Ltd.Ed. Box-1996-AMRC (Metal)
Angra-Live in Sao Paulo 2CD Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2002-FERiCE (Metal)
Angra-Rebirth-Remastered-2005-NSR (Metal)
Angra-Temple Of Shadows-Limited Edition-2004-EOS (Metal)
Animal Alpha-You Pay For The Whole Seat But Youll Only Need The Edge-%... (Metal)
Annihilator - Alice in Hell-Retail-1989-snow (Metal)
Annihilator - The Best of-CD-2004-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Annihilator-Alice In Hell-Remastered-1998-AMRC (Metal)
Annihilator-All for You-Ltd.Ed Digipak-READ NFO-2004-AMRC (Metal)
Annihilator-Bag of Tricks-%28Retail%29-1994-dSS (Metal)
Annihilator-Carnival Diablos-2000-AMRC (Metal)
Annihilator-Criteria For A Black Widow-1999-AMRC INT (Metal)
Annihilator-Double Live Annihilation-2CD-2003-ViC (Metal)
Annihilator-King of the Kill-Re Release with Bonus-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Annihilator-Metal %28Limited Bonus CD Best of%29-Retail-2007-OMA (Metal)
Annihilator-Metal-Promo-2007-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Annihilator-Never Neverland-%281990%29-PRW INT (Metal)
Annihilator-Perzonal War-Jorn--Split-Promo-2004-BERC (Metal)
Annihilator-Phoenix Rising-%28CDM%29-1991-LAMB (Metal)
Annihilator-Phoenix Rising-CDM-1993-gF (Metal)
Annihilator-Refresh The Demon-re release with bonus-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Annihilator-Remains-re release with bonus-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Annihilator-Schizo Deluxe %28Bonus Tracks%29-2005-TN (Metal)
Annihilator-Schizo Deluxe-Japanese Release-2005-RNC (Metal)
Annihilator-Set the World on Fire-1993-pyt (Metal)
Annihilator-Ten Years in Hell-DVD-2006-COS (Metal)
Annihilator-Waking The Fury-Proper Rip-2002-BOS (Metal)
Anthrax - Among The Living-1987-gB (Metal)
Anthrax - Black Lodge-Ltd.Ed. CDS-1993-AMW (Metal)
Anthrax - Fistfull of Metal and Armed and Dangerous-2004-DQM (Metal)
Anthrax - Universal Masters Collection-2002-CMG (Metal)
Anthrax-Alive 2-2005-RNS (Metal)
Anthrax-Anthrology-No Hit Wonders %281985-1991%29-2CD-2005-RNS (Metal)
Anthrax-Im The Man-1989-iRO (Metal)
Anthrax-Madhouse-The Very Best Of Anthrax-2001-EGO (Metal)
Anthrax-Music Of Mass Destruction Live In Chicago-2004-KzT (Metal)
Anthrax-Persistence of Time-1990-NaJ iNT (Metal)
Anthrax-Return Of The Killer As-Limited Edition-1999-BOS (Metal)
Anthrax-Sound of White Noise-1993-NaJ iNT (Metal)
Anthrax-Spreading The Disease-1985-gB (Metal)
Anthrax-Srevocnikufesin NFC-2007-UasH (Metal)
Anthrax-State of Euphoria-1988-iRO (Metal)
Anthrax-Stomp 442 %28Reissue%29-2001-aPC (Metal)
Anthrax-Summer 2003-retail-cd-2003-GTi (Metal)
Anthrax-The Greater Of Two Evils-%28Advance%29-2004-RNS (Metal)
Anthrax-The Neil Turbin Demos-DEMO-1982-ICE (Metal)
Anthrax-Volume 8 The Threat Is Real-1998-Retail-H4X iNT (Metal)
Anthrax-Volume 8-1998-gB (Metal)
Anthrax-We Ve Come For You All-Retail %28Incl. Bonustracks%29-2003-SDR (Metal)
Anthrax-Weve Come For You All-2CD-Limited Edition-%282003%29-Infernal (Metal)
Anti-Flag-For Blood and Empire-%28Advance%29-2006-RTB (Metal)
Anvil Bitch-Rise To Offend-1986-LAMB (Metal)
Apocalyptica - AMPLIFIED-A Decade of Reinventing the Cello-2CD-2006-MOD (Metal)
Apocalyptica - Im Not Jesus-CDM-2007-MOD (Metal)
Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica By Four Cellos-1996-iRO (Metal)
Apocalyptica - The Best of-Retail-2002-iDeNT (Metal)
Apocalyptica feat Ville Valo and Lauri Yloenen - Bittersweet-Retail-CD... (Metal)
