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03 Aug 2020
Acceptance-Midnight-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Acceptance-Wild-WEB-2020-CORONAVIRUS (Indie)
Aidan ORourke-365 Complete Works 7-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Aidan ORourke-365 Complete Works 8-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Alanis Morissette-Reckoning-WEB-2020-CORONAVIRUS (Indie)
Alanis Morissette-Such Pretty Forks In The Road-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Alastair Galbraith-Cry-WEB-2000-MARR (Indie)
Alastair Galbraith-Mass-WEB-2010-MARR (Indie)
Alex Izenberg-Caravan Chateau-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Alfie Templeman-Obvious Guy-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Alice in Wasteland-Alice in Wasteland-LP-1987-gF (Indie)
Alice in Wasteland-Bleeding-Smell of Earth-VINYL-1990-gF (Indie)
Alone-Alone-CDR-2015-SHGZ (Indie)
Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness-Get On My Wave-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Animal Collective-Centipede Hz-2012-ERP INT (Indie)
Another Sky-Brave Face-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Artmade-Complicated Candydates-2005-ERP (Indie)
Artmade-We Dont Make The Rules We Just Win-2006-ERP (Indie)
august park and Cardnl-byenow-WEB-2020-P1ZZA (Indie)
Austra-HiRUDiN-(WIGCD440)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Avey Tare-Cows On Hourglass Pond-2019-404 (Indie)
Bad Cash Quartet-Bad Cash Quartet-1998-ERP INT (Indie)
Bad Cash Quartet-Midnight Prayer-2003-ERP INT (Indie)
Bad Cash Quartet-Outcast-2001-ERP INT (Indie)
Banny Grove-Dust World-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Bdrmm-Bedroom-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Becky And The Birds-Becky And The Birds-EP-WEB-2018-MARR (Indie)
Becky And The Birds-Trasslig-EP-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Big City-Celebrate It All-2010-404 (Indie)
Bill Callahan-Protest Song-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Bill Callahan-The Mackenzies-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Black Bordello-Black Bordello-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Black Light Animals-Playboys Of The Western World-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Blick Bassy-Mbog-SINGLE-WEB-2020-sceau (Indie)
Bombay Bicycle Club-A Different Kind Of Fix-2011-ERP INT (Indie)
Bombay Bicycle Club-Two Lives EP-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Bongeziwe Mabandla-Iimini-WEB-2020-sceau (Indie)
Bongeziwe Mabandla-Mangaliso-WEB-2017-sceau (Indie)
Bongeziwe Mabandla-Umlilo-WEB-2012-sceau (Indie)
Braids-Shadow Offering-2020-C4 (Indie)
Bringo Schmied-Polyamorous-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Cadillac Muzik-Playa Innovators-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Carla Morrison-Amor Supremo (Desnudo)-ES-WEB-2015-FREGON (Indie)
Carla Morrison-Aprendiendo A Aprender-ES-EP-WEB-2009-FREGON (Indie)
Carla Morrison-Dejenme Llorar-ES-DELUXE EDITION-WEB-2012-FREGON (Indie)
Carla Morrison-Jugando En Serio-ES-EP-WEB-2011-FREGON (Indie)
Carla Morrison-La Nina Del Tambor-ES-EP-WEB-2016-FREGON (Indie)
ChefSpecial-Unfold-CD-2020-VULGAR (Indie)
Christine And The Queens-Eyes Of A Child-SINGLE-WEB-2020-OND (Indie)
Club 8-Strangely Beautiful-2003-ERP INT (Indie)
Club 8-The Boy Who Couldnt Stop Dreaming-2007-ERP INT (Indie)
Club 8-The Peoples Record-2010-ERP INT (Indie)
Cub Sport-Like Nirvana-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Cults-Cults-2011-SiRE (Indie)
Cults-Static-2013-C4 (Indie)
Daniel Blumberg-On and On and On-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
DAZE-Still Sleeping-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
DBZ-Frostless Period-WEB-CN-2020-TosK (Indie)
Deep Throat Choir-Be OK-WEB-2017-MARR (Indie)
Deerhoof-Future Teenage Cave Artists-(JNR331)-PROMO-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Denai Moore-Modern Dread-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Denis Ovan-Thumbs Up Peace Sign-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Desaparecidos-Read Music Speak Spanish-WEB-2002-TosK INT (Indie)
