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03 Dec 2014
Adda - Destination Neverland-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek - The Awakening-EP-(GOAEP092)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Airi - Lifebird-(2TO6DR013)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Airi - Lifebird-BLV638608-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Algae Bloom - The Blossom-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Alienoma - The Abyss-EP-(NEOG028)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Altruism - Fat Beat-NANODIGI036-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Analog Sync - Feel Free-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Angoscia - Camouflaged-EP-(PWREP038)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Angoscia - Fallout-EP-(PWREP044)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Antiscarp Warriors vs Calamar Audio - Knights Of Nights 2-EP-(ANSDIGI0... (Psychedelic)
Apocalipsis - Angels War-(DD01313)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Argonnight - Shadows-OVNIEP123-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Argonnight and Liquid Sound - Awakened-SYNCD236-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Artcore - Myth Killers-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Artcore - Red Sun-ZMB065-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ashtoz - Magus Land-(GTR039)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Astrix - Type 1 Remixes-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astropilot - Live At Atmasfera360-(ARCDA44)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Atomgrinder - 303 Squadron-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Atongmu - Musixxx Lovers-EP-(ZMB086)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Audio Dream - Dream Sessions-EP-(ZMB081)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Avant Garde - The Remixes Vol.2-EP-(PWREP035)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Aviation - Eye See Everything-SPN1DIGI142-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Awareness - Enigma-OVNIEP101-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
B.BRAIN - Experiences-(HADCD37)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Birds Of Paradise - Flight Patterns-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Blau - Changes-SYNCD274-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
BPM - Trance Formers-EP-(MGMEP005)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Brain Attack - The Spirit-PDEP011-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Brainiac - Solar Remixes-4250644875656-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cabal - Whatever-ALM1DIGI040-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cafe Amsterdam - Blacklight-(SPRD20)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Captain Hook - Mr. Gold-IBOGADIGITAL140-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Chang - Hail-EP-(BASSEP014)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Chronos - We Are One-(MSRCD01)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cinder Vomit - The Wizards Cauldron-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Class A - Beautiful Eyes-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Class A - Take Off (Black Mesa Remix)-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Class A - Take Off (Stroke Moving RMX)-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Claudinho Brasil and 4i20 - Bach-ALR28-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cold Project - Lords Of Salem-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Conandrum - End Of Days-EP-(PWREP043)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Conspirated - Morok-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
CPU - Maximum Warp-EP-(NUJP005)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cybernetika - Solar Nexus-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cyko - Illusions-EP-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
D.Moon - E-Motion-ZMB068-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dar Kapo - LOL JK-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Darma and Egorythmia - Robotics-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Day.Din - Cacophony-SPN1DIGI176-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Deedrah and Micky Noise - Half of Me-JOOFV2057-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dexter - Future Tech-EP-(GEOEP132)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Digital Impulse - My Dark Side-PDB008-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Disco Doden - Disco Shit-EP-(GEOEP141)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Disect - Neural I ant-EP-(3RDEYEDIG002)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
DJ Ruud and DJ Punish - No Limiter EP-WEB-2013-FFM (Psychedelic)
DJD - Instant Karma-DJD (Psychedelic)
DJD - Psychedelic Mix Session Vol.7-2014-DJD (Psychedelic)
DJD - Psychedelic Mix Session Vol.8-2014-DJD (Psychedelic)
DJD - Psychedelic Stargate-PROMO-AT-2014-DJD (Psychedelic)
DJD - Psychedelic Summersounds-2014-DJD (Psychedelic)
Dorsa Rupes - Across The Sky-EP-(GTR036)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Dragon Boyz - Dawn To Dusk-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Dreambase - The Meaning of Life-PGR031-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Drop the Pain - Addicted to Music-IMUSICIANA17987-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Drop the Pain - Summer Dreams-MDR1DIGI014-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dropped - E orer-DIT1DW102-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dual Filters - Punku (Remix Album)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
dunkelf - Dark Gypsy Forest Session Vol.III-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Dunkelf - Pan The God Of War-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Earthspace - Evolutionary Step-EP-(BLKLEP008)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Efficient Energy - The Box-PBD003-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ek ex - Its Alive-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Electric Mirror - Walk The ank-EP-(WP013)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Emphacis - Dynamic Frequencies-EP-(GOAEP098)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Endeavour - Collider-MUTD0151-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Entheogenic - Enthymesis-PROMO-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Entheogenic - Enthymesis-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Etic - Remake-DNDI114-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fasma - Natural Code-4250644860928-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Flowjob - The Flow Must Go on-IBOGADIGITAL142-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Flucturion 2.0 - No Ones Dimension-EP-(BASSEP015)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Francois Maugame - Constantly Movin Music for Special Backgrounds-(DVM... (Psychedelic)
Fremonnt - Destine-EP-(GOAEP099)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Frog Prog - Swamp Stories-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gaudium - Psilocybin-IBOGATRANCE44-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Globular - Magnitudes Of Order-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Gojja - Structures In Nature-EP-(ARKNEP006)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Golikem - Vector Equilibrium-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Haldolium - Nini-BTRDR124-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Headroom and Avalon - Mind Fk-NANODIGI035-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Henix-R - Crazy-10063113-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hi Profile - Free Progressive Lessons the Remixes-PGR032-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hoodwink - Paradoxical-EP-(WILDEP005)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hysteria - Incipiens-The Beginning-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ilai - New Tomorrows-247CD016-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jacob and Juiced - Quantum Mechanics EP U1DW908-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jandb Project - Back in the Game-DUDEDIGI036-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jandb Project - Rabbits Redemption-BLV646018-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jeremys Aura - Being And Becoming-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Jokester - The Golden Ratio-ROCKB011-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kaikkialla - Old Dreams-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kala Hari - Into A New Dawn-EP-(UXM157)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kalumet - Sheer Liquid Wonderment-EP-(TSANEP02)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Kaminanda - Liminal Spaces-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kino Oko - Amazing Journey To The Bathroom-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Koi Boi - Element-PDEP013-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kolishin - Never Denied-EP-(PC001)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kopel - Less is More-BTRDR169-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kryptik - From The Archive-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ksen - Wonderland-EP-(CYPRRC008)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kuba - Beneath The Trees-EP-(PQCHILL119)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kularis - For Your Legs-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
L.M.T. - Thermionic Culture-EP-(GEOEP140)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Bugs-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Judgement Day V3.58-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Laughing Buddha-Illusions and Collusions-(NANOOCD036)-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
Lifeforms and Roger Rabbit - Run for Cover-ECHOEPIL108-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Liquid Soul and Zyce - We Come in Peace-IBOGADIGITAL144-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Loopus and Peaka - Backup and Fuckup!-WEB-2013-mAhA (Psychedelic)
Loren Nerell and Mark Seelig - Tree of Life-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Luke Teknology - Party Prescription-PBD002-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lupin and Own Trip - Eternia-DNDI115-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Major7 - Form the Speakers-ECHOEPIL095-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Maluns - Temporal Extent-(CLCD072DG)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Martian Arts - Big Muff-NBRDGEP021-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mental Attack - Silence Disturbance-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Metronome - Northern Stories-BTRDR168-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Middle Mode - Half Life-0719926494908-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Midnight Storm - Attraction-EP-(PBR307)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Mindex - Teleport-EP-(MM016)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Monolock - Music For The Masses-(PRHCD029)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Morten Granau - New World Order-SPN1DIGI141-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mr Suit - Elegant-BTRDR126-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Munstrous - Mists Of Time-EP-(GTR048)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Naturalize - Running Wild-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Necton - Retrodelica-OVNICD067-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Necton - Retrodelica-WEB-FLAC-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Finally Home (Live Mix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Good Times (Live Mix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neural - Transitions-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Neuronal - Vigiliaque-EP-(POVUH009)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Nibiru - Ayahuasca Dreams-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
NIK MAR - Autopilot-EP-(AUTOPI01)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ninad - Primivite Garden-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ninad - Primivite Garden-EP-PROPER-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Norma Project - The Gleam-5060376220728-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
O.T.B - Obey the Beat-SPN1DIGI175-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Omnivox - Fragments Of Evolution-(SDRCD01)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Open Tribe - Subsdance-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ork Monk - Hardcore Shanti-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Osher - Open Air-BTRDR165-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Outsiders and Burn in Noise - Burning Out-DOPDIGI013-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ozore - Freak Life-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
