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28 Mar 2023
Access One - Revolution-(DOG130)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-FMC (Hardcore)
Bass Brotherz - Divine Intervention-(DVNT007)-WEB-2023-SRG (Hardcore)
Basspunkz - Never Write (Radio Edit)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Bonkers Beats 102 On Beat 106 Scotland-With Brady Pt2-LIVE-WEB-2023-XT... (Hardcore)
Bonkers Beats 102 On Beat 106 Scotland-With Daniel Seven With Quickdro... (Hardcore)
Chaos Project - Just Begun-(NEO285)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-FMC (Hardcore)
Darkraver-Live At Darkraver Home Studio-WEB-03-02-2020-CiN INT (Hardcore)
Darkraver-Live At Darkraver Home Studio-WEB-12-30-2020-CiN INT (Hardcore)
Darwin x Impulse Riders--Another Hope-(BKR050)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-OMA (Hardcore)
DJ Seduction and Eazyvibe--Dont You Want Me (Rob IYF and Al Storm Mix)... (Hardcore)
HiroHiro--Where U Are-(JH344)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-OMA (Hardcore)
Meccano Twins - Slave-(MMT030)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Mortifer - Artcore Battles EP-(MOK277)-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Never Surrender - Get Wild (Edit)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Neverlution - The Bass Game (Edits)-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Puretone--Addicted To Bass (Summa Jae Happy Hardcore Remix)-WEB-2022-OMA (Hardcore)
Q-Base 2022-Partyraiser Live-WEB-09-10-2022-CiN INT (Hardcore)
Q-Base 2022-Tha Playah Live-WEB-09-10-2022-CiN INT (Hardcore)
Rob IYF and Al Storm x Dazzler B--Take Me Back-(PANDA045)-SINGLE-WEB-2... (Hardcore)
Ronnie C - Heartbreak-(STI345)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-ZzZz (Hardcore)
Soldiers Of Core - Hit Da X (Radio Edit)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
Sound Assassins--Complete Loving-(TWORC013)-SINGLE-WEB-2023-OMA (Hardcore)
Telos-DELUDE-WEB-2023-SDR (Hardcore)
Tensor And Re-Direction X Baby Raw X DJ Ron - Legends May Sleep But Th... (Hardcore)
The Empire - Prayer-(T3RDM0387)-WEB-2023-SRG (Hardcore)
The Viper-Live At Darkraver Home Studio (010 Classics Special)-WEB-03-... (Hardcore)
Ultravibes--Shine-(247HC307)-WEB-2023-OMA (Hardcore)
Unproven - Shipwreck (Edits)-WEB-2023-UTNG (Hardcore)
VA-Masters Of Hardcore Capter XLV Cosmic Conquest-(CLDM2023001)-2CD-20... (Hardcore)
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