Devendra Banhart-Vast Ovoid-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
DMAS-The Glow-(INFECT560CD)-CD-2020-VULGAR (Indie)
DOPAMOON-Zoom In Zoom Out-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Dream Wife-So When You Gonna-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Dream Wife-So When You Gonna...-(LUCKY141CD)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Easy Love-Wander Feeler-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
El Ten Eleven-Tautology II-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Ephemera-Sun-(JP Retail)-2000-CaHeSo (Indie)
Even As We Speak-Adelphi-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Farewell Continental-Hey Hey Pioneers-2011-pLAN9 (Indie)
Fleet Foxes--Fleet Foxes (Special Edition)-2CD-Reissue-2009-OMA (Indie)
Fruit Bats-Today-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Ganser-Just Look At That Sky-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Garrison-Tv or the Atom Bomb-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Gerard Way-Here Comes the End (feat Judith Hill)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Girl Band-Amygdala (Live At Vicar Street)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Gus Dapperton-Post Humorous-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Haim-Days Are Gone-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2013-pLAN9 (Indie)
Haim-Forever-(Promo EP)-2012-pLAN9 (Indie)
Haux-Violence in a Quiet Mind-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Hayley Williams-Dead Horse (Glass Animals Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Hayley Williams-Dead Horse (Hot Chip Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Heals-Spectrum-(FFCD 040)-CD-2017-SHGZ (Indie)
Hedgehog-A Newborn White Immortal-WEB-CN-2020-TosK (Indie)
Hedgehog-Requiem For A Train of Life-SINGLE-WEB-CN-2018-TosK (Indie)
Helgen-Die Geigerzaehler geigen-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Helvetia-How Does It Feel-(JNR343DIG3)-WEB-2020-MOHAWK (Indie)
Hut-Anodyne-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Ingenting-Ingenting Duger-SE-2004-ERP INT (Indie)
Ingenting-Tomhet Idel Tomhet-SE-2009-ERP INT (Indie)
Jade Hairpins-Harmony Avenue-(MRG671)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
James Ferraro-Skid Row-(CDBWR007)-CD-2015-FANG (Indie)
JARV IS-Beyond the Pale-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Jess Williamson-Sorceress-(MEX280)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
JJ-JJ N 3-2010-ERP INT (Indie)
John K Samson-Fantasy Baseball At The End Of The World-SINGLE-WEB-2020... (Indie)
Jonny vom Dahl-Sommerstadtgefluester-WEB-DE-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Jose Neil Gomes-Queen Of Spades-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Julianna Barwick-Healing Is A Miracle-(ZENCD265)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Jungle Fire-Jungle Fire-WEB-2020-sceau (Indie)
LA Priest-What Moves (Soulwax Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Lakes-This World of Ours It Came Apart-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Land Of Talk-Fun And Laughter-EP-WEB-2009-MARR (Indie)
Land Of Talk-Indistinct Conversations-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Land Of Talk-Some Are Lakes-Single-WEB-2008-MARR (Indie)
Land Of Talk-Swift Coin-Single-WEB-2010-MARR (Indie)
Lanterns On The Lake-Spook The Herd-(BELLA947CD)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Las Electricas-Boys And Girls-ES-2019-CEB (Indie)
Laurel Music-This Night And The Next-2004-ERP INT (Indie)
Leslies-Of Today For Today-Reissue-1999-ERP INT (Indie)
Life On Mars-Observer-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Lightfoils-Hierarchy-(SMR049)-CD-2014-SHGZ (Indie)
Lisa ONeill-Heard A Long Gone Song-WEB-2018-NDE (Indie)
Little Man-In Between The Lions-CD-2019-FATHEAD (Indie)