P.I.X. - Its Time To Awake-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Panayota - Butterfly Effect-(KKD046)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Paranoiac - Conciencia De La Unidad-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Perfect Stranger and Sphera - Been There Done that-DIGISTR32-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phobos Azazel - Acid Thunder-EP-(FDRCD002)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Pointfield - First Contact-EP-(SD0006)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Polyamoris - Tri-Finity-PWREP056-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Pop Art - Remixed-BTRDR167-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Poulpy - Back To The Roots-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Pribe - Optimus Pribe-ALM1DW029-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Protoactive - Falling Crystals-FREAKEP0014-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psychaos - Click Bait-SINGLE-(PR001)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Psydee - Tr et Industry-SINGLE-(FRS003)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Redrosid - Vigilante-INM1DIGI119-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Reefer Decree - Grand Theft Audio-IBOGADIGITAL145-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rocky - Pass (Mindwave Remix)-ECHOEPIL094-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Romeodark - Fragments-(JFFRNET0017)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Roy Rosenfeld - INO-FORM36-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sectio Aurea - Ecco Il Cielo-(LABYRINTHINE001)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Shiva Chandra - The White Raven-SPN1DIGI178-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sienis - Personal Space Invaders-URTI595ITT-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sigil - A Gnostic-EP-(GTR035)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Silent Witch - Delusional Light-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Skyfall - Nano Chip-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Soax - Freaky Sound-MDR1DIGI011-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Solar Fields - BLUE-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Solar FX - The Last Stand-(SAL014)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Solar Quest - Core-(ELSCD011)-2CD-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Sonic Sense - Alone in the Dark-INM1DIGI138-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Soundscape - Space Safari-10063115-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Soundviecher - Audition One-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Source Code And Enarxis - From Greece To Serbia-EP-(PWREP042)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Space Tribe and Dickster - Alien Sex Fiend-STM020-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Space Tribe and Dickster-Alien Sex Fiend-(STM020)-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
Spinney Lainey - Free Flow-CMR005-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spirit Architect - Anthology-(OVNCD085)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Stefastral Goatron - Karma-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Stroke Moving and Drop Kill7 - Joia Enigmatica-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Su6tropic - What Again-SYNCD272-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sun Shadow - Dissolving Who We Are-EP-(NEOG027)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Suntree - Solid Collection-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Supergroover - 42-EP-(BOOMDR030)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Sygnals - Enter Light-(SLM006)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Symphonix and DJ Fabio and Moon - Studio Session-BTRDR127-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Syntaxis - The Touch-EP-(GWREP009)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Tentura - Theme Patcher (Remixes)-(UXM152)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Thales Dumbra - Obscure Road-ALR27-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Dude - Divine-OVNIEP127-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Karaganda Project - A New Era-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Tickets - Ayne-SINGLE-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ticon - Remixed-(IBOGADIGITAL125)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Trevor Mcgregor - Flanger City Cowboys-EP-HHDG055-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
TT Roots - Other Dimension-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Tura - Off Route-10063111-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Urban Legend and Overdoze - Urbandoze-DM020-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - 1st Remix Contest-EP-(PRVDG04)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Astronot-(GOALCD002CD)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Brainzcrew Vol.3-(PRVCD27)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Chilling in Mexico-BMRBCMDR045-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - City Of Nightmare Vol.2 Compiled By Master Of Horror-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Four Pointed Circle Compiled By Shift2Penta-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Geometry Vortex Compiled By ZY-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa 2013 Vol.4-YSE2CD319-2CD-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa 2014 Vol.3 Compiled By DJ Bim And Bazooka-(YSECD333)-2CD-WEB-... (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Culture Vol 14 Compiled By DJ Bim And Shane Gobi-(YSECD332)-2... (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Culture Vol.11-YSE2CD318-2CD-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Homo Mundus Minor Compiled By Dj Lova Noise Poison-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Hyparxis 7-The Seventh Heaven Compiled By Rainman-(DD01514)-2CD-W... (Psychedelic)
VA - Hyparxis Compiled By Networkman-(DD00108)-WEB-2008-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Hypno Tembr Compiled By Asygen-(GTR040)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Inner Android Compiled By Rod Herrera And Hora Project-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Macro-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Merge and Converge-TIPRS19-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Mexican Mafia Vol. 2 Compiled by 8bit-SSCD0322-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Moebius Chambers Compiled By Johan Konvndrvm-(JFFRNET0014)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Monkey Te e Compiled By Green Child-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Monoliths Of Defiance-(DNX003)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Mycelium Music Compilation Vol.4-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Native Intentions-(HTRCD003)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Noise Poison Festival Compiled By Cosmo-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Onkalo Compiled By Hisratta-(GRASSDD025)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Out Of Space Compiled By Eniko-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Pushing The Boundary Compiled By Jokerfox-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Si icity Compiled By Fobi-(GWRCD004)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Songs Of Experience Compiled By Jazzmine-(BHSCD010)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Soundviecher-Audition One-(PHI005)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Step Into The Cave Compiled By Zemich-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sunflower Lounge Vol.1 Glamorous Seeds of Chill Out and Lounge-WE... (Psychedelic)
VA - Supersonic Speedfreaks Compiled By Lost Reflection-(DNX002)-WEB-2... (Psychedelic)
VA - The Ways For Happiness Compiled By ZY-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Transhuman Compiled By und-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tribalessence Vol.2 Compiled By DJ Waater-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Varuuj-Trip Into Slovak Psyculture Vol.1-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Vini Vici - Best of Our Sets Vol. 12-IBOGADIGITAL141-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Wicked Forces Compiled By Crooked Mind-2CD-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - You Are We Vol. 2 - Compiled by Spinal Fusion-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - YSE Remixed 2013-2CD-2013-gEm (Psychedelic)
Venomous Dimensions - Zone Killer-EP-(DUBSTEP033)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Voodoo - Ages Of Hell-EP-(DSML004)-2011-BR (Psychedelic)
Voodoo - Dancing With Ancient Spirits-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Voodoo - The Kingdom Of Magic-EP-(BMRLSDR003)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Xetroc - Transtep-EP-(DUBSTEP032)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Yar Zaae - Se De Un Lugar-WM0025-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Yarn - Night Lights-EP-(BPRES012)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Yarn - Questions And Answers-EP-(PSYLIFE018)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zartrox - Have You Ever Been Crazy-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zoon - Not For Humans-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zyce - Apollo 13 (Sad Paradise Remix)-TESD0072-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
01 Dec 2014
Abakus - Tokyo Express-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Abomination - Return To X-EP-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Acid Fractal - Progressive Universe-10069785-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Aerospace - Aerospace Special Edition-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Aerospace - Aerospace Special Edition-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
AIDP - The Beginning Of Time-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Altea and Physis - Rabbit Hole-UXM139-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Analogic - Solar Soup - AXIO-JOOF V.2-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Anemine - Meeresweiten-(LGM156)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Aranyo - Beyond The Halographic Universe-(ESN004)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Armin Van Buuren - Ping Pong (Simon Patterson Remix)-ARMD1177-WEB-2014... (Psychedelic)
Atyss - Time Dilation-Sonic Motion Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Benzoo - I Miss You-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Gathering Day-H2O Records UK-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Gathering Day-H2OUKEP004-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Blau - Infinite Being-DM015-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Bluetech - Cosmic Dubs-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Burn in Noise - Beyond Known Space-ALCD041-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cabeiri - Self Insider-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Capital Monkey - Of the 90s-SPN1DIGI166-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Champa - Hiya Hiya-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cloower Wooma - Over Nebulas-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - The Fireflies Travel to the Moon-KELL028-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cosmonaut - I Dont Know-INTRICATE056-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Databender - The World Trembles-DND035-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Deedrah - Reload (Lyctum Remix)-JOOF176-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dhamika - Jeeva-(UXM150)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Digital Dream - Lucid In Limbo-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Dissy - Take Control-BMRDR055-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dubsalon - Softcore Dreams-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Durs - Superstition-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Durs - Superstition-SPN1DIGI167-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Electric Universe - Journeys Into Outer Space-Dacru Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Electro Sun - Become One-(NOGADG021)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Ephemeral Mists - A Parallel Consciousness-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Even and Odd - Lucky Cubes-PQT315-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Faders and Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory-DOPDIGI010-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Faders and Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory-DOPDIGI010-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Flembaz - Prompt-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Floru - Demo-PROMO-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Freq - What Rises Must Converge-IBOGATRANCE64-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gaudium - Gaudium - Best of My Sets Vol. 10-IBOGATRANCE65-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gaudium - The Dream-ECHOEPIL104-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Genetrick - Perception Disorder-SYNCD269-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Genetrick - Perception Disorder-Synergetic Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Ghost Rider - Justice-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Ghost Rider - Justice-BTRDR155-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Glitch Project - Pandora-UXM148-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Goya - Shoes In Time-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gravitactional - Future Memories-ABAREC125-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Groove Inspektorz - Lost Beat-NBM Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Groove Inspektorz - Lost Beat-NBM002-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Grub - Mechanical Particles-(GTR043)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Grub - Mechanical Particles-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Hakkah - Sunrise On My World-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hallulaya - Flower Powder-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hardfloor - The Art Of Acid-2014-gEm (Psychedelic)
Hyper Acid - The Blue Player-EP-(SK069)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Igor Swamp - Mycelium-EP-(HKPDIGI02)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Imagika Om - Cosmic Sutras-(MM020)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Indra - My Cassette-PBR299-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Indra - My Cassette-PBR299-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Infinity - Distortions and Simulations-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Infinity - Distortions and Simulations-INM1DIGI133-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Interactive Noise - Gonna Walk-SPN1DIGI165-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