Apocalyptica Feat.Linda-Faraway Vol.II-CDM-2004-FWYH (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Amplified - A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello-2006-LAMB (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Apocalyptica-2005-SER (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Cult %28Special Edition%29 %28German Import%29-2CD-2001-iRO (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Inquisition Symphony-1998-iRO (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Inquistion Symphony-1998-LAMB (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Plays Metallica By Four Cellos-1996-EOS (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Plays Metallica By Four Cellos-1996-LAMB (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections-%28Retail%29-2003-OSC (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Reflections-%28US Retail%29-2005-RNS (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Worlds Collide-%28Bonus DVD%29-2007-LzY (Metal)
Apocalyptica-Worlds Collide-%28Special Edition%29-2007-SAW (Metal)
Apokrypha--To the seven-Promo-2004-UBE (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-7-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-APBL2000-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Shine On-Limited Edition CDM-2006-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Soli Deo Gloria-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Sonic Diary-2006-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Unicorn-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Welcome To Earth-Deluxe Edition-Remastered-2007-FWYH (Metal)
Apoptygma Berzerk-You And Me Against The World-Limited Edition Bonus T... (Metal)
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future %28European version%29-EP-2004-QT... (Metal)
Arch Enemy - Rise of the Tyrant-%28Bonus DVD%29-2007-FKK (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Anthems Of Rebellion-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-Japanese Release-READ NFO-... (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Black Earth %28Remastered%29-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Burning Angel-2002-ss (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Burning Bridges %28Digipack%29-1999-AMRC (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Doomsday Machine %28Bonus Disc%29-DVDA-2005-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Doomsday Machine-JP Retail-2005-JRP (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Manifesto Of-2009-ONe (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Revolution Begins-%28CDM%29-2007-LzY (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Rise Of The Tyrant %28Japan Bonus Track%29-CD-2007-BLA (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Rise Of The Tyrant-%28Promo%29-2007-MTD (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Rise of the Tyrant-2007-iND (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Rise of the Tyrant-Retail-2007-DGRn (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Stigmata-Japanese Version-1998-cnmc (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Wages of Sin-2CD-Brazilian Release-2002-BERC (Metal)
Arckanum - Svartsyn--Kaos Svarta Mar - Skinning The Lambs-Split-2004-ViC (Metal)
Area51-Ankh-JP-2005-NTH (Metal)
Ari Koivunen-Fuel For The Fire-2CD-2007-SER (Metal)
Ark - Burn the Sun-Japan Retail-2001-FERiCE (Metal)
Ark Storm-No Boundries-Japanese Promo-2002-AMRC (Metal)
Ark-Ark-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Ark-Burn The Sun-2001-LAMB (Metal)
Armageddon-Embrace The Mystery-%28Ltd.Ed.%29-2000-DNR (Metal)
Armageddon-Three-Japan Only Release-2002-cnmc (Metal)
Armageddon-Valaszra Varva-HU-2003-gF (Metal)
Arsonists Get All The Girls-The Game of Life-%28advance%29-2007 (Metal)
Artefact-Ruins-Promo-2008-hXc (Metal)
Artillery - Through The Years-4CD-2007-ViC