Lonnie Holley-National Freedom-EP-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Loose Fit-Loose Fit-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Love Fame Tragedy-Wherever I Go I Want To Leave-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Luke Jenner-1-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
M Ward-Daydream-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Madeline Kenney-Suckers Lunch-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Matmatah-Youre Here Now What-FR-2019-NOiR (Indie)
Maustetytot-Jos Mulla Ei Ois Sua Mulla Ei Ois Mitaan-FI-VINYL-2019-gF (Indie)
May Erlewine-Mother Lion-WEB-2017-CIT INT (Indie)
Men I Trust-Forever Live Sessions-WEB-2020-SPANK (Indie)
Mikal Cronin-Switched-On Seeker-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Mike Edel-Hello Universe-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Mike Polizze-Long Lost Solace Find-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Mirror Gazer-Ordeal Erasure-(FSX-028)-WEB-2020-MOHAWK (Indie)
MOHIT-Preface-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Monster KaR-Love Cloud Island-WEB-CN-2020-TosK (Indie)
Moscoman feat. Wooze-Eyes Wide Strut (Snapped Ankles Austin Version)-S... (Indie)
Moscow Apartment-Better Daughter-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Mother Tongues-Everything You Wanted-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Mundys Bay-Lonesome Valley-2020-FNT (Indie)
Muse-Absolution-Retail-2003-SER (Indie)
Mutant Joe-Vagrant-WEB-2020-ENRAGED (Indie)
My Morning Jacket-The Waterfall II-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Nadine Shah-Kitchen Sink-(INFECT574CD)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Nap Eyes-Snapshot Of A Beginner-(RMR-122-2)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Nation Of Language-Introduction Presence-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Neon Trees-I Can Feel You Forgetting Me-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Noga Erez-NO news on TV-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Patrick Ananta Sutardjo-Neon Buddha-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Peel Dream Magazine-Modern Meta Physic-(SLR234)-CD-2018-SHGZ (Indie)
Peel Dream Magazine-Moral Panics-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Pinegrove-Marigold (Expanded Edition)-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
PJ Harvey-Dry - Demos-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Pneumocola-Public Market-WEB-2020-MOCKERY (Indie)
Porridge Radio-Every Bad-(SC393)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
Psychic Markers-Blue Dreams or Sucre De La Pasteque-(BELLA1103DIG)-WEB... (Indie)
Rafter-Anything Helps-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Railway Suicide Train-Continent-WEB-CN-2020-TosK (Indie)
Railway Suicide Train-Live In Jiaxing 05.18.2018-WEB-CN-2018-TosK (Indie)
Railway Suicide Train-The Aftermath-WEB-CN-2016-TosK (Indie)
Railway Suicide Train-Waking Up From The Dream-WEB-CN-2014-TosK (Indie)
Ray-Blue-(HZMI-001)-CDEP-JP-2019-SHGZ (Indie)
Riverby-Smart Mouth-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Rose Elinor Dougall-A New Illusion-(Promo)-2019-CaHeSo (Indie)
Ruby Eyes Records-Beam Beam Vol.1-WEB-CN-2020-TosK (Indie)
Rustin Man-Drift Code-2019-404 (Indie)
Ryan Sawyer-Your Heart Will Be Your Skin-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Samantha Crain-A Small Death-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Skinshape-Filoxiny-(LEWIS084CD)-CD-2018-FANG (Indie)
Sleeper-Live At The BBC-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Sleigh Bells-Jessica Rabbit-2016-C4 (Indie)
Slowdive-The Shining Breeze The Slowdive Anthology-2CD-2010-NOiR (Indie)
Soccer Mommy-Soccer Mommy and Friends Singles Series Vol 1 Jay Som-SIN... (Indie)
Soccer Mommy-Soccer Mommy and Friends Singles Series Vol 3 Gentle Dom-... (Indie)
Soko-Feel Feelings-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Soko-Oh To Be A Rainbow-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Sore Eyelids-Avoiding Life-(TJP-062)-CD-2019-SHGZ (Indie)
Sorry-925-2020-404 (Indie)