InterSys - Wild Animals-UTPCD39-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jibber Jabber - Different World-(JJ001)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Jibber Jabber - Different World-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Jiser and Lonely Fellow - Shake it Easy-SPN1DIGI168-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Juicy Bits - Moon Sine-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Kabayun - Hot Coffe-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Kajola And Paradox - Austrian Mates-SINGLE-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kalumet - Phangan Sunset Swallows-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Koan - The Way Of One-BTRCD049-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Kosmic Mantra - Akasha-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Lah Narrad - Ive Some Fucked Up Dreams-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Live Set at Juice Club Hamburg-23.3.-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Lemongrass - Memoires-(LGM158)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Liquid Space and Doctor Goa - Rock And Roller-EP-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Makida - Knowledge-247D026-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mandragora - Lazerbomb-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Manik Buluk - Estados Alterados-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Manmachine - Crossroads-PGR046-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Master Of Horror - Malevorium-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Math Dealer - Symphonium Of Numbers-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Memphidos - Walking To Loneliness-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Midimal - Food of Life-ECHOEPIL103-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Molok - The Remixes-TESD0071-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Morten Granau - Polynomial-SPN1DIGI164-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Morten Granau and Phony Orphants - Pineal Gland-IBT1DW063-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mr. Suit - Five Stars-BTRDR154-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
N.R.G. Cell - Repetitive Hallucinations-PGR041-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Nargun - SSI-EP-(PRVDG05)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Neelix and Phaxe - Angels of Destruction (Neelix Remix) (Single)-FLAC-... (Psychedelic)
Neoplastik - Acid Planet-PND0185-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neurancy - Terra Nova-(SSCD0330)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Neuropipes - Buddhahood (Live Version)-SINGLE-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Neutral Motion - Zero Point Field-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Nitrodrop - The Truth-DOPDIGI009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Nostromosis - Flowers Of Life-EP-(BLITZEP06)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Nostromosis - Flowers of Life-EP-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Odiseo - Sound Traveller-Blue Tunes Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Odiseo - Sound Traveller-BTRDR156-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Osher - Paradise (Soul Six )-Remix-Dropzone Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Osher - Paradise (Soul Six Remix)-DM016-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Out of Jetlag - The Secret Box-NTJ006-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Overdone - Overpower-MDR1DIGI020-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Perplex - Looping Back-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Perplex - Looping Back-FINEPR035-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phaxe and Querox - Keep Walking-Prog On Syndicate-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Phoma - Phoma Works-PBR303-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phoma - Phoma Works-Planet B.E.N. Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Plasma Force - Evolution of Darkness-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Pleiadians - Alpha Draco-(Live Ed.)-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Pointfield - Spiritual Experience-(SD0017)-WEB-2013-HsD (Psychedelic)
Pointfield - Spiritual Experience-EP-(SD0017)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Pop Art - This is the Paradise-BTRDR157-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psy Conversion - Chapter One-PNE040-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Psymon - Jump and Run-PBR283-REPACK-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psyrius - Sorry Pluto-(UXM146)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Quantanoize - Unexpected Journey-Digital Nature Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Radioactive Sandwich - Survival-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Raf Fender - Mutation-SYNCD266-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rawar - To The Gods-(DFRCD004)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Redrosid - Singularity-INM1DIGI134-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Redrosid - Singularity-Iono Music-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Ridden and Conwerter - Remixing-EP WEB-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Rigel - Codes EP-SINCD069-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Rocky - Wired Rainbow-ECHOEPIL105-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Room Nine Unlimited - Thors Hammer-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Rose Red Flechette - Disenlightenment-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Rose Red Flechette - The Aquarian Syndrome-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
S.D. - Epic Space-Uxmal Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Sanhata - THE RETURN OF ANU-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Sanhata - The Return Of Anu-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Savage Circuit - Post Hypnotic Suggestion-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Sequoya - Nomad-(SUN025)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Shpongle and Gunslinger - Dreamcatcher-ARD183-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sonance - The Great Beyond-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Sonic Entity - Sleepwalker-TESD0070-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Space Cat - Epinephrine-Fineplay Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Space Cat - Epinephrine-FINEPR034-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spacey Koala - The Controlled Delirium-KIN08-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spectralis - Far Away-BLV665419-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
State Azure - Disconnect-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Stereomantra - Magic Garden-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Subivk - Dream A Dream-EP-(PSYDG-007)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Surge - The Peoples Power-AIGDIGI012-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Symphonix - Get Rhythm-BTRDR158-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Synergetic Emotion - System Android-ALM1DW037-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Talamasca - Level 9-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Ticon - Hops of Hades-IBOGADIGITAL136-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Traxon - UVB 76-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ultravoice - Be Here-MSD020-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Abstraction Vol.1-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Abstraction Vol.1-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Brothers In Arts-4CD-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Conqueror Of The Elements-Chapter Two-Water-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Cryptic Habitat Complied By Psychotic Mutant-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Dark Rituals Compiled By Silent B-(GTR046)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Emotional Dives-(NUCH010)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
VA - Essentials Vol.1-(NUCH007)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
VA - Ethneomystica Vol.1 Compiled By Maiia-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Fragile Desires-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa 2014 Vol.2-2CD-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Trance Vol.24-Yellow Sunshine Explosion-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Vol.49-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Insomnia Festival Vol.1-Compiled By DJ Kafar-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Ison (Compiled by DJ Pin)-MSCR022-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Ison Compiled By DJ Pin-(MSCR022)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Kapnobatai Compiled By Aum Sector And Karakondzula-(PSMREC028)-20... (Psychedelic)
VA - Light FX-FLYSCD016B-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Light The Fuse-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Lucys Laboratory-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Magic Spirit Compiled By Zoomorfos-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Mythopia Compiled By Arkadius And Lil Momo-(MSCR018)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Native Goa Trance Vol 1-100701 98-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Neuro Squees-(TNRFREE006)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Nomadic Nocturnes-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Oraculo Compiled By Forest Bamp-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Oraculo Compiled By Forest Bamp-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Goa Trance 2014 Vol.1-Fresh Frequencies-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Goa Trance 2014 Vol.2-FRF2CD008-2CD-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Sacred Sound Temple 2 Compiled By Demoniac Insomniac-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sacred Sound Temple 2-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Sanacion Compiled By Sick Brain And Akbal-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Small Talk Series Vol. 2-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Small Talk Series Vol. 2-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Small Talk Series Vol.2-(ZENCD056)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
VA - Snug In Smoky Smashans-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Spacecamp Psyfari 2013-Aliens In Atlantis-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Splatter Punk Compiled By Marco Dollinar-2CD-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sticky Jam-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Synthetic Lifeforms-(DAMCD007)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Temple Of Lucidity-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The 14 Dragon Tales Compiled By UCHU-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The Eternal Beach Frequencies-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The Legend Of Amaya Chapter 2-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Thinkin In 4 Dimensions Compiled By Hector Miller-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Thinkin in 4 Dimensions-ARWR004-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Three OM Three-(ANJUNACD004)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Three OM Three-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Time Compiled By Balsiek And Huesos-(FKR004)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Time To Kill-(SSCD0308)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Transform Compiled By Slobodan-(PM0059)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Transform Compiled By Slobodan-(PM0059)-WEB-2013-HsD (Psychedelic)
VA - Tunas Energy Compiled By Panchos Studio-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Urobology-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Urobology-Compiled By DJ Alanita-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Uxmal Looking Forward 001-UXM149-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Uxmal Looking Forward 001-Uxmal Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - VA - Dark Rituals-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Waqt Ha Psy Ka-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Viatoxik - Free Time-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vibe Tribe and Faders and Spade - Story of D.M.T.-MSD021-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vimanna - UFO Sightings-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Walhalla Project - First Contact-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
XSI - Dancefloor Apocalypse-UBDR027-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Yar Zaa - Space Calling-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Ziog - Breaking Stereo Types-EP-(TRIMDIG08)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
30 Nov 2014
3D-Ghost - Synesthesia-TAD1DW008-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
3D-Ghost - The Crypta of the Ghost-ONMX011-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ace Ventura and Freedom Fighters - The Encounter-IBOGATRANCE60-WEB-201... (Psychedelic)
ADN - Entropic Alchemy-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Aerospace - Everything is Music-DIT1CD007-CD-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek - Consciousness-UXM147-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Airnan - Freak of the Night-ALM1DIGI036-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Alex Carroll and Section303 - Out In The Woods EP-RIG008-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Alic - Close Distance-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Altea and Physis - Rabbit Hole-UXM139-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ambientium - Life-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Anumana vs Nostromosis - Dancing In The Universe-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Art of Trance and Domestic and Loud - Moroccan Roll ATMU82-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Audiotec and Faders - Psychedelic Tools - Artificial Mind-TIPRS15-WEB-... (Psychedelic)
Audiotec and Faders-Psychedelic Tools Artificial Mind-(TIPRS15)-WEB-2... (Psychedelic)
Avant Garde - Burning 4U-PRH1DW078-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Awaaz - Ganesh Taal Alien Descendence-(AGL003)-VLS-199x-BR (Psychedelic)
Awwen - Magic Potions-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Balance - Stopped Time-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Base Trap - Summer on-SYNCD259-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Beat Herren - Meets Friends-4250644836589-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Beatfarmer - Path To Peace-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Biot - Radiation Organ Works-(BTM002)-VLS-1996-BR (Psychedelic)
Black Hole - Opposite To Brightness-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Blacklight - Alien Warfare Radar-(KR016)-VLS-1997-BR (Psychedelic)
Blacklight - Rave Hard Triptonite Synthetic Djura-(3RD-L03)-VLS-1997-BR (Psychedelic)