Spencer-Maybe-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Sports Team-Keep Walking-WEB-2019-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Sports Team-Margate-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Sports Team-Winter Nets-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Stuart Moxham And Louis Philippe-The Devil Laughs-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Sufjan Stevens-America-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED iNT (Indie)
Superdrone-Solargaze-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Surfer Blood-Summer Trope-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Talking To Teapots-The Re-Creation Of All Things-2007-ERP (Indie)
Tallies-Tallies-(FOMO012CD)-CD-2019-SHGZ (Indie)
Taylor Swift-folklore-WEB-2020-MyMom (Indie)
Tedo Stone-Same Old Kid-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
That dog-Old LP-2020-404 (Indie)
The Academic-Acting My Age-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
The Aces-Under My Influence-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Bad Dreamers - SheS Really Not That Into You-WEB-2020-KNOWN (Indie)
The Bear Quartet-89-2009-ERP INT (Indie)
The Bear Quartet-Angry Brigade-2003-ERP INT (Indie)
The Bear Quartet-Eternity Now-2006-ERP INT (Indie)
The Bear Quartet-Gay Icon-2001-ERP INT (Indie)
The Beths-Jump Rope Gazers-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Catenary Wires-Red Red Skies-2015-404 (Indie)
The Charlatans-Between 10th and 11th (Expanded Edition)-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Gist-Interior Windows-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
The Go Team-Cookie Scene-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
The Head And The Heart-Living Mirage The Complete Recordings-WEB-2020-... (Indie)
The Lemon Twigs-Live in Favor of Tomorrow-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Lemon Twigs-No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Havent Met)-... (Indie)
The Naked And Famous-Recover-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Nicholas-Silverside-WEB-2020-P1ZZA (Indie)
The Nix-Until Now All Is Well-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Pheromoans-I Mustard Mitt-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
The Prize Fighter Inferno-Stray Bullets-WEB-2020-ENRAGED (Indie)
The Radio Dept.-Teach Me To Forget-EP-2017-ERP (Indie)
The Rifles-No Love Lost-(Enhanced Edition)-2007-CaHeSo (Indie)
The Score-All Of Me-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Slow Painters-The Happy Murdered About The Holidays-SINGLE-WEB-202... (Indie)
The Streets-None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive-WEB-2020-ENT... (Indie)
The Vacant Lots-Interzone-(FC132)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
The Winter Passing-New Ways of Living-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
The Young Knives-Voices Of Animals And Men-(JP Retail)-2006-CaHeSo (Indie)
Thiago Nassif-Mente-(GB1560CD)-PT-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
This Is the Kit-This Is What You Did-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTiTLED (Indie)
Threshold Of Faith-Crystal Dark-WEB-2020-NDE (Indie)
Time Spent Driving-Estrangers Vol. 1-(WEB)-2020-RUMBLE (Indie)
TORRES-Live In Berlin-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Truckthor-Ekskursioon-WEB-2020-KLP (Indie)
Ultraista-Sister-2020-404 (Indie)
VA-Garden State-(OST)-2004-RTB (Indie)
We Melt Chocolate-Space Owl-CDREP-2015-SHGZ (Indie)
We Melt Chocolate-We Melt Chocolate-(ANNBL-018)-CDR-2019-SHGZ (Indie)
Widowspeak-Plum-EP-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
William Fitzsimmons-Live From The Livestream-WEB-2020-BEAMS (Indie)
Winter-Endless Space (Between You And I)-(BRN-CD-274)-CD-2020-SHGZ (Indie)
Winter-Endless Space (Between You And I)-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Yo La Tengo-We Have Amnesia Sometimes-(OLE1633DS)-WEB-2020-MOHAWK (Indie)
You Thant-Dinner For Two-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Zes-Somewhere in the Middle-WEB-2020-P1ZZA (Indie)
Zetra-E.P-WEB-2020-MARR (Indie)
Zoe Polanski-Violent Flowers-(YBZ028)-CD-2020-FANG (Indie)
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