Blanka - Mia - Single-SYNCD260-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Blazing Noise - Human Behavior-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Bonanza Bros - Doing Drugs-BTRDR153-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Carbon - Dream-EP-(UAFR029)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Chitoon - Never Ever-EP-(CHTN001)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
CHORS - Mindfulness .-EP-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Citta Flow - Wander-EP-Promo-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Coming Soon - Wait for it-SPN1DIGI163-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Conwerter - Unstable EP-HR0026-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Breakout-KELL027-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cosmic Sadhu - Lost Trace-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Crazy Ducks - From Your Speakers To Gods Ears-(APRCD003)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cyklones - In-Putz-10066256-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cyklones - Your Choice-10068922-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Day Din - Lol-SPN1DIGI159-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things-(TWSDL47)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviancy - Lunatic Concept In Too Deep-(ATECT001)-VLS-1995-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviancy - The Kindly One Sir Lygic-(ATECT006)-VLS-1997-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviant Electronics - Green Room-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviant Electronics - Viral Spiral-(HEX004)-VLS-1996-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviant Species - Jughead Bilboan Trance-(ZERO004)-VLS-1999-BR (Psychedelic)
Deviant Species - Wind Generator Deviant Species-(ZERO002)-VLS-1998-BR (Psychedelic)
Diagrama - Ancestral Shaman-PM0063-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Digital Skulls - Childs ay-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Dj Kundalini - The Second Encounter-EP-(GEOEP139)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
DJ Kung Pow - Presents Bass Dungeon Part.1-EP-(DUBSTEP043)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
DJ Kung Pow - Presents Bass Dungeon Part.2-EP-(DUBSTEP045)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Dominant Space - Section 9-DND33-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dukes - Sarvodava-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Dunkelf - Alchim I Mistika-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Dysnomia Project - Anomic Aphasia-EP-(LSD012)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Echotek - Natural Element-DM014-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Eight Sin - When the Day Starts-BTRDR150-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Electrified - Beyond Step One-UXM138-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Element5 - Rearrange-DNDI109-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Elfo - Feel So Good-10067748-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Elven - Psychillium (Winter Mix)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Elysium vs ManMadeMan - Hypno E.P-2013-KMA (Psychedelic)
Erik Wollo - Timelines-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
ESH - Spiritual Heart-MVX010-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Flowertz - Avocado-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Flowjob - Eat Peyote-IBOGATRANCE83-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Flucturion 2.0 - Fluid-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Freq36 - Cosmic Tales-EP-(FTZEP001)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Galactivation - Open the Stargate-MP3-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Gastraxx - Good Opportunity-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gaudium and Ghost Rider - Cosmetics-IBOGATRANCE55-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Globular - Digging And Building-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gurgamesh - Self Similarity-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hakkah - Petite Escapade-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hakkah - The River Of The Forgotten-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hexatech - Absurd Te e-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hippy Cat - Remix Invasion-SYNCD262-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hookers - Early Grey-EP-(PXNDG002)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Hopax - Old Stuff V.2-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hosmo Zonik - Techland-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Hujaboy - The Acid Rerevival 2014-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
HUJABOY - The Acid ReRevival-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Human Element - In Between-IBOGADIGITAL133-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Idylle - Freak Out-10067063-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Illegal Substances - Beach Culture-TAD1DW007-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Indra - Music Factory-PBR295-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Interactive Noise and Fabio Moon - Crazy Move-BTRDR050-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ital - Angkor-GTCDIGI002-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ital - Atman-DOPDIGI007-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Izarbonus - Cellular Soul-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Javi And Skooma - The Incredible Machine-EP-(TIMEWARP003)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Katharsis - Honly Mind-10070182-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kaushik.Venkat - Mobius Strip-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ken Zo - Lost Cry-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kingpink - Global Pulse-PHOENIX GROOVE-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Koan - Proteus-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Kopel and Metronome - Distant Memories-BTRDR149-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kri - Samadhi-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Kriss Kross - Troublemaker-NEXUSDIG020-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Deep abyss V3.53-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Different Ways V3.50-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Holographic Image V3.52-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Nuclear Device V3.51-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
LastAlien - Spacewalker V3.49-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Lifeforms - Sub Standards-INM1DW130-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lighters - Psytrip (March DJSET)-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Liquid Sound - Dream Zone-SNG1DW002-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Loony Tune - Timebenders-MDR1DIGI017-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Lyctum - Remixes-TESD0068-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
M-Run - Viral-EP-(SDDG007)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mad Visions - Space Time Continuum-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Major 7 - Roger that-ECHOEPIL099-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Maleficium - Broken Time-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Manju - First Drops-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Martian Arts and Black Noise - Cosmic Rattle-BLKLEP012-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Max Million - afterimages-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Max Million - Afterimages-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Melufantti - Judgement Day-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Mental Broadcast - ay Loud EP-247D025-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Metta - In Love-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Micky Noise - Taiko-DM012-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Midimal - The Pursuit of Happiness (the Remixes) Pt. 1-ECHOEPIL100-WEB... (Psychedelic)
Millivolt - Reality Show-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mind Oscillation - Sciencedelic-(LYCCD006)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mind Void - Co ete Control-RIG009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mohrg An T - Ancetres Of Trances-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mohrg An T - Answer For You-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mohrg An T - Antiquitee-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Molok - Illusion-BMRDR065-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Monster Mode - Brain Tool-SYNCD263-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Monu - Something Special-UXM141-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Morphem - Magma-(TR3004)-VLS-1996-BR (Psychedelic)
Morphem - Psycho Family Goes Ibiza-(TR3013)-VLS-1997-BR (Psychedelic)
Mr What and Nitrodrop - Particular Element-IBOGATRANCE61-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mr. Suspect - Double Peak-PGR1DW038-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mult ex - Audio Engine Flotation-(PSI007)-VLS-1996-BR (Psychedelic)
Mult1verse - Nuclear Fusion-AIGDIGI010-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
N.I.O - New Intelligent Organism-(BASSLP901)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Necmi and Elfo - Vaporizer - the Remixes-10069764-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neelix and Phaxe - Angels of Destruction (Neelix Remix)-SPN1DIGI162-WE... (Psychedelic)
Neuronal Feedback - The Compound Lab-EP-(SAL016)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Neuronal Feedback - The Compound Lab-EP-Space Alchemy Lab-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
NOK - Remixed-BTRDR152-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Omegahertz - Spacewalker-EP-(SBCDDIGITAL010)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Optiloop - Land of Pandora-PGR039-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Orpheus - Sweet and Twisted-DND032-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Outer Connection - Kill Them All-EP-(IRDR002)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Palr - Stay Out-EP-(DUBSTEP041)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Pavel Svimba - Teenage Flashbacks-TBDIGI007-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Pedro Loutre - Otter Love-EP-(DUBSTEP039)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Peetu S - The Mirage EP-PRFLU046-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phaxe and Querox - Keep Walking-10069345-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phony Orphants - Sun Session-IBOGATRANCE53-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Phsiris - Make Friends With Meat-(2TO6EP009)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Plasmoon - Ticket To The Moon anet B.E.N. Records-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Pribe - Mr. Miyagi-ALM1DIGI035-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Pribe - Optimus Pribe (Dansko Remix)-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psy-Mr vs Alkemika - Sistem Enemy-SINGLE-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Psychoz - Enlightenment-EP-(DUBSTEP042)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Psychoz - Gangstep-(DUBSTEPSF023)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Psykotic Simbal - Piece Of Cake-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Psymon - World Of Passion-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Psytuga - Judgment Crusader-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Radioactive Cake - Reconstruction-EP-(GTR045)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ragnum - Connect-10069528-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Raptor - Inner Awakening Begins-EP-(GOAEP103)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Re-Twin - Moments-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Reefer Decree - Urban Drive-IBOGATRANCE82-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Retno - Desert Trip (Soul Six Remix)-SYNCD261-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rinkadink and Lost Angels - Future Drive-MVX009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ritmo and Bliss - Od Daka La Mana-IBOGATRANCE62-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Robotic Mind - Best Technology-EP-(GEOEP137)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ru estompskin - Saliva Of The Phattest-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
S.D. - Epic Space-UXM136-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sensifeel - Bla Bla-10070640-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sensifeel - Crazy Cats-10070177-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sensifeel - Wak Wak-10061763-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shake - Nothing is Lost-AIGDIGI011-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shogan and Norma Project - Keep the Sleep-PWREP082-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shyisma - Colors-MGM1DW009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Side Effects - City on Mars-INM1CD065-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sideform - Vahana-TIPRS14-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Skrillex - Recess-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Slackjoint - That Moment-AMP1DW903-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Soul Six - Music Life-DM013-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Southwild - 4 Crazy Legs-(WILDEP004)-WEB-REPACK-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Southwild - 4 Crazy Legs-EP-(WILDEP004)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Space Hypnose - Animal Instincts-INM1DW128-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spacey Koala - Palpable Thoughts-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Spatial ants - Botanica-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Spatial ants - Botanica-UTPEP41-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spooky Hertz - Infinite Square Well-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Sravanam - Arunodaya Kirtana-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Stolen Mech - Seahorses For Stepmom-EP-(DUBSTEP044)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Strangezero - Nanofly-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Suduaya And Ancient Core - Sound Massage-EP-(SUN019)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Suntree and Sphera - Rush Hour-INM1DW131-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Symphonix - Acting Out-BTRDR148-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Talpa - Emo Robot-TESD0066-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Technology and Twelve Sessions - Dharma-CATCD019-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Temporary Unknown - Sound-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Tezla - The Remixes VOL. 2-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Control Zeds - Summer Sessions-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
The Cronics - Liquid Nova-EP-(GOAGALAXY006)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
The Cronics - Liquid Nova-EP-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Thepiesthelimit - The Pies The Limit-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ticon - Extreme Memories-IBOGADIGITAL134-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Timeless - Inner Self-DNDI108-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Toxic Universe - Toybox of Feelings-SAV1DW054-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Uncle Jack - Intoxicated With Desire-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Unicode - Acid Rocker-BTRDR145-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Urban Fury - Quadron Obdema-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
V-A - Israliens Vol. 7 - Origin Earth-HMCD85-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
V-A - Launched-BTRDR147-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Doing-Lines compiled by STU-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - - In Memory Of Time-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Akshayapatra Compiled By Space Alien-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Ambient Times-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Andean Spirits-2CD-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Antibiotic Necromancy Compiled By T-T00N-2Parts-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Chaos Unfurls Compiled By Lost Reflection-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Chaos Unfurls-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Cosmic Guide - VV.AA. (Goalogique Records)-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Decapitorium Compiled By M.O.H-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Deep Power Compiled By Dj Paolo-(GMCD10)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Digitally Yours 3-EP-(PRVEP08)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Disturbed Forest Compiled By Dark Cygnus-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Down The Fractal Dimension-(LSD014)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Forest Smackdown-WIQLIQ004-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Full On Fluoro Vol 2-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Future Architecture 2 Compiled By Imba And Richpa-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Gamayun Tale Compiled By Sky Technology-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Genesis-IRDR003-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa 2014 Vol.1-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Beach Vol. 22-YSE324DCD-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Culture Vol 13-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Year 2014 Vol 1-3610154680507-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Heart of Goa (Compiled By Ovnimoon)-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Kaos And Kosmos-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Labyrinth Of Your Mind Compiled By Ondrej Psyla-2011-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Labyrinth Of Your Mind Vol. II Compiled By Ondrej Psyla-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Local Travelling Compiled By Newteck-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Mind Punishers Compiled By Azzault-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Music Connections-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Not A Fairytale Compiled By Harsh-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Not A Fairytale-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Nova Natura Vol.4 Compiled By Zero Cult-(CLCD069DG)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - One Year With Snakes-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - OVNI Vol. 4 World Tour-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Release The Kraken-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Sacred Sound Te e Compiled By Demoniac Insomniac-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sacred Sound Te e-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - SAKURA-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Sequencias Del Mas Alla Compiled By Toxinexia-3CD-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tech Tonic Compiled By und-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tentacle Tales-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tentacle Tales-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Theater Of Freaks-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Timeless Chill Vol.7-(EOL160)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Trancendance Denouement-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Trancendance Epilogue-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
VA - Tranquilize-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Translucid-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tribal Selections Part.1-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vertical - Vertical-EP-(PRVDG06)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vice and Morten Granau - Potential-IBOGATRANCE58-Ep WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vini Vici - Parallel Universe-Expender-IBOGATRANCE59-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Woogie Boogie - The Black-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Xenofish - Lune-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Yahel - Dune-Perfecto Fluoro-2014-KMA (Psychedelic)
Zac Depetro - Epic-GREC009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
29 Nov 2014
1200 Micrograms - Shivas India-TIPRS13-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
1200 Mics - 1200 Micrograms-(Retail)-2002-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
2012 - Space Composition-ANTEP037-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
3G KON - Element FX-BMRDR060-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek - The Awakening-GOAEP092-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Aladdim - Base E Fundamento-SPR03-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Alienn - Follow Your Bliss-MREP017-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ananda Shake - Goa Vibrations-MSD018-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Andy Pashq - Into The Land Of Old And Odd Tales-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Antix - Hiding Place (Critical Choice Remix)-IBOGATRANCE50-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Aquafeel - Black Essence-ALM1DW033-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Argonnight - Space Invaders-SYNCD252-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astrix and Simon Patterson - Shadows-HMHD61-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astropilot - Iriy-(ARCDA40)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Asya - 2nd-SYNCD250-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Atongmu - Adventure Time-ZMB077-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ayada - Flying Agaric Vol 14-FLY14-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Beat Defenders - Flow Therapy-ROCKB004-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Bo Biz - Show Dem-SINGLE-(DUBSTEPSF018)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Bones - Sound Of Echoes-EP-(W7EP004)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Captain Hook and Freedom Fighters - Marshmallows-BTRDR143-Single WEB-2... (Psychedelic)
Chemical Content 1 - Cannahuasca-OVNIEP109-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Happiness-KELL026-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - The Way - Single-ALM1DIGI034-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cyrus and Hoffman - Sunburn-IBOGADIGITAL131-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Danilo Garcia - I Remember You Feat. Laura Brehm-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Day Din - Lol-SPN1DIGI159-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Disorder - Outer Worlds-SPR06-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
DJ Fabio and Moon - Nightwatch-SPN1DIGI158-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
DJ Fabio and Moon - Nightwatch-SPN1DIGI158-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Drukverdeler and DJ Bim - Man in the Moon-INM1DW127-EP WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
DZP - Haschischins-10068699-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
DZP - Haschischins-10068699-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
E-Mantra - Nemesis-(SUNCD31)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Echotek - Progressive Soul-SYNCD253-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Elepho - Deeper-PWREP072-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Enarxis - Future Past-TAD1DW005-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Entity Plus - Devils Night-EP-(DUBSTEPSF017)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Fanalyze - Hadi Taktash-PBR294-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fatali - The Drum-BTRDR144-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fractal Vivisection - Through The Vortex-(TIMEWARP016)-WEB-2013-VL (Psychedelic)
Frisky - Sun Up-PBR289-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Futura - Change Your Destiny-NOGADG017-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Hedlok - Pantheon-EP-(DUBSTEPSF016)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Hinkstep - Out Inner Space-(OVNILP902)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Illegal Substances - Playground - Single-PWREP069-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Indecent Noise and Lostly - Lost in Noise-MA027-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Invisible Reality - Creation-INM1DIGI125-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ital - Tonatiuh-ANTEP036-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Karash - Shapeshifter-(2TO6CD014)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Karash - Shapeshifter-2TO6CD014-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Kinetik Drop - Kosmic Nature-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Loony Tune - Timebenders-MDR1DIGI017-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mechdoll - Muerta Tortuga-EP-(DIGIEP049)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Microlin - Infinity-AIGDIGI009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Midnight Storm And Comrades - The Lost Chapters-EP-(PBR292)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Municipal Youth - Drop Dat Funk-EP-(DUBSTEP040)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Municipal Youth - Freebass And Transform-EP-(DUBSTEPSF021)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Neuroplasm-Adaptations-(247D024)-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
Nimue - Hechizos-(GOALP009)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Oforia - Headed For Infinity-(Retail)-2005-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
Omneon - Magic Forest-EP-(TIMEWARP015)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Oxilite - Vertigo-UTO1DW006-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Parasect - Treespeak-EP-(BANDIGI008)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Perplex - Anti Shock-2007-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
Perplex - Electrodelic-2CD-2007-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
Polaris - Stabilizer-3610154680637-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Polaris - Stabilizer-PQT314-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Pop Art - Love Me True-SYNCD257-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Pop Art - Love Me True-SYNCD257-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch UP (Funky Dragon)-REMIX-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psychoz - East Tale-EP-(DUBSTEPSF022)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Punchline - Rise-NUEP038-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Re-Plants - United-UTPEP40-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Re-Plants - United-UTPEP40-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Retno - The Gate-PDEP012-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rocky - Back to the Island-IBOGATRANCE57-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sancho Pancho - Countdown-10068137-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shogan - Sun Trip-OVNIEP112-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shoyd - Delysid Shepherd-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Soax - Voices-10068770-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Somatoast - Withinity-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Soundfanatic - Notes Overdose-ONMX010-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Soundreamer - Billion Years Before-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Spider - Dirty Monsters-10068700-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Static Movement - Inner Voice-IBOGATRANCE56-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Suria - Dark Side Of The Sun-2CD-2004-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
Technodrome and Stereopanic - Magnetic Levitation-KKD037-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Upgrade - Baileys-REG006-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
V-A - Full on Fluoro Vol.2-PRFD073-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
V-A - Next Area (Compiled By. Dj Braindance)-IMUSICIANA16018-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Advanced Options 2 Compiled By Future Prophecy-(Retail)-2006-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
VA - Atoms Records Rewind Compilation Vol.1-AT1VAD013-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Bass Alignment Compiled By Smoke Sign-(BASSCD016)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Cyberdelica-2004-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
VA - Dragonfly Records-Psychedelic Trance-2CD-(Retail)-1999-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
VA - Dubstep Academy 104 Compiled By Dubster Spook-(DSFCD004)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Eloti Cerebrum Compiled By DJ Beat Freak-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Emotions And Memory Compiled By Erofex-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Floating Spirals 2 Selected By E-Mantra-(ARDEP19)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Culture Vol 12-YSE322-WEB-2014-FYM iNT (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Winter 2013-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Invasion From Hyperspace-(Retail)-2005-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
VA - Mycelium Music Compilation Vol.3-(MM.016)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Next Area (Compiled By Dj Braindance)-IMUSICIANA16018-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive and Psy Trance Pieces Vol. 8-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Power House Vol.2-PWRCD022-2CD-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Psytrance-GOACROPS028XX-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Trance Essentials Vol.6-SPN1DIGI156-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Sensation Compiled By Sonic Sense-(DNPH006)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Synapsesounds-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Tech Tales 3.5-Compiled By Muggi Dane-EPPD0008-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - The World We Live In 2-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The World We Live in 2-Compiled by Teo-DVRCD013-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - UK Psychedelic Compiled By Tristan-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
VA - Universal Religion 2 - the Awakening - Compiled by V Society-WEB-... (Psychedelic)
VA - Usaliens Vol.2-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - What is Life Life is Life-LYCCD006-2CD-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Wirikuta Sounds 3 Compiled By Bizzare Frequency-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vertical Mode - Blue Muse (Timelock Remix)-DM011-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vertical Mode - Radio Active-HMHD60-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vibe Tribe and Spade - Blast Form the Past-MSD017-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vjorno - Cosmic Chords-BMRDR064-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
X-Noize - Mental Notes-(Retail)-2005-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
28 Nov 2014
2Kija - Subatomic Consciousness-EP-(PWREP045)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
2Minds - Wave Shell-GEOCD096-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Ace Ventura - Connected (Yotopia Remix)-PQT312-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Acid on Sphere - Ghost City-SEE1DW062-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek - Revolution-DNDI105-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek - The Source-GOAEP111-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Alter Nature - You Activate Me-SPN1DIG154-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Argonnight - Random Force-TAD1DW004-EP WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Asaf Avidan - One Day (Corn Flakes 3D)-BOOTLEG-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ascent and Shogan - Weird Circles-PGR037-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Base Trap - Vampire-DM010-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Hallucinogenics-H2OUKEP000-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Psychedelic Experience-ONMX009-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Salvation of the Human Race-DM009-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Blade - Zero-MP039-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Braincell - 5th-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Caveman - World Disorder-EP-(PUHEEP003)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Complement - Deep Vision-EP-(PWREP037)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Complex Cube - Dead or Alive-IMUSICIANA14782-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Complex Sound - Time to-MDCD183-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Copy and Paste - Deep Action-ALR37-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Mystery Planet-KELL025-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Transmission-PDR005-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cortex - Live Versions Vol.4-EP-(BOUDW006)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Cosmic Riders - Owl United as One EP-PDEP017-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cosmonautica - Mayan Evolution-EP-(PM0056)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Crypt - Crazy-SSCD0359-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dansko - Grow Further-10067082-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Digital Impulse - Up Me-ALM1DIGI031-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Durs - Fiction-SPN1DIGI150-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Eight Sin - You Never Alone-ALR39-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Elfo - Block Me (2014 Edit)-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Galactivation - Open The Stargate-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Geomag - Passion Fruit-RIG007-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gurgamesh - Return To The Source-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Hanuman - Infinite Space-EP-(OVNIEP076)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Hippy Cat - Nail or Screw-SYNCD251-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hypnotizer - Sparkling Forest 2-Mandragora-CDST037-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Interactive Noise - Philharmonik 2-SPN1DIGI149-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jaramogi And Naima - Two Sides-EP-(BHSDIG015)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Juiced - Mindwindow-ALR36-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kaiku - Sourcerer Rhombus-RU27117-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Ketale - Space Pollution-EP-(GEOEP138)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Klopfgeister and Capital Monkey - Tomorrow-SPN1DIGI155-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kopel and Ruback - Bad Boyz-BTRDR142-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lighters - The Journey-ALR34-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lost Angels - Sky is the Limit-ALM1DIGI032-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Luke Teknology and Haribo - Sea of Tranquility-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Major 7 and Vini Vici - Back Underground-IBOGATRANCE51-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Meis and Mr.Trip - Couple Explosive-10062280-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Molok - Its All Chemistry-TES1DW061-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Moment - Your Wish Is My Command EP-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Born and Raised-SPN1DIGI153-Web-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neten - Escapism-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
New Age - Cream-MSD015-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Omiki - Nuclear Duck-PQT313-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Outsiders - Fair and Square EP-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Outsiders - Intergalactic Conversation-EP-(TIPRS12)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Outstanding Nerd - Global Technology-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Overlap and Mandragora - We Are Back-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Oxi - Starcrash-EP-(GOAEP072)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
P.I.X - Future Shaman-EP-(BMRDR058)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Perceptors - Jumping-DNDI107-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Perceptors - Jumping-EP-(DNDI107)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Protox - Creation EP-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Pspiralife - Unfurl EP-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Pspiralife - Unfurl-EP-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Psymom - Jump and Run-PBR283-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Push - Psychological Experiments-ONMX007-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Querox - Because of You-10067785-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Radioactive Sandwich - Homunculus-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Ranji - Change-BTRDR137-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ranji - Speed of Sound-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Replay - Electric Party-BTRDR136-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rinkadink - Esmem-MVX008-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Satori - Imagine Pleasures-UXM132-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Second - Holy-VGLEP016-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Section303 - Questions-RIG005-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sideform - Tribadelic-BTRDR141-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Skrillex and Damian Marley - Make it Bun Dem (Dansko Remix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sky Technology - The Pleiadian Connection EP-TIMEWARP011-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Skyfall - Freefall-INM1DIGI126-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sonic Mind - Go Karma EP-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Spectralis - Far Away-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Swing 8 and N.A.S.A - Virtual Reality-OVNIEP108-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Synsun - Break My World-MSD016-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Bad Rabbit - Heaven-PDR003-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Fuzz - Still Borne EP-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Underbeat - Hoovercraft-BLV837446-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
Unseen Dimensions and Shake - Wake Up-SPN1DIGI148-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
V-A - Sacred Circuits-STS1CD001-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
V-A - State of Mind (Compiled by Jacob)-ALR38-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Diligence Square-Compiled by Hora Project-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Epelasi The Age Of Steel Compiled By Astralized-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Flute Dreams-PWREP071-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Intropix Compiled By Omsun-(MKCD009)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Latitud (Compiled by DJ Battousai)-MRCD002-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Mind Eclipse-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Mysteries Of Death Compiled Antikriz And Fakhiru-2Parts-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Raja Rams Pipedreams Vol.2-TIPR10-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Secrets of Oz-Compiled by Horaproject-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Shamans of the Time-Compiled by Hanuman-WEB-2014-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Special Blend Vol.1-Compiled by DJ Microstar-MOV1CD004-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - The Number of the Beast 2-HSS013-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - The Road To Gem And Jam Vol. 1-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - This Is Hitech Vol.1-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Undergrounded-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Voices Of The Forest Compiled By Aum Sync-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vandeta - Acid Machines-4250644858451-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vertex - Earth Remixes-TES1DW921-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vlad - Psytrance Mission-(DIGILP901)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
X-Noize - Loosing Control-NUEP039-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Yata Garasu - Soul Resonance-HORD004CD-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Yudhisthira - Ruminate-EP-(FDRCD003)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zelda - You-PDR004-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zeologic - Fractal World-MDCD184-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zero-Blade - Technology-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Zoomorfos - Rape My Mind-(DIGILP902)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
27 Nov 2014
1200 Micrograms - A Trip Inside the Outside-TIPRS11-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Act One - A Psychedelic-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Alex Carroll - Sundown-RIG004-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Alex Mad and Platon - Nibiru-TCHT086-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Another Station - Fear is Not Real-SD0011-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Apatheya - At Full Goa Chapter One-ACPRFGF01-WEB-2012-FYM (Psychedelic)
Argonnight - Missing Element-SYNCD240-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Artex - Another World-MGMEP008-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ascent - Inside The Forest-EP-(TAD1DW001)-WEB-2013-DAT (Psychedelic)
Ascent and Argonnight - Moment-OVNIEP104-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astral Projection - Mahadeva (Lyctum Remix)-JOOF160-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astropilot - Midgard-Earth EP-ARDEP18-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Astropilot - Midgard-Earth EP-ARDEP18-WEB-FLAC-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Astropilot - Midgard-Earth-(ARDEP18)-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Atomic Pulse - Mixtures-PBR257-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Audiophonic - Eclipse Live Set-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Balthazar and Jackrock and Anti-Fall Out Down-to the Beat-DBR039-WEB-2... (Psychedelic)
Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Urban Legends-(SCHLAB015)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Biogenesis - Whe the Machines - Part 1-NUEP037-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Bizzare Frequency - Mescaline Dream-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Black Mesa - Never Ending Threat-PDR002-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Blue Lunar Monkey - Spirit Molecule-WEB-2013-DAT (Psychedelic)
Cabal - Embrace the Sun-ALM1DIGI030-Audioload Music-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Chabunk - Transmutenstein - Single-4250644838095-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Chronos - Helios-(ARCDA38)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Chronos - Mars And Venus Remixes EP-(ARDEP17)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Class A - Effect Me Effect You-BTRDR131-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Copy and Paste - First Step-BMRDR054-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Dream on-KELL023-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Outface-KELL022-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Corn Flakes 3D - Salt and Pepper and More-KELL024-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cosmic Dimension - In A Special Kind Of Space-(SUNCDLE03)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Cosmosonic - Moongang-(ARKNMA001)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Coyu - All My Friends-PUREDV034-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Crazy Astronaut - Funky Shit 2014-SINGLE-(BLV785040)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Cryptexmarble - Qi Dance-EP-(GOAEP091)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Daniel Lesden - Space Form-5060376220087-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Darkbraham - New Age-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Darma - Infinity-4250644858437-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Davinci Code - On A Quest-SPN1DIGI147-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dense Denso - Goastral For A Life Extension-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Dhamika - Digital Human-(UXM1CD020)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
DJ Drenan - 2000 Thanks-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
DJ Loudness - Psy-Kings 11 (DJ Set Mix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dominant Space - Absinthe Ice-DND029-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dottex - Black Mirror-10065112-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dzp - Low Freq-ALR33-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
E-Clip - Artificial Intelligence-ECHOEPIL093-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
E-Mov - The Journey of Pan-DCRCD023-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Easy Riders - Reloaded-HMHD59-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Efflorum - Placid Mimic Waves-EP-(DIGIEP044)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Egorythmia - Beyond Gravity EP-INM1DW041-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Electit - Timegate-(PWRCD017)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Etic - Coincidences No Such Thing-DNPH005-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Feeding Spring - Taking Over-POS1DW059-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fhasion Viktims - Mini Mix 2013-LIVE WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Florian MSK - Small Talk Series Vol.1-EP-(ZENCD048)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Flowjob - USB Ready-IBOGATRANCE48-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fremonnt - Crazy Disco-CROTUSCD55-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fuckyeah - Closed Encounters-DM006-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gaz Mask - Lunatic Frog-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Ghost Rider - Neverland-BTRDR128-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Glitch Project - Divine Comedy-ALR30-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gnomes Of Kush - California Kush-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Grimez - Listen at Night-SPN1DIGI146-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Grobians - Ghettotrance Vol.1-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Groove Addict - Addiction-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Groove Addict - Rumble in the Jungle-NAODIGI038-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Groove Inspektorz - Rock You-PBD004-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Guille Placencia - Fat Tony-PERA18-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hippy Cat - Meanwhile Elsewhere-SYNCD243-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hippy Cat - Timed Out-PWREP058-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hyghwave - Strange Revelation-EP-(GOAEP093)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
I.M.D - El Tunel-UXM121-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ilai - Genesis-SPR05-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Illegal Substances - Revision-DPR013-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Infinity - Definition of Challenge-PGR035-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jacob - Memory Stored-ALR29-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jacob and Glitch - New Young (Original Mix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jano - Beyond Space-UTPEP39-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Jmix - Get Out of Bed at All-1605150-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Juiced and Space Venom - Opportunity for All-10065281-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx - Nightcall (Phaxe Bootleg)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kick Bong And Swordxl - Digital Talk-EP-(BASSEP016)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Klacid - The Best Or Nothing-EP-(BMRDR041)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Kliment - Impulse Scream-(EDEP01)-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Kopel and Osher - In Trance (Kopel Vs Osher)-SPR04-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Kularis - Monday Again-SPN1CD055-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Land Switcher - Cloud 36-(FSR0046EP)-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Liquid Sound and Shogan - Silence of the Mind-SYNCD235-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Logman n Pstump - In Da Forest-WEB-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Logman n Pstump - Synesthesia-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Lost Shaman - Chronicler-EP-(GOAEP100)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
LuminoStation - Invisible MicroSpace-(SPRD17)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
LuminoStation - Invisible Microspace-SPRD17-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
M.Anh - Troi Xanh (Black N White Remix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mad Maxx - Monster-UBDR022-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Magoon - Preacher-BLV653765-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mandragora - Solesini-WEB-2012-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mantra Flow - Nature Is The Cure-WEB-2013-DAT (Psychedelic)
Megamind - Beeper-MGMEP006-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Meis and Mr. Trip - Couple Explosive-10062280-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Microscopic Bugs - Parasites-(BQFREEEP001)-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Microscopic Bugs - Parasites-(BYFREEEP001)-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Middle Mode - Click and Fly-INM1DIGI121-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Midnight Storm - Sucker Punch-(CYPRRC004)-EP-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Midnight Storm - The Awakening-(PTRCD099)-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Mindwave - Sky Diver-PQT307-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mindwave - When We Think-SYNCD241-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mkdel - Techno Aint-EP-(CYPRRC006)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Monolock - Monoland-PWRCD018-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Monu - I Feel Electro-UXM126-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Moontales and Earshakaz - Lets Get Twisted-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mr Brown - Simple Science-MDR1DIGI013-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mr.What - Digital Language-IBOGATRANCE46-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mudpeople - Libration-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Twisted Toy-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Normalize - Step by Step-SPN1CD054-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Nyama - Freaks Of The Stoned Age-EP-(DAMEP01)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Omiki - Pump it EP-INM1DW118-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
ON3 - Zero Position-HMHD58-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Orumm - Orun-Aiye-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Outsiders - Crossing FX-DOPDIGI006-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Overdone - Lara-ALR32-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Pop Art - The Pressure is Rising-BTRDR123-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Primordial Ooze - User Guide-EP-(TSANEP03)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Progwize - Most Wanted-RIG003-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Psilicyber - Divinely Misguided-GOAEP106-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rinkadink - Remove the Shield-MVX006-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rinkadink and Mental Broadcast - Hosh of Bass-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rising Dust - Dust Everywhere-BTRDR129-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rocky and Suntree - Its Different-ECHOEPIL098-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Roger Rabbit - Brainstorming-INM1DIGI120-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Roger Rabbit and Faders - Lucid Dreams-SPK1DW001-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ruback and Skipper - The Message-BTRDR135-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
S.U.N. Project - Lift Level-VRDIGI010-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sasek - Progressive Technology-PWREP059-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Schizoid Bears - Noctiphobia-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Scratch 22 - Harmonic Disorder-EP-(DIGIEP048)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Shanko - Vibration-DNDI104-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shiva Chandra and DJ Brox - The Sound of Hamburg-SPN1DIGI143-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shivax - State Of Mind-2013-VL iNT (Psychedelic)
Shockwave - Beyond Reality-4250644838118-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shogan and Liquid Sound - Coded Wisdom-MD172-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shotu - Friends-BLV638720-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sideform - Candy Man-ECHOEPIL096-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sirius - 10 Years After-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Sirtja - Open Mind-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Skipper and Ruback - The Message-BTRDR135-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Skyfall - Not Quite Human-NANODIGI037-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Slackbaba - Ask-(LRCD017)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Snag The Sunshepherd - Elements-EP-(GOAEP101)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Solar Spectrum - Droplets From The Matrix-(OVNICD070)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Solid System - Future-SSCD0324-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Space Cat - Transformers (Audiotec Remix)-SPR02-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Spycht - Decommissioned-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Steganography - The Cosmic Cookbook-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Stratil and Satori - After Humans-UXM130-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sun - Reach Out-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Supersillyus - Interabang-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Sychodelicious - Melting Zone-EP-(DIGIEP046)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Syen - In Dusk-EP-(PSMREC026)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Symphonix - Taking Acid-BTRDR053-WEB-FLAC-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Tectum at - Radiozora-LIVE WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Tengri - Shipibo-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Terahert - Digital Structures-INM1DW043-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Tezla - Nightmare-10065702-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
The Of Tears - Charsey Chicken Soup-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Tijah - Fullness-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Timelock - Trinity-DM008-EP WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Tirax - Tirax EP-IBR022-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Trap - Flight-SYNCD234-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Twin Frequency - Bit Bass-PBD005-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Twisted Kala - Magical Rules-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Tydi - Hotel Rooms-ARDI3416-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - After Hours-SSCD0327-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Audiophile Vol.4-SPN1CD056-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Battery Bat (From Prog To Psy)-(OGP013)-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Compression Session-RR07-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Drop Wise (Compiled By DJ Deep Fryer)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Dugah-Dza-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Earthling Remixes-ZOMCD004-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Epistemology-Compiled By Spirit Hood-2013-DAT (Psychedelic)
VA - Fractal Dimension Vol. 1-1S031-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Freerunners (Compiled By Kalumet)-WEB-2011-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Full on Fluoro Vol 1 Mixed by Simon Patterson-PRFD065-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Future Gressive (Compiled by Spider)-MGMCD014-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Overdose Vol. 3-(UAFR028)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Horror Tech Mechanica Compiled By Doombringer And Antikriz-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Irregular Intervals Compiled By Axis Mundi-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Joof Anthology Volume 8-JOOF157-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
VA - Mind Trooper-ZOMCD003-Web-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Needlepoint Compiled By Cindervomit-(ANOMDIGI010)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Night Visions (Desert Dwellers Selected Remixes)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Nocturnal Species-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Nuevus Vibraciounes Compiled By Cortex And Psyg13-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Open Gates-(PRVCD26)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Equation (Compiled by Tilt)-BLV656148-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Goa Trance 2013 Vol. 5-(FRSHCD005)-2CD-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Psy Trance Picks Vol. 14-SPN1DIGI140-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Psychedelic Forms Vol. 2-(PSMREC025)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Reaction (Maximon vs Reborn)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sinister Grin (Compiled By Variant)-(GTR041)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Sinister Grin-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Tech Tales Vol. 3 (Compiled By Muggi Dane)-(EPPR021CD)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life (Extended Version)-(SANG... (Psychedelic)
VA - Timegate 10th Edition Selected By Dj Mi -(BILCD002)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Type 1 Remixes Vol. 2-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Unreleased GOA Experience Vol 1-WEB-2013-VL (Psychedelic)
VA - Vision Of God In A Dream (Compiled By Electric Ganesh Order)-WEB-... (Psychedelic)
VA-Galaxy Breaks Vol 3-WEB-2013-VL (Psychedelic)
Vandeta - Journey into Sound-BMRDR056-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vandeta - Limited Options-4250644858383-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vermont - Days on Acid-ALR26-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vice and Tenka - Psychedelic Revolution-ECHOEPIL097-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vini Vici - Divine Mode-IBOGADIGITAL47-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Visua - Ololiuqui-PQT310-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vulture - Ladder To Hell Remixes Part.1-EP-(DUBSTEP036)-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Wega - Reload-SPUNEP014-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
White Noise - Music Come to Life-NOGADG015-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
White Noise - Music Comes to Life-NOGADG015-WEB-2013-FYM (Psychedelic)
Witch Freak - Roots Of Magic-EP-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Xahno - Flying Frequencies-BTRDR132-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Yarn - Inner Expedition-EP-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zac Depetro - Bugs Nightmare (ZD Rework)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zac Depetro - The Edge-GREC002-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zoku - Alien Mind-EP-(GOAEP102)-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Zomboy - Vancouver Beatdown (Monu Remix)-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zyce - Apollo 13-TES1DW058-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zyce - Experience of Life-4250644858369-WEB-2013-eUP (Psychedelic)
30 Oct 2014
Ace Ventura - Stomping Ground-IBOGADIGITAL138-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ace Ventura and Freedom Fighters - The Encounter-IBOGATRANCE60-WEB-201... (Psychedelic)
Agent Kritsek and Spinney Lainey - Pure Form-STRDW007-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Akoustik - New Life-ONMX015-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Amras And Friends - Hypothetical Brainstorming-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Archaic - Kykeon-EP-(PRVEP09)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Arhetip - Genetic Design-DOPDIGI019-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astrix and Simon Patterson - Shadows-HMHD61-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Astronomical - My Name Is Astronomical-(K-HOLE006)-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Atmos and Human Element - Ponyhof-IBOGADIGITAL160-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Audiomatic - Lisent and Repeat-SPN1DIGI196-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Bizzare Frequency - Wadley-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cezzers - Innovation-EP-WEB-2012-BR (Psychedelic)
Cezzers - Surreal Feel-SINGLE-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Cezzers - Unconventional-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Chipe and Prognoom - Earthquake-PDB009-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Cyclic Nature - Thai Dye Shenanigans-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Dark Matter - Industrial Echoes-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Darma and Egorythmia - Robotics-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Dsompa - Shinan-EP-(TSANEP05)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Durs - Personal Picks-SPN1DIGI200-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Enarxis - Power on-PRH1DW112-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Energetic Soul - The Resonance-PBD011-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Faxi Nadu - The Dangling Thread-(SSTAR29)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Flicker Light - Meditation Phenomenon-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Flowjob - Eat Peyote-IBOGATRANCE83-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Flowjob - The Flow Must Go on-IBOGADIGITAL142-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Freak Beat - Timeless-EP-(ZMB111)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Freq - What Rises Must Converge-IBOGATRANCE64-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Fungus Funk - Technomarine-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gaudium - Gaudium - Best of My Sets Vol. 10-IBOGATRANCE65-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gaudium - The Dream-ECHOEPIL104-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Gen - Signal From Space-(DIGILP908)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ghost Rider - Never Alone-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Glazed Potz - Deep Vi ions-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Gurgamesh - The Experience-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Hakkah - Shaman-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Haldolium - Cry-Heaven-BTRDR186-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Hippietech - Sonic Chronic-EP-(MGMEP013)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Idylle - The Sitcom-10079412-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ilai - Digital Jungle-INM1DIGI153-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Imaginarium - Intoxicated-EP-(DOPDIGI017)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Indra - Frozen Fruit-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
Interactive Noise - Personal Picks 2014-SPN1DIGI204-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Interstellar Troublemaker - Hard Limit-(SSCD0566)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kaya - Modern Primitive-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kingpink - Global Touch-PGR055-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Krama - Personal Picks 2014-SPN1DIGI199-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Krokokot - Unannounced Visit-EP-(KTS102)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Kronfeld - Play-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lifeforms and Roger Rabbit - Run for Cover-ECHOEPIL108-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Liquid Soul and Zyce - We Come in Peace-IBOGADIGITAL144-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Lucass - La Glorieta De Los Columpios-EP-(DC005)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Lupin and Offline - Mental Expansion-SYNCD283-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Luuli - Nightlight-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Mandragora - Freaking Out-ALR43-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mechanix - Follow Your Art-DND043-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Middle Mode - Half Life-0719926494908-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Mind Pirates - Experimental Pirates-EP-(WP014)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Monolock - Pitch Shift-SYNCD286-VINYL-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Monster Zoku Onsomb - Kraka Boom Dumb In The Face Of Doom-WEB-2014-mAhA (Psychedelic)
Mr. Suit - Smooth-BTRDR189-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Remixed Part One-SPN1DIGI203-WEB-2014-SCHTORMI (Psychedelic)
Neelix - Remixed Part Two-(SPN1DIGI206)-WEB-2014-HsD (Psychedelic)
Norma Project - Psychedelic Impulses-OVNIEP145-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Omegahertz - Esther Maslul-(DIRECD016)-WEB-2014-VL (Psychedelic)
Omsphere - Mayan Prophecy-FSR0054EP-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Owntrip - Psychedelic Love-PWREP113-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Paralogue - Inside My Head-INM1DIGI154-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Perfect Stranger and Sphera - Been There Done that-DIGISTR32-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Polaris - Dirty Modulation-SOC1DW035-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Protonica - Floating Joint-SINGLE-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Psychoz And Dark River - The Outsiders-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Ranji - Butterfly-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Red Smoke - The 1st Star-(HVR008)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Redrosid - Collapse-INM1DW152-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Redrosid - Singularity-INM1DIGI134-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Reflection - Forest Machine-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Replay Vs. Ziko - Time-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Ritmo and Bliss - Od Daka La Mana-IBOGATRANCE62-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Rocky - Wired Rainbow-ECHOEPIL105-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sanhata - Divine Blueprint-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Satori - Falle Form the Moon-UXM174-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sensual Squeak - Long Weekend-BLV1246434-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Shogan - Vintage World-OVN1DW143-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sideform - Vahana-TIPRS14-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Sonic Tickle - Honky Monk (Cezzers Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
Suntree - True Lies-IBOGADIGITAL163-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Symbolic - Insidious-NANODIGI043-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Symphonix Vs DJ Fabio and Moon - Shake Your Body-BTRDR188-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Talpa - Emo Robot-TESD0066-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Talpa - La La La-TESD0082-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Tripnosis - Anonymous-EP-(MP040)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Twilight - All Day-AIGDIGI014-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Unstable - Unstable Visions-EP-(MGMEP012)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
UNTR - Darkmoon-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
V-A - Israliens Vol. 7 - Origin Earth-HMCD85-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Catharsis Compiled By Padawan-(GTR051)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Crash Test Compiled By Djs Becar And Sunshine-(INSODG01)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Free Minds Army (Xtreme Edition)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa (Best Of Goa And Psytrance) Vol. 8-(361015 5892398)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Goa Gil-Music Baba-(AVA074)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Into The Dark Compiled By Yata Garasu-(HORCD005)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Khajuraho-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Modem Festival Vol.3 Compiled By Val Vashar-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Perfect Stranger (Remixes)-IBOGADIGITAL146-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive And Psy Trance Pieces Vol.10-(BTRDR187)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Progressive Goa Trance 2014 Vol. 4-(FRSHCD010)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Psy Trance Treasures 2014 Vol. 2-(EDM159)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Psytrance Essentials Vol.08-(LWPTE08)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Shamanic Tribes Vol.4-(SSCD0571)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The Nightlife Compiled By Yata Garasu-(HORCD002)-WEB-2013-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - The Tale Of The Eagle Compiled By Carbuncle-(MHDG002)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Translucid 2-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Universal Frequencies Vol.1.0-(DOPDIGI018)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - VB-1 Compiled By Crazy Machine-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
VA - Vini Vici - Best of Our Sets Vol. 12-IBOGADIGITAL141-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vertical Mode - Radio Active-HMHD60-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vertigo - Drums of Perception-ALR44-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Vimanna - UFO Sightings The Remixes-EP-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
Vini Vici - Veni Vidi Vici-IBOGADIGITAL161-WEB-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zeologic - New Generation Concept-2014-eUP (Psychedelic)
Zerohour - After Light-EP-(GOAGALAXY008)-WEB-2014-BR (Psychedelic